Birthday Puja: Divine Love

New Delhi (India)

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Birthday Puja. Delhi (India), 21 March 2000.

[English Transcript]

I’m so very filled with joy and My heart is so full of gratitude for all the Sahaja Yogis who have been able to create this beautiful place. I cannot imagine how much they must have been worked hard in such a place, to create such a beautiful area, such a blissful place. How in Sahaja Yoga, people worked together with tremendous love and respect with each other, have produced something that it unbelievable! This was just a wilderness and you have brought so much of life and light in this place.
You wanted to celebrate My Birthday. I don’t know what is such a significance about it. But, the way you have really shown your understanding and respect, I’m just enamoured. I can’t understand what I have done for you, that you should do so much for Sahaja Yoga.
As it is, today is also a very auspicious day, which we call as Holi. They play Holi on this day and show their love and oneness among themselves. This is the time when we have to really understand the value of love, of respect of others.
Because, so far, we have based all our theories and all our ideas on the principle that human beings cannot love each other. They are always trying to overpower others or to hate others or to grab things from others. Such a wrong idea we had all these days. And that’s why all the organizations that were created to obstruct it also got contaminated with it.
The only way one can really understand what we are is by knowing yourself. When you know yourself, we are surprised that, what is the greatest thing for you is to love and to be loved. You enjoy that collective Love so much when you have absolutely overcome your baser self. In Sahaja Yoga, it is so simple. It works in a very simple manner. It’s very Sahaj. But to grow into it is very important. And I am so much happy to see so many of you, from all over the world, from Delhi, and also from all over India, enjoying that love among yourselves and understanding among yourselves.
I never expected that, in My lifetime, I’ll be able to see all this beautiful world of love, trust and peace. But, today, really I must say, it shows what we are capable of doing. We human beings, so-called, are very selfish, self-centred and only worried about ourselves. That is what is said. But it is surprising that, with Self-Realisation, with self-knowledge, with knowing yourself, you understand how rich you are within. How great you are within. And how capable you are. This understanding comes to you, and then that is expressed in such a beautiful manner.
Sahaja Yoga took time to grow, slowly and slowly and that you all are have slowly and slowly grown also. But, I must say that it has reached such a height, that it is difficult to people to get out of it. When you know yourself and you know what is reality and what is absolute truth, you just get dissolved into that knowledge.
Of course, you are not knowledgeable in the way people are, you are knowledgeable in the real sense of the word. Because you realized what is within you is a big power of love. It is a big power of understanding. There is a big power of understanding, a big power of oneness, of collective. This collectivity works wonders and gives us joy that we are all one, we have no enemies. We have no problems, we are all one together.
This joy that was expressed by you is like the waves that go to the shores, touch the shores and come back, creating beautiful patterns. And I see that happening now, that these beautiful patterns are showing in your own life, in your lifestyle, in your behaviour. It’s a very special type of human race is sitting before Me. I’m so much thankful to you, absolutely, that you should take to this simple knowledge of yourself and enjoy it with others.
It’s something remarkable that you know about yourself. That, only human beings can do. There can be a diamond, very expensive, and it does not know its value. There could be some dog or some animal which must be something par excellence, but it doesn’t know what he is. Same thing happens with the human beings, till they get their Self-Realization. And after Realization, they suddenly become aware of what they are and then suddenly they become very humble, they become very loving.
Now, supposing, somebody knows that he is a king or he discovers he is some great musician or a prime minister or something. He feels very aloof and he thinks no end of himself. But, by this knowledge that you have, you become one with the rest of Sahaja Yogis and enjoys it. It’s very remarkable how it works out that you enjoy each other so much. And to do something for this collective work, you can dedicate yourself to it.
Now, My experience of seventy-seven years, as you can say, has been really chequered with all kinds of incidents, all kinds of people, all kinds of incidents. And it’s a good vision to see before your eyes that, despite all that, so many beautiful lotuses have come up, and they are so fragrant, so beautiful, so colourful, so attractive. All this is because we have an innate value system, because we have, inborn within us, a great sense of love and compassion. This compassion has to be really understood. And enjoy and jump in the ocean of compassion. So beautiful! And you’ll be amazed to see that automatically you’ll swim, automatically you will meet other people also in the same ocean and, without any problems, without any troubles, all enjoying the bliss of this love, this compassion, this Divine Love.
I must really congratulate the Delhi people for coming up so well with this beautiful arrangement and this beautiful pandal and all the beautiful arrangements they have made outside for your stay. And I am really… It is something… I have done nothing for it. Nothing, I should say… How these people have worked together, there has been no quarrels, fighting, backbiting, nothing of that kind!
It is very surprising that such a beautiful thing has been created by them shows their maturity in Sahaja Yoga. I must congratulate them again and again for doing this great work in such a short time.

[Translation from Hindi]

I spoke in English first, because a lot of Sahaja Yogis have come from foreign countries, and I am sure you did not mind.  This wonderful arrangement is the work of the Delhi Sahaja Yogis, and Yogis of U.P. have also joined with them in a beautiful collective way.  The Rajasthan Yogis also joined, as also Yogis from Haryana.  They all joined together with great love and joy and created a beautiful temple here.  I was completely amazed, and wondered, “What! Are there such accomplished craftsmen available here? I do not know from where all these artistic skills came, and how did they create such beautiful things and assemble them.  I was not aware that such skilled craftsmen existed in our country.  I was really amazed that there was so much dedication, and great sense of love and compassion. I must congratulate the people of Delhi for these arrangements, outside of your State.  I have done nothing.  There have been no quarrels, backbiting or immaturity among Sahaja Yogis.

The one who has artistic qualities, filled with love and compassion – only such artisans can accomplish something like this. This is the kind of innate qualities that we should express with our body, mind, speech, and intelligence.  This is what   helps to make us accomplished artisans.  We should become artists full of love; and always think by what kind of speech and behaviour we can express our love and make others happy.  With what kind  of speech and expression, can I give joy to others.  What sweet words and actions can I use to express my love for others.  In what way can I open my heart to others and envelop them with love in my heart.

And with the mind I should think, the one who has no love in his heart, he is not entitled to anything in which world.  Because, whatever he receives, he is never satisfied.  He can never feel satisfied. But when you are the ocean of satisfaction yourself, there is nothing that cannot give you satisfaction.  When this happens within you, you achieve a state of profound peace and satisfaction.  And no one can understand the bliss of this state.  The whole attitude and behaviour just emits sweetness and love.  And the one who is watching wonders what is this happening. How is this person showering so much love, and speaking so sweetly.  And how am I speaking and behaving.  What is this way in which he is enveloping me with his love; and in what way can I become like him and do the same.

And all the time, even at night, we will keep thinking that, tomorrow I will meet so and so; and what sweet and loving words can I use when I speak to him.  And what can I say that will be for his benevolence.  Because if one makes arrangements and plans to talk frivolous and useless things, it can only cause harm and damage, and no good can come of it.  And if I provoke anger, which is always present in the head, it can be more harmful.

It is not necessary to teach you not to kill someone; or not to behave rudely or roughly with any one; not to cause harm or loss to anyone; not to misappropriate anyone’s money or wealth – it is not necessary to teach all this.  By itself, you have become very beautiful and sweet tempered.  As I said, you have become like beautiful lotuses; and you only know how to spread your fragrance.  You do not know anything else.  And the pleasure you get out of giving, is a special kind of experience.  Only people with inborn, genuine good character and temperament, can behave in this matter effortlessly.  You are now masters of this.  These inherent qualities which were genetically endowed on you by nature, you have fully developed.  That has opened out; it has become part of your nature, and now it is just a matter of enjoying the fruits of it.

In this world, there are various kinds of people, with various kinds of temperaments.  But they cannot compare with you. Touch you.  They cannot torment you.  What can happen is, that they will get impressed with the way you live and behave; and they might get a pure desire to become like you; and become part of your collective.  By watching you, they can get an urge to change themselves; to improve themselves; and become like you.

I am not claiming that I have made a contract to change the world.  But you people can take this up as a responsibility.  If you can transform this world and establish people of (satwic quality), honest, genuine and virtuous people; and who are kind, respectful and loving; then there is no further need to do anything.  Just watch like a witness.  Combine your energies and have the pure desire – How many people can I transform!

Agreed that in most people there are faults and shortcomings; and by your own experiences, they look like they are cut off from their spirit (They do not know the Self).  The Self which is within you, the Spirit, when you come into contact with this Self,  then you feel that others should also get this experience of union with the Self.  That they should know themselves, better and better.  God knows how much non-knowledge and wrong ideas they have collected within themselves.

So we have to give them this Pure Knowledge and experience; and they should receive it.  When this kind of understanding enters their attention, then you will automatically take the responsibility, that we must give them this (Param Dhan) Supreme Treasure.  You have the key; and if you can somehow or other unlock their attention and give them this priceless gift, you will see how they will start recognising you, and respecting and loving you.

Now your main purpose should be how many can I bring into the fold of Sahaja Yoga.  Just give them their  birthright and the rest will happen automatically; and you will become completely absorbed and happy. And you will experience the kind of joy that cannot be described in words.  This thing has got to be done.

Today you are celebrating My Birthday.  I must thank you a lot. You have done it with so much love.  But for Me it is very joyful to see that, year after year, Sahaja Yoga is growing; and I Myself am amazed at the different ways in which it is growing.  But today, you also promise yourself, that on Shri Mataji’s Birthday, we promise that we will go all out to transform others.  It has already happened with us; and it should also happen for others.  Only in this you will actually experience the joy of enjoyment.

Upto now the joy was within limits, but when you share it with others, and when others get the echo or reverberation from you; when you start understanding it, then a different kind of joyful experience will awaken within you.  I was watching how all the youngsters among you, were dancing and jumping with happiness and joy.

Shri Krishna celebrated Holi for the purpose of spreading joy among all.  The sober ways of Shri Rama had made everyone serious in their behaviour.  Their lives had become serious.  So Shri Krishna devised a festival which would open them to merriment and joyful expression and play.  And that enjoyment only Sahaja Yogis can experience within maryadas (protocols), without causing anyone hurt or insult.  But just to express joy, and love, and share the joy and love with others.

Eternal Blessings to All.  (Anant Aashirwaad)