Birthday Felicitations: Love Your Country

New Delhi (India)

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Birthday Felicitations (English part), Delhi (India), 22 March 2000.

Our honoured guest, our respected Home Affairs Ministry is here, Mr. Advani, who has been always a very great dezabhakt [patriot]. I admired him because he loved his country; he is very patriotic. And this is – [Big applause]

And as you know, My father and mother both were very patriotic. They sacrificed everything for the country, and I also was always condemned by everyone as being a very patriotic person.


We must love the country in which we are born. There is some connection, very great connection, between yourself and your country. And I have seen that after Sahaja Yoga, all those who have been transformed into new visions and new ideas always know what’s wrong in their own country, and so conscious of it. I am surprised that every one of them have been able to tell Me what’s wrong in their country and what should be done. They never identified with the wrongs or the misdeeds of their country. It’s very surprising. On the contrary they said: “Mother, all these countries require Your attention so that they should be corrected.” Their politicians should be corrected, their citizens should be corrected and that people should really evolve into a new consciousness. All of them have been working it out.

Now we have here very few Sahaja Yogis from abroad, but I tell you it’s surprising how these Sahaja Yogis have enlightened thousands and thousands of Sahaja Yogis all over the world. They are the ones who are working. I am not working like them. They work very hard. You can see the way we have got these felicitations from all these people, all because they approached these people, told them all about Sahaja Yoga, they might have even given them Realization. And that’s how they have worked it out.

So, we have to worry about our own country and its own problems. Why these problems are there? And I tell you, your wishes and your efforts will definitely improve the conditions of your own countries. And it’s happening in everywhere, also should happen in India. Once we are Realized souls, it is our most important duty is, first of all, look after your own societies, look after your own country. If you can’t do that, what’s the use of getting Self-realization? Because Self-realization stands on one power – and the power of love. And one art – art of selfless love. If that is there, immediately you start seeing the people who are surrounding you, who are in your village, who are also in the neighbourhood, or also who are in your city and in your country. Immediately you start understanding what’s the problem. Even your own society, for I have seen, after coming to Sahaja Yoga people have tried to improve so many things in their own society.

Now we have many Hindus, many Muslims, Christians, all kinds of people, but I was amazed at one thing, once they got Realization, they never identified with the wrong things of their society or of their religions. On the contrary they wanted to improve it and work it out. But there’s a very simple way of doing it. You don’t have to go out of the way to change people or to make any sacrifices, nothing of the kind.

Everybody today is suffering from some sort of anxiety, some sort of problems, some sort of worries. Also, they are suffering from other problems. Now if you can tell them that, “you can be transformed. You can be transformed, transformed into a being which is absolutely above all these worries, above all these problems.” How can that be? One can ask. Actually, what happens that when you get your Self-realization, your attention gets enlightened by the Self, means the Spirit, and automatically you start dropping your destructive habits, destructive thoughts and destructive activities. You suddenly become so constructive.

Now I’ll tell you one thing, I was amazed when I was in Togliatti in Russia, a news came to Me that the head of the mafia has become a Sahaja Yogi. [Applause] And, I was, I was so touched by that.

And he came to Me and he said, “I was doing all nonsensical things. I never got any satisfaction, no joy. But this is something, I really can feel the joy and satisfaction within myself. Mother, whatever was my past, will You forgive me?”

I said, “Forgiven. [Applause] What is important is the present, and now you have become a Sahaja Yogi. It’s such a credit to your spiritual growth the way you have achieved it.” He said, “Now, I have that peace. I have that joy and I want to share it with others. I could never share my money with others. I used to grab money from others.” I said, “I don’t want to have any confessions. Finished! Now, as you have become a Sahaja Yogi, what will you do?” Surprisingly, he was very sweet. He said, “I will send some onions to India.”

I said, “Why?”

He said, “Because there is a problem about onions.”

[Shri Mataji laughs] I thought, “look at this man – how genuine he has become, how humane.” I said, “We have no such problem. You don’t worry.”

And then you see his way of looking at things and working out things was so tremendous, that the same fellow who was a big mafia leader has become such a big, great, honorable person in that career. And then he wanted to be elected to the municipal, some elections. I said, “Go ahead. You’ll be elected. If you are not elected, doesn’t matter.” But he got elected also. So, you see how things work out for a person who wants to be the Spirit.

Shivaji has said “Swadharma Jagwawa”. This is the only message he gave for the future. “Swadharma Jagwawa”. “Swa” means the Spirit. You awaken your Spirit. That is what we have to achieve. Because he himself was a Realized soul. So, he said, “This is what you have to do, is to make your Spirit awaken.”

Now with that light of the Spirit, what happens? You just see clearly, very clearly, you see what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with your society, what’s wrong in your country. Everything you see very clearly, and you also have power to correct it. If you are aware of your power and if you have mastered it, you can do it. You can do it not for yourself, but for your family, for your society, for everyone.

My husband always used to say, “You are a socialist because you can’t exist yourself alone. You must share with others, because you see, you are so collective.” But the thing is, you see, we have to understand we are a collective. We cannot exist alone anywhere we are all collective. We are not aware of it.

But when you become aware of it, you are so surprised that you are part and parcel of the whole. That you don’t have to look for company in your own society, in your own “samaja”. Nothing. What you want is just to have the company of all the Sahaja Yogis, and this has proved beyond doubt that if you are spiritually awakened, you have no quarrels with each other, no hatred, no competition. I have not seen anybody doing that in Sahaja Yoga. And that is how things have become so much better for all of you together and also outside.

One of the ambassadors, she told Me that, “Mother, we are very happy.”

I said, “Why?”

“Because we are not competitive. So, everybody is happy with us.”

This is what it is: that you realize that you don’t have to worry about getting something higher position, getting into something very rich, you can say properties. No! Because the satisfaction part is within you. You are so satisfied within yourself that you don’t run after things. Like the economics, the modern economics, as it is, it is based on one simple factor that human beings are never satisfied. Today they want something, they’ll run for it and do every sort of thing and make money, get it. Then they are not satisfied. They want to have something else. And then they want to have something else. This is the basis of economics – I mean, modern economics. But Sahaja Yoga is different. Sahaja Yoga economics is this thing that, “I have got realization. All right! I must share with others. If I have got the satisfaction, I must share with them”.

The sharing part is so important in Sahaja Yoga, and which people are doing with such beauty. As I told you the other day that we have to learn the art of loving. It’s very simple if you know how to say few sweet things, how to give something sweetly, how to share with others very sweetly. It is not difficult for you at all because you have got your Spirit to give you the joy. I know Sahaja Yoga has done wonders. People have given up drugs overnight. Now in America they have a proposal for us that we should start a drug addiction thing, is to remove the drug addictions, some sort of an organization and all that.

And Sahaja Yogis said that, “We have one million dollar. Can we do with that?” “No, No!” they said, “We’ll give you twenty-one million dollars.” “What will you do with twenty-one million dollars?” I said. “If you want to build something for the drug addiction, you only need them to come there. Overnight, they will give up their drugs”. I have seen that and there are some sitting here.

Such a power your Spirit has! Such a beauty it has, and such love and peace it has! Only it is to be brought into your attention which is going hither, thither, thither. Only if your attention is enlightened by the Spirit, you become such a wonderful person. All these things as they had described in Sanskrit: Kama, Krodha, Mada, Matsarya, Lobha, Moha [desire, anger, greed, pride, jealousy, attachment] – all of them drop by themselves. All the anger, all the stupid things we do, and all the aggressive things we do, drops out.

I have asked some Sahaja Yogis to go to Kashmir and make them Sahaja Yogis. If you can make them Sahaja Yogis this problem will be over. And there are some willing to go there. Some foreign Sahaja Yogis specially have offered their services to go and change the people’s mind. Now we have! We have changed people, like we have now in a place called Benin, there are seven hundred – seven thousand – Muslims who were very fundamentalist, they all have become Sahaja Yogis.

In Turkey, we have already two thousand Sahaja Yogis. In Turkey! So even fanaticism of any kind – among Hindus or among Muslims, among Christians – can be easily changed because they will see the beauty of their Spirit, and their religion itself will get enlightened. They will see the beauty of their religion. They will see the oneness of all these religions, and like that a global religion can be accepted where all religions will be understood properly. There have been deviations in every religion and that’s why there’s a problem. Can you fight in the name of religion when there is only one God?

They do because they are ignorant. I don’t blame them. They have no light. But once they have the light, they will understand what is the global nature of religion. Now, you’ll be surprised that Sahaja Yoga – or we can call the Vishwa Nirmala Dharma – has been accepted in Russia as a religious identity.

But it is not religion like other religions are. It is not at all of that kind. It’s a religion where only we believe in compassion, love and also in our own power that nobody can touch you. Nobody can kill you. You will be amazed that there was such a big earthquake in Turkey but Sahaja Yogis, none of them were touched. Even their houses were completely all right when the rest was all destroyed. So many places, so many places it has happened. We had hurricane there – the same thing. All over, they are sending Me reports, “Mother, how all the Sahaja Yogis are saved.” How they are perfectly all right! Because you are protected by the Divine power! We have to believe in the Divine power, which all the religions have believed. Then the problem comes whether you should believe in the form or formless. Then you will realize that with the formless only you can understand the form. Very simple thing it is to look at, but it is really extremely surprising.

For example, once I said that Mecca is a “Makeshwar Shiva” written down in our books. But I didn’t know that I just said it. And now I read an article that they were all worshippers of Shiva. And this is something surprising that Mohammad Sahib never talked about any religion. Nobody has read even that, we can say, the Koran. Nobody has read. We have a very good book written on Koran, which of course I guided, and it’s so clearly saying what Mohammad Sahib has said. I mean also this brings discredit to people.

Christ never said things which Christians are saying. Same with the Hindus. They are doing things which was never, never written in any shastra. Very surprising that these people who are in charge of religion they are the ones who are spoiling the image of religions and creating this problem. I don’t know why they want to do it. What is the use?

Now, regarding, regarding Sakara [God in Form] and Nirakara [Formless] it’s very simple to be understood. After getting Realization you can feel the “spanda” [pulsation], you can call it – or vibratory awareness is there. With that you can feel what is truth what is not. Now I would say that there is no truth in worshipping a statue which is created by a drunkard or a person who is using it for money. But even in the Bible it is said that whatever created by the sky or by the Mother Earth should not be disrespected. This is what we call as the swayambhu.

But swayambhus for people who are not Realized souls is just a sort of a ritual: a “karmakand”. It’s just a karmakand. They don’t understand whether this, whatever is a swayambhu or not. Now, you being Sahaja Yogis, you have seen what I have told you that, “Go and see which are the swayambhus”. And you have accepted them. I know in Tukarama’s place, you all were jumping and enjoying it because you could feel the chaitanya, you could feel the vibrations. So first, you should know about Nirakara and then you can find out about Sakara. There is no quarrel about it. But if you are not a Realized soul, how can you say which place is swayambhu and which is not? So, the whole problem is solved. But first, you must have the knowledge, the knowledge of vibrations.

Now if you ask Me a very serious question that we are having in our country, which I would like to tell you about is about Shri Rama’s “mandira” [temple]. Was Shri Rama was born there or not? He was! You can feel it onto your hands. You can feel it. All of you can feel it. He was born there. No doubt! But for that, what is there to fight? Whether it’s a masjid or anything Shri Rama was born there. Vibrations are there, whatever it may be.

But to glorify Him you must have a temple, doesn’t matter. Whether you have a masjid or a temple is the same! And if you want to have a temple you must do it after Realization not before that. And also, you should put there only realized souls who will be in charge of the Puja. Then only you will do real credit to that great soul of Shri Rama. All of them here, whether whatever their country from, they know Shri Rama. Not only that, but they know where He is within us and they know how to worship Him. They also know about Mohammad Sahib. They also know about Christ. They know the truth about Them within their own body, within themselves.

Once that is the knowledge, the true knowledge, the absolute knowledge then what is the quarrel about? Everybody feels the same way. What will you quarrel for? If I say that My country, India, is a Yoga Bhumi; all right, you ask all of them whether they come from this country or that country, all Sahaja Yogis they will say so. So, when they come from abroad, they bow to this country, while we Indians may not. They do, because they know this is a Yoga Bhumi and the Kundalini of the whole universe is inside this Yoga Bhumi.

So, all these great things about our country are to be understood through the vibrations which Adi Shakaracharya called as spanda. Actually, most of their poetry could not – because they were not prose – could not explain to normal people what it was. But I think that if you go deep into these matters and understand the absolute knowledge about all this through your spanda, through your vibrations, you will know what is the truth. Because what’s the use of fighting for falsehood? It’s like fighting the darkness. Why not have light and see for yourself?

I, today, I have taken some liberty with you, Sir, because I wanted to tell you that in this country of ours, we have the greatest knowledge about truth. Whole Sahaja Yoga is based, whatever I know is from, mostly from our shastras. It’s not ritualism. It’s the deeper knowledge. All saints, whether you take Kabir, you take Nanaka, Mohammad Sahib, anyone, all of them have said, “Seek yourself within”.

Why did they say so? Why did they say so? Because inside is the truth, the absolute truth, and with that absolute truth all these stupid, stupid things will drop out and you become a different personality. As it is, the time has come for the whole world to change and transform.

But you know, I now request you all to do lot of work for Me. I have done that was possible for Me to work it out and it has worked, no doubt. But you all can do it and change you -first of all your own society, change your own countrymen, change also, then globally you can go. You can help, say for example, in India, some people can come and help here, and from India some could go and help there. So now you are well equipped with that knowledge. So, you should come and work it out. And, I must thank people from Australia who went now to Orissa. And they have formed nine centres – nine centres of Sahaja Yoga.

This is happening and you know you can do it. You are quite capable of giving Realization to people. And, please now I request all of you to try this gift that you have, to be shared with others.