Public Program

New Delhi (India)

2000-03-25 Public Program, Hamari Atma kya chij hai, New Delhi Hindi, 62' Add subtitles:
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Public Program

Scanned from English Divine Cool Breeze

So tar we did not know that we have not yet achieved absolute truth Commands ol intellect, we accepted as Truth. Gradually the brain led us to a state where we started justiling all our deeds. We started running after the material gams Human connections with truth were severed and human beings fell into the unknown abyss. Now people are surprised as to how has It happened7 Why such a sitution arose7 Why did man shift from wisdom to wickedness7 Wickedness took fhe place of wisdom This wickedness benefited neither the individual nor any one else. Some times we are alarmed to see the developments around. Every where there is blood shed and violence. Even the small children are not spared Many such perversions awakened in us About them. I can only say that there is extreme kaliyuga There should be some limit of this kaliyuga Even the scnptures have not described that this age is going to be so ternble Scriptures made just a mention of it. It’s wntten that In this age people will have their meals in the utensils of iron instead of brass. Many such formal things have been referred to But the scene before •js is horrible and moving We could only say that human beings tailed to have the right path and so went astray. In search of comforts, man ran after the luxuries but comforts remained a mirage and thus he sank in deep darkness Man doesn’t know that his deeds are evil and that he has to suffer as a result, Such things have developed so much that one doesn’t understand what is going to be the fate of this world.
There are many problems in our country and other countries as well It is improper to think that the people of other countries are tight They are also searching, and endeavouring to achieve the state of humanity. But man was awefully disappointed and fell in to the ditch oi disappointment He linds no way out Thinks that every thing will go on like that. No one has solution for these maladies
In such a state we should remember that saints and seers have asked to Search within” Solutions to all the problems are within us Kabir Sahib said. Kahe Re Ban Khojan Jai, Sada Niwasi, Sada Ananta, Tohe Sang Smai” Whal are you searching in the forest? The eternal one resides within you, He is always with you. Who is this eternal one about which the saints of the world talked? All the Dharmas told about it, Religion was misinterpreted in such a way that it created confusion and people forgot the reality that they have to search with in. Our soul resides within us. It is fully alive in every being. This Atma is the reflection of the Almighty God (M^HIcHI) in our heart. All the saints talked about it. But people say that, ‘Mother we have not known any such thing’. Now the time has come for you to know about your soul and how to experience it. The ‘Atma’ with in us is witnessing everything. We have neglected it to such an extent that now it does not warn us against our misdeeds. We have changed our wisdom into wickedness and are unable to see our misdeeds. We go on committing all sorts of wrong things and justify ourselves. That is how the sense of discretion (TTcT TTcT becomes inoperative.
Now we have to know as to how to achieve the spirit. For this, arrangement has been made in our body. We need not search it outside. Kundalini, the sacred power is placed in your triangular bone called Sacrum. When it is awakened, it pierces six plexuses and gets united to All Pervading Power of Divine Love. It is described in our scriptures. Many saints from our country
went to other countries. I think Machhindra Nath and Gorakh Nath also went to many countries. Bolivian people know about them. They know the names of the chakras and also they know about kundalini. I have seen, in the ancient paintings of the Russia, they have painted plexuses. If you travel a little in this country then you will be surprised that how and from where have they known about it! Decidedly some of our saints might have gone there and told about every thing. In India also they told and wrote about Kundalini, that it resides within you. Nath Panthis avoided to tell about it because they were afraid of this power being misused by the people. Many, so called saints who read about it have spread misconceptions about it and made it a source of making money. Our ancient saints might have thought that the awakening is not meant for ordinary people. In twelfth century, saint Gyaneshwara sought permission from his Guru to write about Kundalini in his book – Gyaneshwari. In the sixth chapter of Gyaneshwari he wrote about kundalini. Since the pandits were making money in the name of God and were not wise enough to understand it, they said to the people that the sixth chapter of Gyaneshwari is prohibited. Do not read it, it is useless, it is not meant for ordinary people. Recently I have heard a lecture of a renowned Babaji. He said, that you won’t be able to understand about it, you are all worldly people not renunciants. You always keep running after material desires, and everybody accepted what he said. Sahaja Yoga is the path of the knowledge (Gyan Marga). So you have to take to the path of knowledge and become Gyan Margis. But these so called saints misguided the people and asked them to serve their Guru and do all sorts of rituals and people accepted them as true. To say someone that you are not detached (f^T^rT) is a disrespect to him. But the people who do not know Sanskrit Language think them (Babaji) to be right. Attachment (U^frT) means running after material desirs. So these saints told every one to serve their Gurus, worship the idols morning till night. Do all sorts of fastings and penance (dMKi). They prescribed so may rituals to the seekers that they are inextricably caught in them.
Without trying to understand the benefits of these rituals, they keep on repeating them for generations. Mohammad Sahib told very clearly that idol worship is prohibited. But Mohammad go round the black stone placed in Mecca. Why Mohammad Sahib asked them to go round this stone? On the one side he forbade idol worship and on the other asked Mohammadans to circumambulate (^T^f^T^TT) the sacred stone. The reason for this is the stone in Mecca is Meccashwar Shiva. But how would you know the truth about it? How would you know about the swayambhu (TcJTPJ) idols. You do not know. How to differentiate? When the kundalini is awakened, it pierces six plexuses and gets connected to the All Pervading Power of Divine Love, then Divine cool vibrations start flowing from your hands. Then your hands tell what is truth and what is untruth? Such a beautiful arrangement has already been made in us. There is no need to make any arrangement. Now your hands reveal every thing. Mohammad Sahib said that at the time of ‘Kiyama’ your hands will speak. The time of Kiyama has come. Now get it. If some one reads some thing, hands will speak and reveal what is truth and what is untruth. What is good and what is bad. If someone says, “what is there in Mecca, stretch your hands towards Mecca and see for yourself”. All the Sahaj Yogis could feel the chaitanya and differentiate between the truth and untruth. Such a beautiful arrangement has been made.
The whole subtle system is installed with in us. When you achieve this state of self realization then you automatically get rid of all the negativities. Your six enemies, anger, lust, attachment, ego, jealousy and greed (3^T, Wl, TTt?, Hrt’K, cfPT) runaway from you. When we conducted first public programme in England, six drug addicts came to the programme. We were astonished that they were relieved of their drug addiction the second day. It was realy astonishing. They said, these drugs are useless, we do not like the drugs now. They were fully transformed people. Today they are beautiful Sahaj Yogis working for the spreading of Sahaj Yoga. You have to achieve this thing. Know your spirit. Arrangements have been made in us to achieve this Divine Knowledge. Or we can say that this machine is installed with in us. When it becomes operative then you experience many miracles about yourself. All the drunkards, who came to Sahaj Yoga have said adieu to Alcohol. Wicked people have left their wickedness.
I went to Taliyati, there a Mafia Don accepted Sahaj Yoga. I asked how has he accepted Sahaj Yoga? They said, Shri Mataji, he wants to meet you.” He came He was so humble! He said, “Shri Mataji I have committed many crimes. Could I be forgiven?” I said. “You are forgiven”. That is the thing of the past. Today I am talking to you in the present. Now in the present, what are you? You have to see how much you have been transformed. The way he has done was really astonishing. How could this Mafia Don get so much transformed? This happened. No lecture was given to him nor was he made to understand something. This is a happening and it was to happen in Kaliyuga. because in kaliyuga people will be transformed. After transformation one becomes so beautiful and pure.
Today this world needs this transformation very badly. To bring about this transformation I think, is the duty of all the Sahaj Yogis. I did my best. Worked very hard, went to so many countries of the world Now it is the duty of all the Sahaj Yogis to tell everyone about Sahaj Yoga and get them transformed. Many people have gone astray in the name of God Almighty and in the name of Dharma. When you give them Self Realisation, they will be enlightened. If the connection of all these lights burning here is severed with the mains then could they give light? In the case of human beings it is the same. We have to be connected to this great power, which has always been eternal truth. It existed in the past and exists today.
When your attention gets enlightened you become an enlightened person. Such a person works for the benevolence of the whole world. If the human beings are transformed, all the problems will be solved. Man is the root cause of all the problems. With his transformation all the problems, all the difficulties will go away. So we should try to give Realisation to more and more people. After awakening, I have seen, there is no quarrel, no turmoils, any country they may belong to, there is no quarrelling, no fight. They meet each other with open heart. It is the great ocean of joy. Sahaj Yogis enjoy being together. It is the tradition of our country that together we should live like brothers and help each other in every way. This is our culture. Strange things happened. This country was divided in many parts Still there are many disputes in the country. People are quarrelling everywhere. On one issue or the other people are ready to grapple with each other, and groups are formed for this purpose. It is inhuman. Even animals do not behave like that. Human beings should not be like that.
Human being is the best of Divine creations. God Almighty has made such a beautiful arrangement in us to get our awakening. We do not have to spend any thing for it. One gentlemen said to me. “I wilt pay you Rupees one Lakhs if you awaken my kundalini.’ I replied, “I am willing to pay you Rupees Two Lakh for keeping silent.” Kundalini knows no money. It is a divine power with in you. It could be awakened if you have the pure desire. It could not be forced upon you. It could be worked out only if you have the pure desire. No other desire is pure. Had it been pure, the shape of the modern economy would have been altogether different With great difficulty you construct a house. But you are not contented You wish to have a motor. But this also cannot give you contentment. None of the material objects give us contentment. Had the desire for this object been pure then they would have satisfied you. Self realisation is the only pure desire. The spirit resides in your attention. The light of the spirit will give you joy and peace. It will enlighten you in everyway and it will make you collective. You will become collectively conscious.
We think ourselves to be seperate entities. They are such and such, and we are such and such. In the eyes of God human beings are one. under His protection. It is just mental exercise that we are superior, they are inferior, this and that It is purely mental exercise. One gentleman came to meet me. He was Chief of Ivory Coast He was so humble that I was surprised. With great humility he said. “Shri Mataji. Please make all my countrymen Sahaj Yogis.” I said alright, you could do il yourself. He told, I am in a state of joy. He had divorced three wives Now he was ashamed of it What is my life9 Why have I designed it like that9 But now I am fully transformed I am full ol joy. peace and comfort.” There are six hundred Sahaj Yogis there. They had taken up Muslim religion. I asked them why did you adopt Muslim religion9 They replied that these French people have no morality at all They are totaly immoral So we thought to adopt Muslim religion so that some morality could be preserved I said, all religions are equal in Sahaj Yoga We do not insult any religion; no religion is higher or lower. After Sahaj Yoga you will thoroughly understand your religion and its depth. So far, you were lost. Now you can achieve it. It’s a fact that all those people for whom religions were made, are fighting in the name of religion. It is not proper. Wickedness has taken over the wisdom.
Kundalini enlightens the brain. When it passes through the Agnya Chakra, it enlightens the brain, and one could see one’s mistake. One realises one’s foolishness. What was I fighting about? Without knowing yourself, you can not know the truth. But people are wasting their lives, and lives of their children. The whole country will be destroyed. Many countries are being destroyed. So we have to awaken our Kundalini. It is very sacred. This Kundalini is your individual Mother. She is your own Mother. Irrespective of the number of children, you are the sons and daughters of Kundalini. She knows every thing about you. Everything is recorded on it. What is your desire, what were you, what are your defects and what is the problem in your body? She knows everything. Taking care of all the problems, your Mother Kundalini rises without giving even the slightest trouble to you. Because She is your Mother. When you were born, your Mother with-stood all the pain, you sufferred no pains at all. Similarly Kundalini is your Mother, and while giving you your rebirth it gives you no pain. You are lifted so high that you are surprised to know that you are like that. All this wealth was innate in you, and you did not know about it! She is with you in every way. These chakras work on physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual levels and it is worked out in every way. There is absolutely no doubt that after coming to Sahaj Yoga, your health is improved, every thing is improved. Not only that; by the grace of goddess Lakshmi your monetary condition also improves.
Those people who have become Sahaj Yogis in our country, they have become prosperous. Their behaviour has improved and all disputes finished. Because this power is all pervading, moves every where. It works out everything, and our lives become ideal, so ideal that people say. “what a man he is1″ As it was said for the saints.
Today, so many Sahaj Yogis are sitting because Sahaj Yoga spread in most of the countries. Everywhere there was a sort of disgust and disappointment. Violence was at its height. Many people could not with-stand it and they came to Sahaj Yoga. They say that Sahaj Yoga has spread in 86 countries. No doubt I didn’t go to all these countries. But whereever the seed goes it could sprout and become a plant. Similarly Sahaj Yoga spread every where. Its very surprising to see that people of these countries would come here. They go to Italy for Pujas. So far I have not been able to go to their countries. May be that I go someday. I am surprised to see their love and harmony with each other. There was a boy in Bombay who used to say, “Mother, I do not want to live, my Mother is very bad”’. That boy died in the bomb blast. This news spread to all the countries and everyone was concerend about it. It was told to people that he was a saint. The authorites offered land to cremate or bury the dead body. Such letters were sent to me that I was astonished.
Recently my brother Baba Mama expired. He loved people so much that they sent so many letters and faxes, which I have not been able to go through so far. So much of love, so much of beautiful things people wrote that I am surprised, I never thought that people loved him so much. The atmosphere of love you have entered. Every one will love you and you will also love everyone. The biggest quality of Sahaj Yoga is the Power of Love. No other power could stand before it. You are in the protection of this Power of Love. You are always protected. No one can touch you because God loves you. Who dares to go against Him? Who could be hostile to Him? We have many examples where people say, “how have I changed, I do not know. How have I achieved, I do not know”. You feel happy when you listen to such things becuase they are all your brothers. They belong to you. It appears that the whole world will be transformed. Nice days will come. All this is happening, yet many people are still to be transformed. Transformation is very important. Human beings have fallen to a very low level. It is very easy to transform them. You have to do it. There is no other way out. But transformation of the people and kundalini awakening is the only way to achieve this goal. You need not stand in the water or sit before the fire. Just get connected. You have to give a little of your time. Go to meditation centres and attain more depth. People do not grow because they do not go to collectivity. Without nourishing it with collective love this plant will not grow. Thai is the reason Jesus Christ said, that some seeds fell on stone or in such places that they were destroyed but those seeds which fell in the fertile land, sprouted and became trees. Sahaj Yoga neither condemns nor opposes any religion. Incorporation of the quintessence of all the religion in it, is its speciality. The deep relations which are there in these religions will get established. A life full of joy and comforts is waiting for you. May you achieve it.

This is my blessing to you all.