Gudi Padwa Puja

Noida (India)

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2000- 04-05 Gudi Padwa/Navaratri Puja Talk, India

Here, in India, two Navratris (nine nights of the Goddess) are celebrated. One is the Chaitra Navratri (the first month of the Hindu calendar)  when She is worshipped in the form of Shailaputri. This is Her first incarnation, and She had taken birth in the Himalayas. That is why She is called Shailaputri (daughter of the Himalaya). She has other names also.  But Shailaputri has special significance because it was the very first time that She took an incarnation.  She was born in the extreme cold conditions of the Himalayas because whatever She had to achieve, was confined to that environment.

But you are not aware of the whole story.  Her father Daksha had held a great Havan, but did not invite Shiva. She was Shiva’s wife.  So She, the Devi, immolated Herself. This was the first time Sati was performed. She entered the fire of the Havan, and offered Herself as “Aahuti” (oblation to the fire). Then Shiva came.  He picked up Her body and left.   As He kept moving, pieces of Her Divine Body fell in different places on Mother Earth.  We believe that wherever the sacred pieces fell, Her Shakti vibrates there. Like in Vindhyaachal, and many other places. It is said that in all those places, the  Shakti of the Devi acts, and purifies everything.

Among the seven Shaktis (powers) of the Devi, one of them is ‘Saunharak’ Shakti, (the destructive power). This Saunharak Shakti is right sided. On the right-side are Savitri, and Gayatri (names of the Goddesses).  The effect of ‘saunharak shakti’ (destructive power) was that one Shakti went to the left and the other to the right. But with the incarnation of Shailaputri, when this destructive power came, it was in the centre.

There are many forms of this Devi. Like Durga and other forms, which used the destructive powers of Saunharak Shakti. These forms reside in the Heart Chakra. She presides over the Heart chakra. It is verily one of the powers of the Heart Chakra; that if someone troubles you, or attacks you, or puts you into a dangerous situation, this Shakti which resides in the Heart protects you and guards you;  and destroys the one who is troubling you.

The energy which makes this power more effective is that of the Kundalini’s when She comes there. When the Kundalini comes into the Heart, Kundalini is Jagadamba! It is the  Amba, is what increases this power.

When a person accepts Sahaja Yoga; along with the Self Realisation, this Shakti gets established here in the heart, and protects him fully. No one can harm him. Not even a hair of his head can be touched.  But, you must establish Her in the Heart, with pure love and devotion.

This is the power of the Mother.  Is the power of motherhood. This power of motherhood is such that it always protects Her children. Always guards her children. When we are disturbed or in danger, in medical terminology they say the bone that is here (Shri Mataji points out to the Heart) the Sternum bone, starts shaking. And the antibodies, which are all around, which we call as  Ganas, and which are spread all  around,  they immediately  get informed and alerted. Because She is the ‘Maharagni’, the Queen, the Ruler of the Ganas, and they act according to Her orders. There is no question of any miscommunication between the Devi and Shri Ganesha. It is as if there is a oneness between the two.  Ganesha is the Son and the Devi is His Mother.  Those who believe in Shri Ganesha and have established Him within, especially in Sahaj Yoga, are taken care of as Her children, at every step and situation.  Because She is the Mother and you are Her Ganesha.  But Shri Ganesha in you must be Nirmal (pure). If there is any problem with your Ganesha, She corrects Him.

The Devi accomplishes different kinds of work,  but today’s significance is, that in Her first incarnation, She took birth as Shailaputri. This had to happen in Satya Yuga. Before this, when Shri Adishakti incarnated in the world, She came in the form of a cow, Surabhi, in the area where there was Paramchaitanya.  In that sacred area, Gokul was created first.  And then She took birth as this Sacred Cow, and lived there.

Everything was created first.  And then only, it’s reflection was put within us. For example,  Shri Sadashiva,  was reflected as Shri Shiva within us.  There are reflections of everyone within us..  The Devi too has Her reflections. Her first incarnation in human form is reflected as Shailaputri, and that is why it is being given so much importance today.

When She took birth in Heaven (the area where there was Paramchaitanya), She was there as Shri Adishakti,  and the reflection was in the form of a cow. That is why  we do not kill the cow, as She is the reflection of the Divine Mother. There is a difference between the cows in India and the cows in other countries. They are different in form, feature and expression.  When my grand daughters were small and we lived outside India, they used to ask,  “Nani (Grandma),  why are these buffaloes white?” Because in those countries  there is no difference between the expression and form of a cow and a buffalo!

That was not the time for Shri Adishakti to incarnate.  It had to be in Kali Yuga.  As She had to incarnate, in complete form,  with all the Chakras,  all the Deities and their powers.  This was possible only during Kali  Yuga.  She had to work a lot during Ghor (the most intense and frightful time), Kali Yuga. And that is why She had to come in the form of Mahamaya.  If people knew that She is the Adishakti, they would try to harm Her, and prevent Her from accomplishing Her work. In Her first incarnation, She did not need to take the  form  of Mahamaya,  as in those days nobody would have harmed or killed the Devi. She took birth in Her complete form, in the security of the Himalayas with Her powers manifesting.  She married  Shri Shiva, Who was the all powerful God almighty.

People have a question, that why  this Navratri, and then a second Navaratri. Also they feel that one Devi is Mahakali, another is Mahasaraswati and so on.  But they are all part and parcel of Shri Adishakti. It is She Who manifested in these different forms, according to the time and nature of the work that had to be accomplished.

For example,  in Meerut (North India),  there was a need for Her aspect of Shakambhari Devi (Goddess of cultivation), as She has the power to increase the agricultural produce. When we were in Meerut we had cultivated brinjals which were such big ones, big tomatoes and such long cucumbers. People did not understand how this happened.  We won five to six prizes.  This is the power of Shakambhari Devi. So wherever the effectiveness of the power of the Devi exists, there this Shakti does the work.

People are confused when they address Her, sometimes as Chamunda,  and sometimes by any other names.  But the Shakti (the Goddess), has different forms. Whenever required She uses that form . It is not so that this is Durga, then who is this Chamunda.  They are all there.  It is necessary that they are there; as there are different forms and powers of the Goddesses, in the form of  Devis.  Without the Devi’s Shakti (power) no incarnation can do any work. Whether a Guru, or  incarnations like Shri Rama or Shri Krishna or Shri Jesus Christ. Everyone works with the power of the Devi. So in our country mother is respected. Indians worship the Shakti. There might be differences in forms; but in reality they are all worshipping the Shakti. Those who worship Shri Vishnu or Shri Shiva, all worship the Shakti.

Mother cannot be divided. Mother is a very big institution in India so we must respect her. Mother and children both must have this respect. Women in our country are not spoilt but they don’t understand that to become a mother, a woman should have qualities which will nurture the baby and ensure that good children are born to them. These days something has gone wrong with the way women are thinking and behaving.  Children are not born to such women. Why should such women have children? In some countries where mothers are not good, children are not being born. In Germany the population growth is minus; in America it is minus.  All Whites are minus. Why? The reason is that there is no quality of motherhood.

Slowly they have started understanding. Where there are no motherhood qualities, they don’t bear children. Children are born to those from whom they get mother’s love and are taken good care of. In view of this, I think Indian men should respect their women and love them. This is very important, as after some time, people all over the world  will recognize India as the epitome of Spirituality. But the state of women here, especially in North India, is sad. Respecting women is considered a weakness. Beating them up, and demanding dowry, (bridegroom price)!  is a  common practice. Man wants to show how much more superior he is to woman.  He is not. He does not have the powers and capacity like her. He cannot bear a child. Those countries are heading for destruction,  where women and mothers are not respected. Because power (shakti)  diminishes.  But this does not mean that men are run after women, and women become dominating. No. We are equal.  We are not similar, but we are different. Our constitution is different. Whatever I have seen in North India, they don’t respect women. She is not respected, but troubled and harassed all the time.

We should think of changing this. Ours is the work of creation and not of destruction. If this creation is accomplished, our country will become ‘shasya shamala’ (prosperous). No need to make laws. We must understand from within that a woman has been created in the ‘lakshan’ (characteristic) of the Devi. If she is a bad woman, it is different. But a woman is in the image of the  Devi. She must be respected, protected, and must be helped. This is the duty of every man.

But this does not happen. Man always dominates. He has the brains, but it is the woman who has the heart. So they must try to respect women. It is good if she also understands that she is like the Devi. But if she is spoilt, she cannot get respect. If goodness is not there, leave that woman. But respect the one who is good, and look after. It usually happens that those women who are ‘zabardast’ (dynamic and high handed), are worshipped, and those who are good are neglected. According to Sahaja culture, you have to become a good husband and wife. There must be lots of love and understanding among them. Only then Sahaja Yoga can spread.  Otherwise, it cannot spread.

In this way, we find many descriptions of the Devi in our ‘Shastras’ (sacred writings). They are all absolutely correct. Nothing wrong has been written.  But to understand them and their significance in depth,  you will have to do it through Sahaja Yoga. Vibrations will show you the truth.  Every power has different vibrations. It is very subtle. As you progress, you will understand it better by your power of discrimination. That does not mean you have to get after it. You have to increase your meditation. You will be able to feel the state of the other person.

You will get this knowledge immediately because it is now on our nerves; this knowledge.  There is no other way to achieve this but by meditation. You may perform Pujas, and sing bhajans. But to no avail.  Only meditation will give you this state, along with this, introspection. No need to criticize, just be in witness state. Only you can assess yourself, and remove all the obstacles. Keep your attention within. How loving am I? Am I pure? Am I away from ego? Am I able to forgive others? What am I doing? Why am I thinking this? If a bad person comes to your house, and your gaze falls on him, he will run away from your presence. Even intruders will not attack and will go away.  But all this, only if you meditate and introspect.  If you are egoistic and say that I’m alright, it will not work. Have attention within and have love for others. Look at others with love. Do I have love for others?  So there are two important things.  One is meditation and the other is introspection. With these two things, there will be progress. With meditation, you absorb vibrations and go ahead. By introspection, you remove obstacles that are within you. Like when a river is flowing, the flow is not smooth if there are stones. When you remove these stones, the flow of the Kundalini is faster,  and then you start feeling that you have become clean. There are no obstructions or anything inside.  You are pure and clean. This feeling must come from within.

Kundalini is doing its work. She will relieve you. No one can say we will relieve you. But as soon as your attention goes there things will fall in place. Some have greed for power, they keep running after it. But you will not have this. You will be happy with whatever you have. This is Sahaja state. All the powers of the Devi you imbibe.  They will guide you and bless you.But you must have this Sahaja state.  If you feel I have to do this and that, Sahaja state hasn’t come. Its like a child is in the protection of his mother in the cradle.

All these powers of the Devi have some speciality or the other. That is why we worship the Shakti and believe and have faith in Her. More than incarnation we all have faith in the Shakti. Because with this faith in Her we can recognize the incarnation. Shakti is your Guru, Mother and Divine. There is no need to look at anywhere else. Once you have faith in the Shakti, She will make everyone understand.

In Sahaja, you all have faith in Me but I make you understand others. If you had no faith in Me but in any other incarnation eg. Shri Christ, He has said that He will send an incarnation, the Adishakti will come, the Holy Ghost will come. He has done His work. Prophet Mohammad too said the same. Why have they all said the same? So that in future this work will be done. They prophesized this because they knew the time had not come then, that the man is ready for his ascent. They used to tell keep your attention and character clean and remember the Divine. They only showed the way. They had not developed any collective consciousness. This has been achieved by you. You have to progress now.

You have to do only two things, meditation and introspection. The third thing is you will see beauty and goodness everywhere. However, a man is cruel to you. You will see the beauty. Your attention will move from bad to good.  When this happens, you will accept the goodness. If your attention is on bad things how will you recognize goodness? In this, you don’t know how you feel happiness. You must always look at the goodness of others; you feel better. See only the beauty, you will be surprised every person has goodness. You only have to look at it.No one can enjoy it if you don’t see.

You will be surprised that every man has some goodness. For example, a flower has fragrance. But if you don’t have a nose, how will you enjoy that fragrance? You must have the heart to understand greatness, love which you will accept.That person will not feel happy himself but you will make him feel that hidden happiness in him.He does not know the fragrance within.

To enjoy by feeling the goodness of others is done by the Shakti as She is happiness Herself;’ Anand Dayini’ (giver of joy) When you come to this state, this is Sahaja state. If you behave in a cruel way, what is the use? You don’t have to kill or destroy anyone. That is the work of the Devi. All the happiness that is spread all over the world has to be enjoyed by you.

So, today is the first day of Shailaputri, meaning She has to observe everyone from the Himalayas, where She was born. Small children observe everyone. That is what is done by Her. She has other names, like Shailaja. But during the Chaitra Navratri (nine nights during the first month of the Hindu calendar)it is believed that She took birth as Shailaputri.

In Bihar, they celebrate ‘chhath’ (the sixth day) it is a part of this. In other places, Gayatri and others are worshipped. Gayatri Mantra must not be recited by right-sided people. Left-sided people must take right side Mantras and right sided people must take left side Mantras. This way they get into balance.

This is the time to enjoy happiness. My birth was also during such a time. Surprisingly Navroz (the Zoroastrian New Year) and Navratri began after My birth. This is a wonderful combination. Navratri comes after 21st March not before. There is a form of songs called ‘Chaiti’ sung during this month of Chaitra. The Saints and poets had described the happiness of this month in this form of songs when they enjoyed this month. In villages, this celebration is seen in plenty. Happiness is seen from within. The village folk have this quality of composing songs and enjoyment of their quality of surrendering. They have the quality of acceptance in their hearts. We have become right sided. We must have a Sahaja state. With these Chaiti songs, you must enjoy more than them, as they are not knowledgeable.

The speciality is when Vikramaditya started this ‘Isvisan’ (era) it started with this, with Tritiya (third day of the Moon). Day one of the calendar that started is known as ‘Akshay Tritiya’. The Shalivahana started their calendar year with this day. Both follow the same day. Surprisingly, Shalivahana attacked and defeated Vikramaditya. After, this Shalivahana’ Shaka’ (the Shalivahana’s calendar) was created. Their first day is Akshaya Tritiya. The Hizri (calendar year of the Muslims) also is the same. Everyone accepted this day as the first day of the calendar. Even for the Parsi Navroz (the Zoroastrian New Year), this day is considered as the auspicious day. So good work is started on this day.

So, today you will make up your mind to meditate every day with introspection. Must think about oneself and not about others. How shall we spend our life with sweetness in talking while dealing with others? How shall we make someone understand our feelings sweetly? No one must be hurt. Whatever one feels must be told; sometimes it has to be told boldly. But most of the time when you tell something, the other person must feel that this is being told out of love. This love should be expressed.

I have to tell people every day. So, what should be told to each one? How do I explain this? But this power of love is seen all around. This love is within Me. This gives and takes, happens with love. Sahaja Yogis must not get angry. Peaceful behaviour must be seen. I have been telling how you must behave after Realisation. By introspection, look at yourself with love and not hatred. It is my dream that with Sahaja Yoga the world must change.

Eternal blessings.