Shri Bhoomi Devi Puja

New Delhi (India)

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2000-04-07 Earth/Land Puja (Hindi)

(Translation from Hindi scanned from the Divine Cool Breeze)
I bow to you all the seekers of truth. I never expected that you will come in such a big number and understand the importance of this work, Once we were going for a Sahaj Yoga programme, we were passing through the place known as Daulta Bad. By chance our car developed some problem. It stopped. When I got down. I saw there were many women, more than one hundered, standing there with their children. The number of children was many times more than the women These women were taking water from a leaking tap. wearing tattered clothes, with covered heads they were there in that scorching heat. I couldn’t understand as to what was happening! I asked them, “what are you doing here? Why did you come here?” They replied, we are all Muslim ladies, our husbands have divorced us. These are our children. The amount of Mehar which we got from our husbands, was so small that it was not enough even to pull on for a month. Here we have got employment. We break stones to small pieces to earn our livelihood. But where do you live? They indicated towards a building. There were few clothes hanging and a dilapidated house which could not be called a house. They said we all live in it. Tears rolled down my eyes. I sat there on a stone and started crying. A question rose in my mind that despite the rich culture and purity of our country,and despite the fact that the women of this country hold their character in high esteem, why the condition of our country is so miserable? The another thought that came to my mind was. if the mothers are so miserable, what will be the condition of the children? How could they rear up their children and educate them? There a thought came to me that there should be some organisation which could support this sort of destitute and neglected women and give them some help and support. It happened many- many years ago. I was too much absorbed in Sahaj Yoga work. My inlaws belong to Uttar Pradesh. There. I saw, there is no respect of women. No one listens to them. Women are dominated. Only dominating women could be heard of. but the simple women are dominoted in every way. No one bothers for them, whatever their condition. If some women dies in young age, the husbands are invited to remarry I was aghast to see all this because condition of women in Maharashtra is not like this. In Uttar Pradesh the husband of a woman dies, the society forces her to remain a widow throughout the life.
So this was my experience with those labourer women. So I thought that first of all such an organisation should be started in Uttar Pradesh and it is very heartening that we are starling an organisation in Uttar Pradesh, It is my desire that these destitute and needy women should be given such training that they become self dependent and could rear up their children nicely. They should command respect. But only this organisation is not sufficient.This is at a very low level. Goal will be achieved only when women are given proper place in the society, when the men realize their duty towards the women and their daughters. Life of the women is one sided. It should be changed. Men should look after their family, children, wife, mother with real love and understanding. So many of you are sitting here. If you all take a pledge to respect the women, then a lot would be achieved. Men never get widower but if a woman becomes widow her condition becomes miserable. One woman tells it to the other one that it was your hard luck. Not only this much, they say. “you have devoured your husband”. I have heard myself saying them like this! May be that that is the reason that women of olden times used to become Satis. The worst happens if a widowed girl is charming.
So first of all I said that if any widow comes to Sahaj Yoga, she should get married, But who is going to marry a widow in our Country? If at all some one gets ready to marry a widow, he will keep on humiliating her. Manhood, they think makes them superior beings! They do not know that they have taken the road to hell. This is nothing but wickedness. This sort of behaviour is depravity. To behave in this manner with one’s wife, who provides all comforts to you, is against our culture. It is written in the Indians scriptures hkiI Gods reside where women are worshipped. But women have also to be worthy of worship. The woman of our country is in a miserable condition today. That is the reason that there could be no good government in the country. These are the days of Navratri but all the Goddesses are unhappy. No blessings could come from them. Without respecting your wife and without taking good care of her. none of the Goddesses, including. Goddess Laxmi, would bless us. This is the cause of all distress in our country. If this tendency is overcome, then I think all the problems could be solved because the blessing of Shri Lakshmi comes when we respect the woman. Those who do not respect the Gruha Lakshmi, how do they deserve to be benefited by the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi? I happened to see a Video Tape in which they showed the widows living in the temples of Vrindavana and Gokul. Poor lord Krishna might be concerned with the miserable state of these widows! Their condition is so miserable. They are exploited to such an extant that through out the day they are made to sing in the temples and only one Rupee is paid to them every day.The people there misuse them in every way. Even such a film did not prick the conscience of anyone!
There, there are five lakh such widows. No one thought that we are earning so much money, why not to do some thing for the benevolence of these women? Why not to start some project for them? It appears that men have lost all their sensitivity. No one thought of their benevolence. A lot was shown in this film. I said, “there is no use of showing such films and the lady who came to show this film was motiviated by the desire to defame the organisers. They have got enough publicity. If they have so much of money then why do not they construct nice Ashrams for these women. The existing Ashrams, which are very few in numbers, are not managed properly. So why not to have such Ashrams where these women are looked after in a nice way. Fed up from such a life, many of them commit suicide. In our society it is compulsory for a woman to get married and if the husband dies than there is no end of her miseries. It becomes difficult for her to live. She is surrounded by all sorts of troubles. Not that they are immoral. In foreign countries a widowed woman finds out another husband or takes up some bussiness. Moral standards in our country are so high that thirty two thousand women oblated themselves to protect their chastity and respect. What is the way then left for the women of this country? They cannot live with respect. Such a miserable state is there that I think that if at all one gets such disease and live in the hospital, some arrangement could be made for a diseased person. But how could you remove the pain of such women? Such a distress but no sympathy! Seeing a widow was considered to be ominous. Ritualistic people do not eat food cooked by a widow. Our society is unaware of the fact that our scriptures do not allow such things. After the death of Ravana, Shri Rama married Mandodari, the wife of Ravana, to Vibhishna. But people say that Shri Rama was alright, yet widows cannot marry. Just imagine your own mother, sister or daughter in such a misrable condition! May God save from such a society! It is better not to have such a society and if at all some society is made everyone should have the right to live peacefully in it. So I would like that all those who have troubled women in the house or outside should transform themselves. They should realise their guilt of troubling a poor and helpless woman. Those, who have distressed their wives or daughters are also criminals. I cannot tell what punishment they will be subjected to. Now there will be dawn of Satya Vuga. It is necessary for everyone to adhere to Dharma to the path of righteousness. Essence of Dharma is love. Those who cannot love their wives, whom else they could love? One who could not love one’s daughter how could he love anyone else? Her fault is only this much that she is a woman, Had there been no woman in the world, where would have been your mother and how could you take birth? Deep sensitivity towards this fact should arise. Maharashtra was also affected by this evil custom. However great men like Tilak, Gokhle. and Ramdev challenged this custom. They themselves married widows and brought awakening against this custom. They brought many reforms. In Pune, education for women is free of charge. They do not have to pay even a single penny up to graduation. Much reforms are needed in this part of the country because condition here is much more miserable. People should be awakened to this problem. On the contrary, if the woman is dominating, she rules the family. Many women have learnt to dominate but there is no use of it. Women should absorb every thing because their powers are that of Mother Earth. One should awaken one’s powers, use them for creative purposes, and live with self respect. Mere talking about it will not achieve anything. It should be thoroughly understood that this is a sin and it should not be allowed to happen. Only then there could be transformation in our country. Everyone, whether a Sahaj Yogi or non Sahaj Yogi, has the duty to protect the women being beaten in the neighbourhood. If some drunkard is creating nuisance than he should be checked. It is your social obligation. Until such an awakening takes place in you, this work could not be done.
There are some women who are so selfrespecting that they forbear everything. If you tell any widow to get remarried, she will be aghast. We had a Sahaj Yogini. She was very beautiful and had three children. Eldest son was 15- 16 years old. Where-ever she went for employment, some man or the other was mad after her. This is the tendency. People do not run after their own wives. They are attracted to other women and if the women happens to be a widow nothing like that! Very carefully I asked her that the solution to your problem is that you get remarried. Immediatly she fainted. “Shri Mataji why did you say such a thing? For what fault of mine you ordered this severe punishment?” It is no punishment at all. Such a conditioning in woman is the gift of the society. Once widowed, widowed. You cannot remarry. Nothing doing! Who will make them understand? Then I asked her son to talk to her and bring her round. She was beautiful in appearance and a widow. How could she live in a man dominated society? After once year she came round because by than she was badly caught in problems. She could realise that Mother is right. Then I married her to one American. All her children were nicely brought up and settled. Widowed women, some times, go a begging but shall not remarry. God has not commanded to do like that, nor is it written in any of the scriptures. These things are made to exploit the women. We do not believe in widowhood. What is widowhood? If the husband is dead, he is dead. Do not put his stamp on your forehead. Either both husband and wife die togeter otherwise the life of the woman is miserable. It is not destiny. Had it been Dharma. that couple would have died together. But it is not the case. Women have suffered a lot on this account. Now you have absolutely no need to suffer.
Such women could be hot-tempered and quarrel-some. They start politics in the family. Such women could not be nice. They are always distressed and disturbed. So we have started this organisation on a small level. In it we shall endeavour to train such women so that they become self sufficient and live with self-respect. If they are young widows then we shall marry them to suitable men. If Indians are not willing to marry them then I will send them to America. That will be the best way Indian men think too much of themselves. This ego should go. I always say that men need to be reformed not the women. What are they so much proud oP What do you think of yourselves? Just now someone was telling, if a man is an I.A.S. he is the greatest son-in-law. I said, what is there in an I.A.S? Always hand to mouth. I know it well that if they are honest, their income is not much. They suffer if they are honest or dishonest. Yet women prefer I.A.S. I am unable to understand as to how men think very great of them if they become I.A.S.! Anything could spoil the brains of the people, specialy in India, and they start flying in the air. What ever atrocities they may commit after-wards, they regard it as their right. Followers of Jain Dharma preach to protect mosquitoes and bedbugs. They do not kill these parasites but they find no harm in beating their wives. She is your wife, she has not come to be beaten! If she opposes then how could she be a wife? The cause of this condition, this low level in our people is that our internal values are disappearing. In olden times grain – parchers used to beat their wives in our country. But now, I have seen, everyone beats one’s wife and they are not ashamed of it. There is no pity left in them. In other matters they behave nicely but in this aspect they are absolutely shameless. They will not hesitate to scold their wives publically. Their conscience is not pricked. Is it the education that they recieve in the family to behave like that? So I have decided to work hard for this organisation and ameliorate the condition of such women. The number of women in our country is more than 65%. If such a big and significant part of the population is made power-less than what is going to be the condition of the country? Your country is fully crippled. Big-big lectures, showing of films and plays will not achieve anything. You have to work it out. In one’s own life, in the life of the society, some people have to show by their deeds that they are really reformists. Leave all the stupidities. It is all useless. People are conditioned in such a way that they are unable to get rid of their wickedness, and women are conditioned in such a way that they go on forebearing everything. No one is bothered about the consequences. Children are being misled. They take to stealing and all other wickedness. How has it happened? Because the institution of family has broken, the society has become insignificant. So family system is very significant because certain families form a society and societies make a country. Now it is the people, who talk of the country but the family is disappearing. The family could live with honour, selfrespect and the love for the country only when the women in the family are respectable, when they are given due respect. We have to understand this point thoroughly. In Maharashtra also, we have some social system which exploit the daughter- in-laws. But all this will change. If they do not change, the children will beat the father. Then their brain will be set right. Human beings have so much ego in them. What is this ego about? What have you achieved to be so proud of?
Now it is pious duty of all of us to help this organisation, not only with money but also in bringing it up. The most important is to find out such destitute women, who could be sheltered there. We do not know where shall we get such women. If anyone of you knows about such destitute, troubled, helpless women and widows, who are suffering all these, they should bring them to this organisation. They were telling that so far they have only hundred such women in the list. But this is very small number. Poor, downtrodden and helpless women could be brought about and helped. Only in our country the institution of family is continuing. In other countries family has broken. Women are responsible for it, not men. It is the Indian women who have supported the country. Otherwise things would have been very different. You must understand that if excesses are committed on the women then they will revolt. It will be harmful. It is the death of the love and affection which is harmful. Wisely protect your women and daughters. Look after them and love them. They should be aware of your love. Your love will not spoil them. Until the man is weak, women could never dominate him. But she should not be so much suppressed that the growth of the children gets affected. Now a days children do not respect their mothers. They are shy of touching the feet of their mothers. If the fathers have no time to look after them then children are bound to get astray. The news that we read in papers everyday is because the family system is falling. It must be kept in proper shape. This is the warp and woof of our society. Because of this you are sitting here today. If you want to evolve then you have to remember that respect of women and transformation of people should be your coveted goal. It is my intimate desire. I always give you my blessings, but you have to share these blessings with other people. We have to integrate people. If you are unable to integrate one family, how are you going to integrate the whole world? All of us should live with love. Now you have become Sahaj Yogis. This is a great achievement. This is the path of knowledge. You know what is love and how to share it. how to pass it on. We will be astonished that the whole society will be transformed. We do not have to be like foreigners. Not at all. Their women go to courts. In America women marry seven-eight times and grab the riches of the husbands. We do not want all this. What do we desire? We desire love with each other and beautiful children. If it is achieved the whole society and the whole country will benefit. There is no need to go to courts and fight. If this is in the benefit of all then why not to take to it. We have to be very wise.
Many Sahaj Yogis are sitting here. I am telling something new for them. If you are Sahaja Yogis than it should be expressed in your behaviour. Every one should know that you are Sahaj Yogis. We should know that a person is either a Sahaj Yogi or a Non Sahaj Yogi, We should know the art of integrating all. With this Sahaj nature you should conquer the whole world. Register in your heart what I have said. This is my vision. You people could fulfil and relieve me of my heartache.
May God bless you

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi