Address to IAS officers wives association

New Delhi (India)

2000-04-08 Public Program Address to IAS officers wives association, Part 1, New Delhi, India, 77' Chapters: Talk, Self-Realization, Q&A, Bhajans after programDownload subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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2000-04-08 Address To IAS Officers Wives Association, Delhi NITL-RAW, 109'
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Public Program, Address to IAS officers wives association, New Delhi, India. 08-04-2000

 I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Today as they say is a ghor kaliyuga and all sorts of horrible things we can see, hear, read in the newspapers. Its a fact that its a very bad times we are passing, also we find very low graded people, we can call them of very low value systems but it was also predicted long long time back that at this time only the people who are seeking the truth in the (hills sal days{unclear}), Himalayas all kinds of (god basis {unclear})will find the truth. Its already described by many many great astrologists, also by saints. So at this time we are priest in a very fortunate circumstances. I must say I have a great love for all the people who are in the IAS and IPS and all the civil services because I know what one has to go through, its life of great turmoil and sacrifice, also for the wife, but I always felt that this is like the soldier fighting in the war. We are here to build up this country. My husband was first in the foreign service, I had never heard of services and all that so I said now what must be the foreign services but I said I am not going to go to any foreign country, just now we have got freedom and we have to work here, we have to work out many things for this country. Not only that but I realized that civil service is the spinal cord of this country. It has to bear all the burns, all the troubles, all the burdens and at the same time it has a great responsibility to build this country and that’s why I put my, I should say all effort that my husband gets selected to IAS and somehow or the other we lost lot of money everything, it’s alright I said, I can live with anything but to live in the foreign countries and wasting your… (unclear as video has some disturbance) its time now, for us here, to live and I think this patriotism is the only thing by which we can live doing our civil service, understanding our responsibilities and also that we are the ministry of the government, of this country which is though run by parties after parties. It’s where I learned that women have to be extremely forbearing, sacrificing and always very much keeping happy. It’s a question of why are we here in this service, we are special people no doubt, we have special powers no doubt, but without misusing the powers what are you, nothing. If you misuse it then its not proper, and if you dont use it, you are powerless. This is really the situation but the enjoyment and the happiness and the satisfaction comes from the fact that you are working for your country. So this patriotism, which I imbibed from my parents also and also Mahatma Gandhi, I felt that we are duty bound to workout in such a manner that everyone of us do something which is very constructive and which is very helpful,but at the same time while doing that because of such a difficult situations we develop all kinds of problems and that’s what I am going to talk to you about. The first thing is, we see something, we react. This reaction can create two problems within us:one of conditioning or another of ego, both are troublesome things and they make us very nervous and tensed. The main thing is that the energy that is required for thinking, for futuristic planning (video disrupted). Sahajyoga comes from one’s center which creates the energy for the brain cells which are used all the time, we want taxing our brains, using its energy all the time but we don’t know how it is replaced and replaced to our centre. This centre is looking after so many organs that this overflow of energy to the brain for this futuristic life can creates lots of problems not only tension but lots of other problems also because this energy starts getting exhausted and when we are in the struggle this energy starts getting, sort of, finished or maybe we develop tremendous imbalance within ourselves. As I don’t know, whether they have put up the photograph of the kundalini, you can see here very clearly that our autonomous nervous system is in three channels and either we can go to the right or to the left but in the centre we cannot move right and left, if you are too much futuristic, if you think too much, if you are working out too much then this right side develops and this is a very very important thing to understand that we start loosing the balance. The first thing that happens to a person like that, that he develops a very bad liver, his liver goes out of order because its the centre which looks after the liver. Now the heat of the liver when it is..(unclear) start rising  so we might develop asthma very serious type of asthma, and this is now incurable, but it is curable if you can balance the person it can be easily cured. This asthma, then if it doesn’t happen then this heat goes towards the heart. In childhood if you are born with a bad heart or anything then one can understand but if there is a boy say 21 or 22 years of age who plays tennis and also drinks a lot and all that, he gets a fatal heart attack, very fatal and he dies but if it does work out that way gradually it starts moving towards a massive heart attack, it could be for anyone at any age but especially as the old age starts it can really show its (unclear). So this is a common disease we have that our heart is in a trouble, then you will try peacemaker, this thing, that thing, instead of that if you take to sahajyoga you don’t have to worry about your heart, it would be excellent. Then another thing that can happen to you, on the brain side, that if right side is too much then our left side brain gets affected and we get paraplegia by which our hand can become absolutely dead also leg can become dead but it can be a serious paralysis which can affect all the right side right from the mouth to the head, all this area also hands, legs everything becomes paralyzed, so this is another thing which is awaiting in such people who don’t care for balancing themselves, so there are serious diseases, I should say of the upper part of the body. In the lower part of the body this heat passes towards the pancreas, so pancreas you get diabetes then it goes little lower and in the spleen you can get even blood cancer. Sahajyoga has definitely cured blood cancer, can be cured, then it can even affect the kidneys, kidneys can be very badly affected and you might develop kidney troubles, you can try transplantation but didn’t help much then it comes to your stomach where you get constipated and always in anger, temper. All these things happen to the right-sided person that he can’t help it because he is so much busy with his planning and with everything that his brain has no rest and so he gets irritated when..(unclear) not according to his own desire or his own plans. With all these things happen, this right-side problem,I think, is a very serious problem which all of us are facing. Now it comes, as I told you, comes from our reactions, so our reactions are because of our mind, now if you have a mind that reacts then how to stop your mind from reacting. Einstein has already told that when he was looking for the theory that he wanted to produce of relativity he got so tired doing it when… (unclear) started playing with the soap bubbles and suddenly he says from somewhere unknown the whole thing, the whole scientific explanation came into his mind that he called as a torsion area. We all have that torsion area, the subtle energy that surrounds us which looks after us and I call it the divine love that helps us in every way to balance ourselves, enrich ourselves and to give the absolute knowledge, not relative knowledge but absolute knowledge. So this is the gyaan marga we are talking about of the absolute knowledge. Now this torsion area is a wonderful thing because this kundalini when she rises, she not only nourishes all the 6 centres, enlightens them and indicates them but also connects you to this torsion area of Einstein, suddenly you are amazed that yourself, how it has happened that you get so many solutions of problems which are not solvable, your temperament changes, you are so relaxed, that means you develop that witness state because now you go beyond your mind, you don’t react, you see, you just see and watch and its the primarily your attention becomes extremely powerful, you have all these things within you, just think we have to have, say, some light, it has to be connected. I am speaking here this instrument has to be connected to the mains, otherwise it is useless in the same way we are to be connected we have to decide that we should be connected to that divine power. Once you are connected to that divine power, its such a change takes place within. First of all, your hands starts speaking, written in the Quran that at the time of resurrection, kiyama, your hands will speak, so I say we accept muslim.. (unclear) means on your hands on these five fingers, here and here, seven places you can feel your centers then you can feel the centres of others because you become a collective being who is the..(unclear)you can feel everyone on your fingertips.A person may look all right to you normal to you but you realize no no he is not something very serious about that person. On the fingertips you can feel it whats wrong with that person Now if you somehow or the other master this side,at the most you take one month,if you do it you can raise other’s kundalini, that’s how they say sahajayoga has spread in 86 countries. It ha spread,no doubt,it has spread in 86 countries but I have not been to all these countries, I have not visited all these countries,I might have gone to about say about 20 countries at the most but people who got realized they..(unclear)  in these countries,they went down to these places and gave realization to another. Now imagine a country called Benin in Africa has got 7000 Sahaja yogis, they were all muslims and they all have got realization that doesn’t mean you are no more a muslim, you are that but you know the essence of so you respect every religion, you respect all the incarnations because now you have the true knowledge about religion about yourself and about the whole universe you can feel it on your fingertips for example. Supposing a man comes, I would say that once when my husband was a city magistrate, two ladies came to me from the backdoor and they said see now these police people are putting us into trouble, we are good women, we have done nothing, I just felt their vibration, I told my husband that I think you people are doing some injustice to them they are quite alright. So he said don’t interfere, I said I am not interfering but I will prove it to you that these girls are innocent and simple girls and unnecessarily you people are thinking that they are bad women. So I went with them, that time of course we had only one car, so I went by rickshaw with them to that place where the man had written that they are bad girls, so I went and asked him, are these the two girls who are living in your higher upper flat,are these the girls who did like this, he said not at all, these are very different not these, then I came and told him, see I judged them from vibrations and they cannot be bad girls so sometimes also we punish people, we get angry with people who do not deserve that kind of a treatment because we don’t know what they are. We also follow wrong paths, we go, we get lost into so many things because we don’t know what is the right path. Now with this happening of the kundalini, of course physically you are alright, physically your problems are solved, physically you don’t have to bother,actually its hardly any trouble to cure people physically, we also have a hospital where they don’t charge them anything except for the room where they have to live and very good rooms also sometimes, the doctors also work free and work it out so well that so many people have been cured. We are getting people from all over the world very highly placed people come there and they are getting cured and for that you don’t have to go to whole..(unclear) of feeling “what’s wrong with them, putting them for diagnosis and in that diagnosis only the patient dies halfway but this is only on the fingertips you know what’s wrong with the person, you need not tell that person what’s wrong you will know how to cure it and how to work it out. Today only a friend of ours came to see me, much younger to me looking so very old and haggard and he said I got paralysis, he was another one of the same kind working too hard, too hard and within 20 minutes or so after raising his kundalini, his face became alright, his hands became alright and he said I can’t walk without a stick, I said alright now you walk, he started walking . I have seen people running who come on wheelchairs, its very surprising(video disrupted) but for this we must know this is the knowledge of our country not that other’s didn’t know, they knew, but in Bolivia,surprised, Bolivia is so far out, people told me we know about chakras, we know everything but we don’t know how to raise the kundalini, they knew the word kundalini also, so I thought I must find out who has told you all this, two saints came from India,long long time back maybe I thought Machindranath and Gorakhnath had gone everywhere, they went to Ukraine also so they might have told them about this Kundalini and awakening of this Kundalini, but they said we don’t know how to raise the Kundalini, once you are entitled as a Sahaja yogi you can raise the Kundalini of any person, you can cure any person you can do whatever you want to do as far as the physical side is concerned, even the mental side. I have seen tension is more of mental side of human beings where you get very tensed up, get angry and annoyed or you become extremely quiet and you don’t know how to handle the situation, this also is the same reaction of your mind that works it out but if you go beyond the mind then you will be amazed, the ideas that they come to you are absolute truth, the solutions that come to you are absolutely perfect and the people who are against you become your friend, those who are troubling you very much also become very very sweet, its a changing and transforming of human beings. The other day I had a newspaper and his name was Mr.Abbas alright so he was extremely aggressive,he asked me funny question, he say how did you know that you are divine, I said how did you know you are a human being,he looked at me, I said, see because I would not react, I used to watch, I used to see, then he found out I am different from others, so I didn’t tried to show off this thing, there is nobody wants to understand it that way, you have to prove it, that’s the best way sahajyoga can be told, so he said how can I get the proof, he said I don’t believe in any fundamentalism,alright, don’t believe in any fundamentalism but do you believe in yourself,yes,yes of course and at that moment his kundalini rised so he say,”ye kya ho raha hai?(what is this happening-hindi translation), Whats happening,what is, how this cool breeze is flowing into my fingertips,how is it, I said it is also flowing out of your frontal bone area and he was completely changed, he said whatever I have asked you the question I am not going to put it out, its all nonsense,“hum bewakoof the”(I was stupid-hindi translation) now I have become a sensible man, you see actually this kundalini shapes you,really transforms you. Now they say we have six enemies,kaam,krodh,mad matsar ,lobh,moh, only six they are saying but nowadays there are more but as it is accepted there are six of them. So once you get connected with this divine power of love all these things just drop out, they are useless, no jealousies,no competition, nothing.We have many people also in the foreign service and they told us people are very happy with us, I said why? because we are not competing,they are all becoming ambassadors,this and that but nobody is angry with us because we are not competing. When the mind starts thinking of the competition,it can go into any wrong ally into any dark ally or really it can be very much a different person, but with this you are in the center, you are complete balanced within yourself and all the hankering everything drops out, you don’t hanker, you don’t hanker after people, you don’t hanker after great publicity or anything you just automatically become so balanced and you are not bothered as to what’s happening and that you are not frightened, for example If I stand in the water you are afraid of the base alright, but suppose you get into the boat then even you can enjoy the base , but supposing you learn how to swim, you can jump down and you can save the people. This is how Sahaja yoga works,in a simple manner,as I have said that I have tremendous concern for you people, always had but because of my husband’s strict rules,i could not touch his office people, I could not talk to them, I could not meet anyone, who was even a peon involved in the IAS office, he was very strict about it, I said alright, I will try some other area but now he has retired luckily,now I am free even to talk to you,surprisingly,otherwise he would never allow me to talk to you people because he thought its not proper,you must maintain, we must maintain a certain distance.So even in the parties and all,and all these places, I was quite amused the way people used to discuss and talk about things you know and I used to keep quiet so they thought I don’t even know english, and maybe I am so quiet because perhaps maybe I am good for nothing possible but now all the same person,those same ladies and gentleman are now doing meditation,now for meditation you don’t have to hang yourself with anything, you don’t have to have too much time,even ten minutes before sleeping, you do meditation you will feel so relaxed and so very absolutely, completely, cleared out of your problems,cleared out of your thinking,just relaxed,there is no thinking,which is thoughtless awareness as been already told to us by…(name unclear)  you know (name unclear) was a disciple of freud whom he revolted against and he talked about the mother energy.We Indians you see are shakti pujaris,now there is this navratras are going on but we have never understood the message of mother’s love, this is the mother’s love that works I think, and you also become very motherly,very kind, very compassionate, how can a human being, I don’t know, how can a human being be cruel to anyone who is suffering, who is in trouble, who is in poverty, the love that you have within yourself starts flowing just like an ocean and you become extremely generous and all the generous people I have seen are very much always looked after. I will give you an example of my father who was a very generous man, very very generous man and once what happened, he always used to say never close the houses, we should not close our house, always open the windows,open the doors,he said, some thief, if you tell him some thief might come, he says let them come, after all they need something, thats why they are coming, so he used to keep all the doors open, he had a big, he was fond of music so he had a big gramophone with the one big horn like thing and one day one thief came and opened the door, it was open, the door was open only, he took away that gramophone, so next day he was sitting very seriously so my mother said now are you sorry for that, no no no that I can buy but I am only sorry, this man seems to be..(unclear) of music he has taken away the gramophone, now what will he play, he has not taken any records. So my mother said alright, you advertise in the newspaper, the one who has taken the gramophone please come and take the records so that he enjoys the gramophone. I mean I have seen such people, I have see really very generous people and at the time when Gandhiji declared the war of Independence, they not only went to jail but they gave away everything. We used to live in huge big houses then we shifted to some sort of huts, we were enjoying because you see the enjoyment was of our Rashtra bhakti and this has helped that time, Mahatma Gandhi was helped because that time the people were ..(unclear). Now today, the thing is, its coming from the west, too much of this, too much of that its alright, there’s nothing wrong, nothing wrong, we should come, we should prosper, our country should prosper, we should create more things at..(unclear) but this hankering will go away. Now the hankering becomes the other way round,like what should I give to this lady,now what should I do for this gentleman, I mean the worry goes to the other side of it, what to do, what should I gave that they wont feel wrong because sometimes you know sarkari naukar’s as they are very strict, so if you give them they think, I am giving them a bribe, I said this is not a bribe, I am just giving because I want to give you, will you take it, with very great difficulty they take, but you see is a way of expression of your love and with this love I tell you, you will be so very popular, so very popular in your office, in your work, in the whole of the country people will remember it that this was the man who really looked after us, who has done so much for you,if you don’t have a concern,you will be just worried about yourself and this thing.All the ladies also of the IAS, thank you very much for inviting me but I would like to tell you that ladies have to help the husbands, they should try to understand that their energy is the Shakti of energy and they should give to men this energy so that they can work better but sometimes I have funny experiences which I’ll relate to you, which was very interesting that first time, first time, I never know your seniority, juniority, anything I don’t know much, I don’t understand, I came to Delhi and when my husband came here to work for Shastriji, so we met in a party a friend of mine who was from my college,so she asked me,”Are, why are you here Nirmal”? I said my husband has come here,said what is he doing? I said he is a government servant.Everybody is a government servant here but what is he doing? I said I don’t know that but he is something here. Where do you live? First thing she asked, I said I live in Meena Bagh, ahhh, Meena Bagh!!! What is your husband doing?You could have got a much better husband, why did you marry a man who takes you to Meena Bagh, baba I didn’t know Meena Bagh was that bad,you see because Shastriji, you see asked us to come here and there was no house so they gave us Meena Bagh. I thought this was very bad to live in Meena Bagh, the way she was talking, then she said ,alright, this gentleman who is coming, this tall gentleman, you know he is very very important, you somehow or the other mange to talk to him, he will get your husband a very good job and you will get a very good house and who comes there was my husband. OH MY GOD !!! She said,”you know him”?I said yes. How? He is my husband.After that she didn’t talk to me, she never said it to me. To know that we live in Meena Bagh was a bad thing in itself, is a quite a big knowledge about things,isn’t it, that only people of this much pay live in Meena Bagh, its really impossible. Even I mean don’t know a state officer knows this much but the lady knew that Meena Bagh was not meant for an IAS officer. Can you imagine?So these indulgences of the women is of no use. I am very happy to hear about this organization that it is doing such a good constructive work. I was really very happy and myself, he says I am a socialist because I always think of the social problems and somehow or the other I am a socialist alright, because its a collective sense and when I heard that these people are doing this kind of work,I said amazing. I can’t imagine those days women used to talk of something else they would never talk of any social, it was so difficult to make them understand social work. Funny type of atmosphere was there, the Britishers had left their legacy on our head and we were quite enamored by that. For example I would say that it was not for them to conceive of something higher or better, so I was the president of the blind, friends of the blind society and for that they were going to have a programme and these blinds were going to act and the governor Mr.Cheriyat was to come, when he came they wanted to know who will be sitting next to him, being a chairman of course others would asked me to sit down the rest started quarreling and fighting and discussing so much I got such a fright, I thought now take to humor that’s the best way to solve the problem so I said alright we will get a big plank on top of the governor’s head and you all sit like sparrow’s on that, we get all their anger vanished and they became alright.So what I am saying is now the quality of women have changed, you can see that very clearly the quality has changed and though you might think that they are self centered or whatever you may think but one thing I have noticed that they are social minded, they read, they understand whats going on in this country. I would say these days our country is a very big turmoil, very big turmoil and all these things are going to help this to solve this problem so many problems we can solve. Once some of these problems are solved I am sure we will be one of the greatest countries, we have no dearth of talent, no dearth of talent, we have no dearth of hard work only, ” ujaskat tatra durlabhami” means that there is no way difficult to get a person who can put them to the yojana and if such a person gets his self realisation he is so self confident, so peaceful within himself, he is not bothered to what others are doing and all this can change and transform you into a beautiful personality. You give up all your destructive habits, absolutely,you just give up your destructive habits,I don’t have to say give up,I never say,if I say that half of people might leave me but I have seen people overnight in London, there were 12 people who had come who were taking drugs,they were drug addicts,they left their drugs overnight,overnight!!! can you imagine.I was amazed how could they leave it overnight ,our problems of drugs of all other things,we can solve them without any difficulties and you are placed, you are placed for that, for that kind of job.Your situation is very good because you have a responsibility, very great responsibility and that responsibility has to be understood, if we do not understand our responsibility will not(audio disrupted), but once you get your realisation, you will, you will become extremely responsible and also you will not feel that responsibility on your head, you will extremely,absolutely relaxed and such a person to meet, you are sometimes surprised the face changes, the body changes, everything, the transformation takes place and you are surprised,all this,all this is within you,all this you have got it, all this is working out, only thing, we have to get our self-realisation,this is a knowledge of our inner being,a very subtle knowledge. I pray and thank you very much, to all the ladies also for calling me here,this is a very unique experience I have, because I would never known that IAS people could be so receptive to this kind of a subtle thing, but they are. In Bombay,I was surprised, when I had this programme in Bombay, now they are regularly going for meditation in a hall that they have, surprising, how can they do it I don’t know but they are doing it, the way they have received me. Actually I used to always say that Bombay IAS people are very, very proud, I should say, very proud,they wont look at you, they wont see you but I have a surprise, they have become so humble, so nice, I don’t know why in Bombay they have developed this kind of a superiority complex or something, we had very bad reports about them but suddenly they have changed so much and in the same way you all should change and you become so collective, its not joint,its collective and you just think of helping each other and living that kind of a life and all over the world we have brothers and sisters, wherever you go,you may go anywhere you will find them waiting for you ,they also come here and when they come here they touch this motherland of ours, they touch this Bharat Bhumi with their lips and kiss it.I asked them why do you do it, because its a yog bhumi, its a special country, its a yog bhumi, here we have got our realisation and you will be amazed that this country is a yog bhumi Once I was travelling with my husband in the plane and I told him we have reached India,he said how do you know?I see the vibrations all over, you can see,he went to the pilot to verify,to verify what I was saying was correct or not. The pilot said sir we have,we have, I said see, this is our surrounding which has spirituality in it,everything that is written we have to verify why some places are Swayambhus, how can you make it out,anywhere you go there is a temple,there is a temple,how do you?You can feel it on your fingertips. Now you will be surprised to know that Mecca has got a big stone,a black stone.Mohammad Sahab said don’t worship any stone because people used to make money out of making some statues and all but this stone he said you should go round,that is the biggest and foremost thing to go round the stone. Now ask them why do you go and worship the stone,they don’t know,but I know because in our shastras it is written that its a Macceshwarshiv. It is a Shiva called,even vibrations,you see vibrations starts flowing.Its a Macceshwarshiv. Its a Shiva in the stone,its the vibrations of the Shiva and its a fact.The other day I read in very nice article in Marathi that Shiva was worshiped before Islamic religion came but the way they were doing it because they were going to all kinds of temples and rituals,too many rituals and because of that ritualism, Mohammad Sahab said don’t worship the stone,but we have Swayambhus,we have really Swayambhus but when you will go and verify with your vibrations you will know they are swayambhus.You all are capable of getting self realization,all of you, whatever must be your past,doesn’t matter,we have to be in the present,past is finished,future doesn’t exist,you will be in the present and that’s the reality which you all can feel the vibrations…(video disrupted)to bother him all his life,so one should not have any such ideas that I have done this wrong,how can I get realization,this is unnecessary,you should not,you should never,never think that you are guilty,if you were you would have been in the jail,but you have been here so dont think you are guilty,don’t judge yourself,you don’t know yourself,it is to know yourself you have to do this and don’t judge,you must have great respect and love for yourself and I am sure it will work out tonight as desired by these people but those who don’t want to have self realization, I would say they can go because I don’t want them to disturb others,supposing if you don’t want it cannot be forced,it has to be asked for,it cannot be forced to anyone,you cannot pay for it,you cannot do anything about it but if the kundalini doesn’t rise,its alright we have a center where you can go and get it corrected maybe something wrong in the chakras which you do not know and they will find out.So it will take hardly anytime anytime,have faith in yourself,first of all have faith in yourself and this will work out,first I think to forgive others is difficult,you see the western people,they cannot forgive themselves and for Indians the other way round,they cannot forgive others,I don’t know there is this kind of different I mean,attitude,but we should forgive ourselves also.God has created you as human beings not to be ruined like this,not to be shattered like this but to achieve your goal. REALIZATION

You have to just put your hands towards me like this.I think if you have shoes,you have to take it out,helps us a lot,we are sitting in Delhi where,here at this Bharat Bhumi in this Yog Bhumi it works very fast.In this country it works very fast and also with you people because you love this country very much you work so hard for this country,so it works very fast,so don’t have any apprehensions,just put your both the hands like this.Again I would request,you must forgive yourself and others,that’s very important because if you don’t do that then your center here,will call the Vishuddhi Chakra,will be blocked.I mean the guilt part is blocked and if you don’t forgive,then this Agnya Chakra will be blocked.Please put your hands like this,little lower, now,first you will start feeling some cool or hot breeze on your fingertips and also on your thumb,then in the palm you start feeling a cool or a hot breeze,some people start thinking that this is air-conditioning,it has nothing to do with air-conditioning,so please have faith in yourself.Now please put right hand towards me and put down,put your,put down your head a little and feel with your left hand on top of your frontal bone area which was called as Talu,if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out,now please put down your heads a little and see for yourself,move your hand,it might be coming very far,maybe very close but don’t put your hand on top but above,just move please,move it on the sides and see for yourself that there is cool or a hot breeze like coming.It is hot means you have not forgiven,it means only that you have to really say I forgive,you don’t have to do anything except you have to say in your heart I forgive everyone,that’s a very great quality.Now please put your left hands towards me and see with your right hand again bend your head please and see for yourself,if there is a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head,just see for yourself.Please put your right hand again,right hand is more,so put the right hand like this and see for yourself.Now again put both the hands towards me and don’t think,just don’t think,you can stop thinking even for a second,that’s very good,this is called as Nirvicharita,then comes a stage you become Nirvikalpa,when there is no doubt in your head,you become into doubtless awareness where you sure you got it,you sure you can do everything,that is the stage one has to rise.Now all those who have felt on their fingertips a cool or a hot breeze or out of the frontal bone area cool or a hot breeze please raise both your hands.Most of you have got it,most of you have got it.Congratulations and those who haven’t got will also get it,if you have to just little bit join of the centers we have or if you want any one of them can come and give a realization.I don’t think there is any hindrance in that but sometimes it happens that she didn’t rise,she is your mother individual mother,she doesn’t have any other child,this kundalini knows everything about you,she knows your aspirations,she knows your past ,she knows everything,also she knows what physical problems you have,she is very kind,as your mother she gave you the birth,she took up all the labor pains upon herself,its the kundalini that out of her love,that motherly love she does everything and it just works,it works because thats what you are in for,time has come for all of us to be transformed,to get into a new generation of beautiful people ,its a wonderful time, if I have done anything so far is this that I found out a way for collective awareness,thats the only work I have done,otherwise it was already there,Nathpantis used to do it,it was quite a well known thing about people but what I have done is I have tried to find out what are the permutations and combinations of problem in the human beings and why should they all get it,this collective happening has been a great blessing all over the world.Again I would like to thank you very much,very kind of you that you had invited me here,if you have any questions also if you can spare some time,I would like to know if you have any questions.

Ques: Mataji, I wanted to know do we have to have a certain posture for meditation or you can meditate in any way?

Shri Mataji: No there is nothing,no style,nothing.You can sit whichever way you like,you can sit on the chair,you can do I mean,there is no style nothing.I didn’t understand your question what you are saying so I was asking him,there is nothing like that,you see, you are beyond all this things now, you don’t have to worry as to how u sit down,what you do, nothing,you sit anywhere you like,if you want you can sit on the ground,if you want you can sit on the chair,anywhere,its all over. Sorry I couldn;t understand your question. This is not a problem. “Aap to nirbandh hai,mast huye to fir kya bole,hai na.”

Ques: Mataji, there are so many gurus nowadays, how one will convince the others,if I have to tell someone to come to you,how do I tell them?

Shri Mataji: You don’t have to convince,you see there is no need to convince them because they will see you as something special,very different and they will ask you how are you so peaceful,how are you so good,don’t have to tell them,just they will see your character,your style and they will be so impressed by you. Very positive questions,very very positive, because once you get it you want others to get it because you find others in trouble.We have one gentleman here who wants to sing song for you, I hope you will enjoy and I think song will soothe it down.He is a musician who has,had no guru,didn’t learned any music,some or other after Sahaj yoga,he developed the art of music from within. People become poets,all kinds of things happen,he is one of them who has achieved a great success in music without going to any guru,without learning anything,A B C D and all that.

“BHAJAN:Jisme surat shri maa ki na aaye nazar,aisa darpan mujhe nahi chahye.”

“BHAJAN:Sahaji hume banaya ye karam nahi to kya hai.”