What is the problem in our lives?

New Delhi (India)

2000-04-17 Public Program NITL HD, New Delhi, India, 60'
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Public Program: Income Tax Officers Meeting. Delhi (India), 17 April 2000.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Just now you have been told about the beneficial effects of Sahaja Yoga, but it has much deeper, much more effects on us. The thing is, we are not aware of ourselves, we don’t know ourselves. And we have to know, what are we and then we will know why all these problems, physical, mental, emotional are caused. Also the spiritual problems, many people have. It’s important to see that we are made beautifully. This human body is made very beautifully and if you study medicine you will know it even more. That it’s a body which is so much well looked after, you take heart, you take anything. But we are the ones, we spoil them sometimes. May be because we are ignorant and we don’t know what to do about ourselves.

Specially when I am today addressing such a august gathering of you people, I think it’s important to tell you what is the problem with our lives. Especially I have been a wife of a government servant. And I do know what are the problems of the government servants are, which no one can understand unless and until you are in the service. The first and foremost thing that causes us this anxiety is – we are all the time worried, “How are we to be sustained in the job? What should we do our level best to be a good member of this organization?” Whatever you may do, whatever you may try, you’ll find it at different steps that it is not rewarded, it is not understood, nor people give you encouragement. Then it’s very disappointing that we feel we are working so hard, we are so honest. Actually government servants, due to their honesty, suffer a lot. I know those sufferings and how much one has to cope with. Despite that, when you have to suffer some sort of an insult, indignation or anything one feels very desperate, sometimes absolutely degenerated.

Now we have to see what are we, once we know what are we, we’ll not feel all that. We are not only ordinary human beings. No. We are not animals, we are not the nature. We are special people who have been given a very special work to be done.

So counteract it, first thing I would say is the love for your country. As they have told you about My parents. I have seen deshbhakti [MEANS patriotism]. How they sacrificed everything for the country. We are in a much better state now. We are free, we have this freedom to enjoy. While these people, My mother went to jail five times, My father went to jail, sometimes two and a half years, and we were a big family. Still we enjoyed, we enjoyed all that, because we knew we were soldiers, soldiers fighting for the freedom of our country. Now that purpose is lost in a way, we don’t have to fight for the freedom. But what I feel that we have to understand that the time is so important that we have to build this country.

The other day before the IAS officers, I told them that My husband was selected to the Indian Foreign service to begin with. I told him very frankly, “I am not going with you to foreign service. Just now we have got independence and you want to go to foreign countries. Moreover, we don’t drink, how are we going to manage the parties and things? I have nothing to do with the Foreign Service, I am going to stay here, and if you want, you can go.” He was quite surprised at My reaction. So he said, “I’ll try if I can get into IAS.” And luckily he got it. Of course in that he lost his pay or whatever it was, but I was so very happy that this is the time we have to buildup our country. Of course I couldn’t do anything because he was in the government service. But through him I could see that we can work out many things and I need not work. I need not sort of put in My ideas, but he can do that. And it was so interesting how things were worked out by him and how he was so much engrossed into his work. He never took leave for, I think, all the time when we were here, not even one day. It’s very surprising. And Shastriji always felt that he is sacrificing his family life. But no, not at all, I never felt that way. I felt that it is our duty now as Indians to pay this country, to be the most excellent, performing nation. We can. We are very intelligent people. You can see now, how people are doing so well in this new era of Internet, softwares. I feel that now the Saraswati has joined hands with Lakshmi and people are really showing results of this combination. The time has come for our country to really develop into a new financial status.

But that’s not the end of it. Even if you have lots of financial advantages and even if you become a very technologically developed country, still if you go to such countries where they are so developed, they are not happy. They have no peace. There is no love. It’s a very funny situation that money could not buy anything for them. So now, what is the problem is that we should know what do we want really. For that the Creator who has created us has really made all the arrangements. Only one step towards the evolutionary process, towards our evolution, towards our resurrection, can solve that problem. That capacity we have. That, actually we are chosen ones, we are chosen ones. Especially this country is such a great country it is, it’s a Yogabhumi [land of yoga]. It’s full of vibrations, full of divinity but we have become so much now, I should say, alienated from that and that’s why we don’t know what do we have in this Motherland of ours and what we can achieve. A day will come when all the world will come and worship this yogabhumi.

Now I have to tell you about our own things, as it has been told that, what you have within is these powers. You’ll be amazed, all this was known long time back in our country but all that knowledge was finished because of the British rule, you can say, or the other rules that came in, that they didn’t care for all this. But there were group of people called as Nathpanthis, they knew this, that Kundalini awakening is the only way you can get your Self Realization. But the idea about Self Realization was so limited and was so absurd that people didn’t want to do it. They said you have to give up your family, you have to give up your all, everything, your property, everything. You have to become absolutely single. You should have nothing to do with your relations. All these funny ideas came into the heads of so many people who wanted to propagate their way of thinking. All such thinking has ruined actually the reality that exist within us, absolutely. Because to say that you give up that and give up this and all this kind of a nonsensical ideas: doesn’t happen. You don’t give up. It’s all there, you just have a outward feeling that you have given it, say to your guru or to someone and that’s how all kinds of fraudulent things have started with this kind of a theory. You don’t have to give up anything, is the point. That, just now as you are, this Kundalini exists within you. She is your Mother. She is your individual Mother. You are the only child She has and you don’t have to give up anything as such. Because She’s the one who looks after you. She is going to give your second birth. And when your mother gave you the second birth, did she trouble you? She took up all the trouble upon herself and she managed that you are born on this earth. In the same way, for the second birth, as you call dwija, that is born twice, to be born again, there is a Mother already placed within you. She exist within you and She is the one who can give you Self Realization.

This is not told only by Me. I tell you is told by all the saints of the world. Long time back, I should say Gyandeva in the twelfth century [ie 1200s] and all others who lived there but even before that, Markandaya, he talked about it. We don’t know anything about these people. Then also in the sixteenth century we should say Guru Nanak was there, Kabira was there, all of them have talked about it. Kabira has said, “Ida, pingala, sukhumana [MEANS Sushumana] nadi”, “Shunaya shikar par anhad baje re.” [LITERAL TRANSLATION At the Peak of nothingness, plays the anhad (Traditional name for Heart Chakra)]. Nobody understood what they were saying and only reading, reading and reading – where will you go?

Adi Shankracharya also asked, “O’ Mother please remove, please somehow or other remove from My mind this kind of ignorance that I have, that I read words, the shabd jalam [MEANS trap of words]. Please remove this shabd jalam.” All of them has said, Kabira had said “padhi padhi pandita murakh bhayee” [MEANS by reading and reading a pandit (man of knowledge) becomes a fool]. So even if you go on reading, it doesn’t work out. So then scientifically or may be intellectually, you may say, “Oh, it’s all nonsense.”

Nobody has gone to find out, is there some truth in what these people have been saying. All these saints, even today, are respected but nobody wants to see what they are saying, saying within the lines. Guru Nanaka has said “sahaja samadhi lago” [MEANS You go into Samadhi spontaneously]. He has said clearly, you get it sahaj, spontaneous, but people should understand that all these rituals and all these adambars [MEANS showing off] of no value which they themselves had denounced. There have been so many saints during the sixteenth century and they have tried to talk about Kundalini, I must say. But they used to write it in poetry. The reason is, poetry is the safest way otherwise people would have threat them, beaten them, crucified them. So they thought better is not to talk in prose but talk in poetry. And that is being misunderstood. You see, it’s such a misunderstanding coming out of reading without knowledge. So you have to have knowledge first.

Sahaja Yoga is a gyan marga [MEANS Path of knowledge], where you get the knowledge, the absolute knowledge, not just reading knowledge or some sort of thing. How? When your Kundalini rises She pierces through your fontanel bone area. “Shunaya shikar par anhad baje re”, he said it. And then when it becomes one with the subtle; with the subtle that is the divine power of love of God, you can call it anything. They call it Paramchaitanya. When it becomes one with that, what happens to you that all these things like kam [MEANS Lust], krodha [MEANS Anger], moha [MEANS Attachment], mada [MEANS Arrogance], matsar [MEANS Jealousy], lobh [MEANS Greed], moha, all of these things drop by itself because now you are in the new arena or area of knowledge. Where, I would say even Einstein has written about it. He said I was very tired trying to find out the words to express his theory of relativity. And he didn’t understand that. So he said “I got so fed up in the laboratory, I came home and I started playing with the soap bubbles and suddenly from somewhere unknown the whole theory dawned upon me.” This unknown is what he called torsion area. And that one is the area which is beyond us, beyond our mental self.

What we do normally is all the time with our mind we go on reacting. You say something, we react. Sometimes we react to also things which are very ugly, maybe sometimes too aggressive things, all kinds of things we go on reacting. You, I see, now here say for example, I see these flowers put here. They are such a beautiful thing for Me. But now many people would say, “Oh! My God, how much they have spent. God knows from where they have got it. They should not have done this. Have they paid their income tax or not?”

They might [sulking UNCLEAR] like this and saying things which have nothing to do with the beauty and the joy that these flowers are giving. And the whole reaction of the mind goes on like that and that’s how we get into tension. Why we cannot enjoy? We cannot enjoy, the reason is we are still not connected with the mains. Now supposing this instrument is not connected. What is the use of this instrument? In the same way, we are all the time, all the time, thinking and putting our attention in a way that it reacts. Anything, anything that they see, one feels we must react. And if they cannot react, they think that it’s a lost case and they have not understood the point. For this, this happening of Self Realization is called as Atmasakshatkar. Even Christ has said, “Know thouself”. Said it clearly, everyone has said that. It’s not I am saying, but how to do it is the problem. Because you can’t enter inside yourself. We cannot move into this subtle thing. For that, it is the divine has placed this Kundalini in the triangular bone. You see, it’s so important. She rises through six centers. Now these centers are for our physical, mental and emotional being and also for spiritual. And She passes through them, firstly She integrates them, secondly She enlightens them, She also nourishes them. That’s how it completely balances you and makes you very healthy person.

I would like to tell you because the kind of work you do, morning till evening, you are very hard working and all your attention is on your work, and you are going out of the way to work out whatever your plans are, whatever it is. In that doing so, what happens to you, let us see. The first thing that happens to you is that, she’s told you, is the right side nadi, which we call as pingala. This pingala nadi gets over-excited, also tired. All the time using that for your thinking, for your futuristic manner. All futuristic people suffer from this. Now this nadi is a very important nadi which is, of course, I mean, the medical science doesn’t know about it but we can call it – it is the right side sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic goes into action so much so that it can really spoil all the working of all the centers which are connected to it. First and foremost is the liver. The liver goes out absolutely. Now what is the sign of liver is that, that you get … you can’t eat, get constipation, all these things when it’s on a very lower level but when it starts rising – the function of the liver is to eliminate the heat from your body into the blood circulation – so if your liver is out, it doesn’t do, so this heat goes on passing. It goes from liver to the heart or sometimes before that to the lungs. So such person can suffer from asthma of a very serious type. In Sahaja yoga, asthma is absolutely curable. No doubt. But you have to first become a realized soul.

Now this creates asthma, secondly when it rises even on the left hand side then supposing there is a boy and he is about twenty one years of age and he plays tennis, with that also he drinks. So he is out for a fatal life because then the same heat attacks. Attacks the heart and the child gets a heart attack. But this heart attack can come even to much older people, those who are working very hard and all that, they are neglecting, they are neglecting themselves. When they are neglecting themselves, suddenly they get a heart attack. It’s a common disease with all the government servants because they are not bothered to find out how much energy they are putting in? How much energy they are using? Now the energy for our brain goes through one center which also looks after the liver. So if you think too much, all the time if you are thinking, then this liver is even much worse. Such a person who thinks too much gets the problem of the liver but doesn’t end there. From the heart, it might even go to the pancreas, one can get the diabetes, just imagine. Diabetes can be easily cured if you stop thinking, but how to stop thinking is the problem, which I”ll tell you later. And then it goes down, it can attack the spleen and one can get a blood cancer. It’s very serious. But then it can also affect your kidneys and your kidneys can stop working. After that the kidneys thing is the, we should say, you get constipated, very badly constipated, because of the lower intestine not acting.

All this heat we generate all the time by our overwork, by our futuristic life. To stop it, there is no way out. You are also government servant, conscientious people, we want to work very hard and we want to think how to improve the situation and work for your country. But at the same time we have to know what imbalances we are getting into. We are just going to the right side, not to the left, but cancer also can be caused by the same. I’ll explain to you how. I am sorry it’s turning out to be little medical, but this is say, these are two Chakras from the left and right sympathetic. They join together to form one Chakra. Now what happens, you are working too much on the right and goes on like that, draining out your right like that. Suddenly some shock may take place, something may happen on the left side and it breaks. So your relationship with the whole is lost. When that relationship with the whole is lost, your, this right side becomes on its own and the left side becomes on its own. Like they become what they call, malignant and all the cells start behaving like that. Also you can cure cancer, it’s not very difficult. If you want to work it out you can cure. But the best thing for you is to get your Self Realization and to establish yourself. That’s the best thing for all the men and all the women. Now I have seen that this is a only one part of it I have said about the right side but the worst thing is that your right side can get paralyzed.

Recently we have one very good doctor working for us, I told him, “Sir now you are old. You must take rest in the day time, there is no harm. Must take some rest in the day time and sleep early and don’t exert too much. You are very more than sufficient.” He won’t listen to Me. I mean he would listen, but he wouldn’t do what I am saying. So what happened to him that he got a paraplegia, as they call it. His right hand and his left hand completely paralyzed. Now he is cured, that’s different. He is cured now. But the nature takes its own respite, I should say and that’s how this fellow got his right side completely. Now the people who work like this mad can have an effect on the left side of his head and his body can get paralyzed on the right side. It is the nature that is trying to correct, because you are overdoing things.

So now, how to work out, how to balance it out is the point. But if your Kundalini rises, She nourishes all the centers, She integrates them, She puts them right, enlightens them and ultimately connects you to the source itself, to the ocean of energy. Then what can happen to you? Nothing. It’s a life which is tireless, you are never tired, you are full of energy and the energy is flowing through you. But not only energy, but also the knowledge, absolute knowledge, because your fingers start feeling the Chakras, you start getting the Chaitanya on your finger tips. So you can make out what Chakras are catching. If you know how to correct those Chakras, you can correct them and also if you know how to correct for others you can also do for them.

The another thing happens to you that your personality evolves into a collective being, you become a collective being. As these days you have seen we have so many gadgets and things and now the new software and all that has come that we can connect to anyone. But that system is within us also. We can find out about anyone, what’s wrong with that person and we can cure that person sitting down, can be done. But you have to evolve to that state and you don’t require too much time.

Once the Kundalini is awakened, it’s like a small little seeds, plumule, the ankur [MEANS sprout] has to develop. And if it develops into a tree, you just, you are amazed. You become so transformed. Because all these nonsensical things that have been within us, which I have told you already, the six shadripus [MEANS The six enemies] that we have, they just drop; they just drop. And you become so confident about yourself, you do not aggress, you do not try to find faults with others, but you become like a witness. You start witnessing everything, see everything, not to react. You go beyond your mind because this reaction is the one that causes most of the trouble. Now you get the real gyana [MEANS Knowledge]. There’s no need to have all these reactions. You actually know what’s wrong, what is to be corrected, what is the solution, just you know. I mean, how you know because you are connected with the mains. You are one with that, without that your personality is not complete.

Once it happens, you’ll be amazed that all these people have talked about it. Mohammad Sahab has said that, “At the time of resurrection, your hands will speak.” Now what is that? That’s the proof of that you have got Realization. Now the situation is so simple and is working out, I don’t know may be it’s such a ghor [MEANS extreme] kali yuga that it has started working in this time, that there are thousands and thousands of people, who are getting Realization even if I am not there. Sahaja yogis can give Realization to so many people. It is very remarkable that it’s happening in this world and it’s meant for you, you can’t pay for it. You can’t do anything about it, it’s just there. The God Almighty has put it there, the Kundalini. Only thing is that, somebody who is a realized soul can only awaken it. Like one candle which is enlightened, can enlighten another candle. That’s the only thing. But if you have enlightened another candle and steadied it, that also candle can do the same. That’s how it has spread. I didn’t go to all these country. I’ve been hardly to the twenty countries, at the most. But how it has worked out, see.

It has worked out so beautifully and this is the science of our country. This was from our country. Of course, others also talked about it. William Blake* has talked about it, but still I would say, is basically this knowledge is from India. Indians had all this knowledge, but somehow they didn’t give Realization, collective Realization. And so I only wanted to develop a method by which or by understanding the permutations and combinations of human being, I could manage this collective thing. Because any, any discovery which is on just on a individual level has no really meaning.

And it worked and it is working and by all your kindness and goodness that they have guilt. They start saying, “Oh! I have done this wrong, that wrong.” But whatever is done, has done, finished. Now why are you bothered all your life? That’s one thing. That is a very bad thing for this kind of a, I should say, nerve, but actually it’s very bad for the center. This is the left-side center what we call the vishuddhi and that’s how the Kundalini doesn’t rise. So you should not feel guilty. There’s no need to have confessions and all that. You just think, you are a human being and you all can get your Realization. I must tell you this is the power of love. Is not the power of any intellectual capacity, but the power of love. And with the power of love, if you believe in it, then also you must love yourself. You must forgive yourself and not to have any guilt.

Then after forgiving yourself you have to forgive others also, because others are also ignorant. They also are not yet well-equipped to understand you. So forgive, forgive all of them, just forgive. Logically whether you forgive, you don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. Nothing is done. Only you are harming yourself by playing into the hands of the people who have troubled you. So best thing is to forgive them. It just helps a lot to open this center of forgiveness. These two centers are the real hurdles in the ascending power of the Kundalini. So what we have to do, is to forgive yourself and forgive others. That’s all. Just to say in your heart that I forgive myself and I forgive others. That’s the only thing you have to be convinced that you should not blame yourself for anything. You have done nothing wrong. What have you done? After all, if you had done anything wrong, you would have been in jail. But you are not. So what is there to feel guilty?

This thing we have to also understand that some people think that unless and until we are very dharmic or we are very much in the ritual, we will be saved. It’s not so. It’s not so. We are lost into this [UNCLEAR]. So forget about it. The Kundalini rises whether you are a Hindu, Muslim, Christian or you have done so many pujas or so many this thing. Doesn’t matter. Only thing that keeps you cleaner than other things because your attention is on God. But it won’t work out unless and until the Kundalini rises.

I must tell you something I always felt about the women and the recently as they said as I have started a self-organization to help women who are in distress and also little girls and also young girls. Because I feel in our country, women don’t have proper place. Wherever they have, it’s all due to law and it is very, very cursed state where women are definitely helped by law but they go on asking for divorces, the family life is ruined. So it’s for men, they should develop real respect for women. They are, I don’t know, how many percentage, but definitely much more than men are. And if you do not respect the women, you are really finishing the whole culture of our country. We have to definitely respect women. There is one thing I would request you, to income tax people, that the way you have a law, I don’t know, I have talked to the finance minister, but he doesn’t heed, that you are after the stridhana [LITERAL MEANING Women’s Property]. To touch the stridhana is a paap [MEANS Sin], is sinful thing. But is done in such a, such a bad manner, I have seen it, because you are all big people, big johnnies, but the people who go to such places.

We had a neighbor who was a jeweler, and I was there when these people came in. And they went and they had, you see this was the last story, so they had put a artificial, this thing. They torn, got it completely torn, completely. They opened all the sofa sets, did all kinds of…I…I couldn’t understand, how could do they? And in that house there was no man, only the women living. And then they went into the cupboards and did everything. I mean, somehow or other, it’s like a hitlerish type of attitude and they found nothing. And they told them, “If you report it, we’ll confiscate much more. We’ll come again.” Where this kind of thing is done, you have a law, but the way it is asserted, you should look into it.

I think, why should you take also, the ornaments of women, I can’t understand. Because poor ladies, first they don’t understand banking. You know that. I don’t understand Myself any banking. That’s the only bank they have. Then somebody told Me that they will be using black money. I said, “Which husband will give all his money for buying ornaments?” And now the black money is already in the market, they don’t want to keep it in the ornaments. But women, they have only that for support. Every time I meet some lady like that, I feel like crying. The other day we had a neighbor in Bombay. They were three ladies who came up and they told us there was a raid in their house, for the ornaments. “They took away all our ornaments”.

I said, “Why didn’t you register it?”

“Our husband won’t register. They are all drunkards, so they wanted to sell that ornament and use it for their own drinking. So we have lost all that”.

But I said “Why, why did you keep them?”

They said “Given to our parents. Whenever we are in need we can sell it and we can get something for our living. This is our bank.”

So is it this side of Indian life we should understand. We are not western women, we are Indian women. But surprisingly nowhere in the world, nowhere, even in Russia, there is no tax on the ornaments of women. Then our country is the industry of making ornaments – is so beautiful, such artist, such creativity. Let women have their own ornaments. Why do we have that on the income tax? And it’s not a easy thing. You know you have to register. I know, I know what it is. You have to register, you have to tell them. Then may have to … Now for gift, if your want to gift some ornament to your daughter, you have to go the commissioner to do this, to do that. I mean, who has the time to do it? So a humble request, I wanted to make that you can really think of it, that this is one thing where you allow little money to be there.

I’ll tell you one thing when Mahatma Gandhi had his freedom struggle, My mother, I know, she gave away, except for what ornaments for us, she gave away all her ornaments to Gandhiji. It is your, here the sampada [MEANS wealth], it’s your property here. It’s a money there. All the time it is available. But why should you not allow women to exist? Because in the villages also, women have no concept of a bank or anything. I wanted to tell you, I thought, whether I should talk about it now. But you people are so much accepting, I have to tell you that this is one dharamkarya [MEANS Act of Dharma] you can do, just please do not bother women about it. There is so much of botheration to them, the way they are treated just like criminals. Moreover in this country, you know that women have to wear. They can’t do without it. It’s a country we think is the honor of the powers of a woman. And that’s why they have it. This can relieve you from lots of worries and troubles, I can tell you. Because, I have seen when they go in the night and then these people go and harass others, then the report comes to you people and you feel so distress. If something could be done, I’ll be very thankful, it is worth talking to you about the pains and troubles of women of India who are already downtrodden, already being oppressed, already being tortured.

This is all right, but now the Kundalini awakening part of it. Once the Kundalini awakened you will understand. You would have that love and affection for all the people of the world. I know there is so many problems in this world. I don’t know how to patch them up. For example, they said, I have a school, another school I have started in Maharashtra. I have seven schemes already started there. But worst of all, I feel for women. They are so helpless and there is no way of really getting them redress. They are in such a trouble, while they are the shakti [MEANS Power] of this country. Kundalini is a lady. She is not, She is not a man, you can say. You have all the avataras [MEANS Incarnations] and everything but Kundalini is the, what they call the reflection of the Adishakti. She’s the shakti. We are the shakti worshippers. But the way we are treating our women is very surprising. We have to understand that these women, if they are awakened, what powers you will have. In any country where they have had powers, it is through their women. You read about anyone. Even Mahatma Gandhi, all of them, even Shastriji. I thought, how much they loved their wives. And how much they cared for them. I tell you it is very remarkable how we miss out on the most important and such a big part of our population.

Now I have started this organization and I am going to give Realization to all of them. And I am going to see that after Realization they all learn things very well and stand on their legs. Your administrative capacity, your thinking capacity, I should say, your understanding a subject increase so much, that you’re amazed. Sometimes My husband says, “How do you know?” I said “I know. Just I know.” You will know how to manage things. And the main thing behind is the love that you have for others. It will work out so beautifully, your life will become so beautiful and you will enjoy it. And all the greed and this all nonsense will just drop out. In these modern times it’s very important that you all should take your Realization. Because after all we are Indians. Our culture is such that we are in for Self Realization. We are so different from others. And here in this country, the women have saved the culture of India. Women. So by this you can also look after the women, give them Realization, give them understanding and also help them. But not to harass them. That’s not the way. Harassing, I have to request you, to absolutely ban it – to harass women. Already they are harassed, they don’t know what to do and this law doesn’t help them at all because the men are the controlling power. That’s for men to understand the value of women, men to understand their power of love and then it will work out. I am not saying because I am a woman, but I am saying this, what I have seen. Such injustice we have done to our womanhood.

Now for Kundalini, I would say we’ll take hardly ten minutes and you will get your Realization. Now about this whole theory and all that and everything, you see, the people have written granthas [MEANS Holy Literature]. But that you can read and can find out, but just now I think best thing is that you all get your Realization, if you permit.

One thing – you can not force on anyone, you have to ask for it from your heart. Because Kundalini is the power of shudh Ichcha [MEANS Pure Desire]. That’s the real, because other ichchas [MEANS Desires] are useless. Today, we want to buy a car. After buying the car you are not satisfied, you want to build a house. After building the house, I don’t know, you want to have an aeroplane. Goes on, it’s economics actually. The modern economics is based on this, that you are never satisfied. Go on from one to another. But after this, you are absolutely satisfied with whatever you are. You are not at all on the run, but you are absolutely in the realm of peace and joy. This happens to you, and this should happen to all of you. Firstly, I always say that service people, government service people are like the spinal chord of our, My country. They are the ones. They look after. Without them nothing could have happened. If the British have given anything nice is this idea of service. Of course all the kings had, everybody had, but the systems they have started has helped, and you are the spinal cord. You should never get sick. You should not have any problems. And that’s why I am very happy and thankful to your organization and to commissioner sahab, who has invited Me for this.

As I have said it will take not much time. You are all ready for it. Now can you put both your hands towards Me, like this? Just like this. I hope you have taken out your shoes. Because this Mother Earth, I said, gives you the power. If you have not, please take out. You will discover what I have said about out motherland, how wonderful She is. All right, just like this. As I’ve told you, you have to forgive yourself and you have to forgive others. That’s all. If you can do that, just from your heart, you just say it in your heart “I forgive myself and I forgive others.” Just like that. Forgiveness has such a power, just see that.

Now please put right hand towards Me, because you are right-sided people, right hand towards Me, and the left hand you put it on top of your fontanel bone area, what we call as the talu, which is a soft bone in your childhood. Just put your right hand towards Me and the left hand you can move it a little bit, not on top, away from the head, you can move your hand and see for yourself, if there is any cool breeze or a hot breeze coming or vibrations coming out of your own fontanel bone area. If you bend your head, it will help you more. Just bend your head. Not to doubt. Now some people start doubting that there is air-conditioning and all that, is not so. It’s from your own head it will start coming out. As Kabira has said, “Shunya shikhar par anhad baje re.” just see this. It’s coming out of your head. All right.

Now please put your left hand towards Me and bend your head and see with your right hand if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head. Now if it is hot that means you have not yet forgiven yourself or you have not forgiven others. So please, please try to see for yourself, please forgive yourselves – very important. This is, I am talking about the realm of love where all these things do not exist. Now see for yourself, love and compassion. Compassion and love for yourself and for others. Now please put your right hand towards Me, once again and see with the left hand on your talu [MEANS Fontanel Bone Area]. Just move your hand. Now in the both the hands if you put like this towards Me. Open your eyes, there is no need to close the eyes. And see if there is cool or hot breeze coming onto your fingertips or into your palm. Just see. Called as spanda [MEANS Vibration], Adishankaracharya has called it spanda and all the saints have described it. Now, all those who have felt cool breeze on their fingertips, or on their palm or coming out of their fontanel bone area, please raise both your hands. Wow! It’s very good. Excellent! Excellent! May God bless you all. May God bless you.

But you have to develop it more. It might not have come with some people, but doesn’t matter. Maybe there is some sort of an obstruction somewhere but it has worked in for so many people and I am very much overjoyed to see that. If I have said anything that might have hurt you please forgive Me because what I felt from My heart I wanted to tell you. That now we have to help our women in this country. Is a very important thing. I think that’s the main job for us now. May God bless you all. Thank you.

He would like to sing one song and you can clap if you want because that will help to have vibrations. Mr. Kapoor wants Me to ask questions if you have any. Sab nirvichar ho gaye [MEANS Everybody has gone into thoughtless awareness]. This nirvichar sthiti [MEANS Thoughtless awareness state] has been also described by Jung. That, he said, where your thoughts just subside. Thought comes and goes. Thought, another comes and goes. Some comes from the future and some comes from conditionings. Now there’s a little space in-between which we call as vilamb [MEANS Pause/Gap]. But that is lost. But when Kundalini rises She makes these thoughts, you see, She elongates them and the space is created. Then this is the state of shunya [MEANS Nothingness], as they call it, where is the reality. Because past is finished and future doesn’t exist. When you are in that reality you get all the knowledge. This is one thing has to get.

Haan [MEANS Oh yes!], I must also tell you one thing that I heard one Guruji had come, there was a big crowd there. And what he was saying, “You people are not on the Nirvikalpa [MEANS Doubtless Awareness] state. You are not the people of nirvikalpa. So, why should you go for gyan marga [MEANS Path of Knowledge]? You are the people who are running after everything and all that.”

I mean, openly saying like that, you know. And people accepted him. So what you can do is to serve your gurus, you see, do this, do that. This is how it is. They’re openly saying things which are absolutely absurd. And this is what is misleading us. We are not. We are gyanmargis [MEANS People walking on path of Knowledge], all of us. We are born in this, at this time because we are gyanmargis. We will have to have gyan otherwise we cannot exist. We’ll have all problems, everything. So this gyan has to come. Unless and until we get this absolute truth, we cannot manage life. And this is what they say, that you are running after this and that and that, how can you be nirvikalpa. So don’t listen to all this nonsense. All this has not helped anyone, it has not helped your forefathers, it has not helped you. What you need, the truth and the truth is that on your nervous system, on your finger tips you should feel the truth. Now if you want to find out somebody is real or not. Just put your hands and immediately you’ll feel cool breeze coming. You ask a question about anything and you will get the cool breeze. But if it is false, if it is wrong, you will not get it. Not only that but sometimes you get blisters, just for a short time. Or sometimes you get kind of a tingling. So you are the one who knows, it’s absolute and this we have to have.

Because as it is, Guru Nanaka has said “kahen re man khojan jaye [MEANS O heart, why do you go searching outside (for God)?], sada niwasi, sada alepa, to yeh sangha samayee” [PROBABLY MEANS (God is) Always inside, always hidden, it is inside everyone].

But how to go inside is the problem. That’s Kundalini. That’s the Kundalini. So may God bless you all. I hope you all will progress further into Sahaja Yoga and work it out. Those who haven’t got it also should not feel disappointed.

[One question is asked by the audience. Voice very low so probably the question is. “Do we need to repeat this more often to get the cool breeze?”]

[Mother then replies] No, no, please be seated. Actually as I told you, it is now the sprouting of the seed has taken. With some people they just immediately get into it, I know, but mostly they have to work it out, because there may be problems in their Chakras and all that. But nothing has to be done. Just little meditation that these people will suggest. Don’t have to pay for it. You don’t have to stand on your .. nothing of the kind. Don’t have to give up anything. It is inside, it just rises. So supposing something is wrong in a particular Chakra, or obstruction is there a little bit or something, then it has to be corrected and takes hardly anytime.

[ASIDE: Have you got some place where they can meditate? Have you got some place where they can meet and meditate? A Sahaja yogi replies, “Yes, Shri Mataji”. Shri Mataji confirms with him, “hai koi” (MEANS Ok!, There is one).]

He says we can organize some place where you all can meet and can rise. But I don’t think you will take too much time. And within one month you become master in yourself. You become your own guru and become the guru of others. I mean you have no understanding of your capabilities also, which you will be amazed, how you are so powerful! You are. So little bit time, about five minutes, ten minutes everyday. That’s all. But once in a week or something they will arrange. So you should go there and just meditate, collective meditation helps a lot.

[ASIDE: Shri Mataji asks Sahaja yogis to sing a particular bhajan in Hindi]

He is a gentleman who has got inspirations and he has composed all the poetry himself. He never used to sing, you see, he never had a capacity to sing classical music and all that. Now he suddenly has become a great musician. He speaks very well, it’s very surprising. Suddenly what has happened to him. I’ve known people who were charted accountant have become poets of very high quality. So all your, I should say dormant capacities and talents, they just show. It’s very surprising.

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