Welcome Puja and Informal Talk

Golden Sands, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)


The talk 2000-04-20 Puja and Informal Talk, Dubai, DP-Raw, 26’

All the stars are aligned, and they are all talking about you, so we thought we will have Puja on the 5th and 6th, and 7th program. May God bless you.

Already in Russia, they have accepted us as a religion, recognised, that is a very big thing because all other religions are coefficient. I don’t know why they are kept in Sahaja Yoga, how? So, the problem over there is leadership and now they have a very good leader Uncle Noyce, that’s how they got it. Also, in America but now they are expecting in Italy also that will be done because the Catholics are against it.

Shri Mataji asks, “When will we do the Puja?

Yogi replies, “Shri Mataji whenever you say then we will do the Puja”.

Shri Mataji says, “Do it now and then eat food. We have to see that fellow. Will you bring it here? No, Yogi replies, “We can speak to him”.

Yogi asks, “What time will you prefer Shri Mataji?”.

Shri Mataji says, “After eating food, just now, after Puja then you do it”.

Yogi says, “We are all blessed by Shri Mataji for letting us have a small Puja”.  

Shri Mataji says, “It’s your right”.

(Sahaja yogis speaking and preparing for Puja)

(They are washing Shri Mataji’s feet)

Yogi says, “Day before yesterday on my way to London and then you asked us that we go to America, so I was on my way back and then”.

Shri Mataji asks the Yogi, “Will you be coming to Turkey?”.

Yogi replies, “I am trying. I am trying to go on the same flight as you. I am trying to arrange the tickets, so it all happened by chance. I didn’t know you were coming to Dubai”.

Another Yogi says, “He called me up Shri Mataji from Bombay I said Shri Mataji is coming so he talked to me.”

Shri Mataji says, “All Sahaja”.

Baba Mama, they might have all struggled. He was such a help to me. Baba Mama. Now, we are shifting to Vaitarna near Bombay, now, somebody has to look after the chamber house?

 Sahaja Yogi asks, “Is anybody else left out?”

Just give a Bandhan and his wife started giving a treatment and then the news came he was very sick and just about to die. You are children [unclear] because I think the grown-up people try to understand sometimes mentally and they are not that deep as they don’t understand that it is such great power, to begin with. Children just take it, just a four-year-old child and the parents are not Sahaja Yogis. Now they have become but they were not, still, the child was blessed. We have many blood cancer patients otherwise also that were cured but never a child of four years, even to get blood cancer for a four-year-old child, mother was a very active woman and then she conceived this child and that one should not. Also, when pregnant you should not become so much right sided.  A very serious type, for children it is a very serious thing. They develop all the right-sided problems if a mother is overactive, very ritualistic, she thinks too much then they have it.

Now I think people are recognising but this time when I came there were those white turban Sikhs, they call themselves Namdhariyae, Namdhariyae and they all touched my feet, they said Namaste to me because their Guruji has told them. One fellow who used to play Tabla for us in Cabella very great artist, he is called Sukhwinder Singh, he is also namdhariyae, so he told me that my Guru has told me to take to Sahaja Yoga. Just imagine there are such people who recognise at that level like he also went to see. Shri Mataji asks a yogi, “whom did you see?” Yogi replies, “Shankaracharya, Adi Shankaracharya, second senior Shankaracharya. He is Jaynendra Saraswati”. So, everybody was surprised, and they announced it, in the program, they announced about this. So, you see they can’t recognise it, they are realised soul or maybe they are good people they might have been. I was surprised that these namdharis suddenly. Actually, I don’t know what is the difference between a Namdhari and a Sikh. We had some Sikhs also but not like this all of them. If the guru gets all right so all of them can be all right. I was surprised, Sukhwinder Singh did tell me that my Guru has told me that go to Sahaja Yoga, go to Shri Mataji. But I was surprised by all of them so much. Another one came running after me like touched my feet and I asked him. His Guruji is so old and looks so old. But Muslims also, for example, there is a place called Benin, it’s a nation Benin and seven thousand people Africans they are all Muslims, they were. I asked them why did you become Muslim they said because the Greeks give, French, French were rulers, and they were so immoral, so horrible so we took to Islam but now we know what is Sahaja Yoga. The head of their army came to see me there in the program and he was dancing there. And another is this Ivory coast there are 3000 people and also another place you know Turkey. This time we’ll see but they are saying there are many more than 3000 because when this earthquake came not one Sahaja Yogi was touched and you will be amazed that their houses just shook a little bit otherwise everything was intact, quite a fundamentalist and those who were doing black magic. Then in France also they are very funny, they opposed us very much and when I went there still, they were trying to be cunning because they wanted to get something for this Puja and a big typhoon like this started from the sea and there was a tanker waiting on the shore and it sunk the tanker and all over there was oil. Very funny thing was that those whom people went to this Puja got cancelled. Then they came up this typhoon came up started wiping out all the churches top, quite a lot of churches were destroyed and then also the people who were fundamentalist, Christians, Catholics their houses were demolished. We had purchased a place called Jausse, means it was all legal, it came up to that point in Jausse it stopped, it’s really surprising. They were first criticising me and then the whole place was filled with this typhoon business, rain. Even in Orissa, very surprisingly not one single Sahaja Yogi has died. Even they had a bomb in Bombay not a single Sahaja Yogi died except for one whom all the time telling me Mother I don’t want to live, my mother is very bad, she doesn’t forgive my wife this that, I want to have another mother. I was telling him why should you do like this. He said, “No, I can’t, just get rid of this woman, she is terrible, and I must die, I am feeling [unclear] all the time he was saying like this and he is the only one who was killed. His wife’s name was PrAgnya [unclear], she was Australian, now we have married her to somebody in France, Majheek he is a Muslim. And this marriage has turned out very well. She is working very hard there, Sahaja Yoga is spreading. The French are funnily placed because there are these horrible Catholic Church. I mean they have no freedom; I think. That way I must say Indians are much more, they have no freedom at all. From all over the world people came to Dharamshala to study, but those who came from [unclear]they made it, such a fuss, such a horrible thing. Moreover, they have become very loose tongue, very poor, not rich, rich by experience that they drink such a lot. 48% of French are without jobs. Absolutely, and they have been, that’s one thing they can’t give up, ego. They have become so poor, even their houses, they cost you nothing. I mean if somebody wants to buy a house in France it’s nothing, because this drinking business, it’s terrible.

There the end of Sheayas, there in France, they recognised me, and they wanted to work only on Sheayas [unclear].  Still, we can get hold of Sheayas even in India because this Pakistan has killed again 15 Sheeyas. They are killing all these Indians. I mean they were Indians went there, and I don’t know, but the people who went there they all lived there with [unclear]. Everyday [unclear] at that time used to be 21 and so many of them are killed, very surprising.

Last night we slept very late because this Gautam had come and he was telling all kind of things about the government but the most successful thing was that we had a meeting with IAS, IPS people in Bombay then we had it also in Delhi and there were lots of and then we had it with income tax. I told them that you should not try to catch the ornaments of women because now all the ornaments are going abroad, they will not stay. I told them the whole thing and they really appreciate it. To these people from democratic, [unclear] how much they advertise especially in Bombay [unclear]. They brought this, that, flowers, cars, so on and so forth.  

I was surprised I mean how could Income tax people become that rich. He is a very humble guy [unclear]. Has got very efficient vishuddhi. He is very sort of straightforward. Once he said that I am so happy. We have come to you and you have come to us. He is a musalmaam (one that belongs to the Muslim community). In India, the Sheaya community is weak, I am sure. In Lucknow, there is one Musalmaan (Muslim).

(Shri Mataji discussing with yogis and arranging the time of appointment to see somebody.)

“If you don’t spend then they tell, this time she has not bought anything”.

You are a bit late in coming today.

Yogis showing the Ramayan book and children showing their work. Shri Mataji asks, “What about others”? Yogi replies, “They have planned a play for you Shri Mataji”.

We can accommodate 50 people.