Easter Puja: Purity Is the Basis of Your Existence

Istanbul (Turkey)

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Easter puja. Istanbul (Turkey), 23 April 2000.

Today we are celebrating the great event of the resurrection of Christ. On the same pattern is your resurrection, that you have risen to the new life of Divine love. You were all in the knowledge that there is something higher that has to happen, that you have to be born again. But, nobody knew how it works? The subtle side of your being was never told to you. The saints only talked as to how you should behave. They only said how you should try to keep a very pure life, sincere life but they didn’t tell you how it will work out. Of course, people knew in India about it, very few of them, very-very few. But, now it’s a world wide knowledge through you people.

Now when your Kundalini rises, she is your Mother, she is your individual Mother and she gives you the second birth. That’s how you get connected to the Divine paradise. All this, if it is told without realization has no meaning but people are given great ideas about it and also were promised that one day your resurrection will come. It is the greatest happening for you. It is the greatest event of your life and one must consider it very fortunate that you have been able to achieve it. All this because you desired for it. In many of your lives you have been desiring for the Heavenly paradise. People have been going down in the hills and valleys, seeking, doing all kinds of things. That’s already done by you. You don’t have to give up anything, no need to give up anything. It’s a wrong idea, I should say, it’s an untimely idea.

This is the time when you have to get your Sahaja resurrection, spontaneous resurrection. You don’t have to do anything about it, it’s just so simple as that, has worked out so well. I was really very much overjoyed to see that so many people, specially Muslims, about whom I have been so much worried that how can you save these people! They are so much lost in the mess of wrong things. One has to understand that this `Koran’ was written forty years after the death of Mohamed Saheb. So, may be, there might be some words which are being just being shifted, may be, and the meaning might be little bit ambiguous. Also, there was another book called ‘Sunna’-came out about the same time and was managed by a person who was not such a great soul I should say, because he was not a realized soul. I can’t understand how can you religiously understand poetry and in the poetry whatever is written, how can you interpret it correctly? I am a poet also. I could have written a poetry about it but I said, No. Poetry can twist, can be twisted and also people can misuse it, that’s the problem with the poetry.

In India we had the same problem. For example, Kabira wrote such beautiful poetry and the way they interpreted was so nonsensical and so much different from the spirit of Kabira’s songs. About everything they can twist the words according to their own need, I found out if I wrote poetry about Divinity. This is exactly what has happened. In all the religions I have seen, when it comes to poetry people can twist it. Also, like in Bible, it was so much accepted that Paul is the one who is going to organize the publication about Christ and he didn’t want to write also about resurrection, he didn’t want to write about Immaculate Conception. All these things were in his mind and so Thomas has to run away to India and John refused to write anything. Because all such people take charge. They become in charge, they think they are responsible for it, while they are not at all capable, they don’t have the right to do it. As a result of that, Christianity took a very wrong attitude towards the inner growth of human beings. You see the result of that today, when you see what’s happening with the Catholic Church, you are amazed. How can such an organization be a religious organization where all kinds of nonsensical things are going on?

I was also born in a Christian family and I was shocked the way they interpreted Christ’s life and the way they talked about it with great authority. Books and books were written, they give big-big sermons ! I thought there’s no truth in it what they are talking. Even my father felt the same way, because all these books came much after, the authors of these books. Secondly, those who tried to write it were not authorized to do that. They were not spiritual people. They all wanted to have power, they wanted to have power in religion. The power in religion is inside and that should be awakened. I must say, thanks to the Sufis of this country and other countries that people still think that there is something beyond all these words and talks and books.

This is something, such a blessing that we have, that in every country we had someone who talked about the reality, about the truth, though they were condemned, they were tortured and so many of them were killed. This is happening even today. I find, that people don’t want to listen to reality, to the truth. But I was so happy yesterday, really overjoyed, to see even the people who were Muslims, were Islamic, are now coming together, understanding that they have a higher life than these rituals of everyday. All this ritualistic life that they have led, the way they have worked so hard, this forty days starvation, going for Haj, doing all kinds of things. But there was no unity among themselves. Even among themselves there was no unity and some places I was surprised that they were killing each other! How can that be? Because these so called practices did not make them collective. They were not collective. They were all separate identities, separate sects guided by absolutely ignorant people.

So, we have to really celebrate the unity of these people, the collective nature of these people, who had lost to the truth. They had no idea as to what truth is but still, a seeker can never find consolation with whatever exists. He is seeking, he is seeking, seeking and seeking till he finds the truth. But also there are many seekers who lose their way. In seeking they get lost. It’s very difficult to convince them that you have lost your way. They should see from their own lives. They should see from their own attainment. What have they achieved? Have they got any experience? To be convinced of what you have got, you must try to verify it. You can verify on people, you can verify on yourself Whatever you are, you know on your fingertips as this is.

There are two things-Qayamat and Kiyama. Two things. Many people don’t understand the difference. One is when the resurrection time comes and the other is when your destruction comes. For the resurrection of the human beings is the Kiyama in which it is said that your hands will speak, that you should feel the vibrations on your fingertips. I would say, those who are really Muslims, who are surrendered and those who have been selected to be higher people belonging to the God’s realm must have hands that can speak.
Otherwise they are not Muslims, I would not call them Muslims. They may be human beings but not Muslims. So, it’s compulsory that for every Muslim, who thinks himself a Muslim, he should have vibrations in his hands. He should feel the vibrations. His hands must speak at the time of resurrection which is the Kiyama, not Qayamat. These two words are confused in the minds of the people. So those people who can verify about their achievements themselves through their vibrations on their hands and also about others through their fingertips are the Muslims, according to ‘Koran’. But nobody has told them this, they don’t know. To them its alright if you go to Mecca and come back from there. You become a Haji, finished.

There’s another question one should ask, which is very important, that why Mohamed Saheb was so much against stone worshipping, clearly? Why did He ask people to go round that black square stone? What was the purpose of that ? Why was that stone so important? If you ask this question to any, so called Muslim, he will say that was the order. But you can ask the question, after all why? That’s also just the stone. So, why did Mohamed Saheb asked that you should go round that stone? So many statues were there, made of stone and people started worshipping all kinds of statues as they do in India also.
But this stone was a swayambhu and it is mentioned in the Indian scriptures that there is Meccashwar Shiva. We have Shivas everywhere in India. There are twelve Jyotirlingas. Now, if I tell you, you need not believe me but you can go and verify on your vibrations if it is a Shiva or not. Same with this black stone. So, Mohamed Saheb found out that this is a Meccashwar Shiva and so the people have to go round to achieve Shiva’s blessings. But, it became a ritual. The whole thing became like a ritual and nobody could go further from that ritual.

Same thing with the Christianity. Today is a day they are talking so big about repentance and about feeling guilty about what they have done. But why did they do it? They are supposed to be in charge of goodness, of virtues. So why did they do it? Why did they do wrong things? And now asking forgiveness from God! Because they were not realized souls, they were not Sahaja Yogis.
If the Sahaja Yogis try to do something wrong then they know that they are doing wrong, on their fingertips or we can ask them to get out of Sahaja Yoga. But that seems to be the worst punishment for Sahaja Yogis. If I tell them to get out of Sahaja Yoga, they don’t like it. Why? Because they feel we are separated from reality. All the blessings of the reality are lost to them, they think that way.
The punishment is nothing because we just ask them to get out of Sahaja Yoga. To look at, its nothing. But Sahaja yoga is complete freedom, Sahaja Yoga is complete blessing, Sahaja Yoga is complete peace and joy. Surprisingly, if you read Koran you will be amazed that Mohammed Saheb wanted to bring peace but it’s not so.

I met one man from Kashmir. He said that, where is the peace? They are all fighting-fighting. We want peace. But, surprisingly he said, in India you find just peace. But this Kashmir is a mad place where everybody is all the time challenged and everything attacked under the name of Islam itself! So, I said, it’s not Islam. Islam means surrender. And he said, if you surrender they will kill you. We have no protection.
It’s very surprising, very, very surprising how now the Muslims themselves are realizing that this cannot be Divine life because in Divine life people are just the same with each other. You see we had Sufis all over the world. I have read them. I have read the Sufis of Turkey and also other places.
Even in India we had Sufis, though they don’t call themselves Sufis. Sufi means, I don’t know what ever you may think about it but according to Indian understanding, Sufi means ‘saaf’ and ‘saaf’ means clean, means pure. Those who are pure people are Sufis. In the purity they see nothing but Divine grace, Divine love, Divine peace. They talked of peace only, they could not talk of war. Anybody who talks of war cannot be a person who has got any right to do that.

War is absolutely like madness. Even animals won’t fight like that. We are even worse than animals when we think of war and killing each other. This should not be done and it has to be stopped completely. Nobody has the right to kill anybody unless and until he is attacked. So, what we hear about our resurrection is this that we are above so many things. We have lost all those destructive qualities. In Sanskrit they call it ‘shudripu’ we have six enemies – kaam, krodh, mada, matsar, lobh, moha. Kaam means sexual perversion, krodh means anger, moha means attraction, mada means the pride, matsar means jealously, sixth one is the greed. All these six things that we had in our mind out of our ignorance, out of our upbringing, out of our reading, whatever it is, whatever we had developed just drops out when your Kundalini rises and you become one with the divine. Then you are on sound grounds. You realize that you have found the truth and you no more can enjoy all these destructive habits. They just drop out.

So, you go into a new realm of Divine resurrection within you. This is the real resurrection of human beings. Now, you know that certain subtle things still remain despite the fact that people try to destroy the books, to spoil the meaning of things. Despite that subtle things remain there. For example we offer eggs during Easter. What’s the meaning of offering eggs? Why should we offer an egg? First of all we offer egg because an egg can go into a transformation. It can become a small chick, it can be born again. The egg has the capacity to be born again.
So, when you get this egg as a symbol of Easter it means you can become a different person, a reformed person and a great spiritual person. You can become, it means that. Why do we give eggs? People don’t know. I asked so many people. I asked even some priests who think they are great authorities of Christiany. They didn’t know why they give eggs! Secondly, if you read the story about the birth of Shri Ganesha and then you proceed on, you will be surprised, it is written down that it was called as Brahmand, means the egg of Brahma. That came into existence and half of it became Mahavishnu means the Christ and half of it remained as Shri Ganesha.
And then it is said that when Mahavishnu came out He started crying for his father. Just think of it, He was asking for His father. Now, if you see Christ, he always uses his two fingers. No other incarnation has used these two fingers. This means you know this is the Vishuddhi and this is the Nabhi. That means He is talking of his father who was Nabhi king. Who’s that? You know that very well. He is the Vishnu and he incarnated as Shri Krishna.
So, what He is indicating is this that they are my father. How clearly He has done that. Why not have some other Mudras, other style of holding the fingers? But, He held always these two fingers, meaning my father is one who was Vishnu and who was Shri Krishna. Then in the lives of Shri Krishna they say Mahavishnu will be your son. All these things are not put together, as I am telling you, separately, but if you have proper understanding, you can understand the connection between them. That Christ was the son of Shri Vishnu and Shri Krishna and that he was blessed that you will be the support of the whole universe. Clearly, it is said that you will be supporting the whole universe.

Now, the one half is Shri Ganesha, who is the support in a way. It supports the Kundalini. It looks after the Kundalini, it looks after the chastity of the Mother. And the other one which is expressed is Jesus Christ who is the support of the whole universe. So naturally it has to be the moral basis as He is a part and parcel of Shri Ganesha, it’s the moral basis of human beings. On the moral basis only you will be supported not all other nonsense that they have but a moral basis which is missing in the lives of Christians. Everything is allowed, very surprising! You can do whatever you like as long as you don’t take a divorce in the Catholic Church and also in the other Church which you can call non-Catholic Churches. Even if you are married you can do whatever you like. Even the Vatican, I was told, has all these problems.

How can that be if you are the people who think are baptized? I mean there’s a big celebration of baptism by these priests. Where is the Sahasrara and where is the Kundalini and how do you have your second birth? There’s no second birth, just some priest puts his hand on your head. Actually it makes problem for realized souls, to put hand of the priest who is not a realized soul and that creates a problem for children. I have seen many children, they start crying loudly when they are being blessed by these priests because they are realized souls and the priests are not. It’s very interesting. But they say, after all you see it’s the priests that are bad but not Christ. But how are they related to each other? Christ stood for morality. And about Him also, in these modern times, they are saying all kinds of filthy things. They cannot understand a character which is moral. To this extent we have gone. Morality is out of question. You do whatever you like as long as you go to church and confess, it’s alright.

These are the absurdities of modern religions. Every religion has problems and the worst, I feel, when you have the support of the world, as your leader. How can you allow people to have such an immoral life? How can you tolerate immorality, when you follow the example of Christ? Out of question! He is the embodiment of morality. He is Shri Ganesha and how can you allow people to come to Churches, to the temples and allow them to have immoral life? What is the atonement for such people? The basis of Christ’s life, the whole being of Christ, is morality, to establish purity.

Now, it was Shri Ganesha who was created first by the Adishakti because She wanted purity around. She wanted human beings to enjoy their purity and their personality which was emitting light to others. If there is impurity, say for example, on a glass and if you use that glass on top of the light, how can the light pass? The impure life cannot give light to others and cannot show your inner light also. Both things are absolutely true about impurity.
But people say that we have to accept because if you have to have more people for your religion you should accept many things. One of them is impurity. Just think of it! Now, at the Agnya where Christ resides, if your eyes are impure, full of lust and greed, then you are against Christ, you are an antichrist. If your eyes are clean and pure, then only you can enjoy love of God, otherwise you cannot. And also the love of another Sahaja Yogi or Yogini you can only enjoy in completeness if your eyes are clean. Just imagine! But, if you have roving eyes and all sorts of things, I don’t know how can you call yourself Christians? You cannot.

Whatever certificate you may carry, you are not. Because those who are following Christ have to have absolutely a moral life. That’s a compulsion of the inner being on you, that you enjoy your morality, and you enjoy above all, your clean eyes.
This is what I have come to know about the Western life, that the eyes are not clean. They’ll go to the church, and their eyes will be moving here and there. How can that be? How can you do that? If you think Christ is the One who was resurrected and you are to be resurrected, first of all, see that you have pure love in your eyes. Now pure love is not relative, cannot be contaminated, cannot have lust and greed in them. These two things have to drop out from your mind completely.

These are the days of people having greed, lots of greed they have.
I just don’t know what sort of thing they have, because I haven’t studied so much the immorality of human beings. Whatever I see are beautiful people like you.
But when I try to understand the so-called Western culture, I am surprised that, even if they want to make [a film out of] a life of someone, like the life of Shakespeare, I saw, who was, according to Me, was Avadhuta, means, a person who has gone beyond all human destructive habits, Avadhut is a very high quality Yogi. And they show him as a stupid man, running after a woman.
They cannot ‘conceive’ of human beings who could be morally perfect, who will have moral sense—they cannot conceive. Because those who do this kind of things are not Realized souls, they are not Sahaja Yogis. So the conception about morality does not come into their head. They think: “As we are like that, the others are.” Actually, mostly they do it to justify themselves.
So ugly, and so horrifying is the depiction of the character of such great people, who talked of such great things, shows that human beings are really degraded in their values system. They cannot conceive of somebody who is an ideal personality. They think by saying so, they are talking about something beyond reality. They don’t know reality.

Yesterday, Sufi thing, I was so impressed when they said about the four stages that you have. Out of that the Hakikat-means the reality, you have to get into the reality. Reality is what is not a perception. It’s not seeing something but its being something. If you start seeing, you might see something white, red, yellow but you are not that. When you are, you are the reality. Then you emit reality, you see reality, enjoy reality, you live in reality. This is real life and you don’t indulge into something which is unreal, imaginary or below Divinity. Now, you don’t do. You are the reality, is the Hakikat, as they say. You are the reality and you are emitting reality in your behavior, in your talks, in your lives, in everything. All this brings forth the greatest force of spirituality. Whatever is falsehood, whatever is wrong, whatever is destructive, will run away from a man who stands in reality. It is automatic. It is absolutely part and parcel of the same personality who is supposed to be a realized soul.

So, the resurrection has taken place, no doubt. Your hands are speaking, alright. I don’t want to give you any command or any kind of a fixed road that you have to follow. Now, you are free, because you are the light. When you are the light why should I tell you which way to go. You know yourself that you have the light. So you follow yourself in a way that is an enlightened path, with your own light, not that somebody has to tell you-don’t do this, don’t do that, nothing of the kind. You will just weigh, if something is wrong, you will not do it! If you are doing it then know that you have to still rise above all this.
You are the Nabis that are described in the ‘Koran’ . You are the ones who are going to resurrect the whole world, you are the ones who are going to help the downtrodden people in the filth of immorality. Look at few of these people who were Sufis, who were very clean people, how have they been able to channalise other people into a better life. That is what you are. You have to channalise their lives, that’s your job. Don’t think about what is happening, how the people are stupid, immoral, forget it. What you have to know what you are.

You have to be aware of yourself and of your responsibility as being the purest of pure. As my name indicates, you are my children and that indicates the children of Nirmal, means purity. Purity is the basis of your existence. You should try to see very clearly, that there is no mistake in appreciating the art, appreciating all that is beautiful, appreciating all that is created out of beautiful minds but there should be no lust and greed in that appreciation.

Pure appreciation, purity is the message and once you have the purity within yourself you will love yourself. As I love you, you will love all. And then you will understand this word ‘love’ which comes out of the purity. The blossoming of your purity, the fragrance of your purity, you enjoy all the time and the love that you have flows, flows towards all those who are to be loved, who are to be looked after.

Don’t worry about the people who are destructive. That’s the only word that I can use, because there are so many things one can say about. Let them be destructive because they are destroying themselves. Why should we worry about them? They think they are destroying others but they are not, they are destroying themselves. Forget about them, just forget. You think yourself to be responsible for the construction of the whole world, it’s not only few. You are very intelligent, knowledgeable and understanding. You are not like the disciples of Christ who were not educated, who didn’t understand so much and who did get realization but were not of your level. Whatever they could do, reach to a point where this kind of a mess of Christianity has come but you can’t create that kind. You will create a new vibrant religion which is global.

I was very happy to see that now we have people from all over the world. It is a global movement all over. It has nothing to do with the limited ideas of so called religions. That have ruined every religion, Islam is ruined, Christianity is ruined and Hinduism is ruined and Buddhism is the worst. In Buddhism you give up everything-all your belongings, all your property, give to the guru, imagine! And the guru, you see, is so greedy, horrible fellow. How can he give resurrection? Himself is a greedy fellow, misleading others just taking away everything! Then same thing about Christianity, that you all become Nuns, you become Fathers, you become Brothers and all nonsense! But there’s no change within.

Somebody came to me and I said, why did you become a priest? He said, because I was jobless, I had no job so, I took up the job of a priest, can you imagine? He could not fit into any job, so the minimum of minimum he took this job. Then what did you do? They told me what I have to preach and first I had to practice and remember it by heart and then I don’t know, I started talking this, talking that. I said, he must be a big possessed man. He had no mind of his own, he didn’t know what he was talking. He would take out one sentence from Bible and go on talking, boring everybody! I was surprised that within fifteen minutes people wanted to get out of the church. As soon as the sermon was over they would run out and breathe, thank God! Is that what religion gives you? Is that what should happen to you? No! it’s not that. What happens to you that you enjoy yourself, you enjoy the collectivity, you enjoy the goodness, the morality. The whole thing is like the nectar of life. So, that changes the whole creature.

The ritualism is so much. In the Hindu religion there is too much of ritualism. You sit on the right or you sit on the left or you do this at this time and lots of it. That when your sister dies how many days you should starve yourself, if your husband dies then how many days? Died is died, finished, the body is finished now. So, you fast for so many days is very wrong because by fasting the bhoot might come in to you. But still, all these ritualism and all that are created by human beings who were claiming to be something great. They are not, by no means they are people in charge of morality, in charge of higher life. They lead such a mundane useless life! I went to a temple of Shri Ganesha, which is supposed to be swayambhu-one of the eight temples, it is one of them.
I was surprised the man who was worshipping, was supposed to be the priest, he was suffering from paralysis and his brother died of paralysis and his son was also paralyzed. He said, what is this Ganesha doing to us, Mother? I said, what are you doing to Ganesha? How much money you earn out of it? He said, quite a lot. And what do you do with this money? Do you do anything for the society? Do you try to improve their lives? Have you any attention on the society or you are just looking after yourself? As a result he got paralyzed. His brother got paralysis, his son got paralysis.
And he was blaming Ganesha for that! He said, is it a real Ganesha? I said, yes, it is but you are not. You don’t deserve his blessings. He said, alright you may say whatever you like but you cure me. I said first promise that whatever money you get out of this temple you will spend it for the betterment of people. But, how can they? They are not realized souls. Such a lot of priests I see walking about in all these funny dresses. These are like dead bodies, walking around with all kinds of bad vibrations. I can’t understand! And the other people are very simple, they say: “Oh my Goodness! See now he is a priest.” So they must respect him.

But, they don’t see, they do not ascertain what is the spiritual value of that person who calls himself as a priest! That is your job. You don’t have to fight with them, you don’t have to denounce them, you don’t have to describe them, no need but understand that you are different. You have the right, you have the authority. So with that authority and confidence you have to go about and save people. You are realized souls, you have got your resurrection, you are yogis, I agree but, what is your job? Why, why this has happened? Why this light has come in to you is to take the blind in your hands and take them towards the light. This is what is your resurrection for. It’s not only for your seeking but also is the grace of the Divine for you to make the whole world Divine, as far as possible.

How many people have you given realization? How many people have you talked to? I tell you I was surprised, once I was traveling by plane and there was some lady traveling with me and she started talking to me about her cult, about her nonsensical Guru. Shamelessly she was talking! I was listening to her, I said, Sahaja Yogis won’t, they won’t talk about Sahaja Yoga.
Every person who is a Sahaja Yogi has to talk about Sahaja Yoga, may not be with the wrong type but with the right type of people. That’s a thing you have to do. That’s why you are enlightened. You are not enlightened to be put somewhere in the forest or to be lost to the whole world. You are enlightened, you are resurrected to enlighten other people. That’s what you are there for and you can do it. Many have done it. So many of you have done it and I would say all of you whether you are a man or a woman, you have to do it and that’s the request of your Mother that make use of your realization.
And the attention should be only on realization. How many people you are going to give realization? How many people you are going to save? This is a very simple job for you. You have to just raise the Kundalini, you can, you should see how just with your hand you can raise the Kundalini of others and give them their resurrection.
You don’t have to do anything and the life is not that difficult for you. Your job is the easiest thing. You have just to raise your hand, in your hand you have the power, just to raise your hand and give them realization. Instead of feeling diffident.
That’s why I would say you are all resurrected, you are all realized souls and you have to create the Divine paradise on this earth.

May God Bless You