We are not ourselves

Istanbul (Turkey)

2000-04-25 We are not ourselves, Istanbul Turkey DP-RAW, 77' Chapters: Preparations, Arrival, Talk, Self-RealizationDownload subtitles: EN,TR (2)View subtitles:
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2000-0425 Public Program, Istanbul, Turkey, Levent Kirca and Oya Basar Theatre, Maçka-Istanbul

I bow to all the seekers of truth. These are the days of greatest turmoil. We can see around us all kinds of calamities coming. Also, what we find is human beings are not happy with themselves and with others. That means, there is something basically wrong with us that we cannot live in peace all of us together. We have no joy, we cannot enjoy our life. We are unnecessarily so miserable. Whether rich or poor, whatever may be the condition. People are not very happy.

What is the reason? Have we been created for miseries and troubles? To suffer from all kinds of diseases and all kinds of infections. Nature also, the mother earth, everything is not unison with us. The reason is we are not ourselves. It is very important as said by everyone that one should know thyself. But how are we to know. Now the time has come.

In the Quran, it has described two stages, one is the Qiyam (to stand up) and another is Qiyamat (Doomsday). We can be saved and can enjoy the Qiyam. Or we can be destroyed and suffer the Qiyamat. So, this is the time of judgement. It is described in all the scriptures. Whatever you may believe, whatever you may think, makes no difference. Whatever place you live, whatever country you belong to has nothing to do with you. Now, how the judgement is going to take place. Within us lies, a power that our creator has put in the triangular bone called as sacrum. This is the power that is going to give us the higher state of existence when we know ourselves. Otherwise, we are lost in this mess of worldly illusions.

This is the power which in Sanskrit we call as Kundalini. Because it moves like a snake, some people also call it a serpent power. But this power is your individual mother. She has no other child but yourself. She knows everything about you. She knows what are your aspirations, she knows what are your mistakes, also she knows what is the physical mental problems you have. When you were born, your mother took all the trouble upon herself. But, she didn’t trouble you. So, when this mother of yours gives you your second birth, she takes all your troubles upon herself. I have come here to tell you that you have this power, all of you. If it is awakened and crosses through the six subtle centres, passes through our sixth centre here [pointing to the crown], it gets connected to the all-pervading power of divine love.

Einstein has said that he was tired, Einstein, was tired trying to find out about the theory of relativity. And he got very tired, he went into his garden and started playing…started playing with the soap bubbles. While playing with the soap bubbles, he says, I do not know from somewhere unknown the theory of relativity dawned upon me. He called it torsion area, in his own language. Even knew the disciple for it [?], who discarded his master and said that there is something beyond us, where we have to go beyond our mind. Because of this mind, because this mind, reacts to everything. It is all the time reacting. And that is how we are upset. These thoughts come to us all the time either from the future or from the past. But we cannot be in the present. One thought rises like this [wave-like hand gestures], another thought rises like this and falls down.

But when this Kundalini rises, these thoughts elongate and there is a space in-between and that is the place where there is our present. So, we come in the present and reality is in the present. So you know the reality and you have the knowledge about yourself. How? Because when you get connected with this all-pervading power, this divine power, your hands start emitting kind of very nice cool vibrations. This is the Ruh. This is the divine cool breeze, of divine love. And in your hand on your fingertips, you can feel your centres. That means your hands start speaking, that’s what Mohammed Sahab has said. That at the time of Qiyama, your hands will speak. So this is the time of Qiyama, where thousands and thousands of people have felt it. If your hands don’t speak about your centres, the I would not say you really are a Muslima. This is said by Mohammed Sahab. So as a result what we should expect is that our hands should speak, so that we get the knowledge about ourselves about our centres. We know about ourselves very well. Also, we know that this body of ours is an instrument of God’s wish. Because now we are connected with the divine power. And we have all the knowledge which is absolutely true. So, this is the path of absolute knowledge.

Supposing there is a man who talks big and boasts, how are we to know that he is not a hypocrite? As soon as you put your hands towards that person, immediately you will know if it is hot or sometimes you will get some little little…bit breaks[?], then you know he is not a good man. Not only that but supposing you are suffering from some disease and you will not know it till you go through the whole procedure of medical investigation. And also then, they will not be very sure as to what is wrong with you. But on your fingertips, you will know about yourself, what’s wrong with you. You will be all in charge of you, incomplete knowledge about yourself. And if you know how to correct your centres, you can correct the centres of others. Imagine what powers you have. For example, if this instrument is not connected, you won’t hear me and it is useless. But, if you are connected to the divine the energy starts flowing through you. But best is this power rises, she passes through six centres, she enlightens them. She integrates them. Not only that, but it informs you what’s wrong with you and you can correct it. All your reactions stop. But you watch everything without thinking. Like you become a witness. In that witness state, you know the truth about everything. This is so simple.

All this can happen without paying for it because kundalini doesn’t understand money nor god takes any money. It is different if you have to book the hall, we pay for it, but not for kundalini awakening. And you get your experience. It’s not just talking. It is the experience on your fingertips and out of your fontanelle bone area. There’s no question of blind faith. It is just the complete understanding within yourself, of your being. This is what is Qiyama, it is where you evolve into a superhuman being.

This country was especially blessed by the Sufis. They had the experience of the divine but they could not explain how they got it. But Mohammed Sahab has described it, that he was riding on a white horse, which means the kundalini. And then he met Moses on the third heaven, which is true because we too know that all these prophets are on the third heaven. Whatever I am saying you can verify after your realization. But as a result of kundalini awakening, all our enemies of anger, sexual misbehaviour, all kinds of bribes, jealousies, all drop out. All the greed also drops out. Jealousies drop out because you are enlightened. In the darkness, you cannot see who is your enemy. But when you are enlightened, you know everything and you don’t do anything that is destructive. You drop all your destructive habits. And what comes in your heart is the joy, is the joy which cannot be described.

For example, we have unhappiness and happiness. Two sides of a coin. But after realization, you are in complete joy. And you become absolutely peaceful. Now what we need is peace. They are having

so many peace conferences and spending so much money but they themselves are quarrelling. So what is the use of having those conferences? But you have to become peaceful within yourself because you become very collective. You develop the collective consciousness. Who is the other? You are the part and parcel of one god almighty. This house…hand can feel for this hand, in the same way, we all feel the same within ourselves. You’ll be surprised sometimes we have a conference of people who come from sometimes eighty countries. Black, white, yellow, every colour. And there is no quarrel, no fighting. Thousands and thousands of them. They enjoy each other’s company and help each other. You may be in Turkey but you will find friends in all the countries, your brother are there and sister are there. You are no more alone. You can have them in every field of life, as your own brother. It is something we are not aware of ourselves that we don’t know how great our powers of love. That a drop which falls in the ocean becomes the ocean. You also become the ocean, all your limitations drop out. This is what is going to happen to you tonight.

I don’t know if I should ask you to ask me questions. But if you think it is important then ask, but ask something important questions because you shouldn’t disturb the people around.

(No one asked question)

Another thing is, it will take hardly ten minutes or fifteen minutes for you all to get your self- realization. If anyone doesn’t want it, they should leave the hall. The only condition is that you should forgive everyone. Also, forgive yourself. Just you have to say I forgive everyone in your heart. Don’t also think whom you have to forgive but in general, you have to say I forgive everyone. Also, you have to forgive yourself. You might have done something wrong, doesn’t matter. That was in the past. We are in the present. Another thing is, whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive you play into wrong hands.

So, now we will have the session for self-realization. For that, can I request all the cameramen not to take any photograph and to keep quiet? Just for ten minutes. But when they will raise their hand saying they have got self-realization, then we can take. So, please wait only for about ten minutes.

Just for ten minutes.

But when they will raise their hands, saying that they got their self realization, then they can take.

So please wait for about ten minutes.

Now, as I told you, you have to forgive yourself and you have to forgive others. This is very important.

What you can do now is, just put both hands towards to me like this. Just like this, simple like this. Do it like you do for Namaz. Please do like this.

Alright. Please again forgive yourself and forgive everyone else.

Now, you can bend your head and put your left hand top of your fontanel bone area which was the soft on your childhood, on top and above.

Now see, if there is a cool or hot breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area, please move your hand. Have faith in yourself, forgive yourself.

Alright, now please put your left hand towards me and with the right hand please see, bend your head, please see if there is a cool breeze coming out your fontanel bone area. If it is hot, then you have not forgiven either yourself or others. So Please do that now.

Alright, now again, once more, put your right hand towards me like this and see with your left hand. Bend your head and see yourself is there a cool or hot breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area.

Now, please put your both hands towards me and please don`t think, can you do that, don`t think

(Shri Mataji blowing towards to microphone and at same time thunders were heard.)

Now please see, if you are getting cool or hot breeze on yourfingertips. It can be gentle or you are getting it on your palms or out of your fontanel bone area. Anywhere if you are getting cool or hot breeze please raise your hands,

You all become sufis now. Congratulations.

May God bless you.

Turkey is a very Divine place and such a short time you got your realization. Don`t doubth about it please. Alright, take down your hands. I saw more ladies in the airport ….. but I want men also to became realizated souls, very important. Now you will know what is pure love, pure compassion because this is the power of Divine compassion, Divine Love.

May God bless you all.

They will sing one song which we shold clap and you will see that these vibrations of cool breeze will increase.

For five minutes, you just feel again.