Evening Program before Sahasrara Puja

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Evening Program before Sahasrara Puja Day 1 & 2, Cabella Ligure, May 5&6th 2000

[The evening program is concluded by a santoor concert by Bhajan Sopori. During the concert Shri Mataji says”Wah”. At the end of the concert: “Wah wah”.]

(Shri Mataji speaks first in Hindi: “…Sukhwinder…”)

It is really a very memorable program we had, as was told before, and I’m amazed how it has all been done so well.

The idea of calling Bhajan Sopori was very much appreciated in the beginning. And I thought santoor is the best instrument for Sahasrara. Because it has got so many strings to play, just like our Sahasrara is made of one thousand petals. So the – it was very apt that we could invite these two great musicians.

I don’t know how to praise them, because is really so much beautiful way of rendering was there, that we all got lost into the ocean of joy.

It was very, very beautiful, and from all of you I thank them very much from My heart, that they should really develop this art and this kind of creativity much more, and come to us again and again – will be a much better promise for us on this auspicious day.

Now, you see, one has to know that Indian music is a very deep subject, it’s – only can be understood by people who have depth in them. And I was surprised that the people who went to Babamama’s Academy, in three months they started singing ragas like Malkauns.

So I think sahaja yogis have a special aptitude to pick up Indian music. And the way they learnt it, when people spend years together.

And I was very much surprised how it worked that way, and the way you all are enjoying shows that it is the music of the heart, music of the Spirit. And that’s why, even if you do not have education in that, still you were all enjoying it very much.

I’m very much thankful to them that they came and played so well, with a full heart in it.

All of us are very much thankful for all that, and I hope they’ll come again and again and oblige us with their great – grand music.

It is not only thankfulness, but the way it entered into our awareness, our attention, is a remarkable thing.

And that everybody – so many of you are here – have enjoyed it thoroughly, is something shows the oneness, the collectivity of enjoying music.

Is that’s a sign of real ascent, and a real – I would say – advanced state of Self-realization, that you all could, from very different, different countries, different languages, different styles of music, all of you have enjoyed the music, that was really universal.

So I’m very much thankful to them and I bless them from My heart, that they will develop more love for us and come down again sometime, whenever we call them.

This is – this will be a great blessing to all of us.

So, may God bless you all.

Thank you very much.