The Subtle Side Of Islam

Los Angeles (United States)

2000-05-28 The Subtle Side Of Islam, Los Angeles, United States, version 1, 59' Chapters: Talk, Self-Realization, Workshop
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2000-05-28 Persian Public Program in Los Angeles

I bow to all the seekers of truth. (Can’t hear me). I am very thankful to this association for inviting me to talk to you people. I went to Iran for the first time it was Iran I visited after I wanted to start Sahajayoga and at that time I found that Iranians were very open minded and wanted to know what is the secret of Islam, what is the beauty of Islam is, what is the subtle side of Islam is today the way (today the way) we see Islam we get frightened. Specially these are the days of your matam and I know about it everything, what had happened to Hasan and Hussain. You all have done a lot of penance for them and are still doing it. But now the time has come for all of you to know that,  their sacrifice, their kurbani has been completely fulfilled. After all, what did they want? They wanted whatever their father Ali wanted them to do. Also their mother Fatima. But we don’t know who they were? what incarnations they were? what was their job? 

Mohammad Sahab has also said that, you have to know yourself. Also he has said that at  the time of Kiyama, the resurrection time, that’s the assurance he gave, your hands will speak. If that is not happening then means, we have not fulfilled the promise of Mohammad Sahab. How long are we going to have matam. I tell you now the time of rejoicing has come. First of all, you have to know yourself, your spirit. And you have to become really, really roohani. Rooh is nothing but the power, divine power of love, that has to flow through you. It is nothing to do with cruelty with criminality. If we don’t understand the message then we may do wrong, to ourselves and to the religion we follow. I am here, very humbly, to tell you about the truth.

Before that we must know the history when Mohammad Sahab came on this earth the situation in that country was horrid. He had to face wars and very aggressive people who were tribal. So the life of Mohammad Sahab is full of troubles and tribulations. Whatever he has done, now the time has come for us to get our reward. If you have been true Muslims, true followers of Mohammad Sahab, your hands must speak. No need to feel guilty. You are not the ones who killed Hasan and Hussain and still if you feel that Hasan and Hussain should have lived, they can live through your lives. Only thing you have to know, how to (become personality) make your personality of their level. None of these people came on this earth to create different groups, none of them. It was unfortunate that the sunnis came up afterwards and they never understood Ali.

According to Sahaja yoga, Ali was a very great incarnation. How it is going to work out I will tell you. Now you can see this chart before you and you do not know the secret about yourself. The secret is that your triangular bone there is that power which can connect you to the Divine. Mohammad Sahab has described that on a white horse he went through seven heavens. These are the seven heavens that you see before us. These are within us and that’s why he said you should know yourself. This is the reason unless and until you know yourself, you will not know what is within you. And for that knowledge there is a power in the triangular bone you see that 3 and a half coils which gets awakened and passes through 6 centres, 7th one is lower and crosses through your fontanel bone area and then connects you to the universal power very subtle universal power of divine love.

It is not a mystery anymore. It has now worked in 86 countries and there are some Muslim countries like Benin , like Turkey, also Ivory Coast and some others. So, these Muslims have realized that there must be some end to this journey.  There must be some goal to our pursuit, no use criticising the religion. The religion is perfect but something wrong with followers because they cannot read the subtle things between the lines. Fortunately or unfortunately, Koran is written in poetry and this poetry is something can be misinterpreted. Now for example he has said that I am the seal of prophecy, prophets and (they see) he says also there will be so many Nabis. Then also he says supposing he was the seal that I will send you the 12 Imam (why should you say like that) why should he say like that if he was last.

So, by believing such a thing our muslim community has not  been able to progress in spirituality. Can’t hear he said. Listen to me, it’s for your good alright. (What, is he fighting-in hindi) See now all these has not helped you, it has helped you. I will help you now keep quite alright. Listen to me.  

Now unless and until you know yourself, you do not know anything for example a lady comes to me and says, Mother I am very sick I don’t know what to do and I asked her whats the matter she said no one knows. So I told her I know, whats the matter with her. And she had cancer. So first, you know yourself that’s very important, you should know all the centres about which Mohammad Sahab has clearly said that he went on a white horse. Also there is very nice chapter of spider (spider, what you call that?) which is very interesting. And try to understand you are all intelligent people. There he said that he was hiding himself in a cave and a spider built a web on the mouth of the cave. And those who were trying to find him got disillusioned or they got into an illusion and they couldn’t see him. This is exactly what is happening to us. We are behind the web of illusions and we are living with those illusions for years, for generations and because we don’t understand we are doing no good to ourselves and to others. 

We should understand why Mohammad Sahab and Ali worked so hard for us. What was so precious about us? They just not care for our matam but they wanted to make your life shine like a diamond, to make you agents of the divine so that you can transform people. Now you see these days, if you see you go on hearing so many Shias were murdered this happened, that happened. All this is because of ignorance. All these wars, all these problems are because of our ignorance.  But if we become spiritual, we are wonderful people. We no more have quarrels, no more have jealousies, none of these six enemies that we have. When we are the spirit we are not touched by all these ugliness. You all have been following and you should get the reward of this following. You’ve been doing ‘namaz’ but what is the effect of that? ‘Namaz’ is nothing but the same centres being enlightened. You go on doing ‘namaz’ still nothing happens. It is the problem with every religion because it has not taken to the essence of religion.

All religions of the world have the same essence, in short , they all want you to know yourself. As soon as you know yourself what happens to you is (very) very much to be understood. These centres that you (say) see within you are responsible for your morality, for your physical being, for your emotional being and also for your spiritual being. So when this power rises within you and becomes one with all-pervading subtle power then these centres get enlightened. They get integrated and this power starts flowing through you and then you can feel them on your hands. You can feel the rooh on your hands. This is the experience you must have. I have to tell you the truth. This experience must be felt on your fingertips and these fingers denote as shown there, the different centres we have. This should happen tonight (tonight) by the grace of Mohammad Sahab and Ali. I am their agent, you can call me and that is what is my job is to give you all Self-realization.

So many are lost now. You go to Algeria, shocking they are cutting the stomach of pregnant women, Muslims cutting Muslims. You are much safer in this country but you don’t know the condition of the people in other countries where there is so much of fundamentalism and blindness. Also another point is the way we have problems about our women, you feel like crying. They have beautiful women, but they are having a very bad time. He has said that there is Jannat at the lotus feet of the Mother. Are the Mothers in that condition? Are they looked after like that? Are you treating them with respect? And this is another point which goes completely against Mohammad Sahab. 

I know he had to marry many a times but the reason was so many young people were killed in the war and even the little girls had no husbands, So he was against prostitution, so he said you must marry many women. What’s most important that we must have a heart which feels, we should have emotional intelligence and understand what are we doing for our society? what can we work it out? In Sahaja yoga you don’t have to pay anything, it is your own, it’s your own power within yourself. We are not obliged to anyone but once you touch that power of God which is divine love you become love. And His love protects you, His love looks after you, gives you good health and beautiful life that gives you peace, complete peace within yourself and wherever you will go you will create peace. It gives you joy. Joy is not like happiness or unhappiness. It is singular. And when you feel  that joy within yourself, you want to give it to others also and you want to work out the problems very easily. Your problems are also worked out.

According to Sahaja yoga, Ali was an incarnation on the second centre. Hazrat Ali is the one, who is the incarnation of a creator, who created the whole universe. Now this truth can be proved.This truth can be proved. How? If you are a Self-realized person and your hands are speaking, then if you ask a question: was Ali, Hazrat Ali was the one who created all this universe? You will start getting tremendous cool breeze.

Anything about Mohammad Sahab, about anyone you want to know you can find it on your fingertips. You can find out on your fingertips, what’s wrong with you. Also become, you have become a collective now. There was a big big idea of Mohammad Sahab to make people collective .Absolute. Whether you are a king or anything, you have to do Namaz on the same grounds. But on your fingertips, you can feel others also. Like a drop becomes the ocean, you become an ocean. You become, becoming is the point not this lecture, but becoming. You become that knowledgeable. And you have, the absolute knowledge. You, You just ask the question about anybody and you will be amazed that you will know if it is the truth, you will have these cool breeze, if it is not you might get hot or you might get even tingling.

So it is the experience which is important. Just by talking or people giving big big lectures is not going to help. The world has to change, this is the time of reformation of resurrection. If you don’t change, you will be left behind, this is the last judgement. Whether you get the truth or not, is your choice. It cannot be forced on you. Now as you know, we have hospitals where people are getting cured without taking any medicines. And the children you get are also of a very special intelligence which are called emotional intelligence. The world is changing. Today only I read in the newspaper that people are changing very fast because there is no morality. You cannot force morality on anyone. And you should not blame any religion for that, because in our freedom we do all kinds of things. We hurt people, we trouble them, we deceive them, all kinds of thing. But once you get your enlightenment, in the light of the spirit, you know what is good for you and what is destructive. So in the same family you will find different different types of people doing wrong things. That is just very superficial, actually you are the spirit that you have to become. In the light of spirit only, you will get rid of all kind of destructive things. He said you don’t have to drink, but people drink, quite all right.

In Sahaja Yoga, we don’t say, don’t do, don’t do, you just don’t do it. But because you don’t do anything destructive, is something so great you are. To be born in those days where Sahaja yoga is so easy. It’s a collective happening but now you will know why Mohammad Sahab and Hazrat Ali came, for what purpose, to let you know what you are. And this is what has to happen to you. You cannot argue it out, it’s not an mental feat, it’s beyond the mind. That’s what they were and we have to understand them. Those who get their self-realization understand the subtle oneness of all these great people, those Nabis he described. So this is what is for you and you can easily get it without any difficulties.

But first of all, you should not feel guilty, not at all, because whatever has happened, happened. If you feel guilty, then the centre on the left-hand side becomes obstructed like that. Physically you might get spondylitis or could get a cervical cancer. So no use feeling guilty for what. Whatever has happened, has happened. So please forgive yourself, do not blame yourself, have respect for yourself and then if you get your realization you will be amazed, how powerful you are. And when that power starts flowing through you, how many people you can help. And what a happy personality you become. There is, I mean, I must have given thousands of lectures but in whatever time I have possible, I have talked to you and if you want to ask me any questions you can ask. But for a short time, please ask me sensible questions. 

Ask him. He is still to it. You tell him, he will come and tell me. (He is crazy. what is he saying?-in hindi)

Seeker: [Question inaudible.]

Shri Mataji: I agree with you, sit down. I agree with you very much, sit down, sit down. I will tell you. No name? Listen, there is no need to get angry with me. Please sit down. There is no need to get angry with me. I am trying. He is only angry, that’s all. There is no contradiction. When did I say that. He is mad. When did I say there is contradiction and I am on the contrary explaining for the good of the people so that no more should be killed, no more should be this thing. By getting angry are you going to solve the problem? It’s alright, I am used to such people. World is full of all kinds of people. So, doesn’t matter. Just wait, just wait I would say alright. Now no more questions because you people get angry, there is no need. No questions.

Anger is against religion, so don’t get angry, angry is not the way, have we solved the problem by anger, nothing. So not to get angry. I have come here to give you peace within yourself, because what you need is peace, sukoon. Alright. So I think questions are nothing but still very mental acrobats. We have to work for the good of people and give them what they have, what powers they have. All right.

So now, what we can do is to ask you people to be quiet and just put your hands towards me, just like in ‘namaz’. But take out your shoes because this Mother Earth helps us a lot. For your information, I will tell you that wherever there have been people who are realized souls, we call them Sahaja yogis. You will be amazed that they are not hurt at all, they are protected by the Divine.

In Turkey, people who were Sahaja Yogis, as we call them, their houses also did not shake. So many others died but not those, not even one. We have thousands there. So, just put your hands like this straight. Now I will request you, not to feel guilty. (Put it on your this thing). One thing you should forgive yourself, also forgive others. You may say it is difficult to forgive others, but logically what do we do? If you forgive or don’t forgive, what do you do? You do nothing but just you are wasting your energy. So what is the use of not forgiving others? So just forgive, just say in your heart, Mother we forgive everyone, just like that. Now please raise your left hand on top of your fontanel bone area, left hand, not right, yes correct left hand. And see for yourself if there is cool breeze like thing coming out of your fontanel bone area. Please see. Raise it. Raise it. See now, it may be little bit this side, little bit that side, just feel it. Little higher.

Now please put your left hand. Please put your left hand towards me, left hand towards me please. And with the right hand, you bend your head and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze like vibrations coming out of your own fontanel bone area. Bend your head. Again with the left hand, this is the rooh that’s coming out of you. Now put your right hand towards me please again and see for yourself with your left hand. See if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. Now please put both the hands towards me now, not to feel guilty, that’s very important, not to feel guilty. Now all of you, who are feeling cool or hot breeze on your hand or out of your head. Please raise both your hands, please raise both your hands, those who have felt. Ohh great.

May God bless you. Good. May God bless you all. Thank you.

You all have felt it, the experience, don’t forget it but you have to grow. Grow into it, it’s like a small seed coming up but you have to grow into it and will take at the most one month but there is no payment at all, no commitment nothing. You will feel very peaceful and happy but you must know everything about it. Within one month you can become experts, masters. Then you can help others. And they will tell you all about it. Thank you very much. 

May God bless you. 

(Have they not given the printed one-in hindi) 

Are you better now on your right hand? still there. We will put it right, you just don’t worry. You have been working very hard and thinking very much. Alright. So we will correct it for you. Alright. Who else is having problems? Didn’t get it? Alright. You didn’t get it. You didn’t get the cool breeze. Please be seated, he will see youH.he will see you. Did you feel the cool breeze, then you are alright, forget it. You felt it. Alright, those who didn’t feel, raise your hands. You did feel, you all felt it. Those who did not feel. (who?-in Hindi)Hot breeze. Alright just a minute. 

(There is problem in Agnya chakra – in Hindi). (Ask some lady to do it-in hindi). They haven’t felt. You felt the cool breeze. No. What did you feel. Hot. What did he feel.

 Alright may God bless you.May God bless you.

[Conversation with people]

Achcha (Alright – in Hindi) Call these young boys what are they saying?

(These children have been sent to play mischief, listen, refuse them. One will get realization amongst them–in hindi). You want it, really? Really want? Sure, alright (tell him-in Hindi). So who has sent you here. That’s because I am married. Did you feel the cool breeze? Did you feel the cool breeze, madam. Alright.Too much hot-tempered. I know I know everything about you and your family. Your name is (inaudible) but I know what is inside you. He has anger. Now. Alright.