You cannot purchase the person who is going to give you your ascent

Massey Theatre, New Westminster (Canada)

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Public Program. Vancouver (Canada), 11 June 2000.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, we should know what is the truth? And what are we seeking? In all the scriptures, it has been said that “Know thyself”. You have to know yourself. If you do not know yourself, your seeking will go on for ever. And that is the main problem, with the modern seekers, who are going from places to places, searching, they don’t know what, they don’t know what they have to have. Its long they have been doing it. They might have started very early and still they are going on with their trips (this word is not clearly audible) seeking which is not fulfilled. What is the reason for that? Because they have not known the truth, the absolute truth, and the truth about themselves. Unless and until you know that, unless and until you have that knowledge, it is absolutely useless running this race, or I’ll call the rat race of seeking.

The first thing you must know that knowing yourself itself, is achieved only through your last evolutionary process, the last jumping. Without that you cannot do it. Now let us see if there is any description of that. In all the scriptures, they have talked, about one thing, that is you have to ascend, you have to rise, you have to know yourself within yourself. All the great saints have said that you have to know your ‘Self’ which is inside, it’s not outside. Not by doing outside thing that you can achieve, is being clearly said. But what we are doing, early in the morning, we will get up at 4 o’clock, do all kinds of gimmicks and think that you are seeking. That is one thing one has to face, that now as it is, it’s a very important time. This is the Last Judgement. I must tell you, this is the last judgement and you have to find out what you have been seeking. Only by that absolute knowledge, you will rise and ascend and if you do not do that, you’ll be left in the lurch with all others who are still running the race. They like to do, it’s a fashion. Go to one person, then to another person and to the third person.

Now I tell you very frankly, that you cannot pay for it. You cannot pay. You cannot purchase the person who is going to give you your ascent, you cannot. That is one thing we should know. All this gimmicks of some people asking you five thousand dollars for a lecture or asking you give all your money, all your property, everything to me, all such things are really thuggery. It has no sense at all. And if you want yourself to be ruined like that, I am really warning you, be very careful.

It is important to understand the value of your life. Why are you on this earth? What is the speciality? Why should you achieve your self realization? You are so very important that at this time, at this juncture, you all are suppose to get your self realization. This is a special time and we’ve stories about it that in this Kaliyuga, in this worst modern times, people will achieve their self realization. They have to achieve it. No use running after all kinds of rituals, all kinds of readings. By reading you will not go there, by listening to lectures you will not go there. It’s a happening that has to take place and within you is placed this Kundalini, this power within you.

Now there are people who are against Kundalini. They say it creates problems. Now I have been working for thirty years in so many countries and I have never seen anything going wrong with people, on the contrary they have been very much helped because this Kundalini rises through six centres and these six centres are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. When she rises, she enlightens them. She nourishes them, also she integrates them, that’s how we become an integrated personality. This has to happen to you, not just some sort of a madness that people are doing in the name of seeking. You become a saner person, you become a better person, you become a self confident person and you understand your value, what is your value, why are you on this earth. This has to be realized and at this time specially it is the happening that has to take place, is the Kundalini Awakening.

I have to tell you very frankly about it. I’ve told you some people talk against it because they don’t know how to do it. Or maybe they are not capable of doing it. But you people should understand your own capabilities and should know what is your due , it’s your birth right to have your self realization because you are born at this time. Formerly only one person used to get realization among thousands and they used to select out of I don’t know how many. This was the problem but that’s not going to be with you. You can get your realization amass. It has worked wonders everywhere and is working very well.

I must say, I am sorry to say but in America, North America, people are seeking no doubt, but they don’t know what they are seeking. They don’t understand. If somebody comes here and says pay me so much money, I’ll give your self realization, they are quiet satisfied. Because they think they are purchasing that person. It’s a ego satisfaction. It is not the reality. One thing you cannot market and you cannot purchase is your spirit and this spirit has to be awakened within you. That has to be done. We have done all kinds of gimmicks. I have seen people trying to tell you all kinds of stories. But this time I’m going to tell you that if you do not take to your self realization, it’s going to be very difficult for you. For example, these centres look after your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. So physically if you are suffering, only Sahaja yoga can cure you. So many diseases have been cured in Sahaja Yoga, so many. We also have a hospital in India, where people go there, at a very cheap price they live there and they get cured. It can be done, it’s not difficult, but only thing you should all understand that you cannot pay for it. If you cancel only that point, most of them who have come from all over the world to loot you, or to cheat you, will run away.

In every way, I’ve seen people have tried to put absolute false ideas into your heads. And with that you should only understand, what have they achieved, what have they given, what is their aim? If you use your intelligence a little bit, you can understand that this is divine and you cannot purchase divinity, you cannot pay for it. This is a very important thing which is missing because may be we are not that subtle to understand that to get to that subtle point, how can you be, pay money?

Now I’m going to tell you as to what else can happen to you if you have missed the point. For example these are the days of terrible times. People have lost their value system, families are lost. Houses are being built according to the just need of people. There is, many people in the whole world there are who are just starving, there are wars and there are all the time some sort of a conflict going on right into the family. All these things have to end, we must have our peace. And where is the peace within us? The peace is absolutely within us, because we react, we react every time and we create a problem. If you can stop the reaction, if you can somehow become thoughtlessly aware then this competition, this…these jealousies, this petty mindedness, this treacheries, all will be stopped. Because once the Kundalini rises she reaches you to the point of divinity.  As a divine person, you drop all that is nonsensical. You just become a pure personality, very pure personality, beautiful personality which does not accept anything that is wrong. It happens, it has happened, to thousands of people and why not to you. You just get rid of all this nonsensical ideas which goes on reacting all the time.

When Kundalini rises, she elongates your thoughts and there’s a space in between and in that thought you become thoughtless. This is the first achievement, that you become thoughtless and you watch everything as a witness. You see everything as a witness. And once you are in witness, you do not react and you understand everything that helps you so much. It helps you in so many ways because that is what is your due, is your right as I have said it and you all can have it. Whatever may be your religion, whatever may be your colour, whatever may be your country, whatever it is, as long as you are a human being, you all have this right to get it and is working out in various places, why not in Vancouver.

I can’t understand that why North Americans and Americans and all of them cannot understand a small thing that you cannot pay for your self realization. It just works out. Only thing you must know what you are. You must have that understanding of being a divine personality. You can become, there’s no problem, no problem at all. You can easily become that. Only thing you should have faith in yourself and confidence in you.

When somebody tells you that you are, you have committed this sin, that sin, this and that, don’t listen to all this nonsense. Alright, whatever has been the past, has been the past. Past doesn’t exist anymore. Also the future doesn’t exist. Whatever it is, the present and you cannot be in the present even if I say, be in the present, you cannot be, but after self realization, you’ll be amazed, you are always in the present and enjoying it. So you get your peace, absolute peace within yourself. If human beings are not peaceful how do you expect peace to be in this world. It’s not possible. So this is a reformation, it’s a complete change in you. You become a different personality by taking to your self realization.

Firstly you become a collective personality like a drop falls into the ocean, it becomes the ocean. That’s how you become. You become a collective person. You don’t have to worry about anything. All over the world you’ll find there are so many people who will be your kith and kin, they’ll be your own friends and they’ll be bothered about you. Whatever help you need, they will give you. It’s such a beautiful race, is being created through Sahajayoga. Beautiful people. They don’t fight, they don’t quarrel, they love each other and the compassion that they have is tremendous. With this what happens is that because the spirit resides in your heart, your heart expands, your compassion expands and you become a very loving personality. You enjoy your self, you enjoy your company. You understand it and that is how you can love your children and you can save them.

We do not know, we are progressing in one manner, alright, but the other side is missing. Other side which is compassion, love, is missing completely and that is how our children are also getting spoilt. So many things are happening because we are not ourselves. We have to become ourselves. It’s a struggle between the mind and the brain and everything. All this gets integrated after Sahaja yoga. So you get your peace, you get your collective, but the third you get, you get is the joy. Joy is singular, it is not happiness or unhappiness. Not joy in wasting your money in doing all nonsensical thing, but joy from your own spirit and from the spirit of others. It’s absolutely in a very abstract manner that so many saints had, Sufis had, that joy which cannot be explained, also the Zen had. All that what they talked about, they didn’t do the Kundalini awakening, that’s the point is. They were all awakened people, wide awake and they had a different life and they have described it.

We just seek them and we don’t know how these people have lead that kind of a life. But they are saints, they are Sufis and they are the people who have achieved this like Lao Tse also has described about it. All these things become to us like a dream but now the dream has to come true and you have to become yourself. Tomorrow you’ll be great poets, great artist, in every field of life, you’ll be surprised how you’ll gain, how you‘ll prosper in every way because you will become a dynamic personality. Very dynamic and also you will be very compassionate, loving and a beautiful person. That has to happen not that on the street you go on singing something or that you stand on your heads. All these things are not necessary. We must have some pity on ourselves because I think you are seekers, that doesn’t mean that you end up into a lunatic asylum. No, seekers have a special position, special understanding and a special life, so value your life.

This is a very important life, at this time for you and that’s why I want to tell you very firmly that please try to respect yourself. Try to respect, try to know that you are here to get your self realization and for nothing at all. Because we need people to have peace, how will you have peace? What happens that you get connected to the divine power of love. Through this happening it pierces through fontanelle bone area. It’s an actualization I could say of Baptism and then once it becomes one with that, then the divinity starts flowing through you. And the experience you get is that in your hands, on your fingertips, on your palms, you start feeling cool breeze of the  Holy Ghost. You feel the cool breeze coming out of your head. You can call it Holy Ghost, you can call it Adishakti, you can call it by any name but is the same thing which gives you this beautiful ascent.

Now Kundalini is the reflection of that Holy Ghost, or you can call it Adishakti, the Primordial mother, and in the heart is reflected is the spirit which is the reflection of God Almighty. When the connection takes place, you are so amazed at your capability. Now see this instrument, (Shri Mataji points to the mike in front of HER) if it is not connected to the mains, it is of no use. In the same way, if you are not connected to the mains, you will not know what you are. You will not know what you are capable of and you will be wasting your life this and I don’t know what will happen by the end because now a days horrible things are happening all over and one should not be a part and parcel of that destructive force which is already working out.

So I have to request you as a mother that please pay attention to yourself and please pay attention to your ascent. So many people get realization sometimes and then they come to the follow up and all that and they’ll say what’s next, what’s next. Like you see, it’s a typically American style of asking questions. Now supposing you have become a professor then what is next, is to teach other. Or if you have become the light and is enlightenment then what you have to do is to give enlightenment to other. If you are being cured with Sahaja yoga then what is your job is to cure others. You see that’s how they go on mentally, what next now? we know about these centres, chakras and everything but what next? Next is you are that, believe that  you are that. You have the power. Believe in yourself and try to help others. We have to do it because if we have to emancipate humanity it’s a very big task. For that every one of you can help. You don’t have to give up anything. Don’t have to give up your job, you don’t have to give up your family, nothing is to be given up. But what happens is you get those powers and these powers must be used and experimented to see for yourself how much you can do even if you are young, old, or whatever it is. Whatever may be your personality outside is not affected. You become really a great person within yourself. You have those powers. With this you can help the whole world to rise to get out of this mess that we are in.

You see, I have given so many lectures, you must be knowing that and am again trying to give another lecture to you, but I think it’s time now for me to tell you that it’s important, it is very, very, aa..very, very important that you should take  your realization and work it out for others also. It’s not just to take your realization and know something about chakras and Kundalini. That’s not the point. Point is you have to become the light. You have to help the people, you have to work it out. It’s not by going to any temple or church or mosque you can achieve it. The reason is they have lost the way. They don’t understand they are there to give self realization but they don’t want to give. So it’s better that you take to realization, understand it, develop it, know it and work it out.

I hope next time when I come, I’ll find all of you as great Sahaja yogis, not few of you because you wanted to have to know more, like a school or a college. Once you are finished from the college then you don’t ask to have more, do you? In the same way if your journey is over, now give help to others. On the contrary you just don’t bother. You think that it was your due, you got it and you don’t have to do anything about it. No, you have to help others. You have to look after them. That is why you’ve got it. You may think that it is all free, in a way it is, but also it is binding that you’ve got this love, you better give it to others. You’ve got this knowledge, give it to others. You have got absolute truth, give it to others. That’s what we have to do and this is done with such love, with such compassion.

I am sometimes surprised to see people in other countries like we can say like in Austria, in Italy, people are doing so much there. After all why, why not, why not do it because it cannot be marketed, it cannot be sold out, it cannot be a business but it is such a fulfilling thing. Whatever we do, like we buy some thing, it’s for what, for joy, but the greatest joy is in giving realization to others. Nothing  like that. You just try this. Those who have got, in Sahajayoga some knowledge, should try to give realizations to others. You don’t have to ask for anything. Just you can give it to anybody who is suffering, who is seeking, is a very great thing you all can do and that’s why you are here today. Not just to waste your time and it’s not just like going from one place to another, it’s not that.

You must understand your value, and you must understand how much you can do yourself, how capable you are, all your diffidence, all of your, may be also ego is all nonsense. What you have to do is to just understand that you will become the saint, saint who will look after you, who will give realization to people, the change, who will change the life of people. Now the change, the transformation is the point and this transformation is taking place everywhere so rapidly and why not here? Why not we have that transformation and settle into it? Because you have to be mature in it. If you are not mature you cannot do it. It’s not only for you, it’s for everyone. And try to share it with others and you’ll be amazed that it’s a great, great experience. I hope today it will work out for all of you and you’ll understand what I have come to tell you all the way, just to tell you that be careful, should respect yourself. May God Bless You!  (Shri Mataji folds both Her hands, closes HER eyes and bows down to the audience) Everyone claps.

Now one thing is there, those who do not want to have it, cannot be forced, it cannot be forced. It’s like a seed, if you put a seed in the Mother Earth, it will sprout. But you cannot force it to sprout. In the same way I cannot force it. You have to ask for it. It should be your pure desire to have your self realization because Kundalini is the power of pure desire and if you have pure desire, you can get your self realization without any trouble. Of course for this, one lecture is not sufficient. I must have given thousands of lectures and then later on you can listen to them. But no use also listening to the lecture, main thing is you must get your realization, is the point.  If you don’t get your realization, what’s the use and then you must grow. Christ has said that some seeds fell on the marshy land, some on the rocks, that he was meaning the people on whom it fell. But now, you are all seekers and I am sure you will fulfill your seeking. Finish it once for all and now once you become that you can give it to others. Thank you very much. (Shri Mataji folds both HER hands, and bows down to audience) The audience claps.

So should I ask you if you want to go, you can go away. Those who want self realization, can be seated. Because one should not disturb others.  Alright. It’s a very beautiful experience. You should not be afraid of anything. Nothing to have fear, nothing can happen to you. She is your, Kundalini is your mother, individual mother, your own mother. She knows everything about you. She knows about what are your desires are, aspirations are, everything she knows, what mistakes you have committed, everything she knows. It’s like a tape recorder of everything and she knows how to give you your second birth. She is very anxious to give you the second birth. But you should allow to work it out. She will take all the trouble. When you were born your mother took all the trouble upon herself. You didn’t have any trouble upon yourself. In the same way she will look after you. She will do everything. Have trust in her. And just enjoy your self realization. 

Now if I request you one thing is to take out your shoes, I hope you don’t mind. Because in England when I said that, half of them walked out of the hall. (laughter in the audience, Shri Mataji also laughs) suppose to be very develop people, because this Mother Earth helps us. You need not take out your socks but this Mother Earth definitely helps us to suck in our problems. So please give her a chance. Please take out your shoes and put both the feet apart from each other because as you have seen there are two, two nadis, two channels and these two channels work, one on the right, one on the left. So we have to put both the feet apart from each other. Simple and just take out your shoes,  that will help.

Now please put both your hands towards me like this. {Shri Mataji opens both HER palms facing upwards and shows to audience. She also removes HER spectacles and keeps on side table. Shri Mataji closes HER eyes for a while}

Alright, now please put your right hand towards me and bend your head and see on, from your fontanelle bone area if you get cool breeze this  is called as ‘Taloo’ in Sanskrit language and also is the area which was soft bone in childhood. (Shri Mataji is keeping HER eyes closed, right hand open in lap, left hand on top of head and moving left hand above fontanelle bone area to feel the cool breeze) Here you might feel it on the sides, you can move your hand this way, that way or may be higher or in front, just try to feel if there’s cool breeze coming out of this fontanelle bone area, it is.

Now please put your left hand towards me and bend your head and see for yourself if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your head. (Shri Mataji now brings HER left hand down, keeps it open and takes HER right hand on top of HER head and moves it little above the head to feel the cool breeze) Please bend your head, it’s easier then and see for yourself with the right hand, if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood.

It can be hot, it can be cool because you have not forgiven yourself and you have not forgiven others. Please forgive others. Please forgive others and forgive yourself.  Please forgive yourself. Don’t feel guilty. You have done nothing wrong. You are not guilty. Just please have this sense of self respect and also forgive others. You may say it’s difficult. It is not. Because whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. Actually if you don’t forgive, then you do harm yourself so best is to forgive everyone. Just say in your heart, “ Mother I forgive everyone.” Now raise your hand and see for yourself if there’s a cool or a hot breeze may be coming, doesn’t matter. See for yourself. (Shri Mataji keeps moving HER right hand above HER fontanelle bone area and left hand is kept open only)

(Now Shri Mataji brings HER right hand down) Now with the right hand now again, you see with the left hand on top of your fontanelle bone area.{Shri Mataji keeps HER right hand in lap, palm open facing upward and takes HER left hand on top of HER head and keeps moving HER left hand little above top of head} If there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head. Please see, please watch it. If it is hot you must know you have not forgiven . Forgive yourself, you are not guilty, you are not guilty at all. Also forgive others who might have tortured you, troubled you but now you are troubling yourself. So better to forgive. Just say, “ MOTHER I forgive everyone.” That will help you a lot. Hmm.. (Shri Mataji brings HER left hand down now)

Now, again please put both the hands towards me. (Shri Mataji shows both HER hands open) and don’t think. Just manage, you can do it, just don’t think.

All those who have felt cool breeze or hot breeze on their palms or on their finger tips or out of their fontanelle bone area, please raise both your hands.

{Shri Mataji wears her spectacles now, looks at audience and says} “ MY God” imagine, all of you have got it, all of you. I really bow to you ( Shri Mataji folds both HER hands) to you all who have become saints. O my, May God Bless You All. Except for one or two people, all of you have got realization. Can you believe it? Have faith in yourself, have faith in yourself. Is very important that you should know what has happened to you. After this when you’ll  go to our follow up programs they will tell you what has happened. How will you know because on your fingertips you can feel your own chakras, you can feel your own centers which are responsible for different thing. People even they become mad, they don’t know. People who have cancer, they don’t know. They have any disease, they don’t know. You can find out on your finger tips. Not only yours, but of others. If you want to feel how others are, you can just see yourself and you are amazed how you can find out of others. Now absolute truth you will know. Supposing there’s somebody who is cheating you or who is a wrong type of a person, just feel his vibrations and you will know what sort of a person he is, if he is a wrong type you will get lot of heat, or you might even get little blisters. So there could be tingling, of course it goes away in no time. But you see that is how you’ll judge, absolute truth will be with you. For everything you will know through your fingertips.

Mohammad Sahib has said it, in the Quran, that your hands will speak when there will be a resurrection. I do not accept anybody who says I am a Muslim and whose hands are not speaking. That’s the main things should happen to all of you. Christ has talked about it, Mohammad Sahib has talked about it, Lao Tse has talked about it, everybody has talked about it. But so far nobody has felt it. Now all of you have felt. I really bow to you for that. May God Bless You! (Shri Mataji folds HER hands, closes HER eyes and bows down to the audience)

There will be a song also. (Shri Mataji speaks aside something in Marathi language) You all should go, you all should go. I request you, please go there, all of you, not three, four people but all of you should go and you see  for yourself, know for yourself what are these chakras, how they work it out and how you can work it out yourself.

{A Sahajayogi makes some announcement for the audience}

I think you are feeling your silence and enjoy it but I was just thinking this, give  one song and if you clap with that song. That will help you to develop your sensitivity more. You’ll become very sensitive now. You’ll be surprised and you just should know how to, how to identify everything.

{Shri Mataji explains the meaning of song Jogwa which music group is going to sing now.}

Please rise, I have given up this, I have given up all bad things. Please rise within me and that is how they say “Udo Udo Ambe” Ambe is the Kundalini and they sing like this. All over Maharashtra they sing but they don’t know what it is. Now of course they know what it is. So this is something very important to understand. It is the song for the Kundalini itself made in 12th century by this great man called Namdeva. He had written it. May God Bless You. !

The music group sings the song “Jogwa” and everyone claps.

Shri Mataji folds Her hands and says Thank you very much.{ SHE stands up from HER seat and bows down folding both HER hands. MOTHER leaves the hall holding the hand of a Sahajayogi and all the audience claps. }