Have you been able to know yourself?

New York City (United States)

2000-06-16 Have You Been Able To Know Yourself? New York USA DP-RAW, 74'
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Public Program, New York, United States of America, 16-06-2000

“…together they have been seeking, seeking, seeking, but what? And what are you supposed to get out of that seeking? You know very well in the scriptures, all of them, it is written: you have to know yourself. You don’t know yourself, that is the main point. First of all, you must know yourself. With all your seeking, with all your spending, doing all kinds of acrobatics, have you been able to know yourself? We must ask this question. Just because sometimes you feel very nice, you feel you are very peaceful, or you feel you are flying in the air – all these things, these are all gimmicks. These are all gimmicks and we have been doing all this all these years. I do not know what happens to our thinking and to our understanding of the Divine; the Divinity which is within you and what should happen to you, by which you know (first of all), you know yourself.

This country is full of seekers, I know. And what I find that, being a capitalist country, they think even Divinity can be bought, even the Gurus can be bought. If you can buy somebody, if you retain somebody, they are your servants; how can they be your masters? One has to go into it and see for yourself: what have you got so far, or you got complete conditioned into it without knowing yourself.

Today, at the very outset, I have to tell you another thing: that this is the Last Judgment. This is the Last Judgement. As a result of this understanding, I hope you will try to understand that now is the time for you to decide and to achieve your seeking. If you do not, there is hardly any time anymore. I didn’t say this before. I thought that might (a little bit) shock you, or maybe you might be upset, but that’s a fact; and it is now years together, for 30 years, I have been working on Sahaja Yoga and I find that America is a country where there is very little response to Reality. What is the reason is? They say: “Mother, why don’t you take any money away? How much are you going to pay?” This is the thing you cannot purchase! If you can realize this point: you cannot purchase. People pay thousands of dollars to listen to somebody at somebody’s lecture, but what did you achieve out of that? What did you get out of that? At least, when you go to the market, you spend some time, some money, you want to know what you have got out of it, but you have not got anything. I know some people who have become completely bankrupt. They are left with no money, and the fellow has decamped with all that saying that you should become ‘detached.’ He should become detached instead of you all becoming detached. This is how things are working out in this country even now. So many have come and gone and finished, but even now, there are many who have come to plunder. So, I have to tell you very frankly: be very careful, and understand what Sahaja Yoga is.

Saha means ‘with,’ Ja is ‘born,’ with you is this union; the Union of the Divine. And this Union with the Divine is your own birthright. Firstly, because you are born in those times when it is now a collective happening. Sahaja Yoga is working in 86 countries in a very big way, but, if you want to purchase, you cannot. It has no value in the sense it’s invaluable. You can’t pay for something invaluable. If you are paying for it, it’s wrong. It’s wrong, And whatever you have done, you have to understand (because I think you are all very intelligent people): Sahaja Yoga is not meant for stupid or the foolish, but for the people who want to see the point that they have to achieve something out of their seeking. Otherwise, it is just like a mad race going on: somebody seeking here; And I am also surprised that they say “Mother, nowadays there’s a sale on! If you want something cheaper, there is a sale on.” I mean, imagine. How can you cheapen? How can you bring Divinity to that level? How much did we pay to Christ? How much did we pay to Mohammad Saab? All of them have said the same thing (in a different manner maybe, ‘according to the time’ as they call Samayāchār), must be to make you understand. But, despite all that, the fact remains that in your seeking, you have to know yourself, which is not just some sort of a tomfoolery or some juggling, but it is an actualization of an experience. What experience you had? Like flying in the air, what is the use of flying in the air or going three feet on the road (there is no need, alright it is such a condition). All such kind of funny ideas were given to you, and how could you accept it? I am going to tell you the truth now: that it has nothing to do at all with this Divinity. But, your Creator has placed this Kundalini within you. Everyone of you has got that Kundalini within you, everyone of you. It does not matter what religion you follow, it does not matter what country you live in, whatever it maybe your position in life, this Kundalini is placed in your triangular bone by your Creator. You need not just believe Me, but you must, at least, get the experience and believe it that you can feel the All-Pervading Power of Divine Love as cool breeze. It is written in all the scriptures. In the Bible called ‘Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost,’ in the Quran it’s called as Ruh, in so many books it is called as the Power of Divine Love as cool breeze. But, without getting any experience, how do you say that you have found out? The other day, I met one gentleman, he was with one organization for 12 years, and he said,

‘Mother, I am still seeking.’

‘Why? 12 years you couldn’t find anything?’ I thought that was the last one, I said: ‘Why? Why did you do it?” Whatever is the last, it should end up with your achievement. What have you achieved? As a Mother, I have to tell you frankly that if you have not achieved anything out of all these gimmicks, better give it up. You must have your self-respect, you must know your value, you must know why are you on this Earth. For what are you seeking? Not just to play around and do some shopping here and there. Really achieve something out of you in your evolutionary process. Of course, this Kundalini, it’s a big thing, everything is extremely, extremely scientific. (So many scientists are now in Sahaja Yoga). Absolutely mathematic, perfect. But, first you get your Realization. First, you feel this cool breeze, then you can find out about it, what it is.

I am surprised, with all the advancement and development you have, how is it you have forgotten one thing: that yet you have not known yourself? How do you know yourself? When this Kundalini rises. She passes through 6 centers. She passes through 6 centers, and pierces through the (we call it) seventh one, through the fontanel-bone area, which is actualization. You can feel it on top of your head. I mean, every Saint, every Sufi has talked about it if you have read them. Lao-tse has talked about it, everyone, Buddha has talked about it – that you have to have your Self-Realization. SelfRealization means knowing about yourself. All of them has said this. Who has said that you pay for this, and you give up this and go to the jungles? Nobody. Now, this is a very important time and a very important issue in your life, for you, for your children, for your country. You have to know what is your value. What are you? Why are you on this Earth? Are you here just to waste your life uselessly, this precious human life? No, that can’t be. So, there must be something that has to happen to you, and this happening is not imaginary, it’s not mental, but actual.

Once this Kundalini rises, you don’t feel anything about it. Now, there are some books I have read against Kundalini and against the awakening of the Kundalini…they are all (I must say are) playing some tricks. For the last 30 years I have been doing this work all over the world, I have never seen such things happening – whatever is described in what they say as ‘Kundalini awakening’. From where did they get those ideas, I don’t know. Maybe, they must have tried some dirty tricks and that is how people must have suffered, I am sure of it. Otherwise, they would have just never happened, and in 30 years I have never seen, all over the world I have never seen, so how can it be that it’s that way: that we are frightened of Kundalini Awakening? She is your Mother! She is your own Mother, your individual Mother. She has no other child. And She has recorded everything within ourselves with all compassion and love like our mother; and it is like a tape recorder we can call it. It is all being taped – all your anxieties, all your mistakes, all your aspirations, all your misdeeds – all are in the Kundalini, and She wants to give you your Second Birth. She is very anxious, but She doesn’t trouble you. For example: when you were born, your mother took all the trouble of giving you the birth. Did she trouble you? So, this Mother Kundalini is not going to trouble you. She loves you. She is full of love for you. And unless and until it happens, you cannot say what’s wrong, what is wrong in Kundalini Awakening or anything, so, at least you should try to make up your mind: that, today, you will all get your Self-Realization, all of you. You have a birthright to get it as I told you, and you should get it, why should you miss it?

It is a very fortunate time that you are here. These are the worst modern times they call Gur Kaliyuga, and at this day, at this time only, you are to get your Realization, it has already been prophesized. But, it’s not the way people like something: that suddenly ‘I found light somewhere,’ ‘I was flying in the air,’ all this is nonsense. You have to become knowledgeable, first of all. First of all, when you feel the cool breeze in your hand, you know where it is coming through your fingertips here [Shri Mataji raises right hand] and you have seven chakras, same here, [Shri Mataji raises left hand] seven chakras. Now, these are two right and left sympathetic nervous systems which you see. And, you understand that when the Kundalini rises She awakens your parasympathetic nervous system, about which doctors know nothing. When this parasympathetic is awakened you become the master of that parasympathetic. You can control everything within yourself, you will know everything about yourself. For example: it stands for your physical, mental, and emotional being – all these chakras, all these centers – also, your spiritual being. So, you will know very easily, on your fingertips (very good terminology in the English language). On your fingertips you will know what’s wrong with you, what centers are in trouble. Also, you can find out what’s wrong with others, because you become really collective, not just like this – ‘We are all collective and fighting together,’ nothing of the kind. You really become collective. All over the world you become collective. You may be sitting in New York, but, you don’t know, you have friends all over the world. And not friends, but your own. They know all about you, you know about them. If you can cure your centers (which you can through Sahaja Yoga), then you can cure the centers of others. People have no faith in themselves I think, the way they accept all nonsense. You must have all faith in yourself and know for yourself that these powers are your own. For, you don’t have to pay anything, you don’t have to be subservient to someone, nothing of the kind, but you yourself become your own master; because, you know about yourself, then you know about others, and also you know how to get rid of problems of these centers.

These are very important centers within us on the parasympathetic nervous system. I must say that one has to understand: at the first meeting, I can’t tell you everything about it. But, I was amazed, countries like [UNCLEAR], countries like (of course) Russia, they have very deep, deep people. I don’t know how they have become so deep. Maybe this communism has pushed them so much that they went inside themselves. Very deep. Imagine, one day, Russia will be the greatest country in Sahaja Yoga, I think so. Of course, in India, because they know what it is, I can’t say about Indians, but otherwise, Russians are tremendously deep, and I am amazed how it is not being [UNCLEAR] in other communistic countries where there are problems. It has nothing to do with politics. It is your own growth, it is your own evolution, it is your own ascent, that you achieve a state of your own; you become something that you have never known. It is the becoming is the point, not what you just do: four o’clock you get up, have your bath, do…nothing. All these things are not needed at all, this is all nothing but what we call as rituals, or we can call it, in Sanskrit it’s called as Karmakāndās. So many of them, so many of Saints have discarded them, renounced them that: ‘don’t have all this, but get your Self-Realization’ which is so simple, so easy, it’s your own, but still, I don’t know why people do not go ahead.

There is another thing that happens like: people get their Realization, alright, then we say ‘alright, you can go to our follow-up program where you will learn everything. You can master this subtle thing, you will get Absolute Knowledge, and you should go and learn it.’ So, they go for one or two days, and they go on asking ‘What more? What next?’ Like, now you have graduated, so how are you going to get somewhere? Actually, the Knowledge is working through your nerves. Now, you have become like a professor, then what does the professor say?: ‘What more?’ He has to teach, he has to give. If we have to change the whole world, then those who get Realization have to help others. You do help. If you grow into it, you do help. It is not that I tell you, but you do help, you look after, you just manage everything on your own. You want to do it because you become so compassionate and so good. And you have the powers, so you do it. For that, nobody has to coax you or to guide you or to discipline you. You just get it, because you have got that power within you. It’s like: if you have the light, the light doesn’t give, now what I should see? It has to give light. If you are enlightened, then you have to give light, that’s all; as simple as that. ‘What more? What more…’ there is no course going on here. It is your own Being which is within yourself is enlightened, and you have to understand yourself, you have to know what powers you have got, what you are capable of. To think: ‘O, Mother, how possible? We are nothing, we are…’ – that is not the way. I am telling you, you are great, you are born in this time, and you can achieve a lot of Knowledge which is Reality. What knowledge we have is not Reality. If we had, we would have been satisfied, but we are not.

Actually, what happens first: you become Thoughtlessly Aware. When the Kundalini crosses this center, then you become Thoughtlessly Aware. That means you do not become a person who is stupid, but you see things without thoughts. You don’t react. Most of our problems are reactions. Now, supposing this is a very beautiful carpet and I like it, but supposing I am not a Realized-Soul. I watch it, I just start thinking: ‘O My God! How much it must have got.’ Supposing it is Mine, then, I would be worried that I should have insured it and all kinds of things. [UNCLEAR]. But, supposing I am a Realized-Soul and I am in Thoughtless Awareness. Then, what do I do? I just watch, I just watch, and I don’t react. And the joy that was put into this by the artist just becomes One, and you enjoy. So, you get the joy, you get the experience, you get the joy, and you get the peace. These things happen to you unconditionally, and you cannot doubt it. Apart from, your health improves (as I have said), but it’s not like a Healer shouting ‘I’ll cure you!’ this sort of thing, no. It is your own innate chakras which get cured, and you get absolutely beautiful health. I do not want to boast, but it is a fact: There are many people who are here, also, who can tell you about how they got cured out of Sahaja Yoga on their own! You become your own master. You don’t have to do anything. It just works out. Some people are also of the opinion: ‘It is too subtle for us, Mother. It is better we can stand on our heads for 5 hours – that we can do.’ So, there is no physical exertion, nothing. The Kundalini will rise by itself without troubling you and will give you this experience, believe Me. First have faith in yourself, you see, that it will happen. And it will happen, I am sure you all can get it tonight here.

There is no end to questions also. The other day, I tell them to ask Me questions. They are busy asking questions one after another: ‘What do you think of this Guru? What do you think of that mickey…’, I said: ‘What did you get out of it? Just tell Me.’ That’s all. All sorts of funny things come to your mind because you are still reacting. You are all the time reacting, and because of reaction, your conditioning and your ego plays the part. If you are conditioned that way you will react that way. If you are conditioned otherwise that you don’t like a thing, alright, you won’t like it. But why? Why you don’t like? You can’t explain. Otherwise, also, it is ego; that if there is a very big ego, and you think that ‘No! I cannot understand. I cannot like it.’ So please, be mindful about yourself. I mean, this is how we punish ourselves by unnecessarily having egoistical ideas: ‘I am great, I am this, I am that…’. And we live a very false life. Let us come to Reality. And we have to achieve that Reality within ourselves and enjoy of the Knowledge of Reality.

So, in this short time, (I don’t know) I don’t want to explain everything to you. Also, you must know, later on, about yourself. That is a very good journey about yourself when you find out what are you, what you have been, and what you should be. So, this is the Resurrection Time I am talking about, where your hands must speak (Mohammad Saab has clearly said). I do not consider them as Muslims who, at this Qiyamah Time, this Resurrection Time, do not have hands which speak. Christ has said the same. I mean, there is nobody else who has said that ‘don’t seek Yourself, don’t find out about Yourself’ (I mean Real ones it is. Unreal ones they seek money only, or, I don’t know what else they seek). So, you become a very compassionate and a wonderful, beautiful, sweet person; not only for yourself, but for all of you. I do not know how to tell you how people have been so beautiful and so kind to each other. I have never seen them quarrelling (or, they pull each other’s leg, have lots of jokes, that’s all), but never have I seen them fighting, using bad words. And such good marriages, and beautiful children. We have to have a very beautiful world, and the whole world has to be transformed. I am trying (I know My age, I am so very old), I am trying and trying for all these years, and I want that people of this country, who are supposed to be very developed and very intelligent, should understand that this time is responsibility for them to take Sahaja Yoga seriously, to develop it within themselves, and try to help the whole world. All other charities are useless. All charities are useless [UNCLEAR]. The greatest charity is to give Self-Realization to people and to enjoy it. Whatever you have read (I know you are Seekers who must have read all kinds of things), whatever you have done, just forget it. We are talking of the present. The future, of course, is not there, but also the past, forget the past. Another thing is: certain feelings that we have are really wrong. One of them is to feel guilty. What have we done to feel guilty? It is fascinating! Especially the West, people feel guilty for even…if you spill a little coffee they are guilty for life. I can’t understand! But they are, they’re very sensitive on this point: that ‘I am very guilty, Mother.’ For what? What have you done? You have done nothing wrong, why are you guilty? If you are guilty, you shouldn’t have even came. Why are you here? – like that. Now, please don’t feel guilty at all. No question of feeling guilty about anything what has happened in the past. Today, finish the past, now you have to be in the present. Second point is that: if I say ‘Please forgive everyone.’ Then, you may say that it is very difficult to forgive, but, logically, what do you do? Forgive or don’t forgive: you don’t do anything. Nothing! It is just your own mental idea that ‘Oh, I cannot forgive.’ As a result, you suffer. You suffer very much because you do not forgive. So, why [UNCLEAR]…on you head? Just forgive, forgive, and forgive everyone. Just say that ‘Mother, I forgive everyone,’ and you will be amazed, you will be relieved of a big headache that you have been carrying. I can assure you, if you get your Self-Realization: you will know what a beautiful person you are, what a good person you are. All of these horrible things like jealousies and lust and greed and all that just drop. You become a pure person, pure Love, and that is what is your dew which you should have.

So, we have to transform the whole world. We have to change this world into a beautiful world of very wise, sweet people. That can be done without any difficulty if you just accept your own value, accept your own Self. And the Self is very beautiful. In the Light of the Self, you can see so many things, because when you are enlightened in that Light, you give up automatically whatever is destructive in you, and you take to positive things which corrects you. And you never fail, that is the main thing in Sahaja Yoga, you do not fail in it. Once you have got the blessings of the Divinity, in ever venture, in every type of work you want to do, you will never fail, because there is protection to you, they are guidance to you, and also, complete enlightenment by which you see things clearly. I don’t know if I should tell you about Turkey where they had such a big, very big earthquake. There are so many Sahaja Yogis in Turkey. They are supposed to be Muslims, but they are Sahaja Yogis. And not one person died, and not one Sahaja Yogi’s house was disturbed. It has happened in many other places also, but this is a thing to tell you that you are protected. You may believe it, or not, but once you feel the Divine Cool Breeze in your hand, then you know you’re protected, this will look after you. But, you have to just feel it. And please do not condemn yourself by feeling guilty, or, also, please do not try, by any chance, to say that ‘Mother, I cannot forgive.’ These are the two conditions (if you want to know) of Sahaja Yoga. It will just work out in no time, and I think, instead of telling you anything else, why not give you Self-Realization, and it is very easy to work out. Another thing is: I cannot force it on you, cannot be forced. You have to desire it, because Kundalini is the Pure Desire in you. All other desires are useless, because, even when they are fulfilled, we do not feel satisfied. But, this Kundalini is the Pure Desire, so if you have desire, then only it can work out. I cannot force it on you, I cannot, and I will not. So, those who do not want to have their Realization should leave the hall, it will be better for others, I would request. But, those who want should stay and should get their SelfRealization and then grow into it. Because, like a seed sprouts, and it has to root. At the most you’ll take one month to become, but with dedication and understanding, if you work it out, you can become a master, no doubt. I am sure of it: you all can become masters and you can help your family, help your neighbors, help your friends, help the whole country, help the whole world. That is what your position is, that is the position of all the seekers I think, is to become.

So, I would request you to forgive everyone, and, secondly, not to have guilt. Means: forgive yourself. Just forgive yourself. Only listen to Me on these two points, and you will do well.”