Questions by doctors to Shri Mataji

London (England)

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Questions by doctors to Shri Mataji. Ealing, London (UK), 2000

(Regarding sinusitis)

Shri Mataji: So the venue (mucus) which is very tough becomes loose, and the heat is absorbed.

Dr. Rashid: Shri Mataji, would the onions need to be hot?

Shri Mataji: [Yes, very hot.]As far as you can bear it. As far as you can bear it. 

It’s a very simple thing. Especially if you have sinus, don’t travel.

Dr. Rashid: (Hindi: Shri Mataji, we made a list of questions to ask You, because sometimes some yogis ask us questions and we’re not absolutely sure about them.)

Shri Mataji: About diseases?

Dr. Rashid: (Hindi: Yes, Shri Mataji, about them.)

Shri Mataji: Chemotherapy I’m against. There’s no need. It’s a wrong thing, chemotherapy. You see, they produce heat. You lose your hair. Such a lot of heat. And other complications will come with heat, that is. But Sahaja Yoga is a very simple method. You do use heat, in the sense [that] you use camphor and also these candles. But candles should be big, thick and should give light. But you don’t put it inside the body.

Dr. Spiro: So in general, for cancer, say, surgery or radiotherapy would be better than chemotherapy?

Shri Mataji: Chemotherapy is absolutely dangerous. It goes from one to another. See – it is a left-sided problem, so chemotherapy gives you heat. With the heat, for the time being, the Left Side improves. That’s all. (But in reality it’s something else.) But you can give heat from outside. Camphor is very heating. So camphor, you can have a havan, you can have camphor, you can have three-candle treatment. But then what they do, they take such a small little candle, you know – that’s not the way. You must have a thick candle. Use a thick candle with a thick light, so the heat is given from outside. Even you can use ajwain. 

Now what is this?

Dr. Rashid: Shri Mataji, this is radiotherapy, x-ray treatment. (Hindi: Sometimes if there is cancer they treat it with x-ray, which is called radiotherapy.)

Shri Mataji: (Hindi:Nothing should go inside.) Maybe x-ray might help. But x-ray also penetrates inside the body. (Hindi; It’s useless.)

Dr. Rashid: (Hindi:Shri Mataji, this is regarding the various scans like CT scan, MRI scan. These are x-ray type scans. For example, if there is a problem or a disease in an organ, they scan it to see where the problem is. Shri Mataji, You’ve said about ultrasound that the pregnant women shouldn’t do ultrasound scans, because the realised baby or foetus can be harmed by them.)

Shri Mataji: [There is no harm in that because it’s] outside. Ultrasound, you don’t put it inside, do you?

Doctor: No, it’s just outside, but the sound waves go inside.

Shri Mataji: Doesn’t matter. That doesn’t matter so much. But there’s no need. Ultrasound is all right, but ultrasound doesn’t have the heat. What you need is the heat. [It doesn’t have heating.

Okay, what’s this epidural?]

Doctor: Epidural, Shri Mataji… [Hindi] Shri Mataji, when ladies are in labour, when they’re having a baby, going through labour pains, then an epidural is inserted in your spine. A small plastic catheter – a pipe, a tiny tube – and then you put some drugs into it to numb your nerves, to… Local anaesthetic.

Shri Mataji: I mean, there were, I’ll tell you three, four cases. One was a doctor also. And she came to Me, and she had a funny complication that her spine had contracted and there was a big, you can say, not a crack, but they said the protrusion on the inside. And she got a fright, she came to Me. So I gave her a bandhan, and I put My hand there. I told her, “You’ll have a painless delivery.” If such women, if they meditate, they’ll have painless delivery. Four, five people had painless delivery, four, five, when they came to Me. Very good painless delivery.

For example, this, My grand-daughter: she is, you know, tiny-winy, you know, and this child was about eight pounds, [and she’s so small]. She had a painless delivery. So you can do that. If she meditates, you don’t have to do all these nonsensical things; because you might spoil the spinal cord with that. It’s very delicate tissues, spinal cord.

What is the OCP? [Oral Contraceptive Pill]

Doctor: Shri Mataji, that’s the contraceptive pill, and for contraception and hormone replacement therapy. These are hormones which ladies take when their own hormones’ levels start to go down. Like oestrogens, that they take after the menopause. The hormone replacement therapy is hormones that ladies take after menopause. Once their periods stop, once they reach…

Shri Mataji: But what is their use?

Doctor: It’s to prevent osteoporosis, Shri Mataji. [Shri Mataji, after menopause, after the periods have stopped, the bones of women get weak. So doctors say that if they continue to take this hormone replacement therapy, then the bones will remain strong. The calcium in the bones is reduced after menopause, that’s why they say this is good.]

Shri Mataji: [There is no need to have menopause.] You see, I think Sahaja Yogis won’t have menopause; they won’t have. Menopause comes out of imbalance within you. That’s why it comes. If you are in balance you won’t have a menopause. I never had. I mean, I know so many people who never had.

Doctor: Menopausal problems, yes. They won’t have any problems with the menopause, Shri Mataji? No problems?

Shri Mataji: No problems. You can take calcium, soluble calcium you can take, during menopause. [That’s the time to take it.]

Doctor: [What about the contraceptive pill, Shri Mataji?]

Shri Mataji:  [That’s not a good thing.] It’s not very good. [There is no need to take this pill.]

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, should women do any kind of contraception or not?]

Shri Mataji: [They should do], but must be external. I’m against taking inside.

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, this is about allergies. When people have eczema, is it a hot liver or a cold liver?]

Shri Mataji: You see, all allergies are due to bad liver. All allergies are. Skin is looked after by the liver. That’s the basic thing. Now when, you see, a child is born, if the mother is eating food or something which is bad for the liver, or when the child is born mostly they get jaundice, I’ve seen, at a young age. Because of the hospital perhaps, maybe, they catch. So such a person gets allergies. So you must treat the liver. By treating the liver, perfected it. Anand, you see, had some allergies – My grandson. So I told him, “Anand, put some ice on it.” Finished – he has no allergies left.

Doctor: So it’s a hot liver, not lethargic liver?

Shri Mataji: It’s a hot liver. [It explodes.]

Doctor: How do we know which one is cold and which one is lethargic?

Shri Mataji: On vibrations. On vibrations you will know. See, there are symptoms connected with liver. Cold must be an enlarged liver, and hot is contracted. So for liver, best is to look after the one which is heated up, because it creates all the problems. If it is enlarged, also you can reduce it by eating something like chana, [kalinda-?] chana, and all these things. Chana is, you see, all such things which can contract. But not which can enlarge it: like rice can enlarge, then carbohydrates, you see. Also what you have is milk, [milk they made-?]. We’ll say milk gives you heat. There’re so many things like that which we take, can enlarge the thing [liver].  It is, we can say that people who eat too much of sugar: that can enlarge, because you give sugar for hot. Sugar we give for hot liver, as a treatment. But if somebody is eating too much of sugar, then it will enlarge; sugarcane juice too much. I mean, [if anything goes in imbalance, then it’s not right.] And sweets that are like you find with Bengalis, they have an enlarged liver. Why? Because they eat sweets which are not fried but, you see, are made out of this protein thing with a lot of juices. [Like they have this chom chom and this and that.] These Bengali sweets if you eat, then you have an enlarged liver.

Doctor: [So, Shri Mataji, when the liver is enlarged, is it lethargic? I mean, when we eat too many sweets?]

Shri Mataji: [Yes, it’s possible. It shouldn’t be enlarged], it is out of function then. One is overly functioning, hot one, and this is out of function. I mean that also, imagine. [They’ll get a big belly.]

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, what are the symptoms of a lethargic liver?]

Shri Mataji: [The person] will be lethargic by temperament. He doesn’t think much. [He has problems walking.] He cannot walk properly, has a very big [belly]. [Can have gases.] Just the opposite of the liver when it is hot. [He doesn’t have allergies.] For a person whose liver is enlarged, he never gets allergies, but he’s lethargic by temperament. He sleeps a lot; it’s left-sided.

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, this is about auto-immune diseases: for example, like in rheumatoid arthritis, in which your own antibodies harm you, for example, in the joints.]

Shri Mataji: [I know arthritis. In arthritis, again heat with ajwain, and] it’s also left-sided.

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, we use hot ajwain?]

Shri Mataji: [Yes, heat with hot ajwain. You can also use other heating things.] You can use candle treatment, or also you can correct your left side by putting the left hand towards the photograph and put the light, and right hand on the Mother Earth. This comes from the Mother Earth. [You can also do it by using the mantra for the Mother Earth.]

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, why is it that your own antibodies harm you?]

Shri Mataji: [No, no, what happens is you have low level of calcium, and with that your bones become like that.] There are two types of arthritis. [In one there is too much calcium, and in the other there is a deficiency of calcium.] There are two types of arthritis. [One is the one], we call it that – I don’t know what disease, which pains a lot. Gout.

Doctor: Gout? Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis.

Shri Mataji:      Yes, one pains. There’s a terrible pain all the time, on legs and on knees and all that. And another one you get crippled. So these are due to the low calcium, deficiency – the pain. Painful is due to calcium deficiency. And the other one that you have, which is due to too much of calcium.

Doctor: [The one that cripples?]

Shri Mataji: [Yes. The one that pains, in medical science there is no differentiation. You don’t have the same treatment for all.] For example, for a person, say, who has pain, you should take phosphorus. Phosphorus – in My book I’ve written about phosphorus. Phosphorus gives you heat, [and with that heat] it improves. They can take phosphorus, if you have pain. Phosphorus will cure it. And the other one when you have, it is due to over-calcium.

Doctor: Shri Mataji, in what form should we take phosphorus? In what form? In food, or phosphorus… [In tablets or in fish or food?]

Shri Mataji: In the blood. [It is in the genes. Phosphorus,] I’ve written. Have you read that now, doctor?

Doctor: I think so, Shri Mataji, yes. It’s in Your book.

Shri Mataji: Nobody has talked about it so far. But I’ve said it, that if there is phosphorus in your genes, then, and if you are a dry person, then it explodes and you get the heat.

Doctor: What can you take, Mother, to give phosphorus?

Shri Mataji: Phosphorus. Itself, phosphorus, you should. There are…

Doctor: You can buy it?

Shri Mataji: Yes, you can buy it. Phosphorus also in, we can say, in certain salts there is phosphorus. They also take seaweed; that has phosphorus. [But it gets cured just by meditating.] There was one lady who was so badly off, she could not even sit on the ground. Then I told her, you do your right-side this thing, treatment. She’s all right, she’s walking, but if she sits on the ground I don’t know. The another one is difficult.

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, this is about autism, about autistic children.]

Shri Mataji: [It’s a badha. You have to do treatment for the badha]: lemons, this thing – chillies and all that. [It’s caused by a badha.] They’re normal otherwise, they’re really normal, but they go into sort of epileptic. [Epileptic, they have a badha.]

Doctor: [This is about ME, yuppie flu, Shri Mataji.] [Myalgic Encephalomyelitis]

Shri Mataji: Yuppie disease – this is right-sided. You see, this is very common these days, because those who work very hard, also very proud of their work, and they want to behave like bureaucrats, and all that – that causes yuppie diseases. Mostly to bureaucrats; if not to bureaucrats, then also you can say, business. Top people of business, they get it. We have cured yuppies disease, we have cured. So what you have to do is to give them all the left side treatment – no, I mean, the right side for treatment, it will bring in left side in. Yes, also you must sit in the water with your right foot, put right hand towards the photograph, all right – without the light, and right foot. Also you can put ice here and the ice here. [Same as liver treatment.] Actually it’s a liver problem.

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, this is about phosphate, but You’ve already answered it. What about people with high level of phosphate?]

Shri Mataji: Anger. It explodes.

Doctor: High levels of phosphate can lead to a very angry personality.

Shri Mataji: And this is not the end of it. If you’re angry person, you get heart.

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, for women who can’t have children, should they have in-vitro fertilisation or not?]

Shri Mataji: [No, I mean] try Sahaja Yoga. [It can happen with Sahaja Yoga.]

Doctor: The inability to have children… Many Sahaja Yoginis find difficulty to have babies.

Shri Mataji: It’s all right side. Mostly it is right-sided. But for example, … , her mother had cancer and she was shocked, [so her] shock, that’s left-sided. It can be too much of left side, or too much of right side. [Hindi.] Right side also: overly educated, all the time working very hard – right side. Mostly right side. Also left side possible: for example you are possessed, something like that. Throughout Sahaja Yoga you must understand whether right-sided or left-sided. And we have very simple things to correct both the sides.

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, what is the treatment for fibroids in the uterus?]

Shri Mataji: [For that, son, there is a thing] – for anything of uterus, mostly it is a left-sided problem. Any growth in the body is left-sided problem. So what they do is to get a [vessel], they put charcoal in that, not too much – [in modern this thing, it’s easy] – and put some, again ajwain. And you keep it inside the, say, if you have a WC or if you have a bidet, and sit on that. [Burn it.]

Doctor: Burn it. Burn it.

Jai Shri Mataji. Can I ask? [Shri Mataji, [name] , who is our singer, when he sings very high, he gets pain in his head here and if he does this, down, he gets pain here.]

Shri Mataji: [He’s caught a cold, son.] But another thing I’ll tell you: sometimes you feel pressure in the brain, isn’t it? And I’ve experimented Myself on that, so … Now the, you must sneeze and your cold must go out; the cold has gone up to the head. This theory doesn’t exist for you people, but this cold if it goes to the brain you become absolutely… [What do you call ‘bhan bhan’?]

Doctor: It’s like blocked, the whole head is blocked, you know, like whole encased in something that’s pressure.

Shri Mataji: And you can’t hear, you feel so disgusted, that’s the thing. For that you must take out, you know, your cold. For that, you see, one thing I found out in Ayurveda is called “Shinkhani”. Tell her to bring the Shinkhani – Alga, tell her. It’s a small little bottle, costs you two rupees or three rupees. Should smell it: with that smelling, sneezing. You get a terrible sneezing, and you clear out. Very common in England. If you, as many people don’t wear hats, they don’t cover themselves, they catch cold. [And it goes to the head.] It’s in the head. And outside you – lungs are all right, everything all right. The head is… Very common, I’ve seen here that.

Doctor: Will this clear back Agnya, Mother? Will it clear back Agnya heaviness?

Shri Mataji: Back Agnya is again the same candle treatment. But also with this, also you get back Agnya.

Doctor: And this will clear it? Yes.

Shri Mataji: There are two types of again, cold: one is from the liver, and one from real cold. So the one which is with the liver, you know that you have to treat with ice and all that. Because you have cold, you think “Why should we treat with ice?” but you have to.

Doctor: But it’s a fluid or powder? [It’s a powder.] Shinkhani powder makes you sneeze.

Shri Mataji is saying, he’s got a head-cold.

Shri Mataji: Asthma. Asthma is again due to liver. Also it is – supposing the husband is very dominating and he also has a bad liver; because he’s dominating, he’s a bad liver, so it is added to that. Such a person gets a very bad asthma.

Doctor: The woman. From the husband.

Shri Mataji: Hot-tempered.

Doctor: And, Shri Mataji, asthma in children – [is it due to the father?]

Shri Mataji: [It’s the same. Fix their liver.]

Doctor: [Child’s liver?]

Shri Mataji: [Yes. Give sugar to the child. You know the treatment of liver: sugar,] vibrated water, all that. He’ll be all right. It’s very simple, it’s very simple.

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, You told us that eczema is due to the liver. Shri Mataji, what is the reason for the peritoneum drying out, and what are its symptoms?]

Shri Mataji: [That’s also liver, son.] Liver is the giver of heat. So if the – of course, not the other one, but the one which is overactive. [It’s due to that one.]

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, what are its symptoms?]

Shri Mataji: [In that] you just put ice, ice there. Put ice here, ice there, and it’s very good. And cold-water bath which you can give.

Doctor: For hot liver, drink vibrated water, and cold-water bath. [Shri Mataji, this is about fungal infections, especially women tend to get these.]

Shri Mataji: [Again] that is for this ajwain treatment.

Doctor: Vaginal thrush – ajwain.

Shri Mataji: Put it on the fire, some sort of a utensils or vessel, and put some charcoal in it, and then on that, ajwain, and put it in the WC. So it will come up, and you sit on WC.

Doctor: In front of the WC? [No, no – over it. Over the bidet.]

Shri Mataji: Then put it on bidet or on that.

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, what about haemorrhoids or piles?]

Shri Mataji: Piles? I don’t know, but [for piles] I’m making a medicine for them. It’s made from aloe vera, you call it? From that. But, you see, piles – you’ll be amazed, my lodger’s wife had very bad piles after the child’s birth. So I was there, she told Me, and they were all worried because she was bleeding very much. And next time I went there, they said it’s disappeared. Faith – faith is the solution.

There’s another, this, [name] from America. She had a funny disease where all kinds of thing used to grow over her intestine, and this and that. [It was a strange disease.] So once it happened, she had removed all of them – I mean, they operated on and took out all of that. When she came to Cabella she had this problem, and she arranged with the doctor that “I’ll see you”, this and that. She stayed in Cabella, and then she went to the doctor where was the appointment – it’s all not there: you know, finished. Faith – faith is very important.

It’s all the divine play. These are all external, but divine play is very great. If the divine play takes place, you know – so many people who were dead came to life, in Sahaja Yoga. Here also, that [name], she was dead and gone, and they told Me that she’s finished. I went there – you see, that you may not be able to do, possibly you should – because the Spirit is hanging around. If you can manage to locate the Spirit, to bring it back and put it in the heart, it’s all right. But I don’t know if you people can manage that part. But the [faith comes.] Faith. Faith you have to have.

[So what are these tics?]

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, [name] , who is my son, who is going to be ten years old, for a few months he does something like this with his eyes. This is called tics. Sometimes he does this, sometimes that and sometimes with his mouth. So, what should we do for this?]

Shri Mataji: [It’s caused by the Hamsa Chakra.]

Doctor: Hamsa Chakra, Shri Mataji?

Onion treatment for Hamsa. Hot onions.

Shri Mataji: [Hot onions.]

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, this is a question regarding pregnant ladies: should they go to public meetings or not?]

Shri Mataji: [Of course.] They need not work on people.

Doctor:            [Shri Mataji, if there is a doctor who is pregnant, should she work in a hospital or not?]

Shri Mataji: [Yes.] They can work, no problem; but they should not, you see, sort of bend. [If they all meditate, then it’s all right.] Every day in the night if you meditate and morning time before going, five minutes, nothing can happen to you, and you’ll have a realised soul.

[No camphor in pregnancy.] Camphor, ajwain – no. They’re all heat-giving. They should not eat anything heat-giving, you see, like papaya – it’s heat-giving. [Even fruits have their own tendencies.]

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, is an ice pack all right in pregnancy?]

Shri Mataji: [Yes, a little bit is all right.] If she’s thinking too much, it’s better to put it here (on the ego) than on the… [belly-liver]

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, should we opt for home delivery or hospital?]

Shri Mataji: You see, [if the hospital is good, then have it in the hospital. And if you have someone knowledgeable in the house, you can have it in the house. But the hospital should be good. I mean, in the hospital] if the nurses are very harsh or not clean, [that can harm. It’s better in the house, but there should be someone knowledgeable in the house.] If it’s a Sahaja yogi, another doctor Sahaja yogi can help in the house and work it out. It’d be better, [because hospitals are not good.] If there’s a good hospital – [I mean, in England they are good.] They’re all right.

Working environment?

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, during pregnancy…]

Shri Mataji: You get holidays, don’t you?

Doctor: Yes.

Shri Mataji: You should take holiday. It’s a good idea. And also you must walk. Walking is very important, because first you are active, then suddenly you’d be too inactive. So you should walk. Walking is good.

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, this is a question that doctor S. has asked regarding MS and these types of diseases.]

Shri Mataji: [What is MS?]

Doctor: Multiple sclerosis, Shri Mataji. [There is a deficiency in the fat around the nerves in MS.]

Shri Mataji: [So what happens?]

Doctor: [Can get paralysis, can also get problems with eyesight.] Multiple sclerosis, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Multiple sclerosis. [It’s muscular?]

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, it affects the nerves. The fat around the nerves is finished.]

Shri Mataji: I’ve cured, I know. I’ve cured multiple sclerosis. [The hands and legs become like this. They stumble.]

Doctor: [Yes, Shri Mataji, they get weak.]

Shri Mataji: One thing I’ve seen, very surprising: if one of the two, husband and wife, any one is possessed, the husband gets it if the wife is possessed; or if the husband is possessed the wife gets it. It’s My observation. [When the Mooladhara gets a badha.]

Doctor: [Shri Mataji, left or right Mooladhar?]

Shri Mataji: [See, it’s left, son.] You know, because if the husband is possessed, he’s not all right, he’s left-sided, so the wife gets it, not the husband. Very common. Whenever I ask them, “How is your wife?” or “How is your husband?” It acts on Mooladhara, no doubt. [Its treatment is] you should treat the wife, or the husband, whosoever is that thing, [and they should do it too if they have the possession.] You can use chillies. This for possession, I mean.

There are many diseases you get out of possession, many diseases, which doctors are not sort of aware of it. So many diseases you get. Itself is a disease, you see: to be possessed is a disease. But sometimes what they have, they get a bulge here out, the skin bulges out like that – then there’s a possession. It’s one of the signs. [All around the Agnya] you get bulges like that – one of the symptoms. In possession as you, if it is very extreme case, then you can make it out that it’s possession, you see: that they start shaking before My photograph and shouting, screaming, all that. That’s a possession. Also, person who has possession, you see, is, he’s dull otherwise, but otherwise aggressive. For doing any work or anything he’s dull, but can be aggressive. They are mostly overly aggressive on sexual this thing, mostly, and also they are wayward. They are fond of many women and this and that. On this I can give a big lecture. They have roving eyes – even slight possession can do that – very fond of women, and can create problems.

But it’s the Mooladhara. The problem is Mooladhar. You’d be amazed, Mooladhara is such a great thing that it supports your nervous system, also supports your muscular system. But they have been cured. Multiple sclerosis has been cured in Sahaja Yoga. So you must do worship of Ganesha. Also you can use [the smoke from ajwain], like as you use it for cold, you can use it for that. These days it’s very common for human beings to be like that, you see, wayward and all that, because the whole atmosphere is like that. It’s a – they’re talking about it all the time. You can call multiple – that’s why it’s called multiple sclerosis! But the trouble is, the one who is possessed doesn’t suffer: whosoever is married to a possessed person gets it. It’s a Mooladhar. AIDS is Mooladhar. [Mooladhara has countless problems.]

So Mooladhara must be kept very much safe and honoured. The marriage is a sanctity, and one should live with that sanctity. But you know, even women have so many diseases. If they go round with other women and all that, they can catch [all these other diseases that people know about], they all come from these bad women. [The diseases caused by Mooladhara], all of them come from bad women. So the whole culture is so bad that we’re in for trouble. For example, the men want to have always a younger woman, so one is discarded, second discarded, like that it goes on. All right.

Mooladhara is the most important chakra in our being. It supports us throughout. And in this one I feel sorry that the women suffer. [Multiple sclerosis comes to women from men, and to men from women, if they go to prostitutes.]

And these roving eyes also: that’s gives you Agnya. People mesmerise with that. They think it’s a power. Very dangerous. And it’s going on, I mean, in the society, specially in the so-called elegant and educated society. They like parties, to go even to flirt. Very dangerous for the eyes. And you know these viruses, these so-called, they’re nothing but bhoots, and they enter into you by so and so many sources. The whole attention has gone to something else. Instead of having self-respect – shamelessness.

I have seen My great-grandson, so small as that, he has such a sense of shame that if they remove the diaper he’d say, “Put the towel on me.” [What a sense of shame.] And there were some girls swimming in the competition. He said, “Put towels, towels on them.”

“Lajja rupene samsthita” – the mantra is this – “Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu lajja rupene samsthita.” Shamelessness is not the way. But some people are shameful, but they’re secretive. They get all this, but their wives suffer their part these.

One has to be a Sahaja yogi, I tell you, to lead a proper healthy life. And avoid hospitals and doctors as far as possible, because they don’t understand some things. They go to extremes of everything. I Myself suffered because of that. And one doctor used to come to see My blood pressure, because of Sir C.P.’s the vehicle; and every day he would come here and here to, every day. Now both My chakras are in trouble. I mean, they are working, but hands ….

Hospitals also these days are like mafia. [They are money-orientated.] They’ll take the patient, then heart check, then everything is checked, and they charge you for that. How I got this trouble, because C.P. nicely took Me to a mafia hospital and they gave Me those injections, funny type; I don’t know what the injections are. [Twenty in the stomach, ten-ten here, and in the hands five-five.]

I said, “What injections are you giving Me?” “That’s not Your lookout.” I said, “No, I want to know.”

Also, My muscles got swollen up. And the nerves that are slowing, with the vibrations they get a little bit burning. The muscles have come all right, they’re reducing. [I get “gathiya”, a knot-like thing.]

So, doctors also should not overdo things, I think. They should see to it that they don’t overdo. And sometimes they are overly cautious: like My husband had a heart trouble with a missing beat, [and after that] the double-bundle also was out of order.

So, I told C.P. that “You take, for a short time,” I said, “like that, a by-pass will tie. Do that.” They take it temporarily.

Doctor: Pacemaker.

Shri Mataji: So, he would not ask; he would not. I said, “You ask the doctor.”

But when they discovered about the heart, they said, “You have to have.”

And they were giving general anaesthesia, with a heart like that, see. So I told him that “Please tell them, if you are giving general anaesthesia, you must do this also.” They did; I must say they did it.

And otherwise he, his heart is deteriorating because he’s a very hot-tempered fellow. C.P.’s very hot-tempered. I mean he, later he feels very bad about it, but for the small thing he gets angry – you see, a kind of a prestige issue. Supposing, say, he comes to the program and he has given a seat which is not in the front, he’ll explode. This has come because of his job, you see: he was the top man everywhere, so he wants to be the top everything. This consciousness is there. And he loses temper too much: that’s how he got his heart.

And Mine is all because of thanks to doctors that I got all this nonsense. They wanted to make money out of this. [How many pounds is five lakh rupees?]

Doctor: Ten thousand pounds, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Must be ten thousand. More than ten thousand. More than ten thousand. They charged him ten thousand, more than ten thousand. [Five lakh rupees.] I asked him what was the cost; he told Me in Hindi, [five lakh rupees]. In five days.

And how stupid they were: first they said I’d high blood pressure, and they were giving Me saline.

I said, “If I have high blood pressure, why give Me saline?”

Then, thank God, doctor dreamt about Me and he came. And he told C.P. they’re all mad; otherwise he would have never taken Me out. [Thanks to My husband] – he has such faith in doctors.

Doctor: He has too much faith, Shri Mataji, in doctors; it’s true.

Shri Mataji: Now better; not that.

So, you must tell people to control their temper. See, if you get temper, then you can take a pillow, hit it hard, take out. Do something. But for temper is, I think best is to take the right-sided thing, best. To be patient. See, this is a, liver is a horrible thing. [That’s why it’s called liver], because you live with the liver.


Doctor: [Yes, Shri Mataji.]

Shri Mataji: [There is still a lot more.]

Doctor: [Yes, Shri Mataji, there is a lot more. Shri Mataji, we don’t know anything.]

Shri Mataji: [Look, “Eka hi akshar prem ka, pade to pandit hoye.”] – “One word of love, one who can read that becomes the scholar.”

My great-grandson, this grandson, great-grandson of Mine, he had that emotion, you see. So anybody would come, he’ll try to give them something to eat, something of their interest. All the time he’s thinking how to make friendship. That is the thing here. Then your love starts growing. So nice to be friendly!

But what to do? Human beings are human beings. With meditation your loving power grows, your compassion grows.

By the way today, your great mister Chris Marlow came. So, he said- I said, “Why you are not talking? “; “Because I’ve heard You are upset with me”.
“No, I’m not upset. You should be upset with yourself, the way you have been behaving. So, you stay on that house if you want to. We are not- I’ve told them not to buy the house”. And nobody would buy because unless and until, if you are worried, nobody should buy. You will not get bogus, nothing, nobody has money cash. [Inaudible]
Then I told him, “You are such a useless fellow. You remember, for making a little step like this in my room, you took how many months? “I’m better now Mother.” “No, I can see that”. The only thing, he’ll wear a suit, tie, thinks no end of himself. I told him that, “You’d better behave yourself and you have to become a good person”.
Now, two persons who are with him, I know Patrice. Horrible that Patrice, one of the worse cases we have. Patrice, the great.
Sahaja Yogi: Yes.
[Conversation in Hindi about antibiotics]