Kundalini will take you to the Truth

Parchi di Nervi, Genoa (Italy)

2000-09-04 Kundalini will take you to the Truth, Genoa, Italy, 51' Chapters: Arrival, Introduction with bhajans, Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program, Parchi di Nervi, Genoa (Italy), 4 September 2000.

First 12 minutes; bhajans and introduction in Italian.
I bow to all the seekers of Truth.
We have to know what is the Truth that we are seeking.
The Truth is that you a not this body, this mind, these emotions, nor your intelligence but you are the Spirit, which we call as Self. It is written in every scripture that you have to seek your Self. Unless and until you know yourself, you cannot know God. This is the main reason why we have so many quarrels, wars in the name of God. But now it’s very easy for you to know your Self.
As they have told you that there lies in your triangular bone a power which we call as Kundalini in India. Kundala means coils and because it is in three and a half coils it is called as kundalini. This has been said in all the religions; that you have this inner power by which you can know your Self. If it can be awakened it passes through six centres, as you have been told. These six centres are for your physical, mental, emotional being. Not only that but they sustain also your spiritual being.
This kundalini is actually your own Mother. She is your individual Mother. She resides within you waiting for opportunity to get awakened. And as your mother, when she gave you the birth, she bore all the problems, the kundalini, in the same way, also works out your Self Realisation. By this awakening, as I told you, the physical being improves, means you get over all your diseases. Even mental diseases are cured. And also, the intelligence that gives you a lot of ego, also it can solve. So whatever six enemies you have, like lust, greed, hatred, all these just drop out. When it pierces through your fontanelle bone area you get, what we can say, the actualisation of baptism. It is actualisation, it is not just a drama, it’s not something ritual, but it really happens, that you feel the cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Even in the bible it is said that, ‘I will appear before you, as tongues of flames,’. It is the same as the limbic area becomes enlightened and looks like tongues of flames.
All our problems can get solved if you become the Self when you get your Self Realisation. Even incurable diseases like cancer, and all these, can be cured. All mental problems, also problems of the married life, and other problems, outside, all of them get cured. And you become a very peaceful, joyous person. Especially our young people are so frustrated that they take to drugs and all kinds of things. Mostly they do it because they are frustrated of their seeking. But with kundalini awakening they completely get the joy of their being. And these habits just drop out.
God Almighty has created you to become Self realised. As it is in the darkness, we are lost, and we are doing all kinds of wrong things to ourselves and to others. God’s powers are of complete love and compassion but we have to get connected to the divine Power. This divine Power is all pervading. It is very subtle, we cannot feel it otherwise, but after Self Realisation we can definitely feel it. Even in Islam, Mohammed Saab has said, that when the time of resurrection will come (UNCLEAR) then your hands will speak. That means your fingers and you sixth and seventh centres, (these are five, sixth and seventh centres) which tell you what is wrong with you. Once you know about your own chakras, you have the Self-knowledge.
Now if you can cure your centres, then you can cure the centres of others also. Because a new awareness comes to you which we call as Collective Consciousness. You can feel the chakras of others because nobody is the ‘other’. Actually, we become global and we become one with this global community. Tremendous peace comes within you. We go beyond the mind which is condition, or sometimes is egoistical, and when you are Enlightened, you can see things so clearly and you can feel the subtle action of the all-pervading divine Power. Then you can understand what are all the religions, what they are teaching, and how they are all the same. This Love and compassion, this power which is uniting the whole world is within you. It is your own.
You don’t have to pay anything for kundalini awakening. It is a very simple method by which you are germinated and you grow into a big tree then. People see you so peaceful, so full of love, compassion and joy and they want to ask you, ‘how is it you have this?’
All kinds of horrible things are happening these days. It is unbearable to see, sometimes, how they abuse the children. Children are such a blessing from God, and they want to abuse them. It is in the darkness only they do like that. They can even become very evil. Because, see, if there is no light, and you have to walk out, you may trample on many people. It has been said that theses are the times of Last Judgement. Now it is for you to choose whether you want to become divine or evil. This is a very, very great opportunity for you to get your Self Realisation.
I chose Italy to come and live here because the Italians have a very large heart. I am sorry I don’t know have to speak in Italian language but maybe I might be able to speak later on. Otherwise, I know six, seven languages but not Italian unfortunately, but I am talking about the language of love and compassion. Of collective consciousness. And as you have said that you have become thoughtlessly aware. That you don’t see but you become the witness of the whole thing. By witnessing you understand the subtle joy in everything and life becomes so enjoyable, whether you are young or old. Whether you are black or white. Your human element is so beautiful; we have to just discover it.
I’m thankful to all the journalists who came down and interviewed me in such a balanced way. This has happened actually in Genoa to that extent. Maybe the sea around you gives you that feeling of balance.
I have given thousands of lectures all over the world because Sahaja Yoga is now working in 80 countries. And despite all that there is still there is so much to be told to so many people because this is absolute knowledge. You can feel on your fingertips the knowledge about others which is absolute.
Recently there is a very big organisation in America which is called as the Health Organisation and the doctors wanted to see if diagnosis could be done through Sahaja Yoga. This is a national institute of health in Washington. There was a Sahaja yogini who was not a doctor, had no education in medicine. So, one doctor asked her, ‘where is my problem?’ So, this yogini put her hands towards him and said,’ There is something wrong with your heart’. And he was amazed because he had a surgery only about a month past and had a bypass.
Now also if you know how to cure your heart, it’s quite easy. Nothing is difficult once you become the Self because all the powers of the Divine can work through you. And there are so many miracles, which I cannot describe today, but so many miracles which work out your life so well.
I want to thank the people, the young people of Sahaja Yoga, who have organised this beautiful programme for your Self Realisation. Genoa, I always wanted to come but they have made it possible that I could meet you all.
Now, you will know a lot, all absolute knowledge you can have through Sahaja Yoga. You don’t have to pay for it but what you can do is verify everything and then believe in it; no blind faith is needed.
I’m very thankful to you all that you could come and that I could meet you all here.
We can have now the session of Self Realisation, which will hardly take 10 minutes.
But as I told you, you have to choose; I cannot force it on you. As you cannot force a seed to sprout, I cannot force Self Realisation on you. This is the blessing of your own seeking.
The time has come for all of you to become divine. To enjoy yourself. Make others enjoy you. The compassion and love; the divine force once it comes through you, you can do lots of good things to others.
I would request all those who don’t want to have their Self Realisation please leave the place; it would be better.
If you have any questions, you can write to me, I will try to answer.
I actually live in Italy, very near, a place called Cabella; you are all welcome there.
Thank you very much.
As I told you it is very, very simple. Whatever age you may be, whatever religion you have been following whatever has been your faith, all that, it will not hamper you because the force of Kundalini is very great and She will take you to the Truth. We have to solve the problem of human beings and the global problems.
So, first thing I have to request that you may have to take out your shoes because this Mother Earth is a very great thing, she sucks in all our problems to begin with.
You have to just put your hands towards me, like this, because these fingertips are the ends of the sympathetic nervous system and they are demonstrating your chakras, your subtle centres.
(They have got their Realisation!)
Very easy for Italians to get Self Realisation!
Now first thing, the only condition you have; first of all, to forgive yourself. If you feel guilty it is very wrong because it blocks this centre on the left-hand side. If you have done some mistakes it was in the past. We are talking of the present. So please forgive yourself, fully. How? By saying in your heart,’ I forgive myself.’
Another thing you have to do is forgive everyone and how you do that, just by saying, ‘Mother I forgive everyone.’ Also, logically, what do you do by not forgiving? Whether you forgive, or don’t forgive, it has no meaning. But if you forgive there is one saving point, that you do not suffer under the pressure of anger, or hatred, or anything like that. So just forgive them, forgive others. That’s the best way of getting rid of their problems.
Now, just put your hands straight towards me for a while. (Just a little higher, a little higher.)
Now, please close your eyes and put your right hand on top of your fontanelle bone area. Bend your head. Little bit bend your head.
Now put your right hand towards me and with the left hand you see, on top of your head, on the fontanelle bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood, if there’s a cool, or a hot breeze coming out of it.
You move your hand a little higher, and on the sides, and you will see if there is a hot, or cool breeze is coming. It is hot because you have not forgiven, yourself or others.
Later on, you’ll know everything about it.
Now put your left hand towards me and with the right hand, bend you head, with the right hand, see for yourself if you can feel cool or hot breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood.
Now put both your hands towards me. You’ll feel the cool breeze, or the hot breeze on your hands, or fingertips. Some of you might get the breeze coming from the hands, down below.
Now open your eyes, please. Those who have felt cool breeze on their fingertips, on their palm, or out of the fontanelle bone area, please raise both of your hands.
The whole of Genoa has got it, I think. So beautiful.