Public Program

Turin (Italy)

Public Program, Teatro Regio, Turin, 12 September 2000.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. All the scriptures and all the masters, real masters, have said that you have to know yourself. They have also said that if you don’t know yourself you cannot know God. But how to know yourself is the problem.

Because they said your Spirit, your Self is within yourself. If it is within yourself, then how to enter inside is the problem. For which our Creator must have done some arrangement. And that arrangement is that in your triangular bone, known as sacrum, there is a power called as Kundalini. This is called Kundalini because Kundali means coils, because it’s coiled in three and a half coils, that’s why it is called as Kundalini.

This Kundalini, if it is awakened, then it passes through six centres, subtle centres, and pierces through your fontanel bone area. Whatever faith you may follow, whatever religion you may follow, whatever country you come from, whatever may be your race, all of you have got this power within you very nicely (…).

To awaken this, you don’t have to do anything. Anybody who is already enlightened and awakened, can awaken your Kundalini. This Kundalini is your Mother, She’s your individual Mother, your own. Not only that, but She knows each and every thing about you. She knows your past and she knows your aspirations. So, as you know, when you were born, your mother is the one who took all the trouble to give you a birth – in the same way, this Mother of yours takes up all the trouble and gives you the second birth.

Now, these six centres are responsible for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. So, when She is awakened, She passes through these six centres, and gives you health, also wealth, plus She grants you complete peace within yourself. And also She gives you a complete balance. Emotionally She settles you down and many people who were suffering from psychological problems have been cured. So, one has to know that if you have to become the Self, you have to have awakening of the Kundalini which is within you. It is your birthright to have your self-realisation. That is the last breakthrough of our evolution. If this instrument (microphone) is not connected to the mains, it has no meaning. In the same way, if you are not connected to the all-pervading Divine power, you have no meaning.

This power is called by different names: in the Bible it is called all-pervading power of Divine Love. And in Koran it is called Ruh. And in the Indian scriptures it is called as Paramchaitanya. This is the power that gives you the connection with the Divine power, which is all-pervading, which is very subtle. It is so very easy, and so very spontaneous. But after getting realisation, in a split of a second, you should know that you have to grow like a seed grows. Not all the people – but some of you definitely have to work it out, because there may be problems in your centres. On your fingertips you can feel the different centres.

Now this is a special time of Last Judgement. It is the special time of resurrection. Even Mohammed Sahib has said that, “At the time of resurrection, Qiyama, their hands will speak”. So what happens to you after realisation, that you become tremendously creative in every walk of life. You’re amazed at yourself that you had all these qualities within you which were not clearly expressed, but suddenly you will be aware that you have tremendous dynamic capacities.

Of course you don’t have to pay for that. Because how much do we pay to the seed to be sprouted? It’s a natural course of our evolution which takes place spontaneously, because this is a special time. You all are very lucky that you are born in this special hour, to become self-realised.

So on your fingertips you will know also your own centres who are in trouble. That’s you have self-knowledge. Also with this you develop a new dimension in your awareness, that you become collectively conscious. That you can feel the vibrations of another person on your fingertips. Now, if you can cure yourself, cure your centres, you can also cure the centres of others. That is how you become collectively conscious, or part and parcel of one being.

Then, there is no scope for fighting, quarrelling; does your one hand fight with the other? Actually, when Kundalini rises, it’s such a cleansing force that She defeats all your enemies like greed, anger, jealousy – everything is finished. And you become pure personalities. This purity is very much needed today in this world. Today, as you see, the world is full of turmoil, and all kinds of conflicts are going on. In the name of religion, or maybe in the name of God, in the name of some sort of a land. It is because human beings are ignorant – but once they know what they are, they’ll be surprised at themselves: they are pure Spirit! Then you will realise you are not this world, this mind, these emotions, intelligence, but you are the pure Spirit.

And also you can give realisation to others. That Sahaja Yoga is spreading in 86 countries, they say. Actually I’m very bad at counting, so I cannot say how many are Sahaja yogis. The main understanding should be that we have to transform human beings, to feel the unity among ourselves. It’s a global oneness one has to experience and feel within oneself. That is what you are. As one candle which is enlightened can enlighten many candles, you can do the same. And why not do it to overcome all our so-called problems?

The thing is so far we have been in the darkness. If you are in darkness, you’ll not know with whom you are sitting, how you are to go out, you will not know anything! And in darkness people do all kinds of violence, all kinds of cruelties, but when there is light, they realise that we are all one. All the nations have to work out this unity among themselves – which is quite possible. If the heads of the states can get their self-realisation, there’ll be no fighting. Now we have certain states where the heads are self-realised.

So as I told you, the whole concept of savings and greed and all that drops out, and you become a very self-confident personality.

Moreover, with age you become sick, all the problems come up, because we react. We react because when we see something, we have conditioning about it, or we have ego. This reaction is artificial. And I would say there are carpets very beautiful, and I look at them, but I don’t react, I just witness. So what do I witness is the joy, joy of the artist who has put it in the making of these carpets. And in that witnessing I enjoy everything. That’s you get your peace and complete faultless enjoyment. This can happen to all of you. And it’s your right to have it.

I’ve come here for the second time after a long time. In the beginning only I found that here in Torino you have some kind of negative forces working. There might be some black magic or some sort of a tantrism that can operate here. Moreover, there are many, many false people who talk about God. They want to make money, they have no love for humanity. So you have to be very careful, and if you get your realisation, immediately you will know who is false and who is true. Because you get absolute knowledge. Like recently in America there is a (medical?) organisation called as National Institute of Health. And they wanted to know how, through Sahaja Yoga, without any examination, without any kind of, I should say, a great deal of search, you can find out the disease in a person – diagnosis. So one doctor asked a lady, who is a Sahaja yogini, “what’s wrong with me”. And she said: “Something wrong with your heart.” And he said: “Yes, I had a by-pass only a month back”.

By Sahaja Yoga, so many diseases have been cured. Drug addiction has been completely cured. Now I live in Italy, in Cabella, and I have purchased a place to help the drug addicts and alcoholics. They have to just pay for the food and for their stay and for the doctors – it’s not much – but still we are struggling with the bureaucrats. All this can be done very easily if you all people want it. There are so many social problems in India, here, everywhere, so we have to attend to it through the power of Divinity. And in Sahaja Yoga, these powers can work to solve the problems.

So, by having the realisation, first of all you get absolute knowledge. Also you get a complete oneness with others, unity with others, collectivity. And you develop a witness state where you become thoughtlessly aware. You enjoy your silence inside. People are ageing because they have a psychological problem. They react too much. But if you could be completely (…) and if could be in a realm of thoughtless awareness, the age doesn’t come up. So all this is there available to you, which you should try to get it.

Nothing to try, is to accept. With this you are filled with peace, complete peace. All the world today is talking about peace, but they don’t know how to achieve it.

And above all you become very joyful. And the small drop of water falls into the ocean of love. All your limited personality, which worried about the race, worried about the country, worried about all kinds of things, becomes the ocean. By coming into Sahaja Yoga, becoming a realised soul, you’ll be amazed you’ll understand Tao, Zen, Christian, Christ’s life, also you can understand Islam, Mohammed Sahib, all these people you can understand very well. You have tremendous respect for all of them, because all religions say the same thing. That oneness you have to achieve, which is very easy to do. I would like all of you to get your self-realisation. But those who do not want I cannot force you. It cannot be forced, you have to ask for it.

Your Kundalini is pure desire, all other desires are not pure. Supposing you desire for having a house, but once you get a house you want to have a car. Get a car, then you want to have an airplane. Like, goes on and on. You are never, never satisfied. Because that is not your pure desire. Your pure desire is to become the Spirit.

So may God bless you all, and I would like you to receive your self-realisation. But, as I said, I cannot force on you. It will hardly take 5 to 10 minutes, but those who don’t want to have their self-realisation should please leave the hall. I assure you that all of you are quite capable of getting their self-realisation.

Now, those who have any questions or problems, they should write to Me. And I will try to attend to it.

So I’ll wait if you have, if somebody has to go. (Aside) Wonderful people there.

Now, first thing I would request that you have to take out your shoes, because Mother Earth is very helpful. She sucks our problems. She sucks our problems.

Please put your both the hands towards Me like this. I’ve to make another request, that you should not feel guilty of anything. If you feel guilty, then a centre on the left hand side here gets into jeopardy. If you have done any mistakes, all right, it was in the past. And the past doesn’t exist. So why should you worry now about what you have done? If you were really guilty, you would have been in jail, you are there! So you must have respect and love for yourself. Now there’s another thing, that you must forgive yourself, if you have done any mistakes.

Also now you have to forgive everyone. Even if they have harmed you, they have troubled you, you please forgive them. Because the centre here, which is on the optic chiasma, gets completely closed if you don’t forgive. So please forgive everyone, and it will open, it will open. So My request is that you forgive yourself and forgive others. You don’t have to do anything, only say in your heart, “Mother, I forgive myself and I forgive all the rest.”

Now, please, keep both the hands like this, open. Now please raise your left hand on top of your fontanel bone area, which was the soft bone in your childhood. You may a little higher, and move it… Just move it, and see if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your own fontanel bone area.

Now move your left hand like this, and with the right hand now you bend your head and see if there is a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area, which was the soft bone in your childhood. Bend your head, please. If it is hot, that means you have not forgiven yourself, or you have not forgiven others. So now, please, forgive yourself and forgive all other people who have harmed you, troubled you or tortured you.

Now take the right hand like this and put the left hand, again bend your head and see for yourself. If there’s a cool breeze coming out of your head, or hot breeze is all right, but try to forgive yourself and all the rest.

Now again please put both the hands towards Me. Some of you might get cool breeze below your palm, so you have to move it and bring it up like that. Now raise your hands little more.

Now those who have felt cool or hot breeze on their palms, or on the fingertips, or out of their own fontanel bone area, please raise your hands, both.

All of Torino have got realisation! May God bless you all.


Thank you. They will (sing) one song, which was written in the 16th century by a very famous poet called Namadeva, who said that: “Oh Mother, give me the Yoga, the union with the Divine.” And also it says: “I’ve given up all that was wrong, and please, raise my Kundalini – Udo, Udo Ambe – please raise my Kundalini”. That’s what is a very beautiful song, and you should clap with it, so your vibrations will improve.

(The bhajan group starts singing “Jogawa”, and “Aspettando Lei”. Then Shri Mataji leaves the hall).