Milan (Italy)

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Interview, Milan, Italy, 2000-09-19

Interviewer: To be born a realized soul is a gift from God.

Shri Mataji: Of course. Of course. Apart from that these days are many children who are children of the Sahaja Yogis are born realized. Yes, it’s very surprising that I think all the great souls want to take birth with the Sahaja Yogis. Interviewer: What is your opinion about hatha yoga? Hatha yoga is a thing which was preached by or written by Patanjali thousands of years back. And in those days, first they used to cleanse the person. It is Ashtanga, eight. There are eight Anga, means parts. And one of the parts is the wee bit of that is this exercise, the physical exercise.

Shri Mataji: So his style was to cleanse a person first physically, then mentally, then emotionally, go on and on and on. And then he would get realization. One in a million would get realization. That was the tradition. So I have thought of the modern times. People have no time for anything. So Sahaja Yoga is a very quick method. First get your realization and then you correct yourself. And no obligation. You yourself know about yourself.

Shri Mataji: For example, some Sahaja Yogi might come and say, Mother, I have a very bad Agnya. It means I have a very bad ego. But normally nobody says like that. That I am full of ego. But nobody says because suddenly introspection starts. And you want to correct yourself. And you know how to correct. Interviewer: So how do we come to the balance between the love for ourselves and love for others? You become love, that’s all. I mean your self is lost like a drop in the ocean. Your self is lost in the ocean of love, say. So all limitations drop off. You become love.

Interviewer: She says it looks simple but it is very difficult. When somebody hurts you, then one tends to react.

Shri Mataji: You see, if somebody hurts you, it is you forgive in the easiest way. But if you are going to feel it, then he is stronger than you. Just forgive. That you will learn in Sahaja Yoga very easily. It’s fun.

Yogi: She wants to put a question to me personally.

Yogi: I must say that I had a very strong experience. I was at a public conference of Shri Mataji 18 years ago in Rome.

Yogi: As soon as Shri Mataji entered the room, there was a kind of recognition. It seemed to me that I had always known her.

Yogi: Then Shri Mataji gave me this experience of awakening. I immediately felt these vibrations.

Yogi: But more than anything else, I felt inside, apart from this peace, this serenity, a sense of lightness.

Yogi: It seemed to me that it lasted even for several days. It seemed to me to walk down the street, to be lifted from the ground.

Yogi: People who knew me also told me that I had a new light on my face. It was an incredible feeling.

Yogi: It was like falling in love.

Yogi: It was better. Interviewer: How did the journey continue?

Yogi: Let’s say that a few days later you start to think about your ego.

Yogi: It was really our worst nightmare. You start to wonder what you were doing.

Yogi: I went home, I closed all the windows to see if the breeze was real or if there were splashes or various air-conditioning.

Yogi: Then you realize that reality is this.

Yogi: If you put your hands on a person and feel his vibrations, if you feel this finger, it means that it is the liver of that person.

Yogi: Then you go to the big one.

Yogi: You feel the relationships with the Sahaja Yogis.

Yogi: I could say that it is the paradise on earth.

Yogi: But no one gets there, because no one can realize it if they don’t experience it in the first person.

Yogi: I am saying that Sahaja Yogis is like the paradise on earth.

Shri Mataji: There is paradise within us, ourselves. We just seek it. It’s true.

Yogi: She wants to have it.

Shri Mataji: All right.