Without knowing the Self you cannot get rid of your problems

Royal Albert Hall, London (England)

2000-09-26 Without knowing the Self you cannot get rid of your problems, London, England, 51' Chapters: Introduction with bhajans, Talk, Self-Realization, Bhajans after program
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Royal Albert Hall Public Program 2000

I bow to all the seekers of truth. In these modern times it was prophesized that many, many people will be seeking the truth and you can see the proof of that. Many people will be seeking the truth because they will be fed up with the untruth, also they may find out that lot of superficial stuff is there, which is not satisfying at all. Is the blessing of these modern times, though we say modern times are the worst. Because of its oppression, because of its problem, people want to know the truth and they will know the truth also already. Also you have to know the truth about yourself. I have told you many times that the truth is that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not these emotions, but you are the pure spirit. That you are, all of you are, it’s not just a story I am telling you, it’s a fact. But when they say you should know yourself. In all the scriptures they have said one thing common, you should know yourself. Because if you do not know yourself how will you know the Divine? So first you must know yourself and the Self is within. The problem was how to enter inside to know the Self, to feel the Self, to feel the power of Self you had to go inside. And without knowing the Self you cannot get rid of your problems. It is said in all the scriptures, all the scriptures. In different languages, in different ways. Is the fact is we do not know ourselves.

For that we should not blame our Creator, because the Creator has beautifully arranged within us a power, which will make us know ourselves and this power is in the triangular bone at the base of the spinal cord, known as Kundalini. About Kundalini many people knew it long time back. I must say there was Markandeya, who was 13 thousand years back, he has talked about Kundalini. Adi Shankaracharya has talked about Kundalini and later I must say there are at least 16 to17 great saints, 17 who have talked about Kundalini in the 16th century. One of them was Guru Nanak, who has clearly said that you have to seek it within and Kabir who is also included in the Grantha Sahib has said (laughs) it is the Kundalini that can give it. All of them have said the same thing. Maybe it’s not in the Bible, maybe it’s not in the Koran. But something that is said in the Koran is also very, very great. That at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. This is the experience, experience of yourself, of your spirit, and that has been described in the Koran. Unless and until you feel it you are not a Musselman. Musselman means the surrendered personality. It is something surprising, in all the scriptures these sayings, though they wrote in poetry and there was such a pressure on them still they have said it. Now this Kundalini is there, I knew about since My birth. And I found that anybody who was a self-realized person, who was a highly evolved person, was tortured, was really made to be a outsider of the society. They did all kinds of things to all these great saints and troubled them and very few recognised them. But despite all that they have written beautiful things, beautiful books. If after self-realization you read them you’ll see that they are singing what you are feeling.

So the first thing is, you have to have the experience. Whatever people may say this is wrong, that is good, is not the point. The point is, did you get the experience on your fingertips? Did you get the experience out of your fontanel bone area? You have to get it. Nobody has to certify, it’s you who has to feel it yourself, this experience. This is the truth, and if this truth works out in you then you will know. You will know the reality, you will know the absolute truth. Absolute truth. Whatever you will know through this cannot be challenged. The other day in America in a very big organization called as IMU, something like that, which is working out all kinds of alternatives, and there when doctor asked one Sahaja Yogini, who was not a doctor, “All right, tell me on your fingertips what’s wrong with me.” And she said, “You have a bad heart. There’s problem in your heart.” And he was surprised because he said, “Only one month back I had a bypass, bypass surgery.” So you can imagine how on fingertips you can say what’s wrong with you and what’s wrong with others. Absolute truth, you can feel it on your fingertips.

This is the experience of a person who is a realized soul, who has got his self-realization, who has known himself and the Self, the Spirit, is working as vibrations. As vibrations from your hands and out of your fontanel bone area. This is the actualisation of baptism. Here what you feel is the cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. This works out very well with people who are seeking. Those who are not seeking is difficult. But those who are seeking the truth it works out very fast and also they develop a personality, which can be that of masters. Because after happening this, they want to create more people, they don’t want to keep this knowledge to themselves, and they enlighten other people.

For your information I have to tell you, they say that Sahaja Yoga is now in 86 countries, whatever it is, it might be in 86 countries, but how did it spread? I didn’t go to all these countries. These people who got realization, they went there and they gave them realization. And in a far-fetched country like Benin we have nine thousand Sahaja Yogis. Very surprising it has worked out this way all over the world, so the whole thing is for global manifestation, it’s not for England or for one place. I know that there is a basic problem in England, which I must tell you. You see the English were there in India for so many years and for Indians, England is the heaven. And all these horrible gurus, false gurus, they first came to England. All of them attacked, all of them attacked you and such negativity came with that, that still I find that people even if they get realization they do not grow they do not feel the urge to grow. So many false people, they came here, settled down here, and did all kinds of wrong things just to make money and spoilt your Kundalini, spoilt your central path. Perhaps you do not realise, of all the places why did they come to England only? They didn’t go to any other country, Italy nobody came, Germany, Switzerland nobody came, Austria nobody came, Spain nobody came. They all came here in this small country because they thought if we can overpower these people we’ll be very powerful. And that’s how there’s a terrible negative force working in this country. They have left it for you to suffer. All that negativity acts against you. Only Sahaja Yoga can save you from all these negative people. They are the ones who created blind faith, made money, they are cheats. They not only cheated you but absolutely completely, I can say, they have looted this country. I know of one gentleman also, a guru, whose disciple came to Me. And he told Me, “We are just now eating only potatoes.” I said, “Why, why are you eating only potatoes?” “We have to save money.” “For what?” “Because our guru says we have to give him one Rolls Royce.” I said, “I don’t understand, why should your guru ask for a Rolls Royce? What is the need?” So he said Mother “See now, we are desperate to get spirit and if we have to give him something like steel, what is wrong in that? He wants steel. So we are saving money to buy that Rolls Royce for him, he already has 50 this will be the 51st “

There are many like this who came here and established themselves. They have ruined the lives of so many people, they have harmed so many people. So one of the things I have to tell you that, you be careful. You are under attack and you should only try to develop the truth within you. I see many a times, I come here, the whole hall is full as it is today and people get their realization, they all feel it. They all feel the cool breeze in their hand and also feel the cool breeze out of their fontanel bone area, no doubt. But after some time, they do not develop, they do not grow. You have to grow. Like a seed that sprouts has to grow, and for that you don’t have to pay anything, nothing, but you have to little bit attend our centres or something. To develop it. You must develop that depth within you and then you become a master and when you are a master what happens? You become creative, you start giving realizations to others, you start looking after others, you start curing others. All kinds of things you do. Apart from that the creativity goes to this extent, that I know people who had never known any language so well, they were say, financing people, economics, and suddenly they become great poets such creativity comes in to them. They see the, I have seen people taking to painting and all kinds of art, they get it. And the people who are artists can become architects, can become also great financing people. Such a balance works out and a personality develops into very, very beautiful balanced manner. So if you are an artist, not only that you develop that particular area, but you become much more than that. I know of a musician who came to Me and I was surprised that after realization he has written a very beautiful book about Indian classical music, with all the mathematical calculations. He has never done mathematics in life. So all this knowledge comes for you, from your own Torsion Area, as Einstein called it. Einstein was one day trying to find out the theory of relativity but he couldn’t find it. He was so fed up in the laboratory, so he came home and sat in his chair in the garden and was blowing bubbles of the soap. And suddenly he sensed from somewhere unknown, “The theory of relativity dawned upon me.” That unknown he called as Torsion Area. You all have that Torsion Area and you all can reach that Torsion Area, only that connection has to be made.

Now this Kundalini is the one, she makes your connection with that Torsion Area. She is the one that gives you that that power to know absolute knowledge, absolute knowledge. And you know the reality of everything. Now whatever problems we have are more sort of embedded in us. Like we have jealousies, we have lust and greed and all those things. Suddenly you become a saint. You don’t know how you have become a saint. You just get rid of all these stupid things that you have been doing and you become a beautiful personality. Extremely beautiful, the greed, the lust and all these nonsensical things, which are self-destructive just finishes. All your constructive powers suddenly rise how they come up no one know, and all destructive things go away. I don’t tell anybody, don’t do this and don’t do that. No, not at all, because half of them would leave there. But it’s just, after realization, they give up. After realisation they give up and the power you get, is the power of compassion and love. Not the power of destruction, but the power of compassion and love.

It so happens that (you) become also collectively conscious. When you become collectively conscious what happens is that you can also feel the other. Who is the other? You become like the ocean when a drop falls into the ocean. So now you are an ocean of love and affection and who is the other? So you develop this collective consciousness by which you know what’s wrong with others. If you have cured your wrongs you can cure their wrongs also. That is how this becomes a very global action, it’s a global behaviour it’s a global attention. You put your attention anywhere, it works out. They call it a miracle, I don’t. Because now you have become realized souls, so you are yourself a miracle and whatever you do will be miraculous. So one has to understand these powers are within you, that you can become collectively conscious. If you see in this world there are so many problems. Personal, even country wise, national, all kinds of problems. But most of them come from human beings, most of them are made to work by human beings. What you have to do is you understand that all these human problems should drop. If they are finished you become beautiful human beings. You are beautiful, you have to have only the knowledge of the Divine, that’s all.

It is not that you can pay for it, you cannot. How much do we pay for the seed to sprout? It sprouts by itself. In the same way the Kundalini comes up by itself, you don’t have to do anything. People have asked Me “Why is it free?” I said, “All right, tell Me how much we have to pay?” I can’t understand. They can’t understand how everything could be free, why not? After all you have seen whatever living process is, always free, and this is the last evolution of human beings. Where you jump into a new awareness, which we call as thoughtless awareness. Thoughtless awareness is a state of mind where you look at anything you don’t think, you just watch. You become a witness, just a witness. You watch, whatever is there, you watch. You do not react. Many people say, “Mother, you look so young.” I don’t know, must be, but it is one reason, I never react. I just see, I just witness and that witnessing power cures the thing, cures the problem. So you become so powerful with that witness power. You just become a witness of everything and the enjoyment. Now for example such beautiful carpets are spread here. I see them, very beautiful, I don’t have to react. Anybody who will see that would say, “All right, how much has it cost? From where it has come? If it’s mine I will be more worried.” But I don’t, I just watch the art. The art that is produced by the artist and the joy of the artist, I enjoy. So you become joyous, full of joy. In everything you see such a lot of joy that you never get tired of life. You are never bored, you always enjoying everything, small things to big things. Just by your witness state, these flowers, anything you see. If you don’t have this power of attention they are lost to you, they are nothing to you. But if you have that witnessing power, then you really enjoy, you get the essence of everything as enjoyment.

And then you have also collective enjoyment. Collectively you enjoy. You do not enjoy alone and your perception becomes so beautiful, you become so collective. Now all of them are, I think, not Indians, I think none of them are. But how they have picked up Indian song and how they rhythmically, it s very difficult to sing Indian song. How rhythmically they are playing, how beautiful they playing, how did they get it? And also English, they have western music with them, they can play western music also. So to come into art is very important. What I find nowadays because of so much of a mechanical life, people have forgotten about art. Art is the joy-giving thing and once you become Sahaja Yogi, is to find a beautiful understanding of art. And you can really enjoy that art within yourself. Nowadays people are doing some cheap type of music, because people like that kind, but if they become deeper, they will enjoy the real classics, the real ones that were produced for your enjoyment. So we become elegant people, we become people with very classic tastes, and we do not condemn anyone. We do not say that he is wrong, that is wrong, we know how to enjoy everything. We don’t have just a measure, or a, you can say, a very limited ideas about things.

For example, a westerner won’t like a carpet, which is all full, they are spaced out. So they want to have everything spaced, if it is not spaced out then they don’t like it. I have seen that, but after realization, they just enjoy. These are like flowers all spread. So these limited idea that we have from different books, or maybe from different families whatever it is, and they just disappear and you start enjoying the joy of all the artists who have produced it. Nowadays the artists are finished, very few artists are there. Why? Why are they, why can’t we have Raphael, why can’t we have Mozart nowadays, why? What has happened to human beings? Because, very simple to understand, they are not self-realized. They could not produce those classics, which all those artists produced, they were born realized and they did all this beautiful work for us. Now, if you do not have realization, whatever you produce will not be globally accepted. It will be accepted only when you do something, which is expressing the joy within your heart, expressing the compassion that you have within your heart.

Also I have seen many social workers, I don’t know what sort of social worker are there. They are fighting for this and fighting for that, how can you have that kind of social worker? You have to have social work when you have heart for them. You have heart felt feelings for them, when you have real compassion for them. And people think “Where to get this compassion Mother”, it’s within you, it’s all within you. You don’t have to go anywhere for that, it’s all there. You are a human being specially created. Specially created. And this Kundalini is your Mother, She is your own Mother, She has no other child but you, and She is all the time watching you, She knows all about you. She knows what is your past, what mistakes you have committed, what good things you have done. Also She knows what are your aspirations, where you want to go. She is the Mother who gives you your second birth and in this second birth you don’t have to get any trouble. You don’t get into any trouble, why? Why it happens, because this is the Mother that takes all the trouble. As you were born, your mother took all the trouble of your birth, in the same way this second birth takes place. And with this second birth what happens is that you become a very transformed personality, a very different personality. And you are amazed at yourself. “What has happened to me? I am so changed, I become so quiet, I become so joyous, I become so peaceful.” People talk of peace, peace, peace. How can you have peace with people who have no peace within? First of all you have to have peace within yourself, and that is established through the Kundalini awakening.

As it is, I have given so many lectures in this hall, before also. But now I have to tell you, that if you do not know yourself you have missed the point. You must know yourself, not only know, but go deep into it. I find out of the people who get realization, five percent or so, or maybe ten percent I don’t know, who are developing and going deeper into it. They don’t have to spend any money, they don’t have to spend any time, but they have to understand what is to be done. And once they are told this is to be done, try, try, there is nothing to be absurd about it. Many-a-times people feel they should not be like this, they should not be like that. Instead of showing that, you should think that these people who have achieved, have achieved through their efforts of understanding Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja is Saha is with you, with, Ja is born, is born with you. The right to get your self-realization is born with you and you have to get it.

You have to get it. All of you deserve it, there is no one I think who can say he doesn’t deserve it. Do not condemn yourselves, don’t have pity about yourself, don’t have guilt about yourself. All these things are very superficial. All these things are absolutely finished when Kundalini rises, and She just goes like a roaring river and gives you self-realization. This has to happen, that’s the time, you must take advantage of it. So for this we’ll have now the programme for self-realization. But one thing is sure, I cannot give you self-realization if you do not want. It cannot be forced. You cannot force these [??], you have to have the desire, the pure desire within you. The pure desire is the Kundalini, all other desires of yours are useless. You want to have one thing today, then you want to have another thing, never fulfilled. But if the Kundalini is awakened then you will know what is your pure desire is. Unless and until you have that desire, I cannot force you. It should not be forced and it will work out for people, all of them who want to have the pure desire. It helps in many ways I know, it helps also financially. It has helped many financially, it has helped many in their endeavours, in their jobs, everywhere it helps. Because you become yourself, your personality becomes yourself, and you start utilizing that. It is a very, very remarkable thing that is happening in this Kali Yuga, in these modern times. So whatever it is, you all are capable of getting self-realization, this is My assurance. And also the assurance is that you all can grow very deep into to it. You have to give little bit time to yourself also and it will work out. May God bless you all, may God bless you.

As I have said, I cannot force it on you. It will take hardly 5-10 minutes to get your self-realization, but if you don’t want to have, it is better that you leave the hall. It is so much better that you leave the hall, if you don’t want to have, you cannot be forced.

Now please put both your hands like this towards Me, please. I hope you have taken out your shoes, take out your shoes will be good idea. Mother earth helps us a lot, if our shoes are out, it’s very good.

Now please put both your hands towards Me. Now what are you doing? These five fingers, sixth and seventh place, they are your chakras, they are the endings of your chakras, of your centres. And also on the left side. So we have right side and left side so just put your hands like this. You may close your eyes. No, I’ve told you already that you should not feel guilty, if you feel guilty then the chakra on the left side, called as Vishuddhi, gets caught up. With that you can get angina or else you can get spondylitis. So please don’t feel guilty, you are not to feel guilty. If you have done anything wrong, it’s finished, and you should not think about it anymore. So please don’t feel guilty for anything whatsoever. Another thing is that you have to forgive yourself so that you’ll not feel guilty. Please forgive yourself completely. You are here to get your self-realisation and not to brood over your mistakes that you have committed. Just now you have to be the present, past is finished and the future doesn’t exist. In reality you are in the present where you have to forget. You have to forget all those things that make you feel guilty so forgive yourself.

Also you have to forgive others, which many people say is difficult. But it is not, it is the easiest thing to do. You have to just say, “Mother, I forgive everyone”. That’s all. Because whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. Really don’t do anything. But if you do not forgive you carry the load of that upon yourself and your life is tortured for nothing at all. So if you can just forgive others, it will solve that problem very well. Which will be opening out the chakra we call Agnya chakra, which is in the crossing of the optic chiasma. Which is very restricted and you have to forgive everyone so that this chakra opens out for the Kundalini’s entry into your limbic area. Please, try to help yourself. Just forgive yourself and forgive others, a very simple thing to do

Now raise your left hand on top of your fontanel bone area, which was the soft bone when you were a child. So please raise your hand above, not on but above, and move it, move your hand up and down and see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. It could be hot also, if you have not forgiven yourself or others it can be hot. So please forgive yourself and others. But if it is hot still, it’s coming out of your fontanel bone area, you can bend your head would be better. Bend your head you can feel it better. Now, please put your left hand towards Me and right hand on top of your fontanel bone area. Have faith in yourself, only faith you have to have is in yourself that you are capable of getting your self-realization. Now raise your hand and see for yourself if there’s a cool or a hot breeze-like vibrations coming out of your fontanel bone area.

Now you can feel it on your hands also, put both the hands towards Me. Most of you can feel it, but some people might feel it under the palm, so try to bring it like this. Under the palm, some people might be feeling under the palm. They should take it out like this. I’ll tell you later why it is so. There’s complete silence within.

All those who have felt cool breeze on their fingertips, or on their palms, or out of their fontanel bone area, or even hot breeze please raise both your hands. All of you have felt it. May God bless you. All of you have felt. Now you have to promise Me one thing for this, to promise Me that you will grow in Sahaja Yoga. You will become a very big tree not a small little plant and you will help the world to come to this paradise of heavenly blessings. This should be your promise to Me. You can do it, I know you can do it. If I could do, I would not request you, but I am requesting you that you have to go deep down into yourself and see that you have got this great treasure and you must develop it.

May God bless you. Thank you.

[Aside to yogis]

Now this is a song I am requesting them to sing, is a song written by a very great poet called Namadeva. In the 16th century he wrote it and here what he is saying, “Oh Mother give me the yoga, I am asking for yoga. Please give me”. And then he says, “O Ambe is the name of the Kundalini, Rise. Ude, ude – please rise and give me realization, give everyone realization.” It’s a very beautiful song, but he has said it, “I have cleansed myself. I have washed myself. I have cleared out my all ego. I have cleared out all my anger. Everything I have cleared out and now you rise.” But in Sahaja Yoga we do not clear, only we will raise the Kundalini then you yourself will clear yourself. You will see yourself, what’s wrong with you, and you will clear yourself. This is the quick method in these modern times. So when this has happened, you will see within yourself what’s gone wrong with you.