You must have desire to settle down

Holland Park School, London (England)

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2000-09-27 You must have desire to settle down, London, England, NITL-RAW, View 2, 57' Download subtitles: ENView subtitles:
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Public Program in Holland Park School. London (UK), 27 September 2000.

I am very happy to see so many people here to know about Sahaja Yoga in all its details, but in this short time what can you be told?

That firstly you got your realization, you felt the cool breeze all right and that it was an experience, but beyond this experience we have to settle down. It is very, very important that you must have desire to settle down. You don’t know the importance of your personality. You are the one who’ll save this world. Because the salvation of the whole world is not possible with Myself and you people, who will be really developed, it will be such a force.
I told about England yesterday, another thing is that England is the heart of the universe I think. Everything circulates from here, whatever happens small or big it circulates. It is not that only England has many newspapers or television centers but somehow it circulates everywhere. I used to think only in India, it’s not so. I’ve seen everywhere, every country, there’s news about England. Even in America, even in South America, I was surprised how people are worried about England so much that they want to know what’s happening in England. My own experience is this, that they get so upset with the things that upsets your country, not only that but anything that happens of a very small importance is noted down and they always tell Me, “Mother, we have seen in the newspaper, we have seen in the television.”
America is such a vast country and also the newspapers are vast and their television is impossible to [sounds like CAUSE/GOT] anything out of it. Horrible. What they say also language wise, we are not so good for American language.
So, they’re little exclusive people, I think their idea is to be exclusive. For example, if they produce anything electrical, it has to have 110 watt, while normally people have 220, so nobody can buy their electrical productions. Now they have started a small production of that. They try to be exclusive, while I think England is not like that, it’s not exclusive, it’s not only keeping all its things to itself. This is something, a very great quality that England has. It has many other qualities, as I told you yesterday, there has to be self-esteem.

One quality is that they never go to extremes. I mean we had some hippies we had little bit of this and that, but they don’t go to extremes.
But in America or any other country, if something starts it really blasts the whole atmosphere.
This balancing is in England is something really very surprising. Also they are disciplined, they have their own discipline, and with that discipline, they like people who are disciplined, who are very much in time, properly dressed for the occasion and I’m not trying to just praise you, but this is My observation. And in this observation I find, once Sahaja Yoga settles down in England, it will spread all over the world. Then I don’t have to run about in every country. That’s very important, that it should settle down here, that is you should all understand the importance of Sahaja Yoga.
When I first came to London, My husband had a job and I started My work with seven people, out of them I think five were hippies. But immediately they got rid of their drugs, alcohols and all that. Immediately. Next day they were different people. But how to prove, how to tell, was a problem. They improved so much, unbelievable.

And I felt very close to them that they are the people who have achieved it in such a short time. For which I think otherwise, I have to work very hard for others. They became hippies because of some sort of a fashion maybe. But English don’t take to fashions so much. I don’t know why. Why they had become hippies , and they were very well educated, all were professors, this, that. And they said that we have taken to this hippism because we wanted to experiment as to what it is.
I said you can’t experiment with a snake, but let the snake bite us and then we’ll experiment. Once it bites you, you are finished. All these things have been always, kept Me attached to London and I have been here for twenty years continuously. But the work that we did, I don’t know why it did not reach intellectuals, and newspaper people, while all other stupid people who came here were so much enamored, and were given so much prominence, everybody was talking about them.

So that’s how the London is based about Sahaja Yoga.
It is a spontaneous happening within us. Spontaneous. Yesterday you saw, I didn’t do anything, it just works spontaneously, because it is there and it has to be awakened, that’s all. But I know also people who have been cured, have been completely cured of very difficult diseases with Sahaja Yoga. It’s a fact, it’s not just I’m boasting about it, but it’s a fact. It’s a very powerful thing within us.
This power of Kundalini is extremely, extremely kind, loving, affectionate and effective. As I said it’s your Mother, and when it acts, it works so well, it works so well. It is impossible to avoid Kundalini awakening once it has been awakened.

But I know some people who have been able to defy it, maybe because of basically they were cheats or immoral or some sort of people, but they were very few, very very few. Mostly I have seen people have grown to great heights with Sahaja Yoga.
Today I want to tell you a special thing about Sahaja Yoga. That, in Sahaja Yoga, slowly, slowly you’ll find, most of your problems, most of your, I should say enemies, in Sanskrit they are called [SHADRIPUS?], all these will just disappear. You’ll be amazed, how they are just disappearing. Jealousy, anger, racism, all kinds of stupid things that have been lingering, of which you may not be even aware, just drop out. And you feel such love and such affection for everyone who comes across. You try to give them Sahaja Yoga, you try to tell them about Sahaja Yoga. They may like it, they may not like it. English are little conservative, so that conservatism has gone little bit sometimes, too much.
There is no harm in talking about Sahaja Yoga. I have seen people who have gurus, of the worst type, worst type.
One lady was sitting next to Me…. It’s quite warm today eh? They told Me it’s very cold. That’s England [laughs]. It’s cold or hot. The climate is whimsical, agreed. Very whimsical, if you are going out say. We were living in Oxsted, 25 miles away, and when I started from there it was, surprisingly, it was absolutely clear sky.
And by the time I reached Victoria Station, it was pouring cats and dogs as you say. Horrible, I couldn’t understand. Or vice versa. So the climate is whimsical, but that makes you prepared for every kind of climate, every kind of incident. And you understand, that that is what is the nature. We shouldn’t fight with the nature, but we shouldn’t expect everything to be absolutely first class when we are going out.

So this kind of taking risk has made you people very courageous, I must say. Courageous. And this courage is to be used now in Sahaja Yoga. You have to use this for spreading Sahaja Yoga. This is your mission. This is what you’ll enjoy. You’ll be amazed, the more you spread, the higher you’ll go. You’ll develop much more, much more powers within you, and unlimited powers.
As far as miracles are concerned, I’m just, don’t know how to explain them. Such miracles take place. We had a lady from America, she was staying with us and she had some sort of a funny disease, that all her intestines and stomach were all entangled with some sort of a growth. And she had it before also. So she had an operation and they took out everything. Again she came to Cabella, and she was staying there. Again she developed the same problems, the same symptoms. She was quite worried. So they said, all right, we’ll take you to the hospital. She said, no, let me first meditate, and with meditation, you’ll be amazed, when she went to the hospital, the doctor said there is nothing, you’re absolutely clear. You are cleared out.
This meditation can help you in so many ways. It’s not a meditation of some sort of a chanting, or some sort of going into, as they said you’ll fly in the air all type of thing, no. It just is meditation by which you enter within yourself.
Your Kundalini works out with this meditation. She looks after your illness, she looks after about your curing. All kinds of things she looks after. Even the traffic you know, you’ll be surprised, it works in so many ways. It is so miraculous, you will find all the time as if you are helped by some people, some angels are there who are helping you. You’ll be amazed at yourself, when it starts working out. So, instead of doubting, you keep watching what’s happening, how it works out. So many things work out in such a beautiful manner, that you are amazed, as if you have entered into the kingdom of God. Which you have. All the possible help, all the possible solutions, just come like that.
I’ve seen one fellow who had some case on him, and he told Me, “Mother, I have this case, and this and that.” I said, “All right, you meditate,” and when he went to the court, they said that you’re already solved, that thing is solved already. He was amazed, “How is it solved? I never even came into the court.”
Then he went to the lawyer, and the lawyer said, “Yes, they are solved, but I don’t know how, because I didn’t go to the court. I was sitting with Mataji, I didn’t go to the court. But your problem is solved, because when I went to the court next day, they said it’s all done.”

“But who was arguing the case?” “They said you.” “I? I was not arguing, so who was arguing the case? There was, and even you see, the remark of the magistrate is this, that you argued very well.” It’s a fact, I’m not telling you stories, it’s a fact, it happened. He said, “Mother, did you go to argue the case?” I said, “I am very bad at that, I do not know how to argue.” But such wonderful things have happened, I mean, you won’t believe, unbelievable things happen. And, it is just to be seen.

As I told you yesterday, you have to be in the witness state. Don’t you think that there’s anything less or more with anybody. You are all there and are looked after.
But have faith in yourself is the main point. If you don’t have faith in yourself, it doesn’t work. Just have faith in yourself. I’m not telling you just tall stories, I tell you. It is the fact, I Myself I’m amazed how things work out.

I’ll tell you about Dr Spiro, one day what happened, interesting. You see, I had told the boys not to go in the sun, in Indian sun you know, after 10 o’clock. But they wanted I don’t know, to burn their skin, or whatever they wanted to do. Five, six boys were there, and when they came away, they had all blisters all over in their hands. So he said, they have to be given tetanus, that has to be done and all that. I said, “don’t worry, it can be solved.”
I just took some water and a bit of cotton wool, little cotton wool and put it on them. And I was, as I was taking it down, it all disappeared, it was all disappearing.
But I told them, that in the evening, go and sit in the sea so your heat is taken out. I think they didn’t do it. I sent them My saris to cover themselves. I said, “Take these saris, cover yourselves, keep it there.”
After that, I went to My brother’s place in Aurangabad. He was the judge of the high court there. I went there and My brother came and he said, “What has happened to Your saris?” I said, “Why?” “See how many big, big holes there are.” And I said “How do you know?” He said, “These girls went to take out Your sari for Your bath and there were big, big holes all over.”
All the saris had those holes. So he said, “How will You manage?” I said, “I’ll manage with one sari, it doesn’t matter.” But, I just remember these boys, the amount of heat they had. They burnt the saris so badly. But they were not aware of their heat, that was inside. Though they were cured, the heat was inside. Like this, there are many, many things that have happened, and I don’t know how to explain to you all these miracles.
Now, why do these miracles are there? Why there is these miraculous photographs? You must have seen them. To convince people. They were never convinced you see. Christ came, He crucified Himself. Nobody was convinced that He was divine. The problem is, human mind is so stuck up that they cannot accept anybody as divine. And at this time, in modern times, when there are so many false gurus, all kinds of things going on, I think it was necessary for Them to produce these miraculous photographs. Actually, I don’t do anything, to be very frank, I don’t do. It’s all done by this all-pervading power.

I was once in Brisbane in Australia and I was sleeping, daytime, so one girl saw a beautiful rainbow and she wanted to take a picture. She took a picture of the rainbow, but can you imagine a painting I love very much of Raffaello, of the Mother and the Child, I like it very much. And she sees that thing on the photograph. And the circular light that Raffaello has shown was on top of Her head. I thought Raffaello himself has painted or what has happened? I couldn’t believe Myself.
Like this, so many things, so many things, you can see one by one, some are they have collected, some are not. Recently we had a program in Bombay where we get at least 2 lakhs of people, that means 200 000 people and they were all preparing, arranging the stage, and in the photograph, I’m already there. And with Me is Ganesha sitting. Even Shri Ganesha’s actual body, actual face was there in one of the other pictures.

I myself start wondering what is all going on. This is the work of Paramchaitanya, which is trying to convince people who cannot be easily convinced. It’s trying to make people understand that this is Divine, this is Divinity.

They never believed in Christ, they never believed in anyone. All kinds of things they have said about Christ, all sorts of things they have tried to talk about Krishna, Rama. But, still there are very few people who really believe in them. They think it’s a myth.

But all these myths become real. You’ll be amazed how you will change. You’ll start looking so much younger first of all. Myself, you know, I’m very good at recognizing people, but some people I could not recognize. I said are you the same here? So transformed, the whole face shape, looking so much different. One fellow was bald, he’s got all the hair on his head. And what did he do? He said, “No, Mother, I just raised my Kundalini, that’s all.” “You didn’t do anything?” “No, no, I didn’t do anything.” And he had become so bald, so much bald headed, that the passport, his photograph was there, and when the passport fellow saw him he said You? Because he was bald-headed at that time, but he had hair before, but now, his hair has come back. Unbelievable things have happened. Unbelievable. And all this is for you.
You’re in for it. You can have many, many miracles. My, another name is also Daisy, because My mother was very fond of a teacher, her name was Daisy, apart from this, she gave Me the name of Daisy. Now, when I came to England, I found daisies everywhere, but they had no fragrance, no fragrance. We don’t get daisies in India, you will be surprised. But then, they got fragrance. All daisies got fragrance, very surprising. They never had fragrance and they started smelling very well, in a very beautiful manner. So it works also in the nature somehow. I mean, that that nature should know My name is Daisy, that this, it’s remarkable. There’s no end to it.

So many angels and so many divine vibrations are working it out. So I have to first tell you that you must have faith in yourself, very important, and you must meditate. Once you start meditating, you’ll become masters of Sahaja Yoga. For this, color is no bar, religion no bar, race no bar, nothing.

As long as you are a human being and you have got your realization, you can really go very far. So many miracles have happened to Sahaja Yogis, so many miracles. And I was surprised, even when they write to Me, they say Mother, nobody will believe, but this is what has happened. So, I would request you to have faith in yourself and do meditation. Very important. Then the growth within, you’ll be amazed. I have seen people who never wrote any single line are real poets. Those who could not stand on the dais to speak have become great orators.

So many people have achieved so much. But I just told them, don’t talk about it, if you talk about it they’ll think we are telling some sort of a story. It’s a fact. Now you also find out in your own life, the experience of all these changes that take place. How the relationships change.

There was one fellow in America, very rich man, and he told Me, I don’t know what You did to me. I said, “What happened?” See, I hated my cousin, I really hated him, but the other day I saw him and I felt like hugging him. And I kissed him so he started looking at me, what’s gone wrong with me? You see, like, you change so enjoy now, you enjoy the collectivity. Now in India we have a seminar of Sahaja Yogis. You see we have people from all over the world. We have from Brazil, from Argentina, say from England, also Spain, everywhere. Russia, such a lot from Russia. And when they meet, I’ve never heard anybody quarrelling or hitting or anything. They are in thousands, last time we had ten thousand, but I’ve never seen anybody, but such understand and love.

Of course, they pull each other’s legs, that’s true, as friends, but on the whole there’s never a fight, never a quarrel. Can you imagine if this thing happened to the whole world?
All these wars that they have started, all this kind of problems they have created in the name of God, in the name of land, or whatever it is, will be finished. This should happen, this should happen to the whole world, and I want this world to be a very happy and a beautiful place. And I’m sure you all can achieve it. Because of you, the vibrations will spread. Vibrations of love, vibrations of compassion.
We have also a great idea of having compassion for the people who are suffering. So I’ve started a hospital which is very successful, and we don’t have to charge anything except for what they have to pay for their food and stay. And it’s working wonders. What has happened? What has happened, how is it working like that? It is nothing but sheer divine power.
We have another hospital now we are starting in Delhi, and also destitute women, and it’s surprising how things work out. There was a lady who came and complained about her husband. That he has been very unkind to her and this and that. I said all right, once we have destitute women’s home you come there. Amazing, the husband came next day and she tells Me, Mother, he’s became a very nice man now. He’s become very nice. Really? He didn’t come to meditation, he didn’t get his realization, how has he become so nice? How suddenly he has become so nice to his wife? It’s really unbelievable how it acts.

I tell you, we don’t know, this all-pervading power is the power of love. God is Truth, but Truth is Love. Love not biased, love not because there is some sort of a gain or some relationship, but love which is just love. The ocean of love, and you’ll just start enjoying that ocean. I have seen it Myself happening and you also should see.
Whenever is possible please come to Cabella at least, is in Italy. There you can see. And we have nothing but a hangar, and they didn’t want Me to build anything for them. I said in the hangar how do you live? That’s the best Mother, we want to live in the camp. We don’t want to live in rooms. We have had enough of it. Imagine, Russians, Americans, all of them in such beautiful enjoyment. I tell you, we have to enjoy life. God has not created us to weep and cry, but to enjoy.

It’s good for you, it’s good for your children, good for your family, good for your nation and for the whole world. As I told you, that you are important because from England everything circulates, circulates, circulates. So, how important you are in Sahaja Yoga I’m just trying to tell you. Very important and you can do a lot. One person went to Russia and now we have thousands of Russian Sahaja Yogis.
Thousands of them, they are so dedicated, so beautiful, you can’t imagine. Once I was in Moscow when this coup took place and big problem you see there. So I asked the Sahaja Yogis, “Aren’t you worried about this coup that has taken place?” “Which coup, Mother?” I said, “Which you had in Moscow.” “Mother, we don’t live in Moscow, we live in the Kingdom of God.” Just imagine.

So when you face reality you are enamored, you are just filled with joy, because reality is joy.

Today’s function I’d never have attended before like this. But they said Mother you should come so I’ve tried to make it, but I would like you to ask Me questions now. It’s very important, if you have any doubts, please ask, or if you have anything to say, please ask. Thank you.

No questions?
Q. Shri Mataji, what do you think of Buddhism?

A. I’ll answer you.. Buddhism is very different from Buddha. Absolutely.
Buddha first got his realization. First he became a Buddha and then he started Buddha religion.

But the way people are doing Buddhism is the other way round. That you give up your wife, you give up your children, you give up even your dress, everything. To whom? To these people. Buddha started after his realization.

After your realization only you can become Buddha, means a realized soul. And he said it the same way. He said Buddham Sharanam Gachami, I surrender myself to other realized souls, Buddham Sharanam Gachami. Then he said Sangham Sharanam Gachami, Dharmam Sharanam Gachami, I surrender myself to the religion which is within me, innate religion. And thirdly he says, (what’s that? Forget it) Sangham Sharanam Gachami, I surrender myself to the collective.
This nonsense of giving up this, giving up that, I mean, it’s too much. If you are holding onto something then you can give up. If you are not holding onto anything then what are you going to give up? Simple thing like that, for example, in Canada, one fellow came wearing that Buddhist’s dress. I don’t like it. A Sahaja Yogi said you’d better go and change, Mother will not give you realization if you are wearing this dress. So he came to Me and, “Mother, please forgive me, I have no other dress left.” I said, “Why?” “I have lost everything.” He was a big business man. “I’ve lost everything, I’ve given away to the Buddhists and I’m left with two pair of these clothes and if you don’t give me realization, what will I do?” “Really?” ”Yes”.

So, what is there to give up is the point, what is there to give up? If you are not holding onto anything what are you going to give up? Simple thing like that. Buddha never gave up his clothes, nothing of the kind. But he wanted to find out, what is the truth. So he went round, I mean he tried his level best and everything, ultimately his Kundalini rose and he got the realization. But what he was doing there, he was just lying down under a banyan tree.

Now, whatever mistakes he has committed, we need not do, that you give up your wife, you give up your child, give up this, give up that. Just the contrast of what really Buddha achieved, is a contrast of that. So Buddhism is not Buddha by any chance.
Any other? Yes. One at a time.
Q. The gentleman wants to know what happens after we die, Mother?
A. Now, that’s another point. Everybody worried about what will happen if we die. I would say that, as a Sahaja Yogi, you should not worry about the future because it doesn’t exist. You shouldn’t worry about your past because finished. You should be in the presence which is the reality. Present is the reality. What’s the use if I tell you what will happen, you’ll become a bird or anything, are you going to believe Me? You should not.
Now, what is it?
Q. Could you tell us about angels Shri Mataji? You mentioned angels, so could you tell us about angels?
A. They are very beautiful, just like flowers, very fragrant. And they will help you; you’ll be amazed how they’ll help you. You won’t see them, you don’t see them. But they are there, in the form of some human being, in so many ways. So, you cannot describe them because you can’t see them. But you’ll see their help, and you’ll be amazed how they guide you to the right path. Now, supposing you lose your way somewhere, don’t get frustrated, don’t get upset about it. If you have lost your way it must be some purpose.
On that way when you go you’ll find somebody whom you have been looking for ages, or maybe some sort of a thing you’ll find, some treasure you’ll find. So, if you have lost your way, there’s nothing to worry. They work very smoothly and sweetly.
There’s a lady who’s asking.
Q. She’s asking how you begin to meditate, Shri Mataji.
A. That of course I will tell you. There’s a photograph of Mine, first you have to work on that. Afterwards you will know that how it works, but first you have to use My photograph, I don’t know what to do because the photograph has the vibrations. You can test it, you’ll get tremendous vibrations from the photograph. It’s a kind, as we can call, a figure, which emits vibrations. I do not gain anything by that, but you will gain. You will gain, so you have to sit down and meditate before the photograph. It’s full of vibrations. It’s so effective I tell you, that when you put these photographs of Mine all over London, it works.
There was a lady here, she was asking.

Q. Is prayer the same as meditation?

A. See, before you are connected to the Divine what is your prayer? It’s nothing. If you telephone without the connection what is it? So after realization the prayer very much helps but meditation is inner, prayer is outside. For your inner growth, meditation is necessary. You don’t have to spend too much time, say about in the evening before sleeping, if you can do it for about say ten minutes, or maybe five minutes in the morning, that’s very good.

Q. Sahaja Yoga is available to everybody, is it even available to politicians, Mother?
A. I mean, you know, you’ll be surprised, in India so many politicians have come to Sahaja Yoga. In India. But I don’t know about English politicians. I have met some, I have met some, but they are so much involved into their own positions and things. So far none of them, but if you can grab some people it’s a good idea.

Q. The gentleman asks for your personal blessing Shri Mataji, he wants your personal blessing.
A. May God bless you, may God bless you. It is for everyone. For everyone.

Q. What is the difference between the soul and the spirit.
A. The soul and the spirit? It’s a subject should be dealt later on but little in short I’ll tell you.
The soul is the essence, essence of the five elements. Essence.
For example, for Mother Earth, the essence is fragrance, so all these five elements have essence, and this essence contains the soul in the sense that the soul is the reflection of God Almighty within us.
So the body is that of the five elements, the essence of the five elements and the spirit is the one which is reflected on it, that is the reflection of God Almighty. But later on you’ll know much more.
Q. Mother he wants to know if You still meditate Yourself?
A. I am in meditation all the time.

It’s a big lecture! Sit down, sit down.
Q. He wants to know, there are different meditations he says, and he’s confused, Mother.

A. Meditation cannot be different, it has to be one, and the one that makes you deep is the meditation. All kinds of meditation there were. One meditation they had started here by which you will start moving three feet higher than normal.
Now think of it, already we have traffic jams. You can find the stupidity in all of them. If you use your intelligence, you’ll find out, because you don’t grow. Meditation that is good is the one by which you grow. Everything is not the food. The food that you can eat is the food. Alright?
Now, go on. This lady. He was doing for the last three, four times, alright. Can’t you get up please?
Q. What do you think about Islam, Mother?
A. Islam is great, no doubt. But nobody follows Islam. Nobody follows, nobody has read even Koran. You’ll be amazed. They are fighting without understanding what Islam has written. Mohammed Sahib was one of the incarnations of the real Gurus, but Muslims, stupid as they are, they don’t follow. They don’t follow the exact sayings of Koran. Now in Koran is written, that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. See? And without that you cannot be Mussulman, I mean Mussulman means surrendered.
Just imagine. It’s all Sahaja Yoga, if you can read between the lines. We have a book called as “Koran Enlightened,” we have also “Bible Enlightened,” we have “Gita Enlightened” All right?
Q. He says he finds it difficult to meditate because his mind is wandering. How to control the mind Mother?
A. Never control, don’t try to control it. There’s no need to control. Your Kundalini itself will give you thoughtless awareness, She’ll work it out. Try on the photograph, it will work out.

Q. It’s a request Mother, will you come to Ireland one day?
A. Oh, of course! They are lost, fighting among themselves. But I have a special feeling for Ireland. Because of ignorance, complete ignorance, now the Catholics were fighting Protestants, now Protestants are fighting each other, now Catholics will start fighting each other. I don’t want to say anything, but you must understand that all these religions have created nothing but fighting mongerers. Crucified Christ and how can you think of fighting? All over the world there’s fight in the name of God. Can you imagine the stupidity? Irish are very nice people, very simple, but they get lost, into these different, different ideas.
Actually, religion should never make you fight but the religions have misled them. The religions have misled them, alright?

We have to give them that real religion of within. Innate religion. In Italy they started an argument with Me and they said, “We don’t”, ultimately, they said, “We don’t want to have one religion for the whole world.” I said, “Why?” “Because then you can’t fight, isn’t it?” You want to have many religions so you can nicely fight with each other. Like Rwanda and all these people. Religion must bring peace, joy, otherwise what’s the use of having any religion?

Q. Will you one day come to Scotland, Mother?
A. Scotland I have been. I have been to Scotland, but, the problem was, at about 12 o’clock everybody was drunk.
Q. Can Sahaja Yoga change your fate, change your karma, change your destiny? Can Sahaja Yoga change it?
A. Your karmas are finished. After Sahaja Yoga, your karmas are finished. And can change your face also, but why do you want to change your face?

Fate, fate!! Ah, of course, of course it can. It can change your fate and all your aspirations are changed. Then you just want to spread Sahaja Yoga, and enjoy the company of Sahaja Yogis.

Q. He is a student Mother, how can Sahaja Yoga help with being a student, with education?
A. Very much. For student, is a blessing I say. Do you know, Sahaja Yogis who have been very bad students, have stood first, have got first class first all over the world Sahaja Yogis are doing so well in their studies because you get a clear cut vision. It’s tremendous, for students it’s very good.
Q. Is it important to be a vegetarian Mother?
A. Not at all. You see, in Sahaja Yoga we don’t eat animals which are bigger than us and you need not eat animals in case you are a person who requires more vegetables. So depends on your constitution. Now supposing a person who is vegetarian and gets diarrhea, he should stop. I’m not a vegetarian.

Q. He’s got a problem with his knees.
A. Can be cured. Knee problems can be cured. And how and when, that’s what you have to see these people and they will tell you how to cure it. It can be cured. It is related to your chakras. Alright?

Come here. She should come here.
Q. We can hear, Shri Mataji. She says You travel a lot, do You fall sick? You travel all over the world, to different climates, do You fall sick?
A. No, no. You see, people while they are travelling, they think they are travelling, that’s why they get sick. I never think.
I think I’m sitting nicely on a coach and also they think that, when will they reach, will there be people or not, worried about that, or maybe their past things they are worried. I am not. I don’t get sick.

Q. Another request, Shri Mataji, when will you go to South Africa?
A. The problem was like this, that on My passport it was written that Indians cannot. Because I am a diplomat, diplomatic thing, we cannot go to South Africa. Now they have removed, so after that I will try to.

Q. He says, Shri Mataji, that he lives in South Africa and You are very far away physically, but he feels that You are there, helping him, why is that?
A. That is My, that’s My attention. I really want to go to South Africa. I’ve been trying, but I haven’t got the permission. And now I’ve got the permission, definitely I’ll go. And when you don’t have permission you are more concerned about that country, isn’t it?
Q. What do you think about entities, bad spirits Mother, earth-bound spirits?

A. There are, no doubt. They are there. But you don’t worry, you don’t have them.
Q. Is there any similarity that we know of between Sahaja Yoga and ancient Egyptian or African religions?
A. In Africa, I was surprised that they have talked about Kundalini. They have, and I have seen some of the maps, old maps, of Africa, they have made the picture of Kundalini also, all over. Even in a place like Bolivia, which is so far away, and somebody went to Bolivia from Italy and they said Mother they know everything about Kundalini. I said, “Really?”
Yes, they know, but they don’t know how to awaken it. And Sahaja Yoga has spread so much in Bolivia the Minister from there came to see Me. And who told them? I said, “Who told them?” They said, “There were two saints who came from India.”
Even in Ukraine, I was surprised, they said, “There were two saints who came here from India, they told us about Kundalini.” Chinese people, they believe that there is a treasure of spirituality in India but they don’t know what it is, you see. But these two, I don’t know, there were two saints known as Machindranath and Goraknath who have been travelling all over the world. I don’t know if they went all the way over there.
Q. A question about Paramahansa Yogananda, quite famous here because of his book.
A. He’s famous? What has he done? What has he done? Writing a funny book like that, that’s all. I don’t want to discuss, but first when you ask about somebody, you’ll have to tell Me what he has done.
Q. The gentleman set up a Self Realization Fellowship in America, Mother.

A. I know many in America who have done it, and they are more difficult to get Self-realization. There’s a big organization there, and they all believe they are Self-realized, but they don’t know any vibrations, they can’t feel anything, and when they have been to that organization, I find it difficult to give them realization.
In the name of God, in the name of Self-realization, if you spoil the Kundalini of people, then I don’t know what to say about you.
There’s a lady… Just a minute. Please!
She has been raising her hand.

Q. Is it possible to meditate for the benefit of other people, Mother?
A. In meditation you don’t think of anything, see, you have to become thoughtless, that is meditation. And for other people, you can always ask, you are yourself protected, and there are ways they’ll tell you have to work out for others. See, they’ll tell you later on.

Q. Shri Mataji, will peace, complete peace, ever exist on the planet?
A. I wish that, I very much wish that, but it depends on you people. How much you work it out.
Q. He wants to know if there is any connection between the work that You do and the work that Sai Baba does?
A. Which Sai Baba?
Q. This modern fellow, Mother.
A. Well. I mean, giving diamonds and this and that. Shirdi Sai Nath is correct, Shirdi Sai Nath of course, but not this one. People who want diamonds can go to him, I can’t give diamonds.

Q. Are there more people becoming self-realized, or less people?
A. Much more. It’s increasing, much more. I told you I started with one lady and in England with seven, now look at them.

Q. If someone develops astral projection, by accident Mother, and they feel bad, what can they do?
A. They will get rid of it if they become realized people, because you’re protected. It’s very dangerous to have that astral nonsense.

Q. The gentleman is interested in Your experience with Mahatma Gandhi?
A. Mahatma Gandhi was My disciple. You’ll be amazed.
And he told Me, let our country become free, and in that freedom then you can start your Sahaja Yoga. Then we had Lal Bahadur Shastri, who understood Me and he said, of course, let me come back from Pakistan, he had gone to Russia for Pakistan problem. He never came back.
Q. He said yesterday Shri Mataji, You said you may feel cool under the hands, he wants to know why, what it is?
A. It is, you should take it up you see, it has some reasons, but I don’t want to tell that. You just take it up there like that.

This one?
Can you get a chair for him, every time he has to get up, I don’t want…what is she saying?

Q. What do You think about healing? There are all different kinds of healing, what do You think about the healing?
A. Healing should be done with full understanding of Kundalini. Any other healing can result into something else. So be careful.

Q. Is it true that with Sahaja Yoga your immune system improves so that you protect yourself against disease?
A. Of course. Immune system absolutely gets cured, no doubt, and many problems of immune system also get cured. But also, you are protected.

Q. Another request Shri Mataji, when will You come to Malaysia?
A. I have been, I have been many a times. I have been there, and the Chinese are coming to Sahaja Yoga, but Indians I don’t know what to say about them.
Q. He’s asking Shri Mataji if you will guide us into a meditation now? (Now?)
There are some people here who were not at the Royal Albert Hall, Mother.
A. I see. But are there any questions left?

Q. He said he has read in a book that it can be dangerous to awaken the Kundalini, so do you need a teacher, Mother?

A. That’s true. That’s very true, there have been people who wrote like this. But those who wrote, just go and see their lives, what they have been up to. You see, you have to be a master, otherwise you can’t do it.
Then it’s not the Kundalini, but a Deity there, which gets annoyed, and then it happens. It’s not Kundalini.

Q. What do you think of Ayurveda?
A. Quite good. Ayurveda is quite good, because it deals with the three doshas and it’s very near Sahaja Yoga. But with Sahaja Yoga you get cured yourself, so don’t need anything much.
Q. He says he’s impressed by the fact that Sahaja Yoga is free, but he thinks it sounds too easy, he doesn’t feel that he’s completely self realized Mother? (So he doesn’t want?) He says he feels the cool breeze, but he thinks there must be more work to do Mother?

A. Yes, that’s true but I must say, are you an Italian? Are you an Italian?
Irish. Because the way he was speaking I thought he was Italian you see.

I went to Italy and I didn’t know, we were told not to use our hands, and in Italy you see, they will go on like this, like that. And they say something, you don’t know what they are saying, but their hands are moving in different, different directions. So I thought he was Italian. All right, what was his question?
He says it sounds too easy, he thinks there must be more work to do.
It is very easy to get realization, but to settle with it, you have to do meditation, and you’ll find out what’s wrong with you. You’ll find out what chakras are catching on your fingertips, and then try to improve that.

Q. Can Sahaja Yoga help with psychiatric problems, with mental problems?
A. Of course, of course it can. Very much it can help.
There was somebody else. What’s it?
Q. Do you think that the world is a better place? Are things improving?
A. They can. With Sahaja Yoga it will, definitely improve. If human beings improve, world will improve also.
Q. Shri Mataji, he is Italian and he is using his hands!
A. Yes, yes. And they are very expressive you know [laughs].
Q. Shri Mataji, his question is, is it possible to raise your Kundalini when you are a child by accident?
A. No. There are children who are born realized. There are children. And you can raise their Kundalini also, it’s very easier to raise the Kundalini of children, you can do that.
So, it’s not an accident, it is just, is there, they are born like that. They are special people, many people who are married in Sahaja Yoga have got very great saints born to them. I have a great grandson who is another realized soul, you know. So, when nobody is there he will sit before Me and do like this. He’s not even two, but he speaks so much, he can count from one to twenty and he’s tremendous.
Now, one thing I’ll say, if you ask one question it should be sufficient, all right.
This lady here.
Q. Krishnamurti, Shri Mataji?
A. Loaded with thoughts. Another are krishnamurtis, they can’t get realization so fast I tell you. So much have put in their brain. The Kundalini has to cross the brain. But so much in the limbic area, that’s My experience.

Q. He’s heard on a tape Shri Mataji that you said that you are always in dreams, in a dream state.
It doesn’t sound familiar.

A. No, not at all. I actually don’t get any dreams. I might have said it’s My dream to see the world like this. It’s become a fashion now to say that, isn’t it? It’s My dream.

Q. How did you come to this realization Shri Mataji?
A. I was born like that. I was born.
Q. Why is there a difference, why are we all not born self-realized? Why is it so difficult for people?
A. It depends on your past life. Your desires, if they are unfulfilled, then you get a life where you are fulfilled.
Like, I know, I’ll tell you one thing, I had a driver who was very royal by temperament, and he was a royal king you see. But, he had to work very hard, so he was desiring that he should become like his chariot driver so that he’ll have some rest. So he became a driver. Also marriage, and all these things are responsible, because we should not have any earnest desire, then it acts.

Q. In order to get self-realization, do you have to desire it Mother?
A. Of course. I cannot force you. I cannot force you.
Q. Another question Shri Mataji. What do you think about Chin Moy?
A. Ah. You see, if you ask such questions I don’t know how to answer because it’s very embarrassing. What has he done? That’s the only question you should ask. And moreover, if you have been to all these it will be difficult for you to get your self-realization.
Who’s there? Come here.
Sy: You have already answered this question, Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: Did he understand?
Sy: Yes.
Q. Shri Mataji, is it possible that the Kundalini can be damaged? And what happens if the Kundalini is damaged already?
A. I don’t know. So far, I have seen that so many of these false gurus and false people have damaged the Kundalini of people.
And I have seen their Kundalini is being like a snake, you would say, hurt. Difficult, but you can mend it. If the desire is great, you can mend it. But I’ve seen that, in some people, the Kundalini is very much injured, I’ve seen. From here. There’s one gentleman.
Q. Do you have to believe in God Mother?
A. Not necessarily. Whether you believe or not, He is there.
Q. Shri Mataji, one of Your names is Moksha Pradayini, what is Moksha, what does it mean?
A. All these names I’ll explain to you later on, just now they’ll be all shocked with this. It means the giver of self-realization.
Sy: There’s a lady over there at the back.
Q. She’s worried about the subconscious. If we are trying to get into balance, how can we ignore the subconscious?
A. It settles down by itself. You see, the idea of subconscious is not like Jung. Subconscious is on the left hand side. Alright? And supraconscious right side. The Kundalini is in the center. So you don’t have to worry about subconscious part, it just disappears.
Q. Is it wrong to have desires for other things, apart from self-realization?
A. No, there’s nothing wrong or right. You don’t have, you don’t have any desire. You just become so sweet. You don’t have any desires as such. Wrong and right is not there, you just don’t have. I would say, I have one desire, to now stop questioning.
It is now about 10 o’clock, and we should have our, again, the experience of the Self. So you sit comfortably with your hands towards Me like that. And no more questioning, allow your mind to rest, allow it.
Now put your hands towards Me please. Now, close your eyes, please close your eyes. You can raise your left hand on top of your fontanel bone area, which was the soft bone in your childhood.

Just stop thinking, just stop thinking, by saying not this, not this, not this.
Now, please raise your right hand, and left hand towards Me. Raise your right hand on top of the fontanel bone area.
Now, please open your eyes and see for yourself if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming through your fingertips, or on your palm, or out of your fontanel bone area. Please, put your both the hands towards Me, like that.
All those who have felt, again cool breeze out of their palm or out of their fingertips, or out of the fontanel bone area. Or could be hot breeze also, in some people who have not forgiven themselves and others. Please raise your hands, those who have.

Ah. That’s great. Everyone of you, may God bless you. I bow to you. I bow to you. It’s tremendous, with all these questions and all that, still, you have achieved it. It’s a great achievement. May God bless you for the future.
Would you like to hear one song?
They can come here?
Sy: They are there. Which songs?
Shri Mataji: Which ones?
Sy: Fast songs, slow songs…
Shri Mataji: Yesterday…
Sy: Which songs, Mother?
Shri Mataji: Yesterday they sang Jogawa, Jogawa yesterday. So today Powada would be better.
Sy: Powada.
Shri Mataji: I am sorry they are, the songs are in Marathi, but they are very powerful, and they emit vibrations. Please put your hands.
[Sahaja Yogis sing Powada]

Shri Mataji does Namaste: Now enjoy yourself. Enjoy!