Today TV Interview

London (England)

2000-09-27 Shri Mataji, TodayTV Interview, London, 2'
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Today TV Interview. London (UK).

TV host: Here is something a little more relaxing for you. Her name means mother [earth] and she claims to have the ability to produce a feelings of a blissful harmony. Great grandmother, Shri Mataji has followed us around the world and this week she brought her particular strand of yoga to the capital. Glenn Campbell abandoned the lotus position to bring you this report.

Correspondent in background: Royal Albert hall is usually reserved for pop stars and international performers but last night 5000 people filled the hall to watch the great grandmother perform her own unique style of yoga. Shri Mataji is an Indian spiritualist who practices Sahaja Yoga, a revolutionary technique that gets individuals to tap into their own energy transforming it into a healing power. Her methods were developed in the late 1970’s and have now attracted a mass following.

Shri Mataji: People want to know the truth and they will know the truth also was written. Also you have to know the truth about yourself.

Correspondent in background: The great grandmother began teaching in London 30 years ago and has twice been nominated for the Nobel peace prize. Her secret, she claims is tapping into a unique store of energy we all posses based at the bottom of our spines called the divine breeze. Once you tap into that your life will be transformed. It may sound a little outlandish but with devotes in 80 countries across the globe, there must be something in it.

Shri Mataji: You just transform because the light has come within you. When there is darkness you don’t see but when there is light you see everything in a different way. You know everything absolute.

Correspondent in background: But the technique does not work for everyone. Last night’s mass yoga session received mixed reviews

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Correspondent in background: Some may be skeptical but for Shri [Mataji] unlocking her energy doesn’t seem a problem; in her late 70’s she still teaches around the world.