Talk about all Chakras

Errol Douglas, London (England)

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Public Program. Errol Douglas Gallery, London (UK) – 28 September 2000.

I thank Mr. Emro for inviting Me to such a unique type of gathering.

The subject is very interesting that how Sahaja Yoga can help beauty. Now Sahaja Yoga, as you know, here it is shown that there is a power in your triangular bone, here, as you see. And this is in every human being – every. And this power, has to be awakened. Then it passes through these six centers. The seventh one low below there, the number one, and pierces through your fontanel bone area and connects you to the Divine. As a result of that, all these centers who are responsible, they are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and also spiritual being, all of them are enlightened and integrated. It, this power is in everyone but to talk about it, people don’t believe in it. You must have the experience of it. And once you have the experience, you’ll be amazed, how many things happen to you which you cannot even imagine.

It’s very kind of him to have called me here, that way I’ve met many people of that kind but nobody has tried to invite others who could share this experience. Now coming to the point of beauty, I must tell you the Divine is the most beautiful thing, because it creates all beautiful things. You see in the nature, every leaf is different from another. Such a variety. Also, if you see, all leaves are so arranged that they all get sunshine. Such a consideration, such an understanding. In the same way, when Divine works in you, you also have that capacity to share it with others, understand with others and to be part and parcel of the whole. Not just yourself, single person (everything). Now, one thing is there that people are now conscious of their beauty. But perhaps they don’t know, how do we spoil our beauty.

First, let us see, how our beauty spoils. It is spoiled sometimes, showing lots of wrinkles on the face. Now, I am 77 years of age. I’ll be 78 very soon. And I am grand-grandmother. I don’t have wrinkles. Nor my daughters have. The reason is this, that normally human beings specially ladies, react very much, react to everything. Whatever happens in their life, they react, whatever happens in others lives they react, whatever is happening on the other planes, they react. By reacting, you do not get to anything.

You do not achieve anything. So, the first thing, I would say that when it happens, you don’t react. You just watch, you become a witness. You become the witness of the whole thing. And when these things happen, then the creativity starts coming from somewhere unknown, and you are amazed how you can create things without reading any book, without taking any help, and suddenly you become very, very creative. I’ve seen in Sahaja yoga, how people have achieved great heights in creativity, in sports, in everything because they get this energy, divine energy within them. So, they also understand, that they have to be more patient, more loving, more caring towards themselves and towards others also. Once that happens – I’ve seen this one is so beautifully done – is that you start caring for people. You start caring for your customers, understanding them, plus your creativity. You do not borrow ideas from others, you don’t learn by your own mad thinking, but you actually become creative under the influence of the Divine.

And when the Divine starts working, it’s perfect. Perfection. There’s no competition. You create not out of competition, but just to create. Freely. There’s no compulsion. And when you start creating, you are amazed at yourself, how can you create all these things with whatever knowledge you have, whatever experience you have? All these things happen. I’m happy it has happened in the case of Mr. Emro and that he has taken that he should pass this to you people. Now in modern times, fashion has become very popular.

So it’s alright. But the fashion that you (use) how far it is helpful to you in your health, that you should see to it. Now if I reveal certain things, you should not be shocked and should be unhappy about. All these centers are expressed in our different parts of the body. For example, this green one that you see. It’s here in the Nabhi, is expressed on these two knees. Very important – two knees are very important. So, if you want to keep your knees in perfect health, I would say one should not expose the knees. If you expose the knees, everybody sees that. And there are lots of negative forces around.

What’s the use of exposing the knee? I don’t understand. About twenty years back, nobody used to do that. But now suddenly the fashion has started, that you expose your knees. And exposure of knees, you will end up with very bad knees, you won’t be able to even walk. At My age – you may not reach also. So it has to be covered. Now if you wear a covered knee thing in England, or anywhere in the west, they’ll ask you, “Are you Turkish?” Now, because in Turkey they know this. Turkish people are still traditional – they know, they will not expose their knees.

And exposure of knees is very dangerous. This is a very, very important chakra – we call as a Nabhi chakra. It is related to our Lakshmi tatwa also – Lakshmi means the goddess of money. It is expressed in so many ways within us: our digestion, everything. Apart from that, the main thing is, it gives a very different expression to your body. Supposing there’s somebody who is very greedy – you can make out from the face. Somebody who is very jealous – you can make out, from the face. Somebody who is very cunning – you can make out from the face. In the same way, when you have this first center it’s very, very important, which is too much, maybe, to tell you, but it’s very important. This is the center of your innocence.

This innocence is there, always. It cannot be destroyed, it is indestructible. Whatever you may do, whatever wrong you may commit, whatever immoral thing you may do, this center is there and innocence is there. It might be covered with some clouds – it’s different – but nobody can destroy this center. Now the face that is innocent, is always very beautiful. You see the children, what love you have for children, because they have innocent faces. This center has to be looked after. And this center gets distorted and spoiled while, not that you become cunning and all that, but it gets spoilt when you don’t respect your chastity. That’s a very important thing. You may do whatever fashion you like, but your chastity is very important – that’s your power.

If you respect your chastity, nobody can destroy you. That’s the greatest boon human beings have, whether they are men or women. Chastity is very important and this center will start showing its results. With innocence, your face becomes very innocent and loving, lovable, like that of children. Cunningness, you can see on the face. At least, I can see. You can understand persons being exploiting you, making use of you. But if this center is alright, then you’re so powerful. You’re so powerful, that nobody can destroy your innocence. And that is to be respected very much for the beauty.

I think I have seen women who are every beautiful, have innocence in them. They may not be sexually attractive and all that, but the face is so innocent so innocent, lovable! Whatever may be your age, is not the point, but you respect yourself. First of all, if you don’t respect yourself, who is going to respect you? Then another thing is that, the second chakra is above that, the green one, is this red chakra. This is for your heart. We call it the center heart. When you are insecure, then this thing catches. And this chakra has got a quality by which it produces angels. You can call them as anything – they call them antibodies.

These angels are created for your protection. For everything. If you have any disease they’ll fight it, if you have any problems, they will fight it. If you have any fear – say suddenly you see a dog, tiger or something – this center will start pulsating like that. And this pulsation creates a kind of a motion among these people whom I call angels. And these angels know that there’s a danger and they try to protect you. So this center is very important. You must have security. Your sense of security is disturbed, when this center goes into jeopardy. It is… Modern times is full of insecurities.

Especially for ladies – full of insecurities. They’re always feeling, “God knows what’s going to happen to me, what is going to be against me”. All this is on this center, it depends. This is the Mother’s center. And if you understood the meaning of your mother’s heart, or your heart as a mother, you have understood that part, then this center settles down, you feel secured. You have to be absolutely secure within yourself. This is a very important point. These days I find women are having so many breast cancers and all that. That is also due to this center. Why?

Because if the husband is very dominating, and very exacting, then women develop this. And in America, you’ll be amazed, in a place where women are so well placed, so many women have this trouble. I couldn’t explain. I couldn’t understand. While in Indian women don’t have. Surprisingly. Because in India, the children are the power of the mother. Her power is not with anything else but with her children. And she’ll see to it that her children get proper education, they are brought up well for anything, that she has to sell her ornaments and sell everything, but she would see that they are well educated. And she will look after them first than anything else, when she’s a mother.

That doesn’t mean that you give up your profession, doesn’t mean that you don’t go out, but you have to put full attention to your children – very important. I show the result of that is this today: that all the software people are coming from India. Why? Why not from England and why not from other countries, who are supposed to be so developed? When I came here, I was surprised so many of my disciples, they were not worried about their studies. They said: “We want to be (big), we want to be garbage cleaners.”. I said “Why?” “Because you can get a lot of money in that way. But what a student? Even if you are a graduate you don’t get much money.”

I said, “You don’t understand your dignity, you don’t understand you have to progress in your thinking and understanding.” They said, “No, we want to do something where we can get money. We can take to anything that can give us money.” “It will give you money”, I said, “but it will not give you education and concentration.” That is the main point you should have, is your concentration. And this concentration if it doesn’t come, then you cannot work out anything. Thank God, I told them, “You better take to some education.” They all got admissions into good colleges, schools. Now they’re doing very well. It’s alright.

You may earn later. Money is not everything. You may earn little less but at least you have the education. Now there’s such a dearth of education in America, among you people. First of all, the education is extremely, extremely expensive and those schools which are available otherwise are of no good. So, what we find we can have better carpenters, we can have better windows, but no education. So, people are pouring from India for software-ing Because the concentration is gone. So this concentration power comes from the mother, to the children, and they have very concentrated mind. It’s very important to have that concentration and the faith, as a mother. So many people, why do they get ladies, specially get this breast cancer – I can’t understand.

Because they are insecure. A husband cannot make you insecure, if you have children and if your children are to your support. If you are even alone, you should have faith in your mother. Such mothers if there are, who will look after you, who will always support you, will give you that security which is very important for these antibodies. Even the cancer and all these diseases are caused by the lack of antibodies within us. So these antibodies are like little, little, we can call angels which look after you, which worry about you. This is the treasure you have within yourself which should not be exploited. Your security should not be allowed to challenge anyone. This is, that’s why I said, it’s a very, very important center is this one, what you call, it’s the heart chakra. Now outside without Sahaja Yoga, I don’t know how one can achieve the stability of the heart.

Heart becomes weak because people lose tempers. Those who are very hot tempered people, they have problems on their heart. And I have seen people they get a heart attack and get it all kinds of heart problems because of this chakra in danger – heart chakra. So, insecurity on one side, and heart attacks on another side. To get angry is very wrong. To get angry is absolutely ruining yourself, it’s self destructive. But by telling it will not happen. You have to have Realization, you must have Self Realization, by which you become absolutely peaceful, absolutely peaceful. Then the last chakra is this one, Vidshuddhi chakra is at the last. This chakra, Vishuddhi, is here – it’s important.

This gets spoiled by many things. Supposing you use abusive words, if you are aggressive with your tongue. Like in America, they use very abusive words, I was surprised. All the time they’re using stupid words which I don’t even understand. All that is causing this trouble. And this can go up to any limit. Because it controls 16 of your… 16 of your… I should say, organs, right? It controls your eyes, it controls your nose, it controls your tongue, it controls your teeth, it controls your ears, everything are controlled, 16 things are controlled by this Vishuddhi chakra. And on the both sides we have the most important, very great chakras, which we can call, it says they rule ourselves and the whole world.

These are 2 chakras, on the sides. And they are, we call them as… I don’t need other Indian names, but they are very important chakras, these two. And when you expose them, then you have problems with these. So they should not be exposed. You can have small sleeves. But never expose them. Then you can get any kind of problem, any kind of problem, any kind of problem, combined with this chakra. I’m sorry, I have to warn you people. Alright.

But it’s a fashion now. What is the need to expose? To please men? Why should you care? Why should you care for men so much? I can’t understand. Women are the shakti, they are the power. Why should you try to please men? So why have this kind of a inferiority complex about yourself – all the time trying to please men. And they are very funny, I tell you.

What has killed romance is this. See a man falls in love with say – I’m sorry to say this – with our hair dress. There’s a hair dress, a particular hair dress, so Mr. X falls in love with that hair dress. But then she goes to hairdresser, changes her dress. It’s over, romance is over. They’re so superficial. They’re so superficial that they can fall for your hair dress. And the women feel so disappointed the way the men treat them and behave. So, I would suggest that it’s very important that you should not try to please men. You be yourself, in your self esteem.

You are women, after all, and you have special qualities. Stand in your own dignity. Stand in your own power. And in this, when it happens, women get more power than men can get. It’s very surprising. And it works out so beautifully for women. And it should. Now, for example, you are you are yourself hairdresser or anything you are, you become so creative. If you are a musician, you become very creative. If you are anything, whatever profession you are following, you become so very creative when this thing happens to you, because all your centers are cleared out.

And the power of the Divine is pouring through you. This is what you should achieve, that is what you should have, then nobody can dominate you. Not only that, it goes higher, this is the most important chakra, which is called, we call it Agnya chakra between the optic chiasma like this. And if it is not open, it is very, very constricted if it doesn’t open then Kundalini won’t pass through. Now this is the chakra of Jesus Christ where we crucified Him. Now what did he do, He first gave forgiveness to all the people who tried to torture Him, and crucified Him. So only the way you forgive people, it opens out. You have to forgive. No use to remember him. Somebody has hurt you, alright.

So what? It’s finished. It’s not today. Whatever has happened has happened. Why worry about it? But if you don’t forgive, then all the time you’ll be thinking about it and will be torturing yourself for nothing at all. Instead of that you just forgive. Forgive everything. Forgiving is a very great quality by which nobody can torture you, nobody can trouble you, because you do not pay any attention to. You don’t know people are trying to trouble Me so much so much they have done to make Me, sort of hurt, or do all kinds of things.

But somehow, I forgive them. And I am finished. Because once you forgive them, you don’t remember what they have done to you, and you never torture yourself. But if you don’t forgive, then you torture yourself thinking, “Why did he do this? Why did she do this?” Nothing – you just forgive. The very great present of Jesus – that you should forgive everyone. That gives you a great peace here. But this peace also is very important. If you don’t have peace within you, then you start becoming old very soon.

I have seen many young girls having wrinkles, worried, upset, tension, this that, all the time irritated. The reason is that they have not yet forgiven those people who have troubled them. So if you can develop this witness state, as I said, you are not bothered. You just witness the whole thing, and you’ll be amazed that this center will be opened, and by that you will not react. You will not react. You’ll just see, “Alright. This is so, so this is so.” And the life becomes full of humor and anything absurd you see, just smile and laugh. There’s no time for you to think about these nonsensical things that people say about you, or try to harm you, or try to create a problem. You shouldn’t worry.

You shouldn’t worry about that. Now they… With this happening, you don’t try to think what others are thinking about you. because you know, you are one with Divine, because you get vibrations on your hands, you are assured that you are alright, so you have confidence. But you don’t with this confidence, oppress others. It is confidence with love. I call it as the intelligence which is emotional. I call it as emotional intelligence. Many children are born with it, but they are taught something else so they [do with it]. I’ll say my own great grandson, who is born with this, so as soon as we reached America, he was with us for only six months, he was a little boy, and after one, 7-8 months we went to America, immediately he brought the remote control and gave it to my husband. Because he is always seeing the television – immediately.

Then he brought newspaper and gave Me to read. And to Me he brought a flower. So, by his emotional intelligence he knows what one likes, what one has. If you come home or somebody visits us he’ll immediately bring the things to give them to eat or to please them – all the time, these things of entertaining. He’ll start dancing, and he’ll start showing you dance. Have you seen it? He’s so careful, that he should express his love and with animals, everyone, he’s so friendly. That is emotional intelligence we should develop. And depend on it, it helps you. You will get lots of friends, you will gets lots of I should say, not only friends, but people who will help you in your work.

They’ll give you a great assistance in everything. It’s a very, very great capacity to be emotionally intelligent. People think if you are emotional then people take advantage of you. Let them take. What’s the harm? But you do no take advantage of yourself by being cruel or by being any way harsh to others. Remember those days when somebody was sweet? Remember that time, that moment when somebody was very sweet, very nice to you, very kind, very helpful. Remember! Remember all these moments, not the moments when you are insulted not the time when you have suffered, but the time when somebody has given you love, somebody has talked to you with love, and you’ll be amazed such fragrance within you will start blowing.

So many people have got this Realization, and they have forgotten all nonsense of fighting and all. Now we have sometimes people, thousands of them in India sometimes, and I was surprised, they come from different countries, and Sahaja Yoga is working in 86 countries, and they never quarrel, they never fight. I’ve never heard anybody quarreling or fighting. Ha, they pull each others legs, they’re very humorous. That’s they do. Now the another craze we have now in – I don’t know why – that we should be very, very thin, that thinness is very attractive. It’s not so. See you become thin sometimes automatically if your liver is out of order, which is a very dangerous thing, to have a bad liver. I agree, you should not be fat. Also if you become fat very much you might develop something else.

But If you are naturally thin, then understand that must be liver out of order. Now this liver when it is out of order, how many problems it can give, you don’t know it. First of all it can give asthma. It can give you a… if it moves on the right side, it can give you diabetes. It can give you, this heat, if it moves downward here, it can give you also the spleen into trouble and that can ultimately give you a cancer, blood cancer, it can give you blood cancer. Then if it goes to the uterus, also it can harm you there. If this heat from the liver goes on passing throughout and creates problems all over. Not only that, but also it can give you a massive heart attack after some time. If you are young and if you are drinking too much and playing tennis and all then suddenly the heart goes off. That is how many heart attacks come.

So to preserve your health within yourself, first you should know what you are, what problems you have, why these problems are there. And then also you should know why there are problems outside. This is very simple to understand if you become divine. This divine light can give you all the understanding of everything. I don’t know, I’ve spoken about it so many times but never relating to beauty as such. But beauty is of course, is within, you know? It’s all within, it’s not without. But that I cannot convince you like this unless until you get your Realization. There’s some people who may be very beautiful outside but inside would be like snakes. This can be.

So best thing is to have the beauty within. That attracts the people. See Me, I have so many disciples, now are so many all over the world. But now what do I do to them? Nothing. I just connect them to the Divine as through this. And there are 1000 petals inside your brain, which gets enlightened and you become one with the Divine, and the divine power starts flowing through you. You become divine. Then you know what to wear, how to behave, everything automatic. It is spontaneous.

I don’t have to tell you, “Do this” or “Do that”, nothing. It just works out. You are your own master. I don’t have to tell you anything. You can find out what is good for you, what is bad for you. This is not only for longevity I am saying, but I am saying for the global peace. You want to have it spread to people through your endeavors, through your different ideas and creativity, to all the people of the world. So the problems that are created by human beings – mainly they are the problems. And they can be solved. If a human being becomes so beautiful inside, then outside also he looks beautiful, and also he can create a very beautiful loving world.

So, I would say you can ask Me some questions. Eric? Come here. Q: Are you happy with the [unclear] people who’d come to the Albert Hall this year?
Shri Mataji: Eric, you come here. It’s all right. SY – Shri Mataji, were you happy with the people who came to the Albert Hall this year?
Shri Mataji: Of course, why not? I was very, very happy. Was very happy.

I’m always happy otherwise. Whether they come or don’t come makes no difference to Me. Q: How do you realize? How do you, how do you realize this ?
Shri Mataji: I was born like this. I see, how do you realize that you are a human being? Q: No that you, you are accepting… How do you realize that you are accepting the change, the transition within yourself? How do you know that it’s happening to you?
Sahaja Yogi: Is “you”, you or Shri Mataji? Q: How does one realize?

Sahaja Yogi: How do we know when we’re self realized?
Shri Mataji: Ah, that’s a good question. That you know when you have in your hands a cool or a hot breeze coming out. Hot breeze is there because if you have not forgiven, there won’t be any. But if you put your hands like this, you should get cool breeze blowing into you. What is this cool breeze? This is the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. That you can feel. And also it comes out of your fontanel bone area. Yours it is, not mine, yours, and you can feel it.

This is the first sign. Then you start seeing the miracles you can do with your hand. For hair dress also I should say, that if there is one realized lady, she will exactly know how to make the hair – because you become extremely creative. And not that you stick to one style, or you copy somebody, but you have your own style. In everything you have your own style.
Sahaja Yogi: The only way is to experience it, then you know, so you may stay and ask Her to show you in a while. Then you can feel it. The best way is to feel it yourself Shri Mataji, then you don’t have to describe it, you just know it.
Shri Mataji: Self esteem and it’s not overpowering, it’s within yourself. Such peace and such joy – within yourself.

It’s not overpowering. On the contrary, it is so much spreading, so much capturing other people, on a very higher level. Not on a mundane level, or on a very low levels as people try to do. It’s very, very divine and extremely beautiful, I tell you. Ask the question! Have I answered all of your questions? M: To my questions. Q: What he said?
Sahaja Yogi: Are there any other questions?
Sahaja Yogi: Mother, could the ladies and the people here tonight experience Self Realization?

Sahaja Yogi: Can, can they experience it? Can You show us? Should I try? All right. Then it’s good. It’s very good. And you will really become real professionals. As I know, Mr. Emro has been so kind to announce it, but there are so many who have got all this but they are shy and they came quiet. And they don’t want to share it also, because they think that people think they are mad, there’s something wrong with them. So it’s very simple.

It’s very simple. You all can get it. Should be take out our shoes?
Sahaja Yogi: It’s best to take for meditation and to feel those energies inside. It’s best to take the shoes off so that you can get a good grounding on the, on the earth, on the floor. Q: Our socks as well?
Sahaja Yogi: Whichever you feel. If you feel more relaxed, take your socks [as well].
Shri Mataji: The socks you can have, but… it’s o.k.
Sahaja Yogi: Whatever you feel.

Shri Mataji: I’m very happy there are so many ladies. Because, you now, the women are very powerful. They are very powerful – they don’t know their powers. Of course. Now put both the feet on the ground, like this, little away from each other, and just put your both hands towards Me. [I must tell you], this is your right to have it. There’s no obligation, nothing. It’s your right to have it and you can all get it. No problems. You can get it in no time.

As I’ve told you, you have to forgive everyone. Forgive everything, because that was past and finished. We have to be in the present. So, forgive everyone, and also forgive yourself. You shouldn’t feel guilty about anything, you should not be guilty about anything. Just forgive everyone, that’s very important. For you to have the experience it’s important that you forgive. If you don’t forgive, then you will feel hot breeze coming in. But If you forgive yourself and others, there will be nice cool breeze blowing in your hands. Now, just put your right hand towards Me, and see with your left hand on top of your fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood.

You can bend your head. And see for yourself, if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming through. You can see it – maybe on the sides might be, but don’t put it on top of the head, but above the head. You just move your hand little bit here and there, and just put your right hand towards Me. If it is hot that means you have not forgiven yourself, or you have not forgiven others. So, now put your left hand towards Me and put your right hand on top of your head. Again, just see. Do not doubt yourself. Please don’t doubt, have faith in yourself. Now it will rise, it will rise.

Once more. Put your right hand towards Me, and put your left hand towards Me and see for yourself. Bend your head and close your eyes. Please close your eyes. That’s all. Now, just put your hands like this, and those who have felt cool breeze or a hot breeze, on these fingertips, or on the palm, or out of the fontanel bone, raise your hands. Oh, not yet? Yes, it will work out. B: What’s that? Lady: I feel cool on my head and also my hands.

Shri Mataji: Hand you felt, not here?
Sahaja Yogi: Cool on the head, Shri Mataji. She feels cool.
Shri Mataji: Then it’s alright because your this center is little bit in trouble. It will be alright. If you have felt it on your head it’s alright, we will work it out. What about you? Lady: Hot.
Shri Mataji: What is she saying?
Sahaja Yogi: It’s hot?

Is it blowing hot? Lady: The hot.
Sahaja Yogi: It’s hot.
Shri Mataji: In the hands? Hot.
Shri Mataji: Alright, so please forgive. Please forgive. You see, now see, logic is like this. Wether you forgive, you don’t forgive, what do you do? Nothing.

By not forgiving you’re torturing yourself. See the point? Now, so you please forgive Me, really forgive. Put your hands towards Me. Now cooler? Lady: No.
Shri Mataji: Not yet? I’ll have to work on you. I have to work for your forgiveness. Anyone there?

They all have felt it? Alright. So, come along.
Sahaja Yogi: Remove the chair with you.
Shri Mataji: Sit. Lady: Where should I sit? here?
Shri Mataji: Can you sit? Lady: I can sit…
Shri Mataji: Put your right hand towards Me. Lady: Alright.

Left hand on the earth.
Sahaja Yogi: On the earth.
Shri Mataji: Now forgive. Liver. You have a liver problem. Lady: I do?
Shri Mataji: Little bit. You think too much. Lady: I work too hard.
Shri Mataji: Are you futuristic?

Are you futuristic? Lady: What?
Sahaja Yogi: Planing, planing, getting worked up a lot. Lady: No, I live, I live with lot of [unclear] who think of the past but I’m not futuristic.
Sahaja Yogi: Not futuristic.
Shri Mataji: Forgive, please forgive. Lady: It’s hard.
Sahaja Yogi: Say it, say that, that “I forgive everybody” – just say it. Lady: I don’t know if I am ready.
Sahaja Yogi: Please say it.

Then you’ve done it. It’s easy.
Sahaja Yogi: But Chris she’s not ready yet. Not ready yet.
Shri Mataji: You are all ready. Now don’t have this diffidence within you. Otherwise you would not have come here. Alright? Lady: Okay, I’ll forgive…
Shri Mataji: You are all ready. Come along, have it.

Lady: Come on, I forgive.
Shri Mataji: Forgive, good. Very good idea. It’s cooler? Lady: It’s still hot, it’s still hot!
Shri Mataji: We know…
Sahaja Yogi: Keep say, “I’ll forgive everybody” – you’ll enjoy it.
Sahaja Yogi: Say that inside, inside.
Sahaja Yogi: Yeah, inside.
Shri Mataji: It’s still. Liver?

Shri Mataji: Better now? L: It’s cool, yeah, it’s cooler. Not so hot, not so hot.
Shri Mataji: It’s an experience, it’s not just telling you, it’s an experience. It’s the truth. Now she’s feeling. Better now, much better. Lady: I see, yeah, not so hot, yeah, not so hot.
Shri Mataji: Good. Much better.

You come along. You felt it in the head. Not in the hands. Can you face that side? Lady: This side?
Sahaja Yogi: Towards her. L: Towards her?
Sahaja Yogi: Like that? Move back. On the Vishuddhi.

Shri Mataji: Does she sing or?
Sahaja Yogi: Do you sing? L: Yeah.
Shri Mataji: Come back, yes, come back, please. I’ll give vibrations on Vishuddhi. She may develop spondylitis? Very bad. Don’t feel guilty. Do you feel guilty?
Shri Mataji: Are you a catholic?

L: No…
Shri Mataji: Then you should not feel. What work do you do?
Sahaja Yogi: What work? L: What work do I do?
Sahaja Yogi: She runs my desk.
Sahaja Yogi: She’s at his desk.
Sahaja Yogi: Receptionist.
Sahaja Yogi: Reception, yes.
Shri Mataji: She’s at the desk.
Sahaja Yogi: Busy
Shri Mataji: Now, are you feeling in your hands – just see.

Sahaja Yogi: Put your hands up and tell Her.
Shri Mataji: Turn now. Now, feel? Little bit? Alright. May God bless you. Any other questions? Have I answered all your questions? So now, you will have to understand how to meditate. That’s all.

And if you understand that, you’ll grow, grow very fast. I’m sure you will grow and then you’ll be amazed at your [unclear]. Because you will not feel disturbed. There will be no stress, strain again. Very happy you will be. Because what’s the use of getting into stress? You cannot solve it, the problem you cannot solve. You can only solve the problem by solving yourself. Because the problem is with you, not without. If you think like that, it’s alright.

And you all can feel very much better. You will sleep better, and you’ll enjoy life much better. So, I would like to invite you all to India also, if possible, please come. We have a very good session there, we have the seashore and enjoy yourself. She has been to one of the Institutions of Sahaja Yoga for Music. And see how she has picked up! I was amazed the way she was playing. It’s a very great thing. Indian music is not easy, you can’t learn that easy. But I was surprised, in three months, the boys were singing [bhajans] I said, “How did you [unclear]”…

Imagine, in three, three… months only. I mean, you take years together to learn. So many things happened in… Because they have become realized souls, and they can pick up things very fast. I was amazed, really, how they have picked up. She has picked up tabla very… in India also you wouldn’t find any woman who can play at tabla. It’s really remarkable. Remarkable things happened. And you yourself will become remarkable, yourself. Alright, thank you very much. Thank you, may God bless you.

So you can take help from Emro, he can help you I think in giving Realization. It’s a very good thing you have done – I’m really thankful to you. Because I wanted to talk to ladies first because they don’t know how powerful they are. Catherine!
Sahaja Yogi: So now, if anybody wants to know more about Sahaja Yoga or Self Realization there’s a lot…
Sahaja Yogi: He’s now got information there, if anybody wants to know a bit more about Sahaja Yoga
Shri Mataji: It’s really great, I must say.
Sahaja Yogi: So we should do some sessions here also.
Shri Mataji: Also there was, one actor who came to see Me, he had a problema, I don’t know where he is lost.
Sahaja Yogi: Pardon? The actor?
Shri Mataji: Some actor.

Sahaja Yogi: The actor
Shri Mataji: He knows him. You should try to get some actors and actresses, you see. It will be a good idea. Because they’re all suffering and actually they die very fast.
Sahaja Yogi: Thank you very much. Thank you.