Evening Program, Nishat Khan Concert, Eve of Navaratri Puja

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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Evening Program before Navaratri Puja

DAY – 1



TAPE – 1


…Art, not only that but all the intricate patterns of it.

I was overjoyed to see Sahaja yoginis and Sahaja yogis dancing so well and I hope that will change the styles of their walk. (Shri Mataji and people in audience laugh) When I came first to London long time back with my daughters, they used to wonder look at women here and they said mummy they all walk like horse. I said really, see their hair also going like, going up and down and the way they walk. Big influence of horses I think on England. But that was just by the way I told him. But you must have noticed Pawar is a very humourous person because he comes from India, not only that from Maharashtra and he belongs to the same caste as mine. So they are known for their humour. And in his humour he has tried to entertain you very well.

I must say this, he’s such an expert on Kathak. To understand it, I think aa.. you require little knowledge about the percussions. If you have that knowledge then you will understand how it is difficult, how it is intricate and how it is creative to produce this. It’s a very, very long study, long work, they have to do and practices after practices. That’s how the Indian art is.

But I was surprised that when Sahaja yogis go in for that, they are remarkable and we are surprised that in such a short time, they can master the art. So there’s something special about Sahajayogis. And also I was surprised yesterday that from Ukraine those people have come. Otherwise also so many of artists have come from all over. And they were so spontaneous and I was told that none of them have had any training under any Indian Guru or in any Indian school. Just on their own, with the, I don’t know how spontaneously Kundalini has worked it out. Which part of which chakra it has touched, that these people have developed such beautiful sense of Indian music. I think it’s the most difficult thing is Indian music but it is because it is not like western music where you have already a composer, who has put the composition and you have to read it and that’s how you have to play. Composer is also a free man. He can do whatever he likes with his composition. Sometimes it starts slowly, sometimes it starts with a bang, sometimes.. I mean I don’t understand the logic behind it. But whatever it is, it’s very interesting and I love your western music also, if it is classical. Also Jazz is alright. But otherwise I don’t know how to understand pop music very much. May be I’m, I am so ignorant about it.

Then comes the understanding of our style in Kathak style. And also Kathak I have seen People learning in the Academy have done so well, its surprisingly in such a short time how have they achieved it. Is it Kundalini that works it out I don’t know. Yesterday’s performance also convinced me, that for Sahaja yogis it’s not necessary to work so hard, to know about Indian Classical Music or even like Mozart and all these great artists. You might one day create some beautiful compositions but if you go in for some sort of a cheap exhibition then I don’t think you can ever achieve any fame. It will be for the time being and people will forget it. So best thing is to develop your Kundalini power and then to take to anything that you feel like because I have seen people who don’t know anything like Baba Mama, he was such a bad student of languages and I don’t know how he started writing poetry in even Urdu language and Marathi he never knew anything about it.

So this Kundalini does help and makes you a quiet a exponent, quiet an expert in those difficult arts, which are really very, very difficult for people to master it. So I bless you all with all this knowledge and now this way I saw the Flamingo also was played here so well because it has something great about the rhythm. Rhythm wise it’s very good but I didn’t like very much when I was in Spain that the ladies were dressed very funny way, of Flamingo. That part I didn’t like. They could have been better dressed you see. And rather embarrassing and my husband was looking on the ground, you could see it. So it’s too much for Indians to see such ladies dancing, you know. But if they dress up properly there’s no harm. They dress up properly because it’s such a gift they have got of the, what we call the Taal, the rhythms. The rhythms are so beautiful and how they change and work it out.

I must also say that once you start understanding both the beauties of the art, you’ll not pay so much time over dress and all that thing because main thing is the music. If the music has to be properly done and with decent dresses. I am of this opinion because if you want to make it universal then you must also use some dresses that are nice.

I was very happy also to see so many sahaja yogis and sahaja yoginis dancing and the little children. It was really very, very beautiful and I wish you all start their understanding what is rhythm is. Rhythm is part of our life and is managed by Shri Shiva. So if you have a rhythm in your life, you see you’ll be getting rid of so many troubles. This is something to be understood and to be learnt and even if you do not learn at least understand it. I was surprised that you were so sensitive to all this music and all that and you didn’t feel that it was some sort of a pressure on you. So your sensitivity has very much increased that you can see clearly with all the people who have been showing their talents, and they are very talented people.

Now the talent as I told you is very important because it is the intelligence which is emotional and that we have to develop so that we do not get angry with others, we don’t torture others, we don’t trouble others, but we try to entertain them and keep them happy. That is something one has to develop, even the artists have to have that very much clearly in them. So I must thank all the artists and all of you for bearing lots of things which you don’t know and also enjoying the different types and styles.

I hope Flamingo people also join with Kathak and try to wear proper dresses. That’s all. I think the dress is quiet shocking, for us. You see, so there’s no need. If you’ve real art, why should you worry about these other things which makes you look cheapish. No need to have all the cheap dress because if it is art, art is of I must say, that I realized long time back that Spanish idea of rhythm is very great and I wish them all luck and understanding that if they have to become international they should develop dresses as the girls were dressing, very interesting it was. We liked that and their whole behavior should be more towards decency and self respect.

So may God Bless You All. So the last thing is coming now, is a nice play and let us see how it works out because English have now got a idea to give you a play. First time I saw an English Drama, they were all reading from the paper you know, I thought this is they are doing before me or on a Radio. It was like that. Now they learn by heart. So you see what a change has come. And it will be very interesting to see that their art of Drama which is the beauty of England and English language that they’ll establish. Thank you very much. Everyone claps.


TAPE – 2


I have always told you that artists must be respected by all Sahaja yogis. Very much respected. The reason is, artists are expressing ‘emotional intelligence’. They are expressing emotional intelligence, which is appealing to our heart, to our personality. It sooths down our personality also . It’s a special quality of artists that they can produce such entertainment that will awaken your emotional intelligence also. That you will be stirred up emotionally also. Gives you a balance, it’s a very great gift of God to the artists that they can create through their emotional intelligence something that entertains you all. You feel entertained and they themselves when they produce or create something they feel very much elated I have seen. They are surprised from where it is coming? It’s all coming from within and that emotional intelligence really makes people get all the qualities of a good human being. Because you can become peaceful, you can become joyous, also you can be very generous with this and always respect artists and artist must respect artist. I am of this opinion that they should all respect because they are doing the same thing together that they are giving this beautiful entertainment to our conscience which gets this emotional intelligence which is very important, comes out of the love, the compassion. People in these modern times are so much harassed and so much in a mess and this kind of entertainment is the best for them so that they relax into the compassion of the divine love. Thank you very much. I thank them very much and May God Bless them.

Everyone claps.