Diwali Puja

Los Angeles (United States)

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Diwali Puja. Lake Piru, near Los Angeles, California (USA) – 29 October 2000.

It’s a great day today for the whole world that we are celebrating this Diwali Puja in America. It’s very important. Here, where people have been able to earn money, to have lots of money sometimes, and are also people who are ruined completely because of money.

When we talk of Diwali we should understand that – why on a Diwali day we have all these lights? What is the combination of lights and the Lakshmi who was born in the water, who stands in the water? Why this combination is there? She was standing in the water, as we know, a symbol of prosperity; that is built in the human awareness that he can prosper. Animals don’t prosper. They all have their maryadas, trees have their maryadas. Only the human being can prosper. But if they have no sense of their own maryadas then there’s very ruinous, and ruinous for the whole world.

So the lights are there that all the people who have Lakshmi’s blessings must enlighten themselves, must have lights, and they should enlighten others also. But actually, as soon as they get the Lakshmi, so-called, they become absolutely blind, and they forget what is behind the blessings of the Lakshmi.

First of all, as we see, how this symbol of Lakshmi represents, I have told you before also, that a person who has Lakshmi should be very generous. [With] one hand she’s giving to others. A person who is miserly with Lakshmi is absolutely against the principle of Lakshmi. And such a miserly person never can enjoy the blessings, and gradually he starts becoming poorer and poorer. When you start giving with the left hand, that means you have opened the door for your Lakshmi to come in.

Then comes the grace of Lakshmi on you. And this grace of Lakshmi also has another aspect, that you must give protection. Those who are people with money should protect like this. Protect whom? Protect the people who are in trouble, people who are having lots of cruelty on them, orphaned children who need your help. All these should be looked into, and the protection to the people who are dependent on you. So this has to be done with the right hand. That’s the symbol of Lakshmi.

And there are two hands up there, which you have seen, with the pink coloured lotus. Pink colour lotus suggests that you must have love in your heart. Pink is the symbol of love and compassion.

As I’ve told you before also, a person who has Lakshmi should have a house where everybody’s invited. Like the lotus invites all the insects, even the beetles who have got lots of thorns, and the beetle comes and sleeps the whole night very comfortably, and the lotus closes its petals so that the beetle has no trouble, be comfortable. So these houses must accept guests, any kind they are, and they should be treated very well, just like as if the Gods have come into your house.

I’ve seen people who are poor are much more hospitable than the people who are rich. Same way about the countries. Countries which are poor are much more hospitable than the countries which are rich. It’s very surprising that rich countries have their immigrations, they have all problems of avoiding people, guests in their own countries. So they are going really in the wrong way as far as the Lakshmi symbols are concerned.
The another very important symbol is that she stands on a lotus. It’s all glorified, all beautiful lotuses carrying her. But lotus suggests that she throws no pressures, no imbalances, no power around. But in these countries where people have money, they try to throw power all around. The one who has money becomes the more powerful person. Everything becomes power then. Money is power, love is power. This power has no divinity in it, but [is] a power of oppression and aggression and self-importance.

All these symbols of the Lakshmi are very convincing, that, today, when we say that somebody has got money, or some country or nation, they are just the opposite of what they should have been. The reason is they are not enlightened. They have to have lights in their heart, as we see that in Diwali: there has to be the light. And without enlightenment these rich people, so-called lakshmipathis, become nonsensical. That’s why there has to be the light. Because with Lakshmi one can become absolutely blind. So-called Lakshmi, doesn’t give you proper understanding as to what it means that you have got money, that you are rich. What does that mean? That’s why one has to have the lights. Unless and until you have Light of Divinity within you, you won’t understand the great symbol of Lakshmi.

But in Sahaja Yoga we believe that the Lakshmi must become Maha-lakshmi. Man has to become greater man: maha-manav. What does that mean? That she has to become the Mahalakshmi. Mahalakshmi is a deity which makes you absolutely satisfied with whatever you have. Complete satisfaction. Not only that, but you start thinking that, “Whatever I have is not sufficient. I have to have something else!” Not money, not more cars, not more televisions and things, but I have to have something else that will give me real satisfaction.” You know the law of economics is that you are never satisfied; nothing is satiable. So you go on buying from one to another to another to another, another. But when the Mahalakshmi principle shines in you, then you do not want any more. You want to give it to others and you want to enjoy your generosity. That is the first sign that you are moving now from Lakshmi to Mahalakshmi.

Till the Lakshmi principle, you were blind and, whatever it was, you were more asking for more things and more things, and more things. After this is over, then you have the Light; Enlightenment. When you have done all the four things properly – that is generosity, protection, and hospitality, and compassion – then you get into another mood of movement because you know nothing is satisfying, nothing is satiable. Running from one thing to another, then [from] that to another, [from] that to another. And when such people get collective, they start ways and methods of attracting people how they could extract money. There are so many ways. Like in our Italy when I was there, I wanted to buy shoes. We went to the shop and they had only one type of that kind that I don’t wear, so said, “No. Now, only this year this kind.” “Only this kind?” “Every shop will have the same.” I said, “People have no sense, they have no light within them.” So next year, you’ll have another style. Whatever is produced is always new, and these shoes that were made last year or before that are put into some sort of a junk. It’s a very big business. So it is the big business that starts in this manner, and many people become bankrupt, many people completely lose their dignity, and fall into the trap of immorality.

So this Lakshmi principle if you forget, in a proper way you cannot go to the Mahalakshmi principle. And in the Mahalakshmi way you can find another kind of personalities, because if you have the light in your heart, then you start seeing that this money business is of no satisfaction. You go on changing from one to another. So then you think, “What should we do?” With this light in your heart, you find out that you have to follow now the principle of Mahalakshmi otherwise you’ll be lost. So when you think of Mahalakshmi you start seeking, seeking the way by which you can really have a real satisfaction of life.

I mean a country like America where people have so much money and everything, they have also the maximum number of seekers, maximum number. When I first came to America I was shocked that though there was Mahalakshmi principle, they did not know what to seek and they all followed all kinds of false gurus. They had become mad, I think, because they couldn’t understand what is to be followed. For that they started following all kinds of false gurus, who were themselves slaves of Lakshmi, Lakshmi tattwa. Slaves in the sense ‘who were against’ Lakshmi tattwa. And that’s how they all were lost, so many of were lost in this country, and I was shocked the way they were following wrong type of people I just thought that there’s something really needed to be done to this country. And for 9 years I never came to America. I am sorry for that, because the seekers were moving in the opposite direction. They were not in the understanding as to what the seeking is for, what are you seeking. Somebody came saying that “You are, I am a sixteen-year-old and I can make you all realised-souls.” And I’m told that he put some vermilion, kumkum, in a gun and blasted it, and people felt they were all, already had gone to heavens. Such idiotic behaviour; how it came into their heads, I don’t know. How did they become so idiotic, I can’t understand. So I went back and I said, “I can’t help these people much.”

Then a kind of another fashion started. Like if you went to any party or anything they would say, “Now see, another guru has come. He’s much cheaper.” and “There’s a sale on.” And I would say: Look at these women and men who are supposed to be the leaders of the world, and how can they talk like this? It was a very common thing among the rich people to talk like that.

This country has been blessed with very, very great people, as you know, very great people. Abraham Lincoln, what sort of a man he was, or even say George Washington. All these people showed the quality of Mahalakshmi. But they didn’t much think of them, and they started working out a new method of capturing the whole world, because, then the idea of power came into their head: that with money we can purchase everything. We can make everybody dance to our tune if we have money.

All this attitude towards money and human beings was absolutely satanic – to such an extent that their own country started getting ruined. What happened to the family system? What has happened? Why the family got ruined? Because of their wrong ideas about Lakshmi principle. The women got lots of money out of divorce. So I’ve met one lady, she had divorced her husband eight times, from this country, and now I’m told she has divorced the ninth one. And she has become very rich. But she has no shame. And she is telling everybody that “Get a divorce, that’s the best way, that’s the advantage of coming to America.” So what is the problem? That human beings don’t have enlightenment. And if they get money, and if they are hankering after things, they have to go to hell, no doubt about it – and do all kinds of things which was never done in the history of this world. I need not tell you all the absurd nonsensical things they do.
Then started a negative force of drugs, drinking and all kinds of things. I mean such blindness, such stupidity, that you can’t understand. As if their brains were completely curtailed by the activity of moneymaking. I have seen people choosing their suits and clothes that, when they will die, what they are going to wear. It sounds funny. Even their dog dies they make such elaborate arrangements! They choose even their coffin, which one they would like to use for burying.

So with the money a new problem started, was the choice: what choice you have. And people played with that choice. They can befool you and tell you what is the best. I don’t know why, but moneyed people are mostly idiotic, if not very immoral. Idiotic, absolutely idiotic. Anybody can befool them. So, God knows what is the speciality that the people who are very rich can be very cunning, can be very immoral, can be self-destroying; but mostly they are idiotic people. Because the way they talk, you don’t know where to look; what they say about things you don’t understand. So then it’s become the country of idiots and stupid people, and you don’t know how to deal with them and how to talk to them about the higher life. This Lakshmi tattwa has to become a much bigger principle, which we call as the emancipated personality, or we can say [the] person endowed with Mahalakshmi principle. Such a person may be cheated by others, may be troubled by others, but such a person has its own inner power to overcome all such hurdles.

So this Mahalakshmi principle should be established. But one would say, “Why? What is the advantage of having Mahalakshmi principle?” When the Mahalakshmi principle comes, then there are nine Lakshmis which are described, navadha, nine, which get completely manifested in a human being.

One of them as we call as Gruhalakshmi. Gruhalakshmi means the family. The wife becomes a very wonderful person. She doesn’t object to things, she doesn’t react, but she’s very sensible and she builds up all her children in a beautiful manner. On the contrary, where she is not a Gruhalakshmi, she takes pride in working out something like men. [This] means – to her, her job is important, her bank balance is important. But the real bank balance of a Gruhalakshmi is her family and her children. If she doesn’t have that, she will be just thinking that she is very great, she can compete with this man or that man.

Women don’t understand that their greatest capacity is to love. How is it that Lakshmi is a woman and all the Goddesses are women? And what is the quality of these Goddesses is to bestow blessings on people of their own nature, of their own qualities.

So to think that we are better off than men because we have more money is the greatest idiocity. You may have money, but your children will be ruined, your family will be ruined. When you make a good family, then you create a beautiful, very beautiful, universe around you. And universes after universes like this can create a beautiful universe in the whole world. There’s nothing to sacrifice, but to enjoy everything. As I said, you enjoy your hospitality, you enjoy your generosity, which you do not feel is a misery or a trouble to you, but you just enjoy. I mean, at least I enjoy. If I can give something to someone, that’s the greatest blessing. So the idiotic people, they believe that generosity is stupidity, while they are the real stupidity.

So to create a proper home for your children is a very great work today, and it has to be done. Again there, selfishness comes in. Human beings have so many such hurdles in life because, I don’t know why, he doesn’t enjoy everything. So the selfishness comes in and they will only love their own children, they will only love their own husbands, or they will love only their own wives. This doesn’t create a good family. I am talking about the global family. For us everybody is a realised soul and their family and our family is one. But then they will create problems, talk ill, gossip. I am surprised even in Sahaja Yoga we have many women who just go on gossiping, their style was gossiping.

Because I am talking about Lakshmi and Mahalakshmi I have to warn the women because they are the ones who will create the great principles, the great symbols of Lakshmi and Mahalakshmi. So the gossiping is a very common disease, even today, in Sahaja Yoga. I’ve seen then, when five or six Sahaja Yoginis meet, they go on talking, talking, talking. I don’t know what do they talk! Never about Sahaja Yoga! Never! What they talk is what’s wrong with another person, who is a wrong type of a person: what we call ‘gossip’. And this gossip has created big problems for us in the collective. So best thing I would advise to keep quiet.

Even when they come to my house they talk! They have no sense that we should keep quiet. Without quietitude you cannot enjoy the cool vibrations of the Divine. Just go on gossiping and talking is not a sign of very developed people: in Sahaja Yoga. That’s why the first thing is that women should become much more compassionate, much more tolerant and enjoyable. Because you meet somebody, they will start immediately telling you, “That is wrong with this person, this is wrong with that person…” But there’s no need. But they will only come and give you bad news – all kinds of. But they enjoy, giving the bad news, that they think they are very important. And when they think they are important, they can be very dangerous people, very dangerous.

Because I think it’s the women who have to work it out much more than men, to understand the value of Sahaja Yoga. Because their own children are concerned. Their family is one of the units of Sahaja Yoga. I am saying this because now I’ve been noticing it, very common, that the women in Sahaja Yoga are not up to the point as they should have been. They gossip too much. So they should take to mauna I think, take to complete silence, not talking. Those who are really, very much effective, who are doing the great work, are always quiet. They don’t talk. I have seen they don’t even come and see Me, just recede back, while the women who think they are something special, they are the most dangerous.

So the power of Lakshmi that actually, first, falls on the shoulder of women should be Mahalakshmi’s. And this one is, is a challenge to all the Sahaja Yoginis to behave themselves, and to become greater women than all the rest of the women of the world. We have some very, very good, very great Sahaja Yoginis, no doubt, but their style is different, and they are working out things in such a manner that it’s absolutely adorable. They are just working for Sahaja Yoga. They do not bother about their personal relationships, or their personal eminence, they just want to help Sahaja Yoga in every way.
Then there is another Lakshmi called as Gajalakshmi. Actually it means a, ‘Gaja’ means elephant. What is the quality of an elephant is that the elephant walks with a certain gait, which is the movement on both the sides. As I’ve said you, I have seen people, specially women, who walk like horses, really! They just walk like horses. So once a dance teacher told me, “Should I start, Mother, a dance school?” I said, “Better start a dance school, doesn’t matter. But are you sure you can teach them to dance or they would be just galloping?” (laughter) “Why?” “Because what I’ve seen of women here that they walk like horses, I must say. How can these women who walk like horses can do dance, Indian dance specially. It’s very difficult.”

So, now we have to see what is the gait, how you walk. Do you walk like an elephant, or you walk like a horse? Especially for men, men should not walk like elephant but should walk like horses, alright (laughter). But the worst thing that has happened is that men dress up like women and women dress up like man. Now what to do? Why this kind of a mad transformation taking place? Why do they take to such things? For, what is the advantage of becoming a woman when he is a man, and a woman becoming a man? That is the reason, which shows, that they want to have some change, some change is important. You’d like to change your dress, you’d like to change your houses, even your sexes you want to change. But why not change your complete being through Self-realisation, that is very important: to understand that we are transformed, and we must have our own dignity of Sahaja Yoga – the way we behave, the way we move about and work.

My experience is that, once they come to Sahaja Yoga, mostly, they become very, very beautiful people, and that [they] gradually start growing like flowers, fragrant with their compassion and love. But also there are people who do not understand how to grow. They have their own small circle into which they move, and they get just stagnated, they become dwarfed, and then such Sahaja Yogis have to leave Sahaja Yoga.

So it is the responsibility of all the Sahaja Yogis to watch and see how far their mind is working. Where are they going? What are they doing? How are they achieving their status as Sahaja Yogis?

So these lakshmi and, lakshmis I would say, and also the lakshmipatis, in Sahaja Yoga, have to be very different than the other people who have money. Mahalakshmi principle should give you a very sober, balanced, affectionate and loving temperament. If it doesn’t give you, then you should know there’s something missing in you. After all, you have come to Sahaja Yoga not for anything else but for your growth. And to keep that growth on, you have to acquire a sense of understanding what should be your personality, relative to others, relative to other people who are still seeking, who are still blind.

We have to achieve a global emancipation. I know that’s [what] my vision is, and the other day we were counting how many projects have started. So, we had to stop at 35.  Already 35 projects have started in India, also in other countries, and they are only for emancipating human beings. But firstly, as I told you, to do work in Sahaja Yoga you have to be a detached person. That is the quality of a Mahalakshmi principle, that such a person is detached. He is not attached to things which are worthless. But that doesn’t mean that you take a sanyasa and run away from the families, run away from your household, run away from everything. That’s not detachment, that’s running away!

But detachment is that when you have everything, still you are detached: in the sense [that] you do not feel concerned about your own gain out of this. Such things can happen, very easily, if you really introspect. And introspection is the best way of meditation. First introspect and then meditate, then you will grow. And the real joy of your Self, of your Spirit, will really give you such enjoyment that you will not take to stupid, insignificant things. But you will become very significant people in Sahaja Yoga who will do such wonderful work that everybody will be amazed that – an ordinary human being, how can he achieve such things, how can he work it out?

As I’ve told you before, that after realisation you become extremely creative. Creative in everything, specially in giving realisation to others, and also creative in your life of art, music, poetry, drama, writing; all kinds of things you do. We have seen now so many cases who have never been on the stage, even, have given very great, inspiring lectures. So the creativity comes like an inspiration for others. They see you and they feel inspired. You are not the one who goes into the shadow and sits back. But openly you come out, with no pride or no sort of aggression, but complete humility; and you give such beautiful feelings to others, such understanding about yourself and about the other through your collective consciousness.

You see, about collective consciousness and other things, so many people have talked. The other day you saw it, there were so many people like Jung and also there were other scientists and also other philosophers who have talked about it. But you have got it, you have the experience of collective consciousness. Despite that, if you are lagging behind in your progress of Sahaja Yoga, in Sahaja Yoga, that means there’s something wrong. Some sort of a load you are carrying on your head. But through our attachments, there would be loads on your head.

In Sahaja Yoga you are involved with everything and you are detached. And such a miracle happens to you which you know very well, I don’t have to describe it. So a new personality with a Mahalakshmi principle comes in. Mahalakshmi principle is the one which takes you to your seeking and when you have found out the reality, the truth, then you progress.

With Mahalakshmi principle only, you get your realisation. You know that very well, that through the Mahalakshmi channel only you rise, and you get your realisation. So to become a great Sahaja Yogi, you have to look after your Mahalakshmi principle.

Now there are people I have seen who care for cheap popularity. I have known people who will do everything for others, do this, do that, but only for popularity. There’s no essentially understood, they have not essentially understood that whatever you are doing, is it for cheap popularity? You don’t have to fight an election in Sahaja Yoga, you don’t have to cast your votes in election. But what happens really, the person who has that dynamism of Sahaja Yoga just comes up. Everybody knows. Not talking, not impressing, not showing off, not going after cheap popularity, but growing within you. For that I cannot say what you have to do. How does a tree grow? By itself. You are living examples of Sahaja Yoga. So how will you grow? – By yourself. By yourself you’ll grow: is a promise that is given to you by the Divine. But allow it to grow, through introspection and meditation, and what we call complete dedication and devotion.

The other day I told you about the word shraddha – it’s not just praying, it’s not just having faith, but shraddha is that you have it in your heart, the enjoyment of achievement through your devotion and dedication – that should be called as shraddha. With that thing only it will work out. You have to have faith in yourself and faith in Sahaja Yoga. You know you have got it, those people were talking about it, but you have got it! You know what is collective consciousness. You know that you are in the collective consciousness. But how far you have grown into it is to be seen. It’s very important.

For that, I need not in this short time describe to you all the qualities of the Lakshmi but – try to understand that a person who has Lakshmi principle has to have all these special qualities otherwise he is not the worshipper of Lakshmi. And that’s how I would today bless you all with the proper wisdom and the proper understanding of the Lakshmi principle through the lights which are enlightened within your heart.

May God Bless You. May God Bless You.

After Puja Talk

I wish you all a very happy Diwali. And as I have suggested to you – we all have to work it out, and understand the importance of Mahalakshmi principle.

In your lives if people will see that you are very peaceful, good, helpful, collective people, then only, Sahaja Yoga will spread. Not what I am saying, or what I am spreading, or what I am working out.

It’s a fact that I always had a feeling that Sahaja Yogis should take to social work. I’ve been a social worker all my life, and I am a socialist in a way, but all these things I did, you may call it secretly, or anything, whatever it is, but some people knew about it, and this was to be done, and practically most of these cases are ready to be donated.

The reason I did not donate it in the beginning [is] because I wanted to see [that] there are people who are honest, and who will do the work honestly. Because in the name of social work, people just want to exploit. This is the reason I waited for so many days, and though I have given some of these already like Ganapatipule, or the hospital, also Dharamshala school, all have been given. But now I want to give even more. Like I didn’t know that, in America,  the land we have bought, in Canajoharie, is in My name; and I heard it I was surprised because there is no income from there, nothing of the kind, and I decided there and then, that it has to be given to the collective of Life Eternal Trust of America. It’s all My desire that things should work out. But according to Sahaja Yoga, unless and until you have your Ganapati, Ganesha, mother of land, motherland, where you start your work, it doesn’t take form, it doesn’t do anything.

Even in Italy I have got a very huge land and also a house which also I want to donate. There’s another one called as Daglio, I want to donate it to the collective of Italy.

Italians, I found them to be very good, honest and dedicated. I know they will not exploit it. In the same way everywhere I’ve purchased any land or building things, I would like to donate most of it. But let me see if the things are working out in a honest way.

So, this is for you now to take interest. And I was happy to know that one Sahaja Yogini has gone to Madras to start an orphanage, or working out in an orphanage. Is a very good idea, because think of the orphan children, think of the women who are destitutes, think of the people who are suffering from horrible diseases like cancer – others also – which we can cure. So I started a hospital, and now I’ll have another hospital in Delhi. Also good news for you that I have bought a land at the foothill of Himalayas. Very big, I think it’s 55, 56 acres of land. Plus I have bought another land where we can grow, or where you get also, very rare vegetables for the Ayurveda, so that they can make medicines at a very cheap price for the use of people who are suffering, and who can get cured very easily.

Like this, so many projects have been done and they have all come up. The thing is that, I have seen that, Sahaja Yogis do not collect, donate money. Except in the seminars that they give money. And all this is achieved through that money that you have given in the seminar. The rest of the expense of course comes from my books and other things we do.

So it is important for all of you to understand that whatever money you are giving in the seminar is being used, absolutely, absolutely for the betterment of humanity, which may not come to Sahaja Yoga but which can be benefited through Sahaja Yogis. So I would request you not to be miserly. You need not give me the money, but you shouldn’t have a miserly temperament. Because what’s the use of having money without any advantage? So you all must learn how to donate, not to me but to this new idea they have, is they want to Me to declare, they want to make a Foundation, alright. Once I find proper people to run it, I don’t mind making the Foundation. Because we shouldn’t do what all the rest of the stupid people have done.

And so I would request you, all of you, to be little generous. The generosity should be towards social side of our world, which is very important to be attended to.

I hope you understand that I have not changed the way. It’s the path which is going now in a smooth way. We had to first climb a very hazardous mountain, and now we have come to a place where we understand.

With this understanding, I just want to tell you to collect some money with you which you can donate at the time when we’ll need for this kind of work. Which is not with Kundalini awakening. But then we can also do Kundalini awakening. We have to show the results of Kundalini awakening, it’s not only for you, it’s not only for you people who are realised, it’s for the whole world. That’s my vision, and according to that vision I have been doing my work. And now as you know that I leave this responsibility to you all.

I hope you will understand that it’s important that you should think of other things than your own problems, your own stupid questions that you have, because all the time what I find, even the leaders will bring some sort of a nonsense from people who have done something wrong.

You need not tell me if somebody is sick, if somebody’s this. Why can’t you cure? Why should you bring that to me? It’s a common practice with leaders. So I would request you not to bring any such problems to Me, and you solve your own problems, try to solve them. Once you solve your problem, you’ll be amazed, you will know what you have got. But every time refer it to Me is not necessary.

Reference to Me is not necessary, because I have so many other things to be done, and every time if somebody is sick they [think they] must refer to Me. If something happens they must refer it to Me. Even after referring, all of you will be saying now “This person has got cancer, this one is sick, that one is sick.”  I don’t want to tell you, but there must be some mistake on that, about that person. I don’t want to tell about anybody like that, but must be something must have happened that that person is sick, or something has gone wrong with that person, because normally Sahaja Yoga should help. Sahaja Yoga meditation should help. It should work out, it has worked out with so many. Even some people who were very sick, once came to Cabella, I was not there, they got alright. So is the faith within you which should be so strong that it will be done.

So some people have a habit of pestering Me like this all the time “This one is not alright, that is not…” “in my centre this is happening, that happening.” Why can’t you solve your problems all of you put together?

It will be very kind of you to understand that all these problems can be solved by you, I don’t have to be there. I am there with you all the time, I am one with you all the time, so there is no need for you to come to me for all these things which are absolutely under your control. If not, you give up your leadership, so-called. Because leadership means that you should be able to execute Sahaja Yoga principles in others and work it out. I hope you’ll understand this.

I had to say some things on a Diwali day, but with the light one has to see also the dark spots and try to clear it out.

So I would request all the leaders not to bother Me, with all these little little problems that you have. Try to control, try to solve, try, see, you have powers, you can do it, all of you can do it. You don’t have to get to me all the time, because so many things are to be done, and so many things are to be worked out which I am doing relentlessly. But you should also try to solve your problem of your country, of your place. But if you are not wise enough, if you are not grown up, then it happens, I have seen, you will tell Me. And you think you are very important because you can tell Me. That’s not the way! You should do it yourself. You should find out yourself what you can do, how you can help it out, and how you can help others.

Also we are not here all the time just to look after people who are no good in Sahaja Yoga. And mostly I have seen, it is only the people who are a little bit, very ambitious about their own positions, try to do like that.

So I have to again and again request you: please, please, if any of your you are leaders or anything else, don’t telephone to Me, don’t write to Me. Because I’ve seen every day I have such a lot of  this thing, papers, envelopes – every day – I don’t know what to do. How to tell you that there is no need to write to Me. If you cannot solve the problem, finished! Take up something that is simple, that you can handle. Need not take to something that is difficult, which you cannot handle. It’s a wisdom in, behind, that. If you have wisdom, you’ll solve your own problems together, specially with your leader, and if the leaders are sensible, they will never, never trouble Me.

I must know about, I must tell you about some people, who are leaders, have never even once told Me that “This is wrong, or that is wrong” nothing! They have solved their problems out and out. They should be your ideals, and that’s how you should work it out. That will be very joy-giving thing for your Mother, because now you are made, you are the ones who have the power, feel your powers, understand your powers, understand your responsibilities, and you will be amazed how things will work out.

First of all I wish you all again and again very happy Diwali, very happy prosperous life for next year and all your life.

May God bless you. Thank you very much. Thank you.

They all, have brought some presents for all of you. Please have them, enjoy them.

May God bless you all.

And be quiet! Sometimes I feel it’s a fish market because I don’t know what is there to talk! You have to be in complete silence. Such a lot of vibrations today, you have no idea!

If you are absorbing, I would not have been tired. You have to absorb, absorb vibrations. You have come here to get vibrations, to get more and more of that and not to wile away your time talking this, that. No! You have come here to grow. If you understand that I think it will help you. Thank you.