Christmas Puja

Ganapatipule (India)

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Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule (India), 25 December 2000

[Shri Mataji speaks first in Hindi for about sixteen minutes]

[Scanned from Divine Cool Breeze – Translation from Hindi to English]

The reason for celeberaling this auspicious day is the birth of the Christ. Very little is known about Jesus Christ because in young age he left his house and after returning he lived only up to the age of thirty year But dunng this short period he did tremendous work After his death, his twelve disciples spread Christianity. They also faced problems as you have to face sometimes But these twelve disciples did tremendous work. Their followers. In the beginning, were known as Gnostics, meaning ‘Those who have known’ The origin of this word is from ‘Gna’ meaning To Know’ These people were harassed and tortured by the priests of that time So in the beginning it was very difficult to convince people of Christ s thoughts People were not seif realised Jesus Christ had said it again and again ‘Know Thyself. ‘Know Thyself Without realising the significance of self realisation people started spreading the religion. Without knowing the Self, religion could not be spread because gradually such religion becomes Adharmas Same thing happened with Christian religion It is written that Jesus Chnst went to a wedding party There he put his finger in the water and converted it tn to wine It is written in Hebrew language that
the taste of this water changed in to that of the wine. ‘Wine’ in Hebrew Christian people twisted the meaning of the wine and took it for alcohol and Christians took to alcohol and accepted It in their religion Alcohol is Iho cause of all Adharma. ail sins It gives human beings distracted attention Its very easy to change the taste of the water I may also do it by putting my hand m it. But people took so much to alcohol that I am astonished! In England, I saw, they dunk alcohol Whether some one is born or dies, you go to someone’s house immediately they offer you drink Without drinking they do not know how to talk to you Alcohol is so much prevalent But it will be injustice to say that Jesus Chnst advocated the dunking of Alcohol. None of the incarnations could tell to go against religion In India also tne use of alcohol has become prevalent. When we were young during the time of British rule, Indians were not used to drinking May be that alcohol was consumed by some highly placed people, otherwise it was not used. Now even common men could be seen annking. No one thinks of the miserable state alcohol drags the person in. Orunkards. then commit sins. moaning the juice of the grapes Bui Christian people twisted the meaning of the wine and took it for alcohol and Christians took to alcohol and accepted It in their religion Alcohol is Iho cause of all Adharma. ail sins It gives human beings distracted attention Its very easy to change the taste of the water I may also do it by putting my hand m it. But people took so much to alcohol that I am astonished! In England, I saw, they dunk alcohol Whether some one is born or dies, you go to someone’s house immediately they offer you drink Without drinking they do not know how to talk to you Alcohol is so much prevalent But it will be injustice to say that Jesus Chnst advocated the dunking of Alcohol. None of the incarnations could tell to go against religion In India also tne use of alcohol has become prevalent. When we were young during the time of British rule, Indians were not used to drinking May be that alcohol was consumed by some highly placed people, otherwise it was not used. Now even common men could be seen annking. No one thinks of the miserable state alcohol drags the person in. Orunkards. then commit sms. The first thing I want to tell you rs that the drinking by the Christians is not a religious activity Alcohol is made in the Church of Rome To commit sins (Adharma) in the name of religion (Dharma)l It is unpardonable s*n That ts how people accept all the evils
The aim ot Jesus Christ was to open the centre ol your Agnya and to achieve that purpose He got Himself crucified and then He resurrected. It appears to be a miracle but for the Divinity there t$ no miracle as such. He proved that human beings could rise above the centre of Agnya and on this centre he told two mantras which we call Beei Mantras – Ham and Ksham’ Ksham’ means to forgive. Ksham is the biggest mantra The ego of the person who knows how to forgive, gets destroyed One is proud of $mall»smalt things. For example if you toil someone to sit on the earth, Ns ego gets hurt If some one is told to sit m the chair he will reply. This chair is very small, why have you given it to me7’ Everyone has some expectation about him and if his expectations are not fulfilled, his ego immediately comes up. Unknowingly some times such things could be done but the egoistical people take it as their insult Such people make their condition very miserable All the time they think they are being insulted and humiliated He is always obsessed with this thought and he draws negative meaning of whatever is told to him So we have to think ol what Jesus Christ had ihought He said. ’Forgive those who have tress passed against you’ Now see the results if you forgive everyone You will neither suffer nor get disturbed mentaly. You will not think of the person whom you have forgiven Nothing could go against you because you forgive everyone We get this power from the centre of Agnya. The person whose Agnya is clear forgives everyone If we donot forgive we torture ourselves and play rn the hands of others, who assume power over us ‘Forgiveness’ ts the greatest message that Jesus Christ has given to mankind.
Second is ‘Ham’ It has altogether different meaning. Ham means To Know Thyself.’ You have to know that you aro the Spirit. You are not this body. mind, bram or ego You are the Spin! When you know this ‘Ham’ then it will be clear to you that you are the Atma The ‘Spirit’ means that alt the ego. foolishness, ignorance that we have m our mind, are meaningless At) these negativities have absolutely no place in the Pure Spint You are very pure,
So he told two things, the first is To Forgive everyone Knowingly or unknowingly if someone troubles you, you should forgive him You will not get tortured but if you donot forgive then you torture yourself because another person *s sitting nicely. So you must develop the habit of forgiveness
Second thing that he told us is that ‘You are the Spirit1 Know this Spirit, the Self No one can touch the spmt. can destroy it. no one can torture it. If you are that spirit then you should be established in it But to achieve this Atm- Tattva the awakaning of Kundalini is necessary First »s to work out the awakening of the Kundahm and then to get established in it Untiil you are established you will remain entangled in stupidies So one should know how to be established with in. to remain with in thyself. When you achieve this state, you will feel the extreme joy within and nothing will disturb you When you get established in this aura of peace, then you will be surprised, you wont worry about small small things You will be always drenched in the joy of Spin!
To attain the Spmt. the awakening of kundaltni is essential, Without attaining awakening this is impossible But some of the awakened people also get confused They do not go in depth The central point is your Agnya If you look at it then you will come to know that it is contusing you. Because of it you are entangled, caught in different thoughts and having different problems But when you cross this centre of Agnya and go beyond it then this problem will be over That is why this centre is very significant It is written in the Bible that those who apply vermillion on their forehead will be saved They could be none else but Sahaia Yogis Its a stupendous task Jesus Chnst had only twelve disciples but you are thousands and thousands Had you put one thousandth labour that they pul. the spreading of Sahaja Yoga would have been much more. I depend upon you people You are my sole support and I hope you will spread Sahaja Yoga in the whole world

[English Transcript]

I’m sorry I had to speak in Hindi language, because most of the people who are here are understanding Hindi only. When I am abroad, all the time I am speaking English, nothing else but English language, and then I want to have some change for a while (Shri Mataji laughs).

Regarding today’s great advent of Shri Jesus Christ, I told them that He came on this world with a very great mission, I would say one of the greatest missions, because He wanted to open the Agnya Chakra which was so constricted, and could not be done before.

For that He had to sacrifice His life. By that sacrifice only, the great Agnya could be opened.

He was aware of it. He knew that it has to happen, that He has to somehow accept this sacrifice.

As it is, He was a divine personality, He had no problem in doing so. But He thought that could be some other way there, by which you can open this Agnya Chakra.

But He had to sacrifice His life, and in that sacrifice He has shown that if you have to rise above this mundane, superficial life, you have to in a way sacrifice.

Sacrifice what? Sacrifice all your six enemies. But with the Kundalini awakening all these six enemies completely get detached.

Depends on how your Kundalini has risen. If she has risen in a perfect manner, then I have seen people at the first shot they just become completely self-realized people. Of course there are very few, but there have been; while I see most of you have little problems, and for most of you it is the problem of the Agnya Chakra. How do we get the Agnya Chakra working so much is this, that we think as a reaction, as a reaction to anything outside, we react to everything.

While I see here all these lamps, I can react by saying, “From where did they get all these? How much it must have cost? Where are they kept all the year round?” – All kinds of things. I can react. This reaction comes from our conditionings, or from our ego.

Egoistical people are extremely sensitive.

If you give them, say, something that they think is not very dignified, they can feel hurt. They can feel hurt for anything, because they have a consciousness that they are something special, something higher people, and one should behave with them when they are dealing with anyone.

And that’s how they get absolutely disturbed if they find anybody in any way degrading them.

This comes from ego. Ego is a part and parcel of this Agnya movement, and the second one is your conditioning.

Now you have a conditioning: say you are an Indian, now the conditioning is that a person who comes to meet you should touch your feet, supposing, that’s your relationship. And the person doesn’t touch your feet, then you are angry.

Anything like that which is your conditioning, gives you an idea that you are been insulted or in any way you have not been respected, then you feel bad. The other reactions of ego are like this, as I said: I see those lamps and I can say, “Why not I have it?” Or if I have them, “Why will I give it to anyone?” Ego reactions are there, or conditioning reactions are there.

These two were to be finished, and that was done by the sacrifice of the life of Christ. Christ Himself was a divine person, and a divine person is like the sea because it remains at the zero point, at the lowest point; it does all work from that point. It will make clouds, it will make rain, and when all the rivers are in spate they’ll run into the sea, because the sea remains at the lower point.

So humility is the, one of the criteria of a Sahaja yoga. A person who doesn’t have humility cannot be called Sahaja yogi. I have seen even Sahaja yogis get very angry, sometimes start shouting and getting angry and misbehaving. That’s the sign that he is not yet a Sahaja yogi, he has to still mature.

So this humility of a person will give you more stationary, I would say, more permanent state by which you will not react, you will not react.

You look at anything, you react.

But then you don’t react, you just watch, and that is how the new state of witness state comes into you.

When you become the witness you are just watching, just watching; not reacting, not thinking about it, but you are in the present, and in the present you just watch, watch and really enjoy it.

The enjoyment of all the creation is not within your mind when you are thinking. And when you are not thinking, the whole enjoyment of the beauty of all this creation reflects in you, and gives you tremendous joy and peace.

So one has to learn that we should not react. The today’s problem is, all human beings are very good at reacting.

Reaction is a basic principle of today’s life.

You see any newspaper, you see any book, you meet anyone, what I find that they are experts on reacting.

They react, and by reaction what happens, they never achieve any essence of the thing. Essence is only through witness state that you can achieve.

This is what we have to learn from the crucifixion of Christ, from His birth, that He was born in a very humble family, very poor family, in very adverse conditions.

The reason was to show that all these outward things and all these outward glories do not make you great. The greatness is within, and when that greatness is there then you don’t care for anything, because you are so much enriched within yourself that you don’t bother about other things, you don’t think about these things, and you live in your own majestic life.

This is what we see in His life, He was a very majestic person.

Otherwise if you meet somebody who is a poor man, say, and who has felt the poverty, he’ll talk to you with a beggarish style.

If there’s somebody who is born in a rich family, he will talk to you in a very, I should say, outward, outwardly showing-off nature. But a person who is a divine person, all these things don’t touch. For him riches or not riches, positions or no power is all just the same; and when that happens, then you should consider that you have become Sahaja yogis.

I’ve seen people who come to Ganapatipule – now they are very much changed. Otherwise in the beginning they used to say, “We don’t have water, we don’t have this facility, it’s very cold or hot” – whatever it is. They were all the time talking as if they are on a holiday. It is something very different.

You are here to develop your witness state. Did you see the sky, how beautiful it was, how orange, blue, all kinds of colors were there.

The color it takes automatically, and is enjoying it. It is not bothered that it should remain forever, that this will go away when there is darkness. Just watching, the sky is just watching. Whatever comes its way, it takes it. So it’s so beautiful and it’s so joy-giving.

So the another thing is that when you are in that state of spirituality, then you are joy-giving, you are peace-giving, you are compassionate, and you love each other.

All these problems of the ego just disappear. Ego is your greatest enemy, I think, and it is the one that really hinders all the wealth and beauty of your life. So if you could just see this ego, how it works, just you’ll be enjoying it. It’s a drama it plays – all right, let’s have it!

You can see the drama and then suddenly you will be amazed that you are not in it, you are watching it.

When you are detached from your ego, you can see how it tries to entice you.

These are the problems of today, and that’s why we need Jesus very much.

The problem of today is that people don’t understand that how much harm they are doing to themselves, to others, and to the whole world by becoming egoistical. If they could understand, I tell you, they would give up.

But the problem is they enjoy their hatred, they enjoy that kind of meanness or I would say, very low-level living.

While you are all Sahaja yogis, and what you have to do is to understand, “Why this ego is coming in my head? What have I done? Who am I?” Once you go on asking such questions, this ego will disappear.

And it’s a big problem for Me also to deal with people who have ego, because I can’t tell them “You have got ego.” If I tell them, they’ll all run away. If I tell them, “All right, you are very good, you are very nice,” then ego will be bloated. Then they’ll say, “Oh, Mother told us I’m very nice.” It’s very problematic.

I don’t know how to deal with the ego of human beings. I know they have, but I don’t know how to deal with it. I think it’s only you can deal with it, if you will understand what’s wrong with you. That’s a very good way of solving your problem, and My problem also.

My vision is too great, I think, for one life. I want a global realization, I want people all over the world to have realization. It’s very remarkable how …. (applause. She talks in Hindi aside)

In Sahaj culture we have a proper training for getting rid of ego. You can yourself introspect yourself. You can yourself see why you behave like this.

The introspection that Sahaja yogis can do cannot be done by other people, because they can enter into themselves, they can see for themselves, they can watch others. And with that they can just try to see what is this Mr Ego doing within your head.

Of course, we know that the mantra of Christ is the best for removing all egoistical problems, and that helps a lot.

But also when you are doing this mantra, you should be yourself in a very humble state. “What am I, after all, who am I? Look at so many stars, look at so many beautiful things, and who am I? What have I done? Why should I be so egoistical? Why should I think I’m something great?”

And also other people pamper you, because they want to take advantage of you. So they’ll pamper you, they’ll say “This is very great, you are very great”; and you just get enamored, get lost. You are like thrown into the torrential rain and you flood out into big, I think, like a big stream of egoistical people.

And if you see around today in these modern times, everybody is quite conscious of their ego, very conscious, and the way they are coming up in the newspapers or the way they are in some magazines, I’m quite amazed. I would feel shy to be there, because it’s so much of expression of your ego, nothing else. All kinds of things they start, they have competitions of ego, lots of competitions.

Like they have a beauty competition, then they have another competition for Mister, you can say India, Mister this thing, that.

All these things actually give the person ego, and others also run after such competitions. They think, “Why am I not? I should be like that.”

So it’s very deadening. and absolutely blinds your mind, that you think this is the way one has to be very successful.

This success lasts for how long? It perishes in no time. But success in Sahaja Yoga is what will last forever, and everybody will remember it.

The one who has this kind of a humble nature will be remembered for generations. I’ve never seen a statue of a person who has been egoistical. On the contrary, if there was some they used to criticize, “He was a very egoistical man.” And nowadays it’s impossible, anybody who has ego, I don’t think anybody is going to sing any songs about such a person or going to raise any statues in their name.

So in the heart of hearts we like humble people, and if we want others to like us, we should be also very humble. Not artificially, but really, by understanding that: “What are we? Why should we proud, why should we try to overpower others and trouble others?”.

If you understand that, you have done full justification to the incarnation of Jesus Christ the great.

And there are so many qualities He has shown. But the, for us the best is His passing through the ego sacrificing His life is the greatest message, and for that we have to understand. But those who call themselves are the most egoistical.

I was surprised that England, English people are extremely egoistical.

Or otherwise other countries also I’ve seen in the West, they are very egoistical. They’ve no humility at all, compared to Indians, they are very, very egoistical people.

Why? Because they are following Christ, can you imagine! Is this the way we follow Christ? Those who call themselves Christians and those who call themselves very great admirers of Christ should show in their life that humility, that compassion, that love.

It is not so.

So specially for people who are from Western countries, you must try to learn Sahaj culture. In the Sahaj culture, how do we talk, how do we live, how do we contact, is something very different.

And then once you start Sahaj culture in your life, you’ll be amazed, others will be amazed how you are having a rapport with each other, how you are looking after everything so well.

This is the best way to live in this world as Sahaja yogis, where there is no ego, there is no conditioning, nothing. You are just absolutely free from all these horrible attributes.

And then you will be amazed how people will trust you, how they will like you.

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas (applause). And also remember the message of Christ and His life.

May God bless you.


[Puja begins with many children who go on stage. After one song Shri Mataji asks for a bhajan about Jesus to be sung: “He Prema Murta Jagi Ale..”.

Sahaja yogi: “He Prema Murta Jagi Ale” (short Marathi conversation).

Shri Mataji: “He Prema Murta Jagi Ale. Prema Murti”

More bhajans follow: Maran. Tse Mele, Jai Ganesha Deva.

Then ladies go on stage for Devi Puja. Bhajans: Tujhya Pujani. Mahamaya Mahakali.

Vishwa Vandita.

Then Aarti and Mahamantras.

Yogis: “Bolo Shri Bhagavati Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Ki! Jai!”

Shri Mataji: “May God bless you all. Anant Ashirvad. Anant Ashirvad”.]

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