New Year Puja: You All Have to Become Masters in Sahaja Yoga

Kalwa (India)

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New Year Puja, Kalwa, India. 31 December 2000.

[English transcription]

Now, we are starting a New Year, and I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.


In this wish of Mine I also wish you a very deep growth in Sahaja Yoga. (Applause)
Now you all are Sahaja Yogis and you all have to become masters in Sahaja Yoga. For becoming masters in Sahaja Yoga I am sure you are doing meditation, introspection and all kinds of Sahaja Yoga rituals, I should say. In this New Year, I’ll think there is greater chance for you to do much better, because all those years of ordeals are over. (Applause) We are now entering into the New Era. I say now the Satya Yuga is established.


In the beginning you may not feel the atmosphere of Kali Yuga being cleared out completely. Of course gradually you’ll find that’s all clearing out and all the people who are dangerous for your spiritual life, for your national life, for your family life, will have to take back their way; they cannot be successful here. (Applause)

Now the Sahaja Yogis have to decide how far they will spread Sahaja Yoga all over. How many people can get into Sahaja Yoga? There should be many more waiting for you this year, and maybe this year, if you all decide to work it out, I am sure you can get lots of people who will be saved from the curses of Kali Yuga. This is going to be your vow on the New Year day, that now we are going to start Sahaja Yoga in a new way, in a bigger way, in a more dynamic way.

For that, first thing is needed is your Sangha Shakti, that is your collectivity. This collectivity has to be extremely well built-in, well made, well understood and absolutely loveable. This is not difficult in Sahaja Yoga, because practically all your jealousies, all your baser ideas have been completely washed out by your Kundalini. She has transformed you, you are different people; you are very, very different. Not only that, but you have now understood yourselves. You are knowing your Self. And all those who know their self cannot fight with each other. Because this Self is the reflection of one person, of one Deity, of one God. And so how can you fight? When He is within your heart, how can you fight with each other? Otherwise you’ll be fighting with yourself. It would be very, very stupid to do that. So all the fights and all the funny things that you have been thinking about will of course disappear, no doubt. But you’ll become very dynamic. You’ll be amazed at your dynamism. Just you have to rise; just you have to expect your Self to manifest. You can become very, very collective, progressive and you can create many Sahaja Yogis.

You have been given Realization; you have been given the knowledge of Realization; whatever was possible has been done for your health and prosperity, but now it’s your duty to repay to the Divine by your creative methods. You have to be very creative. You will find so many people in this world are full of lots of problems, which you have got out of it. But you can help them. You don’t need any help because you are yourself full of power – power of Divinity within you. This Divine power should be used. It’s not given just to be rusted. This power has to be used. Otherwise what’s the use of becoming powerful? Supposing we have electrical power here, and it doesn’t even give light, so what’s the use of having electrical power? So the power that you have is for the emancipation of human beings. It is for you to raise the Kundalini of people – you can do it. One person can do it for thousands! And I hope now you take up this responsibility upon yourself. This would be the greatest blessing for you, for Sahaja Yoga and for the whole world. Because in My vision, we have to change the whole world. I don’t know in My lifetime if I can achieve it or not. But if you people really join hands with Me, with full effort, it will work out.

Firstly I hear many people don’t go to meditation, into collective meditation. They do not join together. It’s surprising after so many years of work I’ve done – 30 years I’ve been working, and there are some people who take Sahaja Yoga for granted. You don’t understand your responsibility. You have to meditate collectively. Whenever there is collective meditation you must join that. You can also start something in your areas, a collective meditation. And it will work out. Many people who are in Sahaja Yoga are now meditating, I can make them out. I know who are the ones who are meditating and who are not. It’s not difficult to make it out.

And then you come out with other problems like my mother’s, father’s, uncle’s – this thing. There’s no need to worry about that. Even if you are a realized soul, and when you are connected with the Divine, even your own wish will be fulfilled. But it does not. Why? Because you still do not understand what you have become. You first try giving Realizations to others. See what joy you feel. Tremendous joy. This joy you cannot get in anything else. Whatever you may buy, whatever you may have, you cannot get this joy of giving Realization. And you will be so very happy; not because you expect anything, you want anything, nothing of the kind – but only thing is pure joy – pure joy of creating great Sahaja Yogis. This is what you are here for. This is what the Divine wants you to do. Not just to take advantage of Divine power: “Cure my father, cure my mother, cure my sister… ” or else, “I haven’t got properties …” Then somebody says, “My husband ill-treats me…” or some wife says that…. so the husband says that….. It’s going on and on and on. Forget it! You are now above everything, above all these things. And you have become absolutely powerful, believe Me. If you haven’t used your power, then how will you know what powers you have got? It’s as simple as that. Those who have used it go on telling Me what miracles they had, what things have happened to them, how they were protected, whatever they wanted – how they got it.

But see, in Sahaja Yoga you cannot be hypocritical. If you have hypocrisy, Sahaja Yoga knows, the Divine knows you are a hypocritical. It is for your good, for your growth you have to be in Sahaja Yoga. It’s not for somebody else that you are doing it, but for yourself. When people are that powerful I am amazed, how they easily they can get cured. But they must meditate, and they must join collective meditation. Most of the people don’t join collective meditation. I am surprised. I know, sometimes, say in Delhi, there is no sufficient space, so people have to come twice, either Saturday or Sunday; some of them have to wait outside – doesn’t matter. But going for the collective meditation, you’ll be amazed that Divinity is flowing there. Vibrations are flowing there. I am there. It’s not that you are just going there just as a ritual.

Problem is you people don’t realize that you have to be responsible for Sahaja Yoga, responsible for giving Realizations to others and attend all the programs you have of meditation. With collective meditation you get all right. All your problems are solved if you go to the collective meditation regularly – I promise you! But the problem is you won’t go; you will write letters to Me, you want to meet Me. This is not going to help. You may come and trouble Me like that, or do something like that, but doesn’t help. What helps that you help yourself. Next year is going to be a great year for you.

In the West now I was surprised how things are spreading fast. In Russia the people are so deep – so deep. Once they get Realization, they understand the value of Realization. They are so humble, and so deep, they don’t want anything. They’ve never desired for anything. Though they have gone through horrible problems of communism, and now this reaction to that. Despite that, all these five countries which I call as ‘real’ Divine countries, because the way they have accepted it. They are poor according to the modern standards, but from their heart they are very, very rich. From their understanding of Sahaja Yoga, they are very, very rich. And their scientists are so well qualified. In every type of thing now, there is one scientist who has come to India and who has discovered a method by which you can see all the chakras, and the Kundalini and the obstructions and everything – something he can show you.

While our scientists are busy opposing Me. Little knowledge is very dangerous. They don’t want to see what I am doing and how I am doing it. They just want to criticize Me – all so-called intellectuals. Especially in Maharashtra, the intellectuals – I think they are something has gone wrong with their heads. They cannot understand Sahaja Yoga. Just beyond them. What has happened to them I don’t know, but they just can’t understand Sahaja Yoga. And these Maharashtrians are so busy with their rituals. Four o’clock in the morning they’ll get up, take their baths, do this, then start doing their Pujas, this, that. Now somebody got sick, so his wife writes to Me, “We didn’t go to any temple, we didn’t do any rituals, still my husband has got sick.” Imagine. As if doing by that you mean you are a Sahaja Yogi. If you are a real Sahaja Yogi, then nothing can happen to you. But you have been just under wrong impression. Whether you go to temple, or whether you go to wrong places and do all kinds of rituals – it has never helped anyone.

So first you have to empty yourself. If you are already filled with these ideas, these age old ideas, and you are still carrying on with them, how can the Divine be filled? If there’s a pot already full of water or anything – you cannot fill it. So you have to empty it completely. Empty yourself, empty your mind. It’s possible through Sahaja Yoga if you can take your Kundalini beyond Agnya chakra. By not reacting! Reaction is the worst thing, because reaction comes through your Agnya, as I told you the other day, and it is due to your conditioning or due to your ego. So some people react because of their conditioning, and some people react because of their ego. So why should you react to anything? Why don’t you enjoy – by not reacting. You just watch. See how beautifully they have made beautiful flowers – just enjoy it. What is the need – some will find some faults, somebody will say this should not have been there, how did they manage this, all kinds of nonsensical things. The joy of its creation is there. And you should be able to see it, feel it, enjoy it. Then you are a Sahaja Yogi. Otherwise you are not. If you are a reacting type, you cannot be a Sahaja Yogi.

This is a degree – Sahaja Yoga is – I think there are so many various styles of Sahaja Yogis. Somebody is just minor, somebody a little plus, somebody’s like that. But the depth of the Sahaja Yogi is to be measured by the way he keeps joyous and happy. Goes on criticizing others, go on getting angry with others, all these things are going on, and he thinks he’s a Sahaja Yogi. In our Divine University we have no degrees, we don’t give you certificates, you are a Sahaja Yogi, if you have got your Realization. If the Kundalini has burst opened here (Shri Mataji puts Her hand over Her Sahasrara) – it’s all right, you are a Sahaja Yogi.

But that Sahaja Yogi may not be a real Sahaja Yogi. It only depends when you are joyous and you are anxious to give Realizations to others. You want to share your Realization, you just don’t want to keep it to yourself. If that is not your condition, then you are still not a full Sahaja Yogi. You should find out how many people you have given Realization. It’s very important. Because next year, as I’ve said, is a very important, very, very important year. In that year I would like to see all of you going round and giving Realization.

While I’ve seen all these other false gurus who are getting exposed one by one. If you see their attitude, anywhere you meet them – once I was travelling by plane and there was a lady sitting next to Me, she was so hot. So I asked her, “What guru do you follow?” So she told Me the name. She said “He’s very good, this guru is the best” …. this and that. Such heat coming from her body! I never said anything, but I was amazed how this lady was proudly talking about her guru who is such a bad man – and without knowing Me, I was just a stranger to her. But Sahaja Yogis don’t talk about it. You should talk to your neighbors, you should talk in your circle.

Like, we have in India so many customs when we meet people: Like in India we do haldi kumkum in Maharashtra. They will never talk to those women who come for haldi kumkum about Sahaja Yoga. They won’t even have My photograph. If they want, they can do it. But they are – I don’t know what are they frightened about. It’s a very good chance. You have any dinner, you have any public meeting, anything. They won’t talk about Sahaja Yoga. It’s very surprising. They don’t want to talk about Sahaja Yoga that, “We have got this through Sahaja Yoga.” So how will Sahaja Yoga spread?

One has to understand you all should find out how much responsible you have been for getting into Sahaja Yoga. Of course, you are all protected, you are all blessed, everyone has got whatever they wanted. Most of them. But how many of them are returning this debt? How many are working to give Realization to others? This is a debt on you. But if your attention is haphazard, if your attention is not clear, is not nirmal, then you are involved into all kinds of things like the tentacles of an octopus. You become like an octopus, you go on getting attached to this, attached to that, attached to that. You have to be a free bird. All these attachments that you have are going to take you nowhere. You should be only attached to Sahaja Yoga and should be conscious that you have known yourself. If you can just understand your value, your level, I can tell you – we can change the whole world!

We have such a good heritage in this country; we have such good culture in this country. I have seen the problems of America and other places, we don’t have these problems. At least they’re not so prevalent. But only the thing that we have to do is to know you are a Sahaja Yogi. Like a tree – when it grows, it knows it’s a tree. It knows it has to produce roots, it has not come up ‘like that’. It has not been brought up just like a stick, no. It has to do something. In this world everything has to do something. But then what about Sahaja Yogis? It’s such a rare thing to happen that you have got your Realization. So where should we waste out attention? Why should we neglect our meditation? Why? We have to grow, we are a different people. We are a different race altogether in this world. We are realized souls. There were hardly any number during the time of Christ, practically nil. And even before that I was surprised that in China and other places, in one age there used to be one guru – one master. While you are so many masters, but you don’t want to use your power as a master. Why not the women use it also? I find women are more lethargic than men are in Sahaja Yoga. They should show – I am a woman myself, single-handed I’ve done all this work; and why shouldn’t you do it? Because it’s a tremendous task to transform people all over the world.

But it’s very easy for you – if I can do it, why can’t you do it? But put your complete attention to it that: ‘We are going to work out Sahaja Yoga, not for ourselves, but for the betterment of humanity.’ We need it, we need it very much. Your compassion, your love, is all being wasted if you just think about yourself, your family – what’s the use? People do that even before Realization. So what is the use of completely getting attached to your families, attached to all other things? You should get attached to the whole world! You belong to the whole world now, you are no more individualistic. No more!

Now, as I said, it’s a drop has become the ocean. Identify yourself with the ocean. Ocean is the lowest, if you have seen, lowest so much that the zero point starts from the ocean. Ocean is so humble. It’s the lowest point – it lives, but all the rivers flow into it. And the ocean does the work of throwing clouds in the sky. And these then burst and become rain falling to the same ocean. They come back to the same ocean. So those who are humble will attract more Sahaja Yogis. Those who are kind will attract much more Sahaja Yogis.

So it is important to see that you change your temperament. If you try to show off, nobody is going to be impressed by you. If you think you are something very great, nobody is going to look at you. Be very humble, kind, generous – also very joyous person. Now imagine a Sahaja Yogi going in a group and telling them, “See, my mother is sick, my father is dying and this thing is happening, but I am doing Sahaja Yoga.” So people will say, “Why do you do Sahaja Yoga then? You go and cry and weep and sit down there!” If he’s really doing the Sahaja Yoga, no sickness can come, no trouble can come. It is a fact. Try to understand. It’s you who will lead these people who are supposed to be there, they will rise. But no use having identification with people who are not Sahaja Yogis. They may be your relations, they may be anything. No use, because you are at a different level, they are at a different level. Either try to raise their level, or have nothing to do with them, because they will pull you down. They will not see your height, they have no eyes to see, they have no ear to hear, and they have no feelings of any kind. If they have seen how you are changed, how your life is changed, they would have gone absolutely head-long into Sahaja Yoga. But if they are not, that’s not your job. You shouldn’t bother about them. If they come to Sahaja Yoga, well and good, otherwise they are no your relations. In no way they are related to you. How will you relate Sahaja Yoga to them? How will you explain anything to them? It’s going to be impossible to talk to these people.

So what I have to tell you today is that our family which is Sahaja Yoga, is large, it’s spread in 86 countries, and it’s doing very well. But what we have to see – that you do belong to that ocean, to the great families of Sahaja Yoga. But it is for you to increase the size of this. You have to increase, you have to talk about it, and you have to change people. This is your responsibility. You were not given Sahaja Yoga just for nothing, you have to produce greater Sahaja Yogis, better Sahaja Yogis; and you yourself meditate, not only meditate but also attend all the collective programs as far as possible.

I am happy the way you have stayed on and have come here. It has rained – still you are here and you still are enjoying the Divine bliss. I again and again bless you from my heart, and I want you to have that Shuddha Iccha which is the Kundalini, (Applause) want you to have that Shuddha Iccha that is the pure desire, not only to become Sahaja Yogis but to create more Sahaja Yogis. That is actually your pure desire. You may not have recognized it, but unless and until you fulfill that desire, you can never be a good Sahaja Yogi. It’s to spread Sahaja Yoga in every level in everywhere, in every one – that you can do it. And it will spread very well, and so many people can be saved. So many people who are just lost in the maya of stupidity will be back on the right path. How much good you are going to do for them you just think. If Me alone has brought so many Sahaja Yogis, why can’t you also try and get more Sahaja Yogis? This world needs Sahaja Yoga. The whole problem – whenever I see newspaper, I think, ‘Oh God, if these people were Sahaja Yogis, there would have been no problem’. But I find that still people are roaming about, and going round and round, I don’t know, as if they have no brains or they’ve no understanding that ‘where is this world going?’ and ‘Who’s going to save this world?’

I am not here to tell you what you should do in your private life. But you yourself should know to keep yourself cleansed and beautiful, what you have to do to yourself. Some people are so superficial that it doesn’t go into their heads. Sahaja Yoga just doesn’t go into their heads – very, very superficial. So forget them. I don’t think they can be saved. So forget them, they cannot enjoy. They are worried about some nonsensical things always. So with such people you need not – but there are still so many people, at least I think 80% people, who are seeking and you should give them help.

This is one thing, is the desire of your Mother that you should now take up Sahaja Yoga upon yourself and go on telling about this to everyone who comes. I mean I don’t want cheap popularity, but I do want Sahaja Yogis to be made everywhere.

[Marathi to English translation]

To speak in Marathi at our side, especially the womenfolk, they know all the festivals by heart. Everything is going on properly as per the festival. They will get up at 4 o clock in the morning, have bath , will fill up the old style  water heater, then sit. For what , for Puja. And we the people of Maharashtra are so much given to rituals. In Delhi , it is good. There people are not so ritualistic. Hence people are  mad in lakhs. But it is not possible in Maharashtra. They have to go to Pandhari  (Pandharpur) banging their disks.  And once you have gone to Pandhari then you cannot achieve self realization. Actually one should achieve. But all those who go to Pandhari do not achieve their self realization. On the contrary, they keep on creating cacophony. Alternatively they will proceed  holding  a large pot of basil on their head, where to ? To Alandi. What for, who told you- Did Dnyaneshwar tell you? He did not have footwear on his feet, and these people take out his procession in a palanquin. Carry out the procession with a palanquin and eat food in every village. Means there is no self respect. In the name of Dnyaneshwar they go to every village and keep on consuming  food. And the villagers are pleased  thinking  they have achieved virtue. These people are beggars. They are paupers .  They move around asking for alms in Dnyanadeva’s name. Why do you want to fill bellies of such people. What benefit are you going to derive by feeding such beggars.  In our Maharashtra , many such ill practices are being continued. There is no end to it. If you go on the road, you see them somewhere or the other.  So stop all this. They tell others, but continue doing so. What nonsense is this? Why do you do these things? Where is it written? Which religious  scripture has this written. Has Dnyandeva written such a thing.  Why do you do this. One must discard all this.

      Ladies arrange haldi kumkum function. Do you ever mention about Sahaj Yoga in that function? Once they  gather, they give Oti offerings ( traditional presents to the ladies), do this and that. Now if anyone gets married, they get Oti offerings for me. I said  do not give me Oti. They said they will also visit the devi  temple and offer Oti to Devi. Exclude me , I do not want. If you wish to do something, do Sahaja Yoga. Just offer Otis , what will happen due to this? I have no benefit from this neither have you. Tell clearly. If you wish to make the Oti offering, you may offer  it in the Devi temple. But now lets put an end to this. Done enough. Now enter inside yourself. There is so much wealth inside, aquire it. There have been so many great sadhus and saints here  – what did they teach ? Have they taught us this?  First of all stop all the rituals. If nothing, ladies will keep on making  lamp vicks. Stop all the ritualism.  And above all there is no special knowledge about these things. Just keep on doing whatever has been laid down  by the parents or someone else.  Then also drag the menfolk in with them.  A lady has more prudence and it nurtures  the society. But if she is possessed by such demons, she believes whatever the  Brahmin says  her  issue is . That’s it. But due to this the children also go astray. Waste their time doing nothing in particular. So don’t attend the haldi kumkum ceremony. And if the lady who invites for haldi kumkum,  also teaches Sahaj Yoga , only then you should attend. Otherwise don’t go. You should be firm on this. Is it only that I want Sahaja Yoga or you also want it? And don’t others want it? Why don’t you tell for them? You will not tell there that we are Sahaja Yogis and what all we have achieved. Same thing with men folk. They seem to be under the influence of ladies. 

In our Maharsahtra , there are two types of people. Either they are very ritualistic or they are intelligent. Means stupid but so called intelligent. And their intelligence does not allow to penetrate in their heads what Sahaja Yoga is. Because they have such sharp intellect  they do not understand.  They feel that it is some other pretense. My dear fellow, just  do it and understand it. 

             That is why you will be surprised Maharashtra’s progress is the least of all. And I have made tremendous effort   in this Maharashtra. I have worked hard by visiting so many villages. Have toiled. Even after working so hard year after year, Maharashtra has not reached that state. What is this? What is the reason for this? At least I feel that ritualism should be discarded. Right away. Nothing doing. It is not at all needed. Secondly the men folk should not exert their intellect too much. But where is the intellect? What is the use of such intellect that takes you on the wrong path. These so called intellectuals in Maharashtra are worst than the ritualistic people.  Means these people are confused . They have lost their way. It is difficult for them to give up. Everywhere there is ego. They think that they are someone special. There cannot be any incarnation amongst them. Because these people have such characteristics. Why will there be an incarnation in such idiots. They have such ideas about themselves. And there is no end to whatever  foolish deeds that have been done by the so called rationalists from this place. They don’t want to understand or listen. How will they imbibe in this way. Hence this rift due to the intellect that has come  in Maharashrahtra  is more dangerous. They write books after books  copiously. Whatever comes to  them. And then people say “ I had read in the book” . Do they write everything  that is true in the books? Who are these people to write? What experience do they have? You people should assertively state that we do not approve of this. Useless things. Keep on criticising everyone. Criticise Krishna.  Criticise Rama.  If not that , criticise all these Sadhus and Saints. And say that this all is blind faith(superstition). Dear man, you don’t have faith then how will you have faith on the blind.  The person who has faith in himself only he will achieve Sahaja Yoga.  Why will a person who does not have faith in himself join Sahaja Yoga. Hence find out such people. Such absolutely good people exist in our country. You should help them.   

     I think, especially in Maharashtra there is a need to do a lot of work. We are experts in quarrels. That is why in politics we are always having quarrels. But in Sahaj Yoga, how many people are there  who have dedicated themselves to fulfilling their objectives?  How many people are there? If there is one leader they will find faults in him. He is like this Mataji , he is like that. Even if we keep this aside, leaving them out, still they will tell a lot of things to me. My grandmother is ill. Dear chap, she may be old, she may be ill, it is OK. Why do you want to get involved? My grandmother , means who? The entire world Is your grand mother, the entire  world is  related to you.  You are Sahaja Yogi. How can you say,  only your grandmother, your father, your mother – how is this possible? Aren’t you on the platform of this world, your level  has changed, right? You relatives have changed. In olden days, Bramhin used to marry  a bramhin only. Marriage into another caste was a taboo. Is it like that now? Everything has got mixed up. Then why should Sahaj Yogis think that this  is my mother and this is your mother. Mine is yours only… Consider her…. Now the entire world is yours. Has Dnyaneshwar said anything like this ever? We have had so many Sadhus and saints. Has Tukaram ever said anything like this? Have they ever differentiated like mine and yours?  Just keep on saying by heart the verses by these saints , the meaning does not penetrate the head at all. 

        So leaving all of this, a person  should be very honest about oneself. What am I doing to myself? What have I done for myself? I must see what I want to do and then after doing that you will understand and will get enlightened. You are a Sahaj Yogi. Were there so many Sahaj Yogis in the world ever? There were a few, they too tolerated persecution. Still what beautiful poems they have written. You belong  to such a large country, whose name itself is Maha Rashtra. How can you become small frogs after coming here? Now leave these relatives. And those are your relatives , (“Hechi soyare hoti”)  as is said by  Dnyaneshwar, only these are your relatives. It is clearly mentioned that no one else is your relative.  But one should realize that. People just  keep on reading . ‘Pasaydaan”( treatise written by Dnyaneshwar). Read it, learnt by heart. Just learn everything by heart, that’s it. They learn without retaining anything.

    So the people from Maharashtra should observe themselves with a humouros attitude that what the hell am I doing? What is my work? You should come to Delhi and see. There are two three  very good Maharshtrians who have arrived there. They say that  Mataji you should invite  people from Maharashtra only. They are very good people. I said is that right? Go there for a few days then you will know.   In Sahaj Yoga most of the things  need an effort first. I don’t say that you should go to Himalaya and stand on one foot. No. But where am I going? What am I doing? What am I living for? That needs to be seen. Then only shower of blessings. Even for blessings, Sahastrara should be opened. Completely. Must value oneself. One does not value oneself.  Why it happened like this to my atma(soul), that I  don’t value myself? We must determine that I can do this, can do that. And should see big dreams that I will go to this place , to that village, go there – should see such dreams. Should imagine such big things.

   You see, even earlier,  we have accomplished so much work. There was a queen of Jhansi. She was a woman. She said no, we will defeat the Britishers. She went to the war field taking her small child  with her. And she laid down her life in the battlefield. But still warned the Britishers that she may be the daughter of Jhansi but the one who fights valiantly is Laxmi Bai. These are types of women born in Maharashtra. And now what, nothing of the sort is seen. Only decking up. Why I am saying this is because I had very bad experiences. Now you  people say  we don’t want Maharashtrian wife. These women misbehaved there. Marathi language is better. If told in Marathi  it will not be misinterpreted. But even then let it be understood by you. These women go there and misbehave. Now we don’t want a wife from Maharashtra. There is no education, nothing else, still got them married thinking that it is our responsibility. But they brought ill fame to us only. I told you this as I have not complained to you  till date. Always kept on praising you. But it will not work henceforth. Now I should see something concrete in front of me. Hence next time I am going to ask everyone how many people have you given realization to. In a way you are  better than Gujaratis. They do not get influenced easily. They do not understand Sahaja Yoga easily. And even if it enters your head,  it is a waste. 

So today everyone should make a resolution in their minds that Mataji next time when you come here we will show you what all can be done in Maharashtra. Where have the valiant Mavlaas(Maratha warriors)  gone? Don’t know what happened. With the help of Mavlaas so much was accomplished and you people are so educated good people, everything proper. You are of no help to me. Hence this number should increase. And not only this, you should also progress. And I should see that In Maharashtra , Sahaja Yoga should be exhausted(should reach its peak). There is a saying that  one is exhausted due to exhaustion. There is nothing to be said beyond this. It should be like this. Just make me speechless. How happy I will be if this happens. 

I was born here. And I studied everything in Marathi language. Even today I know Marathi quite well. But I cannot fathom the minds of the Marathi people. I cannot understand the minds of  Marathi people. Because my father was of a very high caliber. Mother was of high caliber. In their close proximity I did not know that such things existed in Maharashtra. Similarly you should prove Mataji we are special. You entrusted us with such great responsibility, great burden. And we will prove it you that Maharashtra is a force to reckon with. All these great warriors came, shouldn’t  we  deserve their valor. Just being Marathi means what?

To call oneself Maharashtrian is not enough. People think that being Maharashtrian is enough. It should not be so. Hence understand Sahaja Yoga completely, Practise it and make Maharashtra proud. I say that with infinite blessings  to you. Please  accept it.