Makar Sankranti Puja

Pune (India)

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Sankranti Puja (excerpt). Pratishthan, Pune (India), 14 January 2001 .

For India, today is a very important day because the Sun is coming from the South to the North side. The most important thing in Sahaja Yoga is that you have to change & that’s what you should do to the Goddess with changed heart, full of love, affection and kindness. Therefore, hope you will spread Sahaja Yoga. It is very important – because you know my vision is too big and you have to really work hard to fulfill my vision. And to give realization to people as many as possible.
You have to think what is your mind doing. There are many people who are waiting to come in Sahaja Yoga. You should have the light of spirituality; you have to feel that you are spiritual, you have to grow it, and also make others grow. Sahaja Yoga is not limited with you. It’s not meant for one individual, not at all for one person but for the whole world. We have Sahaja Yogis all over the world, but they don’t spread Sahaja Yoga. They are satisfied with their own motives. This is not Sahaja Yoga. You must openly talk about and say about it. But Sahaja Yogis are very shy, they don’t talk about-Sahaja Yoga. They can do it, no doubt.
The Sun changes its direction, everybody knows about it, everybody prays for it. People take bath in the river Ganges for purification. This is all right. Now it is a time for purification, identification and also of understanding the importance of Sahaja Yoga. I don’t know how many people really understand the importance of Sahaja Yoga. If that is understood, one can do a lot of work in Sahaja Yoga. It is such a noble work, which you all have to do it collectively; and then you feel your life has a meaning, otherwise there is no meaning and no light in your life. So you have to work out in that manner which gives inspiration to others. You must have introspection, ask questions to yourself – what I have done for Sahaja Yoga

(Then Shri Mataji spoke about Maharashtra in Marathi)