Birthday Felicitations: Human Beings don’t know what powers they have

New Delhi (India)

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Birthday Felicitations. Delhi (India), 20 March 2001.

Sir C.P.’s Talk:

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Shri Mataji’s Talk: 

I bow to all those who have found the truth and those who are still trying to find. The greatest problem of human beings is, surprising, that they don’t know themselves. They don’t know what powers they have. They don’t know what properties they have. They don’t know to what height they can rise. This is the main problem of ignorance about yourself. If you could just peep in your heart and start thinking about the spiritual life that you could have, you would know you are a treasure, treasure of powers of love, powers of justice and powers of wisdom. The problem is we have no idea as to what we are and Sahaja Yogis also, they are so humble that they do not realize what powers they have, and sometimes I find they are little shy to talk about Sahaja Yoga or to tell about others because they think it might be their ego that is speaking.

Now, I have to tell you one thing that ego will always deflate, it will always deflate when you will face the society. Unless and until you face others your ego cannot come down. Now, how? The ego is there because when you think that others are better than you, when you are afraid to say that they have to transform, and when you are worried that you are being very aggressive. If you are a Sahaja Yogi and if you are meditating everyday, you are cleansing yourself. You have a power within yourself which will show its results. It will show its powers and manifestation in such a big way that you start surprising at yourself – “Is it what I am?” With the Kundalini awakening what happens that all this petty things as we call in Sanskrit “Shadripus”, they all drop out. But we must face ourselves. Some people in Sahaja Yoga thinks that we can become a very great people or we’d achieve some great positions and all that. That’s not the point. It’s not outside. It’s not the outside ambition, but the inner light which has to shine through you.

All of you are quite intelligent and are experts, I should say, as far as the chakra knowledge is concerned. But what about the knowledge of yourself? Do you know about yourself what you can do, what you are capable of? That’s the point where we are missing. All right, it is the urge within because you have got your self-realization. But you still lack in one thing is a complete confidence in yourself, that you know the truth. And, as the people who know the truth what you have to do is to spread the truth to make this darkness of ignorance pass away. But in Sahaja Yoga also I have seen people when they come they start getting ideas about themselves and trying to organize things. They do all kinds of things. I know that. Instead of that, if you get full picture about yourself – what you are capable of and what you can achieve by giving realizations to others, by making them understand what are their powers are, not yours, their powers are. What they can achieve. I tell you, we can go very fast with the spreading of Sahaja Yoga.

But this fear that we may develop ego, there are many who have this kind of a nonsensical idea. You cannot. Because the more you will meditate, the more you will face yourself, you will know that you have so many great things within you just like a storehouse of jewels. You must respect yourself and you must know within yourself what you have got. Not what you want to achieve outside. Like, there are some who trying to be, say, leaders, this, that … that’s all nonsense. That’s of no worth. The best thing is to know that you are a treasure of great value system within you and you can awaken that. You have powers. You can do that very easily without hurting anyone, without troubling anybody, without taking any money, all kinds of things.

But as it is I find, the people are either money oriented or power oriented outside. Not inside. Inside is the wealth; inside is the power; inside everything that you can think of. There are people I know who never used to come on the stage to speak even. Now, they have become great speakers. And, I am amazed to see how they have been transformed. The greatest transformation is that you know yourself fully well and that with that knowledge you change others. Don’t keep yourself limited to yourself. You have to spread out. This power has been given to you to know yourself fully, and to be confident and to be kind and gentle and talk to people in that way that they know that you are a Sahaja Yogi.

It is not given to you just to say that you are Sahaja Yogis but to know yourself fully, to peep into your own treasures, into your understanding. Now, I must say, there are so many people in this world, millions and millions. Why you people have come to Sahaja Yoga? I didn’t choose you. You chose Me. And, when you have chosen Me, you must know within yourself that “there must be something in me that has made me come to Sahaja Yoga and to understand the subtle system.” It’s a very subtle system and it can be known only to very subtle people and not to gross people. But if you yourself discover yourself and then you go ahead, there cannot be any ego because you are not ego. Those who have ego, as I told you, they even make money out of Sahaja Yoga, they even try to organize things something to promote them. They are on a very different level. But if you are not that kind then you should not become just stationary. You should do what it is to find out – What am I?

What am I? Christ has said, “Know Thyself.” Mohammed Sahib has said, “Know Thyself.” All of them have said, “Know Thyself.” That means you are something great. You have a hidden properties within you which you do not know. Once you know yourself you will have self respect, you will not do wrong things, you will have no anger. But you will be an ocean of love. That’s what it has to be. That is what Sahaja Yoga is. I understand that these are the worst days, it’s the “Aghor Kaliyuga” as people say. All right. But why are you here during this time? To enlighten people. To give them the right ideas. But how unless and until you do not know yourself fully that you are capable of this and you are capable of that.

You see, the life of all great men, I would say, people like Abraham Lincoln. He realized in very young age that he has to assert on others his own value system by showing his own example. Though it was very hard for people to understand him, still he has shown such results. I have read many lives of this kind. Like, in Turkey, we had Ataturk. We had everywhere one person like that. In India, we had Lal Bahadur Shastri who was such a great man and who knew about Sahaja Yoga, who used to respect Me so much. People would wonder why should he respect Me more than he would respect My husband or anyone, because he realized what I was. But he was not, he didn’t get the chance. Now, you people have a chance.

All right, I am quite old now. It’s correct. But still I am not going to give up. Till I live I’ll work very hard to convince you about your own, your own personality, your own self. That’s what I am living for. Till you are completely convinced. You will be amazed that people who come to Sahaja Yoga also do all kinds of nonsensical things. I know they do. But they are not Sahaja Yogis in a way. Because unless and until you go deep into yourself, unless and until you find out what is your personality in the real sense of the word, whatever you may try, whatever you may do, it is not Sahaja. Sahaja means spontaneous. It comes spontaneously to you. As it is we know, in Sahaja Yoga you get connected to that area which Einstein has called as torsion area. But that torsion area is there behind you, Paramachaitnya is there to support you, to help you. All of you have got this, but despite that you don’t believe it, believe into it, believe in yourself. You have that power within you.

I know of one fellow who was in Bombay. He was a fisherman and a great Sahaja Yogi. We have lost him. So, one day he was going to another island for spreading Sahaja Yoga among fishermen. And, he found in the sky such black clouds threatening. So he came out and he threatened them, “I am going for my Mother’s work. How dare you bring the rain? You should not rain, bring the rain till I come back.” And, it was surprising. He went down, did all his jobs everything, came back after five hours. And, when he went to bed it started thundering.

The nature will be with you, because nature is our representative. It helps us. If you are of that quality, nature will stand by you. You have seen that many a times, nature has helped Me. It is not because I have any control over them, I tell them anything, but only thing they realize that I am here for such an such work. And that I am to be supported. In the same way, if you can establish it the nature will know that you are the people who are here to redeem the whole universe. You can do it. I may think that the whole world should be redeemed and all that. But, how can I do it? If I could have done it, I would not have [SOUNDS LIKE had…] I have to have channels. And, these channels who know their job, they know themselves, those who are quite capable of doing it. You are special people no doubt. Otherwise why are you here? But that specialty is this that you are a good conductor of this Divine energy. You are a wonderful conductor. You are an expert on that. It just works. It works automatically but your connection with the Divine should be absolute.

Now, talking about absolute values is correct. But these absolute values, do they exist within us or not? If they do, then why not we make others imbibe them? It’s not difficult. It’s not at all difficult I tell you. I am just an ordinary housewife. What? It’s just My love. Just My, I should say, My nature itself that it has worked. I was sure about Myself. Though outside I may look a very humble housewife. People used to think I don’t speak much because I don’t know English. This was the situation. But that’s not the point. The point is, I knew what I was. I knew what I am, and I knew what I have to be. That’s all. That’s the only difference.

If you people develop that knowledge within yourself, you can be dynamic. You will not have ambitions, you will not have some desires, you will not have anger, you will not have greed. All these drop out like that. First of all, we have to know what is our basis. And the most important basis is that we are born in a particular country. And we should get concerned about that. They say that I was a revolutionary and all that I did. I went to jail, everything I did. But that was just to get My country, country’s independence. That was different. But after that independence what should have happened is to make people realize what they are.

Not only India, it’s in every country one has to understand what is the need of that country. What they have to do to improve, to help, to rise, to transform. You should not, I never asked you that you change your names or anything though you ask for Indian names. All right. But what is My main concern is that you should have concern for your countrymen. You are so empowered. Your kundalini has reached that state where you can do a lot. I know some of you have done a lot and have worked out. But still all of you have to do it.

I would just say, the seven…seventy-eighth birthday, I forget also, seventy-eighth birthday I am just the same. I have not changed much because within Myself I feel that I have to tell people what they are. I have to tell them what they can achieve. And, I have to move in such a manner that they see it, that nothing is important than to know what you are. You are rich, poor – doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. What is important is to know yourself. I’m surprised very little has been written so far, but I find Tao by Lao Tse. I don’t know if you have read the book of Lao Tse, about Tao and meaning that what you are. Tao means what you are, and he describes very nicely that when you are that what happens. Now, the gap was how to achieve that state, how to reach that state was not given. He only described people who were Tao, who were realized souls, who were of what level I wonder. I was surprised that he never said about kundalini, but he talked about the river, Yangtse. That it is Yangtse river, you see in a symbolic way, he was more poetic. But ultimately reaching the ocean, that river becomes the ocean and then what are the qualities of the ocean he described so beautifully.

Now, I would say you all have become supposing the ocean. So, are you behaving like the ocean? Are you understanding your capacity to be an ocean? What is an ocean is: look at the ocean, it has its own boundaries, maryadas, it doesn’t cross. If you try to push it one side, it will come outside. So you are, you have to be in your marayadas. We can call it also in your balance. That’s very important that you should be in your balance. Now many people say who have given up smoking have again started smoking, who have given up drinking again have started drinking. That means you have lost your maryadas. So those maryadas must be watched, watched yourself. If you go on watching yourself you will know what you are. You must watch yourself. You call him, “Hello Mister. So now, what are you up to?” Then you will see how your mind is working. With that thing what happens that this ocean, which is the love of Divinity, just starts flowing.

Now this ocean, perhaps you don’t know, that ocean is the lowest thing. We measure all the heights from the ocean. If the ocean is at a zero point, what is the height of Himalaya? So, it keeps at the lowest. Because being the lowest it receives all the waters, all the things that are coming from the rivers or from the rain. Then, it burns its body in the sun – it’s open. And, when it burns it creates those clouds. And, the whole circle is created that these clouds can go and shower rain on people and again they become rivers and they come back to the sea. Everything has to go to the sea because it is the lowest. So, you stand at the lowest point with your confidence. At the lowest point. Don’t compare yourself with another person who is doing very well in life or may be something. But see that you are the lowest. At the lowest point you stand and you will be amazed that everything will come to you. Everything you will see that it flows into you. Main thing is knowing thyself itself it means that you know that you are the highest. You are the highest. But you are highest because you stand at the lowest point.

It’s true that I have tremendous love for the poor people. It’s true also that I have been really very much yearning to do something for that and that’s how we have started at least sixteen projects in India. Now, all that is done just because I cannot contain Myself. All this kind of miseries and troubles they have. Like Orissa, I prayed so much. Because it’s a country very much troubled. We should find out why it is so much troubled. What is the problem there? And, I tell you, it is a very great country, Orissa is. I visited it also and main thing missing there is that still have no confidence. If they develop Sahaja Yoga within themselves, no floods can come, no problems can come to that country. Same in our country, same in your country and everybody’s country.

First of all, we must have much more Sahaja Yogis, and we must have Sahaja Yogis who know they are Sahaja Yogis. To be very much confident of the fact that after all you are Sahaja Yogis. And why not? Whatever I can do, you all can do it also. Why not? You are My children. You can do it. But the confidence should be there that as Mother is we could be the same without any ego coming in, because mostly I have seen people very afraid of their ego. There is no ego in it because you are like the ocean, I said, which stands at the lowest point. In the same way, it works out.

It’s so beautiful to love the whole world. It’s so beautiful to enjoy your compassion, to enjoy your generosity. I enjoy My generosity much more than anything else. But in that generosity, I know that I am not doing anything. It’s just expression of My sense of joy. You see, I see flowers, I am very happy. In the same way, I give something to someone, I feel very joyous. It’s a joy, joy giving quality. And, all joy giving qualities are within you which you should discover. You have got also peace giving qualities. Such a lot of peace is within you which you can transmit to the atmosphere, to the people, to everyone in case your peace is established. If there is anger, temper, this, that, it won’t work out.

So, you should watch yourself, you should see yourself, you should meditate and find out what is lacking. It is such a tremendous force I think sitting before Me. They can explode all the myths of the world. I know that. But I don’t know how to ignite, what to do, how to tell them. So, now I would again and again tell you one thing, that on this birthday if you really want to give Me something then give Me this, that you show your confidence and you work it out wherever you are. You don’t have to change atmosphere. You don’t have to change anything. Wherever you are with honesty, with sincerity and with humble nature you can really do a lot. In every country you can do it, and in the whole world you can do it.

This is My greatest desire and I hope, I am a person who is desireless, you will fulfill this subtle desire I have that we should transform the world.

May God Bless you.