Birthday Puja: If you really love your country, you can never be dishonest

New Delhi (India)

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Birthday Puja, Delhi (India), 21 March 2001.

Today you all have decided to celebrate my 78th Birthday. You have put beautiful balloons, as you put for a child on his birthday, with such loving hands. Yesterday, as I told you, you have to find out about yourself. Just try to find out also, as you love me, how much you can love others. It will be much easier to find out through introspection how much you love others and how much you care for others. If that happens, many problems of Sahaja Yoga will be solved in no time.

Even in Sahaja Yoga, what I am told, that people are still hankering after money. They think it is a place where they can make some money. I am surprised. This is not the area where you can really work out that. You will be exposed in no time. On the contrary, if you people are worried about your powers in Sahaja Yoga, as leaders and deputy leaders and I don’t know what else, then also you are sadly mistaken. That’s not the place – for that you can join politics; or else for making money you can go to race-courses, or some place. If you are coming to Sahaja Yoga, what you have to get is an ocean of love within your heart, and to see that in others also. It’s a love – which helps you to do everything so smoothly, so beautifully.

As I have always said, that if you really love your country, you can never be dishonest. You will have no other interest but to get your freedom, or whatever you want to do for your country. In this country we have had great martyrs. Perhaps you may not be knowing, some of you – and the way they sustained the torturous life, it was only because they loved their country.

Your country is spirituality. It is the country of complete enjoyment of your ‘self’. It is the country where nothing but peace prevails. And when you love that country, how can you have all these non-sensical ideas for money and for power and all that. I just can’t understand.

As it is, you know very well, that I am not bothered about these things at all in my life. Of course we need money for work, for everything. But there is no need to run after it, or hanker after it. I am surprised, even after so many years of my hard work, there are still some people working out some stupid stuff, which I can’t understand. And they should know they will be exposed in no time. This is the year of exposure, I told you last time. Absolutely. If you have no love for Sahaja Yoga, if you have no love for your Mother, you will run after those non-sensical things and make some mess out of yourself. If you want to destroy yourself, you can go to some other fields, but not in Sahaja Yoga!

In Sahaja Yoga, you have to know, you have to be really dedicated and honest. You should enjoy your honesty, you should enjoy your love, you should enjoy your generosity – everything. You will be exposed, no doubt. But then where will you go? What will be your position? If you are doing all those things, you have to go the way people have gone to hell, I should say. Because after coming to the paradise of love, if you are still bothered about these nonsensical things, then you will jump very fast into the hell: I can see that clearly. I shouldn’t say this on my birthday, but this is the year of exposure. And be very careful. Nobody will be spared this year. What to do, though, it’s my birthday – I have to tell you, it won’t keep quiet.

You know, there are certain powers which flow; and different, different years I find a different type of power starts flowing. And this is the time when the power for exposure is going to be there. Whether you are a leader, or if you are not; if you are making anything dishonest, you will be exposed and you will be rightly punished. Sahaja Yoga may not punish you, but there are so many ways that this power works out. The first thing is what we call Ahlaxmi. Ahlaxmi means at that time when you are punished you will be surprised, you will just become bankrupt, you will have no money, you will be exposed, you may be in jail. So although it is a very auspicious day, I must tell you not to be inauspicious.

In yesterday’s lecture I explained to you, know what your powers are; what you can enjoy; what you can give; what can work out. But firstly you must know, are you capable of doing that? Or you are just working it out in the other way round/now?. I was amazed to hear, that after so many years also, people have not given up this kind of a temptation that they have, and they had. On birthday you must remember how many years you have spent doing Sahaja Yoga. You must understand all the nice times you had, and how many every year you have spent in enjoying my birthday, also in understanding how you have grown into it, how you have changed, and how you enjoy, and how you have imbibed all the qualities of Sahaja Yoga.

The first and foremost quality of a Sahaja Yogi is that he has to be absolutely honest. He has not come here to make money. He has not come here to make a power; but he has come to rise into the new, beautiful world that we are creating. We have to create this world for the whole world for people who live all over, who are even in the jungles, who are lost in the Himalayas: anywhere we have to spread this beautiful sensation, or beautiful existence, of self respect and dignity.

Very important is to see if you are really the ‘self’, are you respecting your self? Yesterday only you said ‘Know thyself’. If that is the case, do you respect yourself? Very important is first to respect yourself. If you don’t know how to respect yourself and you run after useless things, then what should we say? What is the quality that you have imbibed in Sahaja Yoga, except that you have started a business or something like that? It is very sad, but there are people who are still growing in the mud of all these things. You have overcome so many things, I know; you have achieved so many things, I know, which is not possible – humanly impossible things you have done. You have got over all this nonsense: but still, there are some people among you who still are in the stinking mud of nonsense.

It is nice that you are celebrating my birthday with such enthusiasm, and so much happiness. So nice to see all this, and I want you all to be my decorations! In the whole world they should see that you are my children and that you are of such great values and such great understanding. You are my children. I have really worked for you, in the sense that every moment of my life, I have thought of you: I wanted to work it out in such a beautiful manner that you become really good people, ideal people, special people, with understanding. So, that is the day you should feel that your birthday is being celebrated. When you have completely cleared out, you have become nirmal, absolutely pure personality of love – that’s the day is your birthday, and mine too!

I have to tell about these things, because some things have come to my notice, and I am really shocked the way that some people are still not understanding their value, not understanding their worth, and that’s why the other day I told you that you must know about your ‘self’. First of all, the ‘self’ is the spirit. It’s the spirit, the reflection of God Almighty. If you want to live like all other ordinary, non-sensical people, you should stay out of Sahaja Yoga. But if you think that you have to really show your worth, coming into Sahaja Yoga, and if you have to feel proud of yourself, then try to understand that in Sahaja Yoga you don’t have to have all these weaknesses.

When the Kundalini rises, she passes through these six chakras by enlightening them. I may tolerate you – up to a point. But the Kundalini will punish you – she will do what is needed to correct you – up to a point she will do it. And afterwards when she finds it is not possible to correct you, then I don’t know what will happen and how it will work out. Sahaja Yoga is very easy to come in, to move in and to work it out. But you go against yourself if you try to behave like very ordinary, useless people – then you cannot stay in Sahaja Yoga. You will be thrown out. As soon as you are thrown out, where will you land? What will happen? – that you know very well.

On this auspicious day, I have to request you to be auspicious! Not to do anything that is inauspicious. They call it ‘protocol’. But there are small, small things which show that you are auspicious. Very, very minute, subtle things that show you are auspicious, which you don’t have to learn. Automatically, spontaneously it comes, and you enjoy your auspiciousness. Because you are holy, because you are nirmal, and you enjoy that quality within you. And when that happens – that is your birthday. You were re-born, as you know, all of you were re-born. You were re-born, but still you were children, and now you have grown up. That growth has to be shown in every way. When a person grows, then he goes all out to do various things to express himself. In the same way, when you are grown up, then you have to show that you are grown-up in Sahaja Yoga, that you are very deep, and that you are a very senior person. I have seen some little children, also, they are so grown-up and so sensible that sometimes I am amazed – they are great saints re-born, they are great people who are re-born.

But if you are still running after non-sensical things, if you are still full of lust and greed, then better you leave Sahaja Yoga to itself, and you can find some other area where you can do that. It is something surprising, how people do not understand their position in Sahaja Yoga.

Your growth has been, on the whole, very good. I know there are many people who are wonderful Sahaja Yogis, who are really great Sahaja Yogis and they have every right to call themselves ‘Sahaja Yogis’ or ‘Maha-Yogis’. But that is only possible and perceptible if you really grow up inside and your Spirit shines, like a crystal-clear ocean of love.

Now the connection has been done. You have the knowledge of all the chakras. You know how to raise Kundalini. You know also how to cure people and how to treat people. With all that knowledge, with all that ‘life’ you have got, it’s like the milk you give to your energies. And then you have to become energetic. You cannot be lethargic about it. When you are lethargic, then you are not a Sahaja Yogi. You have to be moving with this flame in your heart, that you know what this ‘self’ is, and you know what you have to know for others.

You must have been also great seekers in previous lives, and that seeking that was there has brought you to Sahaja Yoga. Now with that seeking, when you are here – still you are seeking all these useless things – you cannot grow. And such people cannot make others also grow.

So the main thing one has to understand is how you have grown in your love. You see, a person who is frightful (frightening), who is very strict, who talks very rudely, is not a Sahaja Yogi – no way! But the one who looks after, cares, loves, and is very generous, is the real Sahaja Yogi. You are people of special qualities, and those qualities must be shown in your life. I know you love me very much and you know what you have done to celebrate my birthday. As you have so many of these decorations, I have already told you that you are my decorations, and your lives are my decoration. And the way you behave and the way you know yourself, (these) things will be so much appreciated all over the world.

It is not for any other purpose, but only to remember that ‘you all have to grow’. You have to become very, very deep personalities. You have to grow within yourself, celebrating your own birthday. Every day, try to see, ‘What is your experience? What did you see? Whom did you meet? How did they talk?’ I mean, I know so many names; practically everybody’s name I know, practically everybody’s Kundalini I know. I also know whose Kundalini is alright and whose is not. I know so many people. So many ask me “How do you know so many names, and how do you remember them?” You see, I don’t know that part, but it is that whenever I see a person, I see his Kundalini, and from that Kundalini I know who he is. There can be thousands and thousands of Kundalinis, but I know who is who – because I love them. If you love somebody, then you know what he is. It is not stupid love, as they call it romance and all that, it’s a very deep feeling. When you enter into the garden of your heart and you feel the beautiful fragrance all around; when you think of such nice people as there have been as saints, great saviours, and now the Sahaja Yogis, you feel so much grateful that you have achieved that state of collective enjoyment.

I have never put any restrictions on you. Do what you like, whatever way you want to do it, you can do it. I have never bothered you about money or anything. But – that is a testing ground! That is a testing ground, where you are standing. If you do not test yourself, how will you know how far you have come? So you are the student, you are the examiner, and you are the one who has to give yourself the certificate. And in that case, what happens is, that you start understanding – understanding so many things which you have never understood (before). I mean, the knowledge – so called ‘knowledge’ – is no knowledge, because it is all falsehood; it’s all mental. But the real, absolute knowledge, dawns upon you about everyone, about every aspect, about every surrounding that you have; so clearly you ‘know’. And that should happen that you should know, very clearly, very, very clearly, ‘What is the situation with you? Where are you? and What are you doing?’

Not that you have any less powers, you have – all the powers! But for that you have to go deep down. Like there’s a well, and the well has the water in it. But if your bucket doesn’t go down, how can it bring the water? If your bucket is filled with stones, what’s the use of that well to you? In the same way, we have everything within us, as I told you yesterday. And Sahaja Yoga is the way you can go down and find out about yourself – which is so beautiful, clean – and that’s the thing to be enjoyed, not other non-sensical things after which you are running, which you think are important.

I have already told you it is Shudha-Iccha, is the Kundalini, Shudha-Iccha – pure desire. Because other desires are never fulfilled. You try to buy one thing, then you don’t enjoy it; you want to buy another one – you don’t enjoy it; you want to buy another one – you don’t enjoy it. So because it’s not a ‘real’ desire. This is the principle of economics, that you are never satisfied. You go on buying, buying, buying, buying, buying, buying, and you buy so many things that ultimately what happens is that all the industries collapse – that’s what is happening in America. It has a quality that whatever you do, repels (rebounds) back on you. Only the spiritual growth does not. It flowers, it is fragrant, it is beautiful.

Such a beautiful experience to be with your self, as if you have entered into the beautiful garden of paradise.

If, that feeling, if you want to have, give up all non-sensical ideas, give up all worldly nonsense, everything you give up – and then you will feel that you are now very much there, where you should have been. You will have no doubts, you will have no hankerings, you will not feel at all in any way dissatisfied. But some people are still at a very elementary stage, I know. I know I have not told them, because I know this is the year they’ll be all exposed, no doubt. Then what is the use of doing something in which you will be exposed, and that the whole world of Sahaja Yoga will look at you as a criminal, or as a person who doesn’t need any respect whatsoever Either you get out of it. And if you are here to gain lots of ascending steps, you have to have your eyes upward and not downward. You must see what steps there are and you have to climb up those steps. And with these steps, where do you enter?

I’ll tell you, (you enter) in that beautiful garden, fragrant garden of your ‘self’, which is so beautiful. Instead of that you are lost in the maya [mire?] of the world, as so many are lost. So why have you come to Sahaja Yoga?

Give up those non-sensical ideas, try to take to spirituality. Pure spirituality. Purity is the word. Purity you must have and purity within is, you can easily, easily establish with Sahaja Yoga. Your witness state has to improve. Witness state has to be projected so much, that this conditioning and ego of reaction will finish off. You’ll have no more reactions, but you will just witness. And the knowledge that is real comes always, always, through witnessing. If you do not know how to witness, then whatever knowledge you have is nothing but through your ego or through your, we can say, conditionings. It’s not absolute knowledge.

So to get the absolute knowledge about anything, what you have to do is to reach the point of absoluteness. So reach the point where you are absolutely clean, pure, nirmala. Now don’t condemn yourself if you have some defects, there has to be, you are all human beings. But all these defects, with your power of spirituality, you can absolutely overcome. For that, what have you to do? First is introspection. First is try to find out, you separate yourself with yourself, and say “Hello mister, how are you?” Start with that. “Hello, what are you up to?” And you start ‘seeing’ yourself outside, and eradicating, removing, all that is not your ‘self’. That knowledge of ‘self’ comes to you when you want the knowledge. It should be pure desire to know about the ‘self’.

You are special people, no doubt. You are all chosen to be very, very special – no doubt. There must be something about you that you have come to this state where you are trying to become the ‘self’. ‘Self’ is absolutely self-satisfied. It does not need anything to satisfy itself. Actually it is satisfaction personified. It just sees things, it just watches things, it just witnesses. And while witnessing anything – it knows. It knows. You don’t have to tell ‘This is this or this is what …. “ You don’t have to express too much anything. It is just self expressive. (This happens) if, if, you are a clean person, your desires are clean, and that you just have pure desire to ascend.

So again, I have to talk about Kundalini, that you must have a Kundalini completely establishing itself within you. Completely expressing within you. Completely enlightening your ‘self’. Such a Kundalini should be there, and only possible if you do not put hurdles in her growth. If you allow it to grow, it grows, and it works out.

As you know I’ve started this work only in 1970. Not because I could not start it earlier, not because there were all bad people in this world, but because I was waiting (for) myself to be deft in dealing with all kinds of Kundalinis. I had to work out all the permutations and combinations that were there. And then I just thought, “If I could get hold of a way by which all these combinations can be worked out in one line – then only Kundalini will rise”. And it worked, it happened! With the sincere desire. Because I felt very sad about people who are spending their lives in something very nonsensical. They cannot enjoy anything, they have no genuine feeling for anything, they have no genuine love for anything, and they are not even loved, they cannot love, they are not loved and they are in misery.

So it was a very deliberate action on my part, I should say, that I watched human beings, very carefully. Why do they do it like this? Why they behave like this? Why are they not understanding? Why are they harsh? Why they shout, why they beat, why they do all this Because of imbalances within them. But with introspection, if you start seeing those imbalances, you now know how to cure yourself and you can really work it out. You have to just work on your chakras. See which chakra is catching. Where is the problem. You have to respect yourself in such a way that you become your own doctor and you know everything about yourself. “This is wrong with me, why am I catching – why am I catching on that chakra? Why this is happening?” This is the education you have to give it to yourself, which would be only possible if you experience all those catches.

It is for you to grow now. Grow into great people, great personalities, very tremendous people who have made history, who are respected. All those great saints and all that also were of great calibre, but they didn’t know how to raise the Kundalini – which you know. You have something special- knowledge – how to raise the Kundalini, how to ajust the Kundalini in, how to understand where is the problem. And also you know how to tell that person about his problems very beautifully, with love.

So the message of your Spirit is that you should love each other. If you do not love someone, then what’s the matter? Why don’t you love? What is the bad thing about a particular person? If he’s a Sahaja Yogi, and a great Sahaja Yogi, is it out of jealousy? Is it out of greed? Or is it out of lust, still you are like that? Then the oneness in the whole world of brotherhood is something to be really enjoyed. Enjoyed so beautifully. See all these things you have here, there is so much harmony among them. So much harmony, because it is done with love. If you do anything with love, it is very harmonious, it creates such harmony among people. You see, the enjoyment of each other’s company, the enjoyment of each other’s achievements is so much joy-giving that I cannot describe it in words. It is impossible.
Words cannot communicate to you that feeling that you have; as I told you, you feel as if you are in the Garden of Eden. That sort of a feeling should come into you when you, your ‘self’, you know.

Because when you know your ‘self’, actually you know your own being and you are so happy that your ‘self’ is so beautiful, that you are so beautiful, that you are so joyous, that you have all these things. To know that within you, is really, really very much fragrant with enjoyment. That state you must have. I see sometimes when you are overjoyed to dance and sing and do – that’s something really very good. But all the time your spirit should dance, at smallest things. At a little thing that is made, say something artistic you see; something you see a gesture of kindness, a gesture of gratitude, you feel that depth of that feeling.

For example today I saw the flag- Independence -when we got it we made this flag. I’d seen this flag put up when the other flag was brought down [in India in August 1947]. I cannot tell you what was the feeling that governed. Such a feeling that the truth has, somehow or other, overcome the untruth. That justice has been shown over the injustice. That feeling is still so much – I can’t even see the flag. If I see it, I remember the whole history, the whole thing: how many people sacrificed, how many martyrs there were, how much people have fought for it – that flag stands for that. And you stand for all that. You stand for all those ideals. You stand for all those sacrifices, and you stand for all that is to be achieved for bettering human beings. You have to achieve a great deal for others. You have to work within yourselfwhat you can do for others, what you can achieve for others, what is the best way to imbibe those qualities within you that you become an absolutely unique personality.
As I told you, there have been many great leaders and many great people who are remembered by many people. Now what you should see –what made them so great? Why (after) so many years, people still remember them? I’ve given you the statue of Shivaji-Maharaj; now he was another soul – a great soul – who had such principles and such beautifying life, in his language, in his attitude, in everything. With all that, he was a very brave person. Once you have this, you will not deterfrom doing anything that is important. You will have no fear of anything. You will not go round and round but you will know how to find the solution and how to work it out. This will happen to you, if you really know yourself you will have such powers of courage. You will not be a dare-devil, but with wisdom. Courage with wisdom, you will have. And that is what is your Self which will give you lots of wisdom and lots of courage. It’s not a fighting spirit, it’s not a violent nature, it’s not a rudenature, but it’s a very silent, beautiful, courageous attitude.
There’s a story about one Chinese saint – that when this Chinese saint was asked by one king that he should teach his cocks how to fight – they were having cock-fights. So the Chinese saint said “Alright, bring your cock here, I’ll teach him how to fight”. And the Chinese saint must have put some wisdom into the head of the cock! Can you imagine! And when they took them for that fight, what they found – that cock was just standing! It would not attack, it would not retreat but just standing! And all the cocks ran away from the field. Because in that standing was the power of wisdom and power of courage. Courage is silently very powerful. You don’t have to bomb anybody, you don’t have to kill anybody, but you have to stand up with courage. And that is another quality which you will express. It is very polite, very sweet, you will be standing with that courage. I know so many of you are like that. There’s no struggle, there’s no fight, just standing with courage and doing whatever is right. And that is quite possible because you have now the connection with the Almighty. You have the connection with the Paramchaitanya, and that will work out everything.

I’ll be very, very happy to say that today I am seeing so many of you are such good Sahaja Yogis. So many of you. And if you find anyone who is not, please report it to me. Please tell me. Please find out if there is anyone who is trying to be very oppressive and who is trying to control everything, who is trying to make money, who is trying to have lust and greed being expressed.

So, once you have really worked out, you should know this is the area that we call dharma-yudha, dharma-yudha means the war of religion. But not the way people are fighting it. Our dharma-yudha is that we are standing on dharma. And dharma means not religion, but it is Vishwa Nirmala Dharma. We are standing on our religion; and there’s a negativity, we can call it an ah-dharma, which is fighting, so you stand on your dharma. Unless and until you are dharmic, you cannot have any achievement in Sahaja Yoga. I have seen people who are, say, abroad, they have funny ideas and they will come and tell me “Mother, see, I have a wife but I am in love with another woman, so what should I do?” I said “You get out. That’s all. Just get out”. Or the wife might say that “Mother, see, I am having relations with another man, what should I do?” I said “You get out. That’s all. You get out of Sahaja Yoga. You are no good for Sahaja Yoga, and Sahaja Yoga is no good for you”. Is a complete outcast. They have nothing to do with Sahaja Yoga.

Also in India, we have problems of dishonesty. There are dishonest people. This is our special temperament I think, we are a very corrupt people. India has become so corrupt. I can’t believe it; I was here about thirty-five years back, we had never heard of corruption. Now they have become so corrupt, and that’s what enters – that also enters into Sahaja Yoga. When that enters into Sahaja Yoga, they will be just ‘found out’ and will be punished – not by me, not by you, but by their own Kundalini.

So every country has its own speciality (She laughs) as far as doing something wrong. We are not here to do anything wrong. We are not going to express ourselves as wrong people, but we are here to prove that we are perfect! We are wonderful people. That is what is the ‘self’, that we are perfect. We don’t have to go according to what we were. It’s a new realm we have reached, it’s a new area we have reached, and let us enjoy that great area.

I think all of you understand me that today I am a little worried about people who are dragging Sahaja Yoga down. And they should understand that I understand everything. And when they will be harmed, they should not blame me for that. It is obvious that they are no where near Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga purifies you every day. You see one experience, you see one person, you see some events, and it purifies you. That’s the sign. Supposing I see somebody, a dishonest man, immediately I start finding “I hope I am not doing anything dishonest to myself?” Just imagine that you are the one who is the curator, correcting influence on yourself. Where do you stand? Do you stand on the correction point, or on getting finished with it?

Yesterday’s lecture everybody liked very much, but this is the extension of that lecture that I am telling you now. That you are very great people, you can save the whole world! I must say I never expected all this to happen in my life-time, and it has happened, and I see you as very great, very great people. Especially ladies have to work it out more, because I am a woman and women have a special capacity to love, and to bear. I expect all of you to become beautiful, beautiful Sahaja Yogis, and that nothing can convince the whole world but your work, your abilities and also your power to love. So many things I have seen, experienced about you people, and when I think about them I really feel very happy. I have seen people, how they have managed and looked after so many things which were difficult, and have worked it out.

So now we are in for a new world, and in that new world, a new race of Sahaja Yogis have to show their results, they have to show their powers and their courage and their understanding. It is not serious, it is not frivolous, but it is joyous! It is just joy that you have to feel about yourself. I am telling you all this because this is within you, within your power. It is all the time residing within you, and that you have faced it also.

So I wish you all a very, very happy birthday; so that you people have a new birth and new understanding, and a new personality. Try to accept that personality, try to respect it – that personality is your ‘self’.

May God Bless You