Public Program Day 1: Satya Ki Prapti Hi Sabse Badi Prapti Hai

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi (India)

2001-03-25 Public Program Satya Ki Prapti Hi Sabse Badi Prapti Hai, New Delhi, 58'
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2001-03-25 Public Program Hindi Delhi NITL-RAW, 92'
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Satya Ki Prapti Hi Sab Se Badi Prapti Hai Date 25th March 2001: Place Delhi Public Program Type

I bow to all the seekers of truth and also to those who have already found it. Sahaja Yoga has spread in Delhi city in a big way. Once upon a time, I could not expect to have even a few Sahaja Yogis in Delhi. The atmosphere in Delhi, in those days, was such that people used to run after power and money. I used to ask myself a question that when will these people go for the attainment of the Spirit? The pursuit for power is short-lived. It yields no results. Many people could achieve political positions and many were thrown out of it. Similarly, those who work for money have the same fate because running after the things which are unreal, ultimately leads us to disappointment. The comfort and joy of the material acquisitions are ephemeral. But now I say that the people of Delhi are awakened to such an extent! This awakening is your own exclusive asset – the outcome of your own spiritual thirst which is now quenched. I wonder how much I have contributed to you quenching your own spiritual thirst! What is noteworthy is the fact that if this subtle mechanism was not inbuilt, how would this spirituality manifest in you? One needs to understand that many saints were born in this land to initiate the spiritual upliftment of people. These saints are a household name. Both, the elderly lot as well as the children know of these great saints. One wonders just who were these people to exhibit such great spiritual caliber! How these Businessmen and politicians, who were running day and night after money and power have come to Sahaja Yoga? Because there was no joy or peace or silence in their pursuits. That life was just banal. When human beings realize that while running after material things they could get neither the joy nor comforts then he turns to seek the joy of the Spirit. Many lamps were enlightened with one light and today, I find thousands of those have known their Selves (spirits) are sitting before me. First of all, we have to know that the reason of all the unsolved riddles that are within us is that we have not understood what Dharma is. We have accepted the definition of Dharma as professed by some religious authorities. They told us to perform some rituals, indulge in worshipping and chanting. Muslims were also taught similarly that it they perform the Namaz in a particular way and go as per the direction of Mullas then they will achieve Salvation. But when nothing could be achieved by the rituals, it forced the seekers to think about it: why are we caught in rituals? These rituals push us in deep darkness. None can achieve anything from these rituals. People have been performing these rituals since ages but achieved nothing. Now, the quest for truth is well-timed. It has to happen in these modern times, the Kalyuga, as we call it that embarks us on a journey to unearth the spiritual treasures. Truth is nothing but Love and Love in nothing but the Truth. We people feel that we can attain the truth by moving to the Himalayas, chopping off our hair etc. When the Truth resides within, what’s the point of these external differentiations? These rituals have no association with the Truth whatsoever. So, what is to be done? The sleeping power of Kundalini needs to be awakened. Now debating on whether his power resides in you or not is again, a futile pursuit. Every person in this world holds this power in a triangular form in one’s subtle system and it is extremely important to awaken it to achieve the Truth. Every spiritual person has stressed on ‘knowing thyself’ but how? We do not know ourselves. We have no clue how many flaws are hidden among ourselves, mainly, greed, attachment, obsessions/addictions, jealousies and lust (the six enemies of the Soul). We are unable to understand the origin of these flaws and why we are under their influence? Understand this once and for all, these flaws are all external, superficial whereas the Spirit is eternally pure, remains unblemished. 

These negativities have come in us, probably because of our flawed traditions, previous lives, parentage or society. No one knows from which sources have these exactly erupted from. So, instead of trying to find the source and cause of these negativities, it will be better to destroy them. By their destruction, our attention will become pure. Our creator the God almighty has made all the arrangements for it. He has made you free to adopt the proven method to ‘Know Thyself’. That is the method of ‘Kundalini Awakening’. I am not the first to say this. Kundalini awakening has been talked about in India since times immemorial. In olden times, only a few seekers could get their kundalini awakened and that too, with great difficulties. But times come when this awakening is made collective and now this time has come. You have got your Kundalini awakened – collectively. In this collective state, when you are being nourished by the Awakened Kundalini, you pondered over why you have been running for superficial matter, chasing illusions when this awakening is the Reality? These ponderings kept getting crystallized with your constructive and destructive thinking. We must understand that if we have to know ourselves, we have to, first of all, get connected with all-pervading Chaitanya (Divine Power) of the Divine flowing from all directions. So, there so is no other way, no matter what anyone else professes. But people try to confuse you and you fall for the illusions they create. For instance, once I was listening to a (false) Guru. He started his pravachan (Talk) with abuses. He began the discourse with, “You are all perverts”. He said that many people today are not seekers, you people are all, ‘Pravrutti Margis’ incessantly running after material pursuits one after another which sucks you out of your positive energies. Calling the seekers ‘Pravrutti Margis’ is as good as hurling an abuse at them. And the seekers believe that they are indeed, Pravrutti Margies’. And to other seekers, they (false gurus) say that since they are not ‘Nivrutti Margis’ (above Materialism) why bother attaining the Spirit? Now, to the seeker, they have posed a problem, where the seeker honestly confesses to being a ‘Pravrutti Margi’ (interested in Material things). At this point, they prompt him into donating all his money to the guru (in the garb of rising beyond materialism) and become an ascetic. The seeker starts to think of it as an easy arrangement for his spiritual upliftment. This is indeed blindfaith. Would you wish to be voluntarily blind? If someone calls you Pravrutti Margis, should you believe it? According to them, till the time you are not on the ‘Nivrutti marg’ you cannot enter SY? Such is the wordplay these false gurus use to confuse you! And you find it an easy arrangement to surrender your material belongings to them! Such kinds of conditions get placed in you and you tend to agree with them because we do not havr sufficient belief in the fact that we can attain our Spirit and know ourselves. Believe in yourself because there are many people among ourselves whose lives are basking in the glory of kundalini awakening! And all of you all can attain this status. This power is within you and it can be awakened irrespective of your flaws, misdeeds and even if you have ever worked against the Divine! This kundalini is seated in its place and when someone who has the authority to awaken it will do the needful, it will awaken and all your external superficialities and 6 enemies (of the soul) will immediately shed themselves! As you see, when you put a seed in Mother Earth, it sprouts on its own. It cannot enliven itself but it is the Mother Earth that enlivens every part of it! Similarly, with kundalini awakening, all your ‘vruttis’ (negative aspects) automatically disappear. This is indeed a fascinating phenomenon yet it is not that surprising either, simply because it is it is Ghor Kaliyuga and in this very time, that you destined to gain this spirituality that places you at the highest pedestal, what is innately built inside you. In this new light, you will know how many flaws have you gotten rid of. Now you are beginning to display pure attention, which shines on your Spirit. Once you understand this reality, you will leave all lies and false behaviorisms. After all, for how long can you survive with falsehood? But till the time your Spirit is not fully realized, you cannot decipher the falsehood. Only in the light of the Spirit can you realize your falsehood that has kept you in illusions all along. The masses are stuck in such illusions, especially illusions emerging out of various religions. When God is one, what is there to fight? But such confusions are created and mental projections are made in such a way that people take to them. The reason is that their brains are not enlightened by their Spirits. Kundalini awakening gives you the privilege of connecting with the ‘paramchaitanya’ (Divine vibrations/energy) and it is indeed a very special bonding. Einstein, the famous scientist, also mentioned that when you enter the ‘torsion area’, your headspace taps into an enlightened frequency where you discover many new scientific techniques and findings! Despite the presence of this enlightened mechanism in you, there are people (seekers) who sleep even after getting awakened (lose/deny their spiritual qualities after kundalini awakening) or awaken after a long slumber (realize their spiritual qualities after kundalini awakening), such is the state of affairs! There are very few who move lucidly in their spiritual ascent after the kundalini awakening, depending on how deep their understanding of the subject is. The deeper you are, the deeper your experience of kundalini awakening will be! You automatically become thoughtlessly aware! Just today I was telling people why humans are caught up in incessant thinking. For e.g. Merely looking at this carpet triggers many useless thoughts such as, where did one buy it from, its cost etc. Creating so much fuss about it when all you have to do is simply, enjoy its beauty! Such incessant thinking can lead to madness! So, reacting at every trivial thing, there is no bigger blunder than this! Because all your reactions are sprouting through your Ego or Superego (conditionings/preconceived notions) because that witness state is not yet there in you. You have to watch the object fully as a witness. If you can watch something in complete witness state, its joy will be completely absorbed by your sensibilities. I am not the first to tell about it, many people have talked about it being in this ‘witness state’ but people wondered how it could be possible. After kundalini awakening being in an enlightened state is indeed possible! It is all about waking up the energy that is sleeping within. When the kundalini is there with in you, when it is reality, when it is placed there, then only thing that remains is to get the awakening. It is your own treasure, your own property. But you have neither bought it nor given any money for it, nor begged for it. It is within you, it is innate. You have to think about its awakening. Its awakening in the purest form of desire within you, nothing else. For e.g. A person desires a car. Once he gets it, he cannot enjoy it but runs after another material pursuit. The circle goes on indicating what you desired for, was not the purest desire. Had it been a pure desire, it would have satiated you. This Kundalini within you, is your purest desire, also, the desire of the Divine within you. Hence, it satiates you and you feel you have entered a new dimension which is emanating peace, joy and the fragrance of serenity! Once you achieve this stage, you would no more stick to any frivolities of life! There are still some people who keep rising and falling, learn via experiences, trial and error. Mostly, in SY, whoever finds this peace finds it in a very sahaja manner (effortless, lucid, automatic) without shelling out money, chanting mantras or praying, nothing – all you need is a pure desire that you attain your Spirit. That’s all! Your mere desire awakens your kundalini, I have seen in many countries among people of different nationalities. For example, there is a country named Benin. The natives there were so much afraid of French that they accepted Islam. Even then they were not satisfied! The same fights and disagreements continued. After coming to Sahaja Yoga, they are now rejoicing! You will be surprised that there are fourteen thousand Sahaja Yogis there now. They are all Muslims. According to ME, Muslim is the person whose hands speak. It is the age of Kiyama, you are Muslims ONLY if your hands speak. Muslim means ‘surrender’. How could you be surrendered if your hands do not speak? Confused people create different rituals. For surrendering,  no study of Vedas and scriptures, no pilgrimage is necessary. This morning, our neighbors started chanting mantras. If you people encourage them, help them and give them money! Nothing would be achieved with it. What is thought-worthy is, what have you achieved far, even after encouraging such people/thought processes? Have you received your self-realization with this? Only post SR, you would know who your true self as well as your powers, what you can do with them, how capable (Samarth) you are. Till the time you don’t find the ‘arth’ (meaning) to your existence, how can you be ‘samarth’ (fully capable)? With this power you could do wonders! I am surprised that these foreigners who had never even heard of Kundalini, after their awakening, they are working wonders all over the world! And when they tell ME tell all about it, l wonder how these powers/miracles have been activated! How could these people achieve so much? It ensures your progress in all aspects, physical, mental and so on and you ‘absorb’ this awakening. Isn’t it such a beautiful happening that you get to acquaint yourself with your Spirit? This diamond of knowledge is shining through you! The only way to reach this knowledge is through the path of Kundalini awakening. I am se-asserting this fact because many people ask me if there is any alternate to this and I am clearly stating there is indeed no other alternative for you to know Thyself and the world. I have no agendas at all but you people need to be told the Truth! Leaving all superficial worldly matters aside, going deeper within yourself and availing this knowledge is the only purpose or the duty in your life. It is heartwarming to see so many people like yourselves! There was a time when I used to ridicule Delhi, as a place because of the hard nuts living in it! Today, I am watching you people absorb this knowledge and adopt it in your life. This knowledge only benefits you, in every way! And if this country gets blessed by Shri Mahalakshmi, it can rise to such beauteous, majestic levels! Which is why we must spread SY among the masses. There are many SY related projects whereby women, children, elderly people are being helped. When SYs pursue SY work, they feel so energetic, they wonder where they get so much strength from! Diseases get cured, addictions neutralized, lunatics get treated, unhealthy habits get dissolved – how 

do these powers flow from us? From one, sole connection – kundalini awakening and ensuring it stays in the awakened state! Those who are flybys (unsettled lot) should stop themselves and see who they are, how precious they are, how capable you are and hoe are using your powers! It is my wholehearted desire that when I visit Delhi the next year around, I see double the quantity of people here! Not just the no. of people but awakened people! In SY, you do not take to asceticism, no need to move to the Himalayas. You have to be in this very society and spread Sahaja Yoga and create a Sahaja Society in the world! This sahaja society should aid to the benevolence of this world, in order to destroy all the vices of this world. This is the job you people are required to do, which is why it becomes mandatory for people to get their SR and introspect for introspection helps sustain one’s spiritual awakening and all your flaws (catches) will gradually dissolve by themselves. Following this, you will emerge as a powerful, beautiful personality! Once such personalities emerge, all these violence and atrocities in the world will also cease. You can influence worldly affairs just by your attention, you don’t have to be present at the site of conflict. These disturbing times are adding immense anxiety among people but they should understand that an hour finally arrives when everything gets exposed – flaws and good qualities come on the forefront. It indicates that our spiritual awakening is yet to manifest itself. If you attain your Spirit, all imbalances will cease to exist. Some people have experiences such nasty falls in their lives, some feel totally pushed against the wall; they wonder what is happening to them?? It is nothing but a strong indicative of the fact that you have deviated from your spiritual course of life. This is the point that needs to be understood. In the collective deviation from the spiritual course, an entire country (India) is suffering! You need to analyze if you too, are deviating from your spiritual course, indulging in some lopsided affair? In India, materialism has spread like a disease among the society! It is not so in the West. Everybody suffers from the agenda to make more money, to swindle more people! Sometimes, I, MYSELF, become anxious thinking how many people must be approaching ME with the ulterior motive of making money from ME! This money of MINE is meant for the benefit of the entire world, not for some thieves and swindlers who come and loot ME. People have tried! In this way, an unhealthy tendency has emerged in people that propels them to make as much out of person as they can. However, making money through nefarious ways is not the blessing of Shri Lakshmi but ‘Alakshmi’ (against the Lakshmi principle!) Shri Lakshmi can be very deceptive! SHE can give you such mindboggling amounts of comforts ‘n’ luxuries that you feel further propelled to make more money, deviating towards ‘Alakshmi’! In that ‘Alakshmi’ your mind becomes stormed with confusions and delusions! Which is why you should not yearn for excess of anything and be especially watchful of your money matters (need for money) for such unhealthy tendencies will not last long! Will you take your money to your grave? The sins incurred out of this ‘Alakshmi’ will backfire in your life! I know we are living through ‘Kalyuga’ (the modern times of falsehood) but in parallel, we are also going through ‘Kritayuga’ (the era of doing/spiritual awakening). This paramchaitanya (vibrations) is working out matters so proactively and many people will get shocking revelations about the falsehood they are indulging in, especially, against the society! If you want a prosperous society, awaken your kundalini and help people prosper. Not in a selfish (‘swarth’) manner but unconditionally! In Hindi language, the words are so beautiful! ‘Swarth’ – the meaning/significance of oneself, that’s all you need to know, 

rest everything is futile! Once you acknowledge you have not yet figured your ‘swarth’, you will propel yourself in the direction of knowing yourself! The present day dilemmas have their dangerous roots way back in the past and these roots settled themselves in this country (India), I don’t know how! The English invasions pushed us into extreme losses, took away our Kohinoor. Till the time you wouldn’t give them a present, they wouldn’t be pleased. Such ego-pampering traditions started from the British, thereafter, penetrated the sensibilities of the Indian politicians and bureaucrats and further among the simpletons! Nowadays, everybody looks for a financial stake (bribe/commission /present/ incentive/personal benefit). Only SY can mar such a sensibility restoring love, respect and dignity within the society, shunning enslavement of money! Another issue, the greed for power, aspiring for prominent positions – you don’t have any control upon your own self, what will you do exerting control over other people? To control others, there have been many great, ideal politicians! These people have no courage, patience, dignity but they want insane control over others! Such people, with their destructive mindsets can only harm the people, societies! Such crooked people are ruling the roost today, exploiting the masses to fill their coffers, affairs dwindling between power-play and money which is the rootcause of deterioration of this country! SY is the cure for this imbalance! Through the SY lens, you see running after money and control is a dangerous act of sheer stupidity! The day SY spreads far and wide, these destructive thought processes will automatically dissolve! It is your responsibility to acknowledge these imbalances and indeed your responsibility to restore them, not just in India but in the entire world! SY can restore this imbalance and those who are non-Sys, can be made SYs. SY appears very simple from the outside, all the powers flowing through you, those people who have attained their SR feel they have achieved it all. However, you have to ‘establish’ yourself in SY, only after that, the powers flow, in the real sense of the term so the whole world can be purified through you. However, we do have certain mischievous elements among us. But like I have told you, we are standing on the brink of The Last Judgment – in this time, if you take shelter in the Divinity, you will rise and if you hold on to the Devil, you will fall into nasty depths. We must analyze the occurrences and the consequences of the earthquakes. For e.g. An earthquake hit Gujrat. Now in that state, we have only 18 SYs. It looks like Gujratis are not inclined towards SY. An earthquake hit Turkey as well and all the Sys were saved! Even their houses were intact, I saw them MYSELF! Because you are under the Divine protection, no harm can befall upon you, no one can kill/destroy you. Similarly, an earthquake hit Latur (in Maharashtra). All around the SY center, a bandhan/spiral/crack (UNCLEAR) was formed and right within the center, everyone was saved. Not a single SY in Latur perished! What had happened was that during the day of ‘chaturdashi’ (the day when Shri Ganesha’s idol is offered in water) many mischievous elements took to drinking elements, dancing to cheap music. The next moment, they fell prey to Ganesha’s ire, falling apart during the earthquake! Every SY, his family, house and children, all were protected. If this is not a miracle, what is! In the same manner, please understand that you are indeed protected by the Divine! Because you get transcended into the Divine kingdom, surpassing this socalled world and its worldly affairs, you have been raised to such an extent! Nobody can destroy you. In this manner, I have seen SYs achieve many breakthroughs, getting cured of diseases, giving up drugs overnight and many more instances – due to kundalini awakening all flaws automatically dissolve! SY is spreading widely in places! People are now acknowledging the need for a sweeping spiritual change that brings a transformation in actuality! It is indeed the human being who falls in the filth of his bad karmas and indeed him, who has to remove himself from these dirty waters. I, sincerely hope that SY spreads far and wide in this region and its light illuminates all the directions. Many, many blessings to you! 44:00 (ENGLISH CONT’D)

50:12 SR

HH: All of you all put your hands towards ME like this, patiently, with lots of devotion in your heart. You people are sitting in the motherly lap of such vibrational soil that here in India, attaining your SR is actually very simple! In the West, giving SR is such a back-breaking job but in India, people get SR instantly! You have to be extremely fortunate to be born in this country! Hence, All of you all put your hands towards ME and close your eyes. Ask, “Mother, please give me my SR.” Now, keep your right hand above your fontanel bone, keep your feet steady, no fidgeting. Now check with your hand if you feel any cool or warm breeze emanating from your head. If you haven’t forgiven people, you will feel warm. Hence, forgive everyone! Now, bend your head and see how you feeling. Now, switch your hands and check again. This is indeed, the presence of kundalini in you, penetrating all your chakras, your Sahasrara and its energy flowing in all directions thereby establishing your connection with the ‘paramchaitanya’ – the divine vibrations. Bend your necks slightly. Now, switch your hands and check again. Bend your heads and see how you feeling. Kabir has said, “Shunya shikhar pe anhad baaje” – Hear your heart beat in the zeroness (infinity) of your being! Guru Nanak has said, “Sahaja Samadhi laago” – take to your own inbuilt divinity! Now, put your hands towards ME. See how you feel, warmth or coonless. If you feel it in one of your hands, transfer (the energy) it to the other. All those who felt it, raise both your hands! Got it! Very well! Even in this hot and humid weather, once can feel this cool breeze. May God bless you all! (Center info. Etc) Now go and nurture your SR further. You can understand all the intricacies involved in SY, no need to read any scriptures, Koran or Bible, reason being, the enmasse kundalini awakening has not taken place in those eras. So, all these scriptures and books indicated an audience of people who were yet to attain their SR, explaining to them how to attain it. You people have attained your SR! Now how to proceed further in this is something you have to learn! Go to the centers in your proximities. I hope you will value your SR, keep its dignity intact for what you are achieving right now, nobody has achieved till many eras altogether! You will understand the value of this realization once you test the power of it! So, retain it well, respect yourself and go deeper in this science. I truly hope that you will become truly content, peaceful and joyous and empower yourselves with this awakening!