Public Program Day 1: Satya Ki Prapti Hi Sabse Badi Prapti Hai

New Delhi (India)

2001-03-25 Public Program Satya Ki Prapti Hi Sabse Badi Prapti Hai, New Delhi, 58' Add subtitles:
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Satya Ki Prapti Hi Sab Se Badi Prapti Hai Date 25th March 2001: Place Delhi Public Program Type

[English translation from Hindi talk, scanned from English Divine Cool Breeze]

I bow to all the seekers of truth and also to those who have already found it. Sahaja Yoga has spread in Delhi city in a big way. Once upon a time I could not expect to have even a few Sahaja Yogis in Delhi. The atmosphere in Delhi, in those days, was such that people used to run after power and money. I used to ask myself a question that when will these people go for the attainment of the Spirit? The pursuit for power is shortlived. It yields no results. Many people could achieve political position and many were thrown out of it. Similarly those who work for money have the same fate because running after the things which are unreal ultimately leads us to disappointment. The comfort and jay of the material acquisitions are ephemeral. But now I say that the people of Delhi are awakened to such an extent! This awakening is your own these people who have done this tremendous work? How these Businessmen and politicians, who were running day and night after money and power have come to Sahaja Yoga? Because there was no joy and peace in their pursuits. That life was just boring. When human beings realise that while running after material things they could get neither the joy nor comforts, then he turns to seek the joy of the Spirit. Many lamps were entightened with one light and today I find thousands of those have known their Selves (spirit) are sitting before me. First of all we have to know that the reason of all the unsolved riddles that are with in us is that we have not understood as to what Dharma is. We have accepted Dharma as so called realigious authorities (H Hua) have told us. They told us to perform someL rituals (3aFT) and to do worshipping and chanting. Muslims were also taught similarly that it they perform the Namaj in a particular way and go as per the direction of Mullas then they will achieve Salvation. But when nothing could be achieved by the rituals, it farced the seekers to think about it: Why are we caught in rituals? These rituals push us in deep darkness. None could get anything from these rituals. People have been performing these rituals since ages. treasure, its the drizzle of love that has rained from your pure heart. I do not know what is my role in it? It is because of your discreetness, without which it could not have been achieved. It is also to be understood that many saints and seers have worked very hard in this country. These saints are talked about in every Indian family and at least elderly people know about them. Younger generation also.comes to know about them. After all who are English Translation (Hindi Talk) negativities have come in us, it might be because of the traditions of previous lives, parentage or society. No one knows from which sources have these What did they attain? There is a destined time for getting seif realization. This time has now come in this kali yuga. Now you could attain the truth. negativities penetrated! So instead of trying to find the source and cause of these negativities, it will be better to destroy them. By their destruction our attention will become pure. Our creator the God almighty has made all the arrangements for it. He has made you free to adopt the proven method to ‘Know Thyself? That is the method of Kundalini Awakening. I am not the first to say this. The attainment of truth is the biggest achievement. Truth is love and love is truth. If we give a little thought to the fact that to find out the truth we think that we should become Sanyasis: go to Himalayas, get our heads shaved and So on. When truth resides within us, what is the renunciations and rituals. With the help of such methods one can not attain the truth because truth has nothing to do with all these external activities. So what have we to do? We have to awaken the dormant power Kundalini which is within us. To have any doubt about the existence of Kundalini within us is useless. Kundalini resides in the significance of exteral Regarding the kundalini and kundalini awakening it is being talked about in India since times immemorial. In olden limes only a few seekers could get their kundalini awakened and that too with great difficulties. But times come when this awakening is made collective and now this time has come. You have got your Kundalini awakened – collectively. In this collective state you are being nourished by the Awakened Kundalini. Now a wonderfully awakened personality triangular bone, called sacrum, at the end of the spinal cord in every human being. Its awakening is essential for attainment of truth and reality. All the saints and incarnations have said, Know has expressed in you. Thyself. But how? We do not know. Ourselves we are full of negativities from within. Attachment, Greed, Ego, Anger Jealousy and Lust, all sort of negativities are there within us. We are unable to Now you should think that it is my “Real Self. Till now I have been caught in confusions, may be because of our brain or perverseness. The biggest thing is that if we have to know ourselves then understand the of these source first of all we have to get connected with all-pervading Chaitanya (Divine Power) of the Divine. We have to be one with negativities and the reason why they have captured us. If you watch it carefully then you will realise that these are external. The spirit is pure and eternal. Nothing could tarnish it. If these Param Chaitanya and Kundalini Awakening is the only way to have this Yoga, the ‘Gyan Marga. So these so is no other way, whatsoever anyone may called Gurus use such a language that tell. But people try to confuse you and poor seekers think it better to surrender you get confused. Once I was listening before them. We accept such thought to the discourse of a so called Guruji. because of the lack of confidence in our- He started his pravachan with abuses. selves that we can attain Spirit and know He began with, “you are all perverts”. ourselves. But believe it that today many your methods are not of seekers, you such seekers are sitting here who have are all Pravrutti Margies (attached to the made their lives blossom with the worldly objects). You are running after Awakening of the Kundalini and its material objects. This is alright. You all blessings. You could also get this run from one thing to another and get awakening. There is absolutely no loss in this pursuit. All our energy gets drawback in you, no drawback at all. This wasted in this pursuit. Today you desire power is within all of you, you might have this thing, tomorrow another and thus done wrongs, might have committed keep running after the material objects. mistakes, might have stood against God Now you accept these invectives and almighty. Whatever you might have think yourself to be Pravrutti Margis! done, this Kundalini is sitting at its place. Such Gurus say that without becoming When some authorised (worthy) person detached (Nivrutti Margis) how could you comes to awaken it, it will be awakened and the attachment for material possessions, these Pravrutties, your six Atma could be sought only when enemies (Shad Ripus) will run away from attention is in your control. So these so you. When you sow a seed in the womb called Gurus create such difficult of Mother Earth, it sprouts by itselt. The problems for the seeker that poor seeker sprouting energy is not apparent in the thinks himself to be pravrutti Margi and seed. But when it is put in the Mother Earth, it sprouts automatically, Not only “Alright, you serve your Gurus, give them this much, each of its part and parcel money, do this ritual and so on”. They gets life in it. In the same way, by the advise you to give away everything in awakening of the Kundalini you get the name of God and become Sanayasis awakened and you get rid of harmful and you believe it because it sounds attachments. Its surprising no doubt but easy but it is blind faith. If someone calls it has become possible. Its the age of you blind, would you believe it? Similarly ghor Kaliyuga. No one knows how many if they call you Pravrutti Margis then people have suffered because of it but should you believe if? Until you are this awakening will be done in this detached you can not come to Sahaja Kaliyuga and you will attain that supreme oneness, There is no other way. There seek the Spirit, The Atma? unfit for seeking. Then these Gurus say, state (Param Tattava) today. This param of the seeker. How you are? The impact tattava is throned in you as Attam of the Kundalini awakening is very deep. Swarupa, as Divine Spirit. In its light you immediately you go in to Thoughtless will know Thyself, you will know which of Awareness. Despite that, people are not the negativities have left you and now perseverant about it. They get their you have become pure hearted (Shudha awakening but after some time go back Chittas), Divine Personalities (Attama in the same state of slumber and this Swarupas). When you have the knowledge of your Real State and the ater realization are not available. It Reality then you will give away all the depends upon the depth they have. If negativities. What is the use of it? How the person is a sincere seeker then the far could you go with the untruth? It puts awakening gives him a beautiful you in confusion and many seekers are lost in this confusion. Look at this world. thoughtless awareness. Only today I was People are fighting in the name of telling that why human beings think to religion! When religion is one, when God look at one thing or the ather and think is one, then why to fight in the name of about it. Supposing this carpet is here. religion? But such confusions are created and mental projections are done in such a way that people take to them. The reason is that their brains are not goes on. Seekers who get established experience. Immediately one goes in From where it might have come? What will be its cost? What will happen? All sort of thoughts will come about it in the mind. Instead of enjoying its beauty human beings start thinking about it and this thought process sometimes leads him to madness. So nothing is worse than reacting over anything, Because this reaction within you is either because enlightened so far. With the awakening of the Kundalini, you get connected to the all-pervading power of Divine Love (The Param Chaitanya). This connection is well known. Einstein, the renounced conditioning also. Reaction is not the Scientist, said that when you get result of watching something with all connected to the forsion area then of your ego or super ego; we call it attention. That witness state is not yet there in you. You have to watch the object fully as a witness. If you could watch something in witness state then its joy permeates your being, I am not the first to tell about it; many people have talked about it. But they might not be able to understand or they might not be capable of achieving this state. They suddenly you become peaceful and have many achievements and new experiences in that state of peace. There are people who get awakened once but do not remain in that state forever. There are very few who could remain in the awakened state after getting self-realisation. It depends upon the depth should have is that my kundalini should be awakened. This desire is so powerful that I have seen many seekers get their awakening within no time. For example there is a country named Benin. Some people there were so much afraid of French that they accepted Muslim Religion. Even with that they were not satisfied! After coming to Sahaja Yoga. would have thought that we are just human beings. How could we do it? With the awakening of Kundalini it could be done. When the kundalini is there with in you, when it is reality, when it is placed there, then only thing that remains is to get the awakening. It is your own treasure, your own property. But you have neither bought it nor given any money for it, nor begged for it. It is within you, it is innate. You have to think about its awakening. now they are very comfortable. You will be surprised that there are fourteen thousand Sahaja Yogis. They are all Muslims. According to me Muslim is the one whose hands speak. It is the age of Kiyama, you are Muslims only if your hands speak. Muslim means dedicated. How could you be dedicated if your hands do not speak? Confused people create different rituals. For this no study of Vedas and scriptures, no Pilgrimage is necessary. This morning our neighbours started chanting Mantras.on the loudspeaker, You people encourage them, help them and give them money! Nothing could be achieved with it. This This Kundalini power is your ‘Pure Desire’. None other desire is pure. Someone will say, “I wish I had a motor!” He gets a motor. Without enjoying the comforts of the motor he starts hankering after something else and then after the third object and so on. It means all these desires are not pure. Had it been pure then you would have been contented. This Kundalini Shakti is your Pure Desire. It is the desire of ‘God Almighty. When it is awakened in you, you get contented. You get satisfied and think is foolishness that instead of material desire now I have entered into such a beautiful garden which is fragrant, full of joy, peace and love, When you achieve that state then you do not look back to material desires. To achieve this state in Sahaja Yoga is extremely beautiful. It happens very easily. you have to do nothing for it, give no money, do no rituals, no prayers, nothing. You should only have the pure desire to know the Spirit. With this pure desire you attain it. The only desire you Wisdom is to see what you have received in return of your money. Did you get your self-realisation? After self-realisation you will know what you are capable of. How much kshema you have? Untill you know the truth in you how could you be identified with it and become powerful (Samartha)? With this power you could do wonders. I am surprised that these foreigners who never heard the name of kundalini, they are working wonders all over the world women, children, diseased and old after getting self-realisation. When they people and farmers. The projects are tell me about the miracles, lam surprised made in such a way that Sahaja Yoga to think how these miracles have could be activated in them and they feel become possible? How these people the miraculous results of it and say, from could get to it? You grow physically and where has this energy come in us? We mentaly, you attain complete growth and could cure diseases, cure lunatics and absorb it. Knowing the spirit is so relieve the addicts from their addiction. wonderful. This diamond is within you. How have all these powers come in us? All the powers are within you.: The only The only way to get this power is by way to attain these powers is the kundalini awakening. It should be kept awakening of the kundalini and none in awakened state. Those who run from else. I am telling you this thing because one place to another should pause for a many a people ask me it there is any while and see who they are. How great other way but the awakening of the you are? How powerful you are and how kundalini? I tell them there is no other you could use that? When I come here way. I have no role in it. But I have to tell next time. I hope the number will be you honestly that there is no other way double. Not only this much, people to know thyself and to know others should establish themselves in Sahaja except the awakening of the kundalini, Yoga. Alter getting your self-realisation eaving all the other rituals and you need not becorrie sanyasins, you inaugrating this innate power is your need not go to Himalayas. You have to be in the society and spread Sahaja Yoga and create a Sahaja Society. My heart moves. I am really over Sahaja Yogis should work for the joyed to see you all in such a big number. betterment of the whole worlid. It could Once upon a time I used to think that destroy all the prevalent negativities. You how the people of this city will accept all could do this work. So I request you Sahaja Yoga? But today I am seeing it again and again to get your awakening here that you all have accepted it and With meditation, this awakened state will absorbed it. It is beneficial in every way. remain intact and slowly you will be free If the blessings of Shri Mahalaxmi are from all your negativities. You will there, then aur country will also become become a beautiful personality. If the elegant and prosperous. So we all have people of the society are transformed. to spread Sahaja Yoga in the society and all the problems, blood shed, and cruelty know its social significance. Find out the of the sociely will come to an end. You sulfering people. I have started atleast will become enlightend beings and set sixteen projects ta help the needy the things right with the light of your pious duty.

attention. One can get frightened in the present atmosphere. What is this all going on? What is happening? One day or the other everything gets exposed and becomes clear to us! Why? Because people have not yet achieved union with the spirit. Once you take to the spirit then you will be badly contused So before getting into extremes, we should think, “where are we going? What are we being drawn to? In what dragnet we are getting caught? So these ideas to extract money from the pockets of other people will not work out. We should be very conscious about them. Will you carry this money with you after death? This is all wickedness. It will tell upon your nerves. I accept it because it is Ghor Kaliyuga. One more Yuga is also going on with it. I call it ‘Kruta Yuga’. Now the Param Chaitanya is active and working out everything. Wicked people will be hit again and again and they will know their deeds are against the society. neither will there be such misdeads nor will it continue in future. Such obstacles have now come. Human beings get alarmed and think that what is it? The reason is that you are misted and some people have fallen in the ditch. e One should try to stop the heinous activities that have been going on in our country for so many years. These have now been exposed. The degree of exposure is, of course, small. Awakening is very essential. So you could see your the society than you have to awaken the state and find out that you are not being power that is within you. There should mislead. Are we also being misled? In beno selfishness in this regard. We have India, you will be surprised, everyone is very beautiful words in our language. infected by this disease. Every one wants Swarth means the seeking for the spirit to make money, somehow or the other (t +31). Have you known the meaning wants to snatch it. I mean it is not the case in foreign country. I am always is Swarth’, Everything else is concerned about the fact that whether meaningless, Once we realise that we If you want to be benevolent towards of seeking the spirit? To know the spirit have not known the meaning of the Spirit, we shall get drawn to that path and work to know the Self. All the struggles and quarrels are very traditional, How this state was developed in our country? I don’t know. Britishers were here. They used to do the same thing. They took away kohinoor trom our country. They could not be pleased the people who come to me, do they also wish to extract money from me? All my money is meant for social work. It is not to be looked by thieves and rogues. But they try their level best. So in our country it has become a tendency to make money by hook or crook. Such money is not Laxmi, this is Alaxmi. Laxmi is very wanton (Chanchal). It will take you to all vices and assume the form of Alaxmi and without some bribe. But it was all on a low pitch. Now it has assumed gigantic Yogis could do it. Those who are not Sahaja Yogis should be brought to Sahaja Yoga. If we want proper social system where there is no looting, where people live with love, The only cure is Sahaja Yoga. form. At the time of the British rule this tendency started and now it is taken too far by our politicians. Today not only the politicians but everyone wishes to plunder money. The only way to get rid of this evil is Sahaja Yoga. It will discipline our society and generate love and respect for each other. Apparently Sahaja Yoga is very simple. Every Sahaja Yogi has power and they think that they are realised Another thing is Power. People are souls. But one has to get established in mad for it. They want power. What do it. Only then its power will be awakened they want power for? You do not have fully. With those powers you could reform power over yourself, what shall you do if not only India but the whole world. There you attain power over the world? What should be some arrangement for the for? What shall you gain out of it? Many reformation. Desires are satanic, but i great and ideal people were there in have told you many a times that it is the politics. Without their courage, period of last judgement. If you take to virtue, you will be saved, But it you take you desire this power. It is just like giving to evil you will fall, We have to see how power to the monkey. in Marathi earthquakes cause devastation at language it is said that if burning wood different places of the world. Recently is given to the monkey, it will burn there was a horrible earthquake in everything. This is the state of politicians Gujarat. We had only eighteen Sahaja today. Politicians use political status to Yogis there. I don’t know why Gujaratis make money and make money to do not bother about Sahaja Yoga? There was an earthquake in Turkey also. But all the Sahaja Yogis were saved. No been degraded. Sahaja Yoga is the only damage was done to their houses. I saw remedy. After getting self-realisation it my self. Since you have entered in to the kingdom of God, you are being foolishness. Sahaja Yogis should not protected. No one can harm you, No one commit it. When Sahaja Yoga spreads can destroy you. Similarly earthquakes at a large level these things vanish were there at various places but none of automatically. Then this evil cannot exist. the Sahaja Yogis died nor their houses So you have to understand that we are were destroyed. In Latur there was a responsible to bring the Society to the monstrous earthquake. We have a centre there; a big abyss was created truthfulness and greatness, how could achieve political power. Because of this perplex state, socially our country has people will understand, This is all right direction. You.could do it.

Sahaja all around the centre but the centre remained intact and none of the Sahaja Yogi was hamed at all It so happened that on the fourteenth day of the moon after submerging the idols of Shri Ganesha in the sea, some wicked people started drinking alcohol. After such an auspicious ceremony, the drunkards that are in your areas. Go to these were dancing. The wrath of the diety fell centres and achieve depth in it. Only the upon them. There was an earthquake experience of Self Realisation will not be and all were buried in Mother Earth. But much useful. Depth is essential. You none of the Sahaja Yogi in Latur was must acquire all the knowledge of Sahaja harmed. Their houses, children and Yoga. You could understand all the family, everything was fully protected. Is subtleties of it. You cant not know the it not a miracle? way Sahaja Yoga is spreading here, it will continue to go further and further, and its light will enlighten every house and every nook and corner of Mother Earth. Now find out the Sahaja Yoga centre subtleties by reading scripture like Koran or Bible. When these books were written. You should also understand that you this work of collective awakening was not are also protected by the Divine because possible. These were written for those you have entered His kingdom. You have who are unrealised, so that somehow risen above äll other kingdoms. Now there is absolutely nothing to be afraid But now you people have got it and to of. Nothing can destroy you. In Sahaja acquire further knowledge, you should Yoga we have many such examples. We go to the meditation centres, even if they have seen many people getting cured, drug addicts change overnight. People you will accept it and give due respect or other they could get their awakening. are a bit away from your houses. I hope to it. The gift you have achieved is are astonished as to how it has happened I have told the same thing that eternal. No one could get it since many with the awakening of kundalini, all the many years. You could understand its perversions go away. That is how things significance only when you received its are working out and people have started power. Please achieve it and respect feeling its impact. They are realising that your Self. Respect your Self and go this transformation is much needed; deeper and deeper in it. Its my blessing nothing could change, nothing culd improve. Human being is the root cause of all these perversions and he himself will now get the awakening and take it up further, I have full faith that the that you should be very comfortable, full of joy and peace and become powerful yourself. without it May God bless you