Public Program Day 1, Satya Ki Prapti Hi Sabse Badi Prapti Hai

New Delhi (India)

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2001-03-25 Public Program, Satya Ki Prapti Hi Sabse Badi Prapti Hai

(Hindi Translation Scanned from English Divine Cool Breeze)

I bow lo all the seekers ol truth and also to those who have already found ii Sahaja Yoga has spread in Delhi city m a big way. Once upon a time I could not expect to have even a few Sahaja Yogis « Delhi The atmosphere in Delhi, in those days, was such that people used to run alter power and money I used to ask mysett a question that when will these people go lor the attainment ol the Spirit? The pursuit lor power >s shortlived It yields no results Many people could achieve political position and many were thrown out of it Similarly those who work for money have the same late because running alter the things which are unreal ultimately leads us to disappointment The comfoit and lay of the material acquisitions are ephemeral Bui now I say that the people of Delhi are awakened to such an extent* Thrs awakening is your own treasure, ils the dn*7te ot love that has rainad from your pure heart I do not know what is my rote in it? it is because of your discreetness, withoul which u could not have been achieved
It is also to bo understood that many saints and seers have woiked very hard in this country These saints are talked about in eveiy Indian family and alteast eldeity people know about them. Younger gener-ation also comes to know about them. Alter all who are these people who havo done this tremendous work? How these Buisnessmen and politicians who were running day and night alter money and powor have come to Sahaja Yoga? Because there was no joy and peace in their pursuits That life was just boring When human beings realise that while running after maienal things they could gel neither the |oy nor comforts, then he turns to seek the joy of me Spirit Many lamps were enlightened with one light and today I find thousands of those have known their Selves t spirit) are sitting before me,
First of all we have to know mat the reason of all the unsolved riddles that are with in ua is thal we have not understood as lo what Dharnta ts We have accepted Dharma as so callod leahgious authorities (iJ** HTtfa?) have told us They told us to perform some rituals and to do worshipping and chanting Muslims were -ilso taught similarly that it they perform the Nama| tn a particular way and go as per the direction of Mullas then they will achieve Salvation But when nothing could be achieved by the rituals, it forced the seekers to think about it Why are we caught iri ntuals? These rituals push us In deep darkness. None could got anything from these ntuals People have been performing these rituals since ages What dkt they attain7 There is a destined time for getting seH realization. This time has now come in this kaliyuga Now you could attain the truth
The attainment of tiuth is the biggest achievement. Tiuth is tove and love is truth. If we give a little thought to the fact that to find out the truth we think that we should become Sanyasis. go to Himalayas, get our heads shaved and so on When truth resides within us. what is the significance of exterat renunciations and rituals. With the help ot sucli methods one can not attain the truth because truth lias nothing to do with all these external activities So what have we to do7 We have to awaken the dormant power Kundalini whtch is within U6 To have any doubt about the existence of Kundalini within us is useless Kundalini resides in the triangular bone, called sacrum, at Ihe end of the spinal cord m every human being. Its awakening is essential for attainment of truth and reality All the saints and incarnations have said, Know Thyseir. But how7 We do not know. Ourselves we are tuft of negativities from within. Altachement. Greed, Ego. Anger Jealousy and Lust, all sort of negativities are there within us We are unable to understand Ihe source of these negativities and the reason why they have captured us If you watch it carefully then you will realise that those are external. The spint is pure and eternal Nothing could tarnish it. if these negativities have come in us. it might be because of the traditions of previous lives, parentage or society No one knows from which sources have these negativities penetrated’ So instead of trying to find the source and cause of these negativities, it will be better to destroy thorn. By their destruction our attention will become pure Our creator the God almighty has made all the arrangements for it He has made you free fo adopt the proven method to ‘Know Thyself7 That is Ihe method of Kundalini Awakening I am not the first to say this Regarding the kundalini and kundalini awakening il is being talked about in India since times immemorial. In olden times only a lew seekers could get their kundalini awakened and that too with great difficulties Bui limes come when this awakening Is made collective and now Ihis time has come You have got your Kundalini awakened • collectively In this collective stale you are being nourished by the Awakened Kundalini Now a wonderfully awakened personality has expressed In you.
Now your should think that it is my Real Sell*. Till now I have been caught m contusions, may be because ol our brain or perversness. The biggest thing is that if wo have to know ourselves then first ol all we have lo get connected with ail pervading Chailanya (Divmo Power| of the Divine We have to be one with Param Chaitanya and Kundalini Awakening is the only way to have this oneness. There is no other way. There is no other way, whatsoever anyone may telt But people try to confuse you and you get confused. Once I was listening to the discourse of a so catted Guru|i. He started his provachan with abuses He began with, “you are all perverts*, your methods ate not ot seekers, you are all Pravrutti Margies (attached to the worldly objects). You are mnmg after material objects This is alright You all run from one Ihmg to another and get lost in this pursuit All our energy gets wasted in this pursuit Today you desire this thing, tomorrow another and thus keep running after the material objects Now you accept these invectives and think yourself to be Pravrutti Margts1 Such Gurus say that without becoming detached (Nivrutli Margis) how could you sook the Spint. The Alma?
Atma could be sought only when attention is in your control So these so called Gurus create such difficult problems for the seeker that poor seeker thinks himself to be pravrutti Margi and unfit for seeking Then these Gurus say. “Alright, you serve your Gurus, give them money, do this ntual and so on’ They advise you to give away everything in the name of God and become Sanayasis and you believe it because it sounds easy but it Is bfind faith. II someone calls you blind, would you believe it7 Similarly it they call you Pravrutli Margis then should you believe it? Until! you are detached you can not come to Sahaja Yoga, the Gyan Marga So thesB so called Gurus use such a language that poor seekers think it better to surrender before them. We accept such thought because of the lack of confidence m ourselves that we can attain Spirit and know ourselves. But believe it that today many such seekers are sitting here who have made their lives blossom with the Awakening ot the Kundaimi and its blessings You could also gel this awakening There is absolutely no drawback in you, no diawback at all. This power is within all ot you. you might have done wrongs, might have committed mistakes, might have stood against God almighty Whatever you might have done, this Kundaimi is sitting at its place When some authorised (worthy) person comes to awaken it. It will be awakened and the attachmeni for material possessions, these Pravrutties, your six enemies (Shad Ripus) will run away from you. When you sow a seed in the womb of Mother Earth, it sprouts by itsell. The sprouting onergy is not apparent tn the seed But when it is put m the Mother Earth, it sprouts automatically Not only this much, each ot its part and parcel gets life in it In the same way, by the awakening ol the Kundaimi you gel awakened and you gel rid of harmful attachments. Its surprising no doubt but it has become possible Its the age of ghor Kaliyuga. No one knows how many people have suffered because ol It but this awakening will be done .n this Kaliyuga and you will attain that supreme stale (Param Tattava) today. This param taltava is throned in you as Attam Swarupa as Divine Spirit. In its light you will know Thyself, you will know which ol the negativities have left you and now you have become pure hearted (Shudha Chittas). Divine Personalities (Altama Swarupas) When you have the knowledge of your Real State and the Roaiity then you will give away all the negativities. What « the use of it”? How tar could you go with the untruth? It puts you in contusion and many seekers aie lost in this confusion. Look at this world People are fighting in the name of religion* When religion is one. when God is one, then why to light in ihc name ol religion? But such confusions are created and mental projections are done in such a way that people take to them. The reason is that their brains are not enlightened so far
With the awakning of the kundalim you get connected to the all pervading power of Divine Love (Tho Param Chaitanya) This connection is well known Einstein, the renounced Scientist, said that when you get connected to the torsion area then suddenly you become peaceful and have many achievments and new expenences in thal state ol peace There are people who gel awakened once but do not remain in thal state forever, There are very fow who could remain in the awakened state alter getting sell realisation. It depends upon the depth of the seeker How you are? The impacl of the Kundalim awakening is very deep Immediately you go m to Thoughtless Awaieness Despite that, people are not perseverant about it. They get their awakening but after sometime go back m tfie same state of slumber and this goes on. Seekers who gel established after realization are not available It depends upon the depth they have. If the person is a sincere seeker then the awakening gives him a beautiful experience immedialety one goes in thoughtless awareness Only today I was telling that why human beings think to look at one thing or the other and think aboul it Supposing this carpel is here From where il might have come? Whal wilt be its cost? What will happen? All sort ol Ihoughts will come about it in the mind. Instead of enjoying its beauty human beings start thinking about it and this thought process sometimes leads him to madness. So nothing is worse than reacting ovor anything Because this reaction with m you is eithor because ot your ego or super ego. we call rt conditioning also. Reaction is not the result of watching something with full attention That witness state *s not yet Ihere in you. You have 10 watch the object fully as a witness. If you could watch something in witness state then its joy permeates your being. I am not the first to tell aboul rt; many people have talked about it But thoy might not be able to understand or they might not be capable of achieving this state. They would have thought that we ate jusi human beings How could we do It? With the awakening ol kundalim it could be done. When the kundalim is there with in you, when il is reality, when it is placed there, then only thing that remains is to get the awakening It is your own treasure, your own property But you have neither bought it nor given any money for it nor begged for it It is with in you, it is innate You have to think about its awakening.
This Kundalim power is your Pure Desire’ None other desire is pure Someone wiil say, ‘I wish I had a motorf” He gets a motor Without enjoyrng the comforts of the motor he starts hankering alter something else and then after the third object and so on tt means all these desires are not pure Had It been pure then you would have been contented This Kundalim Shakh is your Pure Desire II is Ihe desire of God Almighty When It is awakened in you. you get contented You got satisfied and think that instead of matonal desire now f have entered in to such a beautiful garden which is fragrant, full of |oy, peace and love. When you achieve that state then you do not look back to matenal desires To achieve this state m Sahaja Yoga is extremely beautitul. It happens very easily you have to do nothing for it, give no money, do no rituals, no prayers, nothing. You should only have Ihe pure desire lo know the Spirit. With this pure desire you attain it. The only desire you should have is that my kundalim should be awakened This desire is so powerful lhat I have seen many seekers get Iheir awakening within no time For example there is a country named Benin. Some people there were bo much afraid ol French that they accepted Muslim Religion. Even with that they were not satisfied! After coming to Sahaja Yoga, now they are very comfortable You will be surprised that there aie fourteen thousand Sahaja Yogis They are all Muslims According to me Muslim is ihe one whose hands speak It is the age ol Ktyama, you are Muslims only it your hands speak Muslim means dedicated. How coutd you be dedicated it your hands do not speak? Contused people create different nluafs For this no study of Vedas and senptures. no Pilgrimage is necessary. This morning our neighbours started chanting Mantras on the loud speaker. You people oncourage them, help tnem and give them money! Nothing could be achieved with it This <5 foolishness Wisdom is to see what you have recieved in return of your money Did you get your self-realisation? After self realisation you will know what you are capable of. How much kshema you have? Untill you know tho truth in you how could you be identified with it and become powerful (Samartha)^ With this power you could do wonders I am surprised that these foreigners who never heard tho name ol kundalim, they are working wonders all over Ihe world after getting self-realisation When they tell me about ihe miracles, I am surpnsed to think how these miracles have become possible*7 How these people could get to it? You grow physically and mentaty, you attain complete growth and absorb it Knowing the spirit is so wonderlul This diamond •$ within you. All the powers are within you. The only way to attain these powers Is the awakening of the kundalmi and none else ( am telling you this thing because many a people ask me if there is any other way but the awakening of the kundalmi? I tell them there is no other way I have no role in it. But I have to tell you honestly that there is no other way to know thyself and to know otheis except the awakening of the kundalmi Leaving all Ihe other rituals and maugratmg this innate power is your pious duty. My heart moves I am really over joyed to see you all In such a big number Once upon a lime I used to think that how the people of this city will accept Sahaja Yoga'7 But today I am seeing it here that you all have accepted it and absorbed it II is beneficial in every way. If the blessings of Shn Mahalaxmi are there, then our country will also become elegant and prosperous So we all have to spread Sahaja Yoga in the society and know its social significance Find oul the suffering people. I have started atleast sixteen projects to help the needy women, children, diseased and old people and farmers The projects are made in such a way that Sahaja Yoga coutd be activated m them and they feel the miraculous results of if and say, from where has this energy come in us? We could cure diseases, cure lunatics and relieve the addicts from their addiction How have all these powers come in us? The only way to gel this power is by kundaiini awakening. It should be kept in awakened stale. Those who run from one place to another should pause for a while and see who they are. How great you are? How powerful you are and how you could use that? When I come here next time, I hope the number will be double. Not only this much, people should establish themselves m Sahaja Yoga Aller getting your self-realisation you need not become sanyasins, you need not go to Himalayas You have to be in the society and spread Sahaja Yoga and create a Sahaja Society Sahaja Yogis should work for Ihe betterment of the whole world It could destroy all the prevalent negativities. You all could do this work. So I request you again and again to get your awakening With meditation, this awakened stale will remain intact and slowly you will be Iree from all your negativities. You will become a beautiful (personality If the people of the society are transformed, all the problems, blood shed, and cruelty of the sociely will come to an end. You will become enltghlend beings and sol the things right with the light of your attention One can get (tightened in the present atmosphere. What is this all going on? What is happening? One day or the other everything gets exposed and it becomes clear to us! Why? Because people havo not yet achieved union with the spint. Once you take to the spirit then neither will there be such misdeads nor will It continue m future. Such obstacles have now come. Human beings get alarmed and think that what is It? The reason is that you are misted and some people have fallen m ihe ditch. One should try to stop the heinous activities that have been going on in our country lor so many years. These have now been exposed The degree ol exposure is. ofcourse. small. Awakening is very essential. So you could see your state and find out that you are not being misled. Are we also being misled? In India, you will be surprised, every one is mlected by this disease. Every one wants to make money, some how or the other wants to snatch it. I mean it is not Ihe case in foreign country. I am always concerned about the fact that whether the people who come to me. do they also wish to extract money from me? All my money is meant for social work. It is not to be looked by thieves and rogues. But they try their level best So in our country it has become a tendency to make money by hook or crook. Such money is not Laxmi. this is Alaxmi Laxmi is very wanton (Charvchal). It will take you to atl vices and assume the form ol Alaxmi and you will be badly confused So before getting m to extromilies, we should think, "where are we going? What are we being drawn to? In what dragnet we are getting caught? So these ideas to extract money from the pockets of other people will not work out We should be very conscious about them Will you carry thts money with you afiei death? This is all wickedness. It will tell upon your nerves I accept H because it is Ghoi Kaliyuga. One more Yuga is also going on with it I call it Krula Yuga' Now the Param Chaitanya is active and woikmg out every thing Wicked people wrl be hil again and agam and they will know their deeds are against the society II you want to be benevolent towards the society than you have to awaken the power that is within you There should be no selfishness tn this regard. We have very beautiful words in our languago Swarfh means the seeking for the apmt (T