Achieve spiritual knowledge of a saint

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi (India)

2001-03-26 Achieve spiritual knowledge of a saint, New Delhi, India, 63'
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[Translation from Hindi to English]

My salutations to all who are seeking the truth, and also to seekers who have already found the truth. In Delhi sahaja Yoga has spread so elaborately. At one point of time, it was unbelievable that in Delhi even 4-5 people will become sahaja Yogis. At that time the environment of Delhi was such that people were running after power and business people were running after money.

I used to think, when all these people will turn towards their spirit? But it was observed that, running after power was fruitless. The power remains only for a short time. Many people come to power, and many others lost their authority. Likewise, people who led their lives, only to earn money also faced similar situation. Because, when we try to go away from the reality, at the end  we get the proof that whatever we were running behind, is not the reality. And within fraction of seconds we lose our peace and joy.That is the reason, I find that in Delhi there is so much of awareness in people. This awakening or awareness is your own property. This rain of love is pouring from the pure Desire of your own heart. I don’t know what is my contribution in this.

But it has to be understood that, if this is your knowledge was not existing within you, this kind of an awakening wouldn’t have been possible. We have to understand only one thing that many saints worked hard in this country. The saints are discussed in every household. And the knowledge about these saints become common among old people and also among children. Slowly we start thinking who exactly were these saints, who could achieve this kind of spiritual knowledge. It is not understood, how people who were running after money and power adopted Sahaja Yoga so easily. Because there was no joy in whatever they were searching for.(money and power).

There was no peace in that. No contentment in that. And there was nothing special about their lives. When a human being understands that there is no genuine happiness in him and he has not achieved the joy in his life for which he is born.

I don’t know how and when one lamp has enlightened so many people, as a result of which I see thousands of people gathered here, who have recognised there spirit. First of all we should understand, that all our shortcomings are due to the fact that we have not understood the religion properly. Whatever was told to us by The Spiritual Masters, we considered them as the truth. We blindly did all the rituals and worshipping told by them. Muslims also were told that if they read Namaz, and did as they were told by the mullahs, they will get the salvation. But human being started thinking that nothing of that Sort is happening, neither any promised result has been achieved. So why should we get into any ritualism? This ritualisms throw us in deep darkness. We think that we can achieve something by following these rituals, but that is not true. People have been following several rituals for the past several Thousand Years. But what have they achieved by that?

But today in this kalyuga, the time has come in such a way that you will achieve the truth. Hindi to achieve the truth, is the greatest thing of our life. And truth is love and love is truth. We think that we can achieve the truth by renunciating the world, or by going to Himalayas, aur by tonsuring our head and doing things like this. When the truth resides inside us, what is the point in performing external rituals? Human cannot achieve the truth by doing this because truth is not related to any of these rituals. So what are we supposed to do? We have to awaken the dormant energy inside us, which is called “kundalini Shakti”. It is unnecessary to doubt, whether this kundalini energy is present inside you or not. Every person has this energy insider the triangular bone. And it is essential to awaken this energy so that you achieve, what I call as truth.

Everyone has told that “know thyself”, “understand thy self”. But how? We do not know our self.we do not know how many shortcomings we have, inside us. We have all the negative qualities like greed, lust, materialism, rage excetra. We do not understand from where we are getting all these qualities which are influencing us. If we try to understand this feeling carefully, we can know that these shortcomings are coming from external. Our spirit has permanent purity. Blemish free. These negative qualities could have come to us due to different reasons.  It could be genetic, or could have come to us from our parents or from the previous birth, Or from the society, we do not know from which source it has incorporated inside us.

Now Instead of trying to find the source of this negative qualities it is better to destroy them. If all these bad qualities inside us are destroyed completely we become a pure attention. The God, who has created us has made all arrangement inside us, to get rid of these Qualities. Now, you have the freedom to use the paramount mechanism which is present inside us, to “know thyself”. And that mechanism is called as Kundalini awakening. It is not just that I am saying this. From the time of creation, in India, people have spoken about kundalini and it’s awakening. Though, it is true that at that time very few people attained the awakening of Kundalini and it was very difficult also. But now the time has come, when the kundalini awakening becomes collective. That is the reason why you people have attained the awakening of Kundalini collectively. And now, after collectively you have been nourished by the awakening of the Kundalini, and a new personality in the form of vibrations has developed inside you, then you should think that this is “my true form and until now I was in an illusion”. All these quqlities have been building inside us. Over the time, Our discretion and our foolishness together has kept on building inside us.

The most important thing is, if we want to know our selves, then first of all we should get connected to the all-pervading power of God’s Love. We should unite with the vibrations around us. And for this union, kundalini is the only way. There is no other way. Whatever anyone says, there definitely is no other way.

But many people lead you to delusion, and you get diverted from the right path. For example, once I was listening to a Guruji’s lecture in which he started abusing people in the beginning itself. He said that you people are perverted. You all are perverted, and you are not seeking the God in the right way. Your senses and actios are diverted towards the worldly matter (pravritti maarg). You run behind everything. Which is very true. you shift from one thing to the other and in this process you lose yourself. In this kind of predisposition all our powers are lost. Today you want this, tomorrow you want that, and day after after you want something else. Like this, we are running from one thing to the other, from here to there and everywhere. Now when this Guru abuses that you people are materialistic, people think that it is a praise. For the others when this Guru says that you are not in the path of “turning inwords”.(nivritti maargi). Then why are you searching your spirit? If you are towards the spiritual contemplation and your attention does not get diverted here and there, then you can attain the spirit. So, now in the beginning itself this kind offer tough problem is presented before the people, where in common man starts thinking that “I am “pravritti maargi”. That is running behind matters. Now this Guru will say “alright you start serving me, give me money, perform this rituals, spend your money here and there and in whatever possible way surrender everything you have to the god Almighty. After that you renunciate the world”. And you people understand this thinking that it is very easy.

This is the talk of a blind man. When you can see properly with your both eyes and someone tells you that you are blind should you accept it? If someone tells you that you are materialistic, should you accept it? If your attention is not directed within yourself, then you cannot come to sahaja Yoga, which is the path of knowledge. (gyan maarg). This kind of a language is used by these gurus.

[not audible].

Talk from II nd video

After realisation also, some people awaken themselves and again go back to sleep(dormant stage), again get up and again sleep off. There are no such people, who after realisation, Go back to dormant stage. If you have depth, then after realisation you can experience it very deeply. Instantly you go to thoughtlessness. I was telling today only that why does a human being thinks? All the time he sees something, and starts thinking about it. For example, supposing he sees a carpet, he starts thinking immediately where was this bought from, how much was paid for it, and all sorts of stupid things, instead of just enjoying the beauty of the carpet. And sometimes because of this stupid thoughts he becomes mad also. So, to react over something and everything is the biggest mistake. Because whenever you are reacting over a matter, it is either because of your ego or your conditioning. This reactions are because you are not seeing the carpet completely. You should see it without thinking, in complete witness state. If you can see it in witness state, then the joy and beauty of that object will get absorbed completely in you. It is not that just I am saying this, but many others also have told about this witness state, but at that time, many people wouldn’t have understood this, or maybe they would have thought how can a human being achieve this. But everything is possible with awakening of Kundalini. And when the Kundalini is present inside each one of you, then it is just a matter of awakening it. This is your own personal belonging for which you have not paid any money, or you have requested anyone to give it to you. It is located inside you, all you have to do is to think of awakening it. This Kundalini energy is your pure Desire.  [inaudible word].

For example a person may desire to own a car. After he gets the car, even before he enjoy it completely, he desires for something else. Then again his Desire goes towards the third thing. So that means these are not pure desires. You will be completely satisfied if your Desire is pure. This Kundalini energy is your pure Desire, and when this  desire of parmeshwari, awakens inside you, you become completely satisfied. When this satisfaction comes inside you you start thinking “this mind of mine was craving for this thing and that thing all the time, and now I have come to a beautiful garden, which is full of fragrance, joy, happiness and love”.

Once you reach this state, you don’t feel like turning back towards anything which is wrong, mostly. There are some people who fall down, get up, and again fall down. But in Sahaja Yoga whatever people achieve is so unique, and it happens so easily. For this you don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to pay money, you don’t even have to pray to get this knowledge. You should have only the pure desire to attain your spirit. Only with this your desire you can achieve your spirit. You just need to have the only Desire that your spirit should awaken. This pure desire is so strong that, I have seen, with this desire, people in many countries, getting their self-realization within minutes. For example there is a place called [inaudible]. Earlier there there muslims staying there. They were so frustrated with  French people that, all of them started following Muslim religion. They were not happy or peaceful even after following the Muslim religion. But when they came to Sahaja Yoga, they stopped worrying and started enjoying their life. Today you will be surprised to know that there are 14000 sahajyogis there and all of them are muslims. I call them true Muslims because vibrations are flowing in their hands. You can be a true Muslim, only if your hands are speaking through vibrations, otherwise you are not a Muslim. Musalman means surrendering and until your hands speak, how can you surrender? [6:9 to 6:29–not clear].

You are encouraging this kind of people by helping them and giving them money. These are all useless things, nothing is going to be achieved by this. This is utter stupidity. What are you getting in return? You gave them everything, but what did you get out of that? What did you get? Here, you will get self realisation. After your self-realization will you will know thy self, what are you, and what is your capability. what is your power and what all you can do and how Competant you are. Until you find your own meaning how can you be competant? (samarth). You can do innumerable things in your competance. When I am abroad I get surprised to see these foreigners. This people have never heard of Kundalini but after they achieved their self-realization, they have been doing many marvelous things. And when they narrate it to me, I always think how the treasure house of marvels has opened suddenly, and how this people have achieved it? In Sahaja Yoga, you progress completely in your physical, mental and spiritual aspect. And you are completely absorbed in this. It is such a beautiful thing that you come to know your spirit. [next line not clear].

I have nothing to do with this but I have to tell you the truth that you have no other way, than the awakening of Kundalini, if you want to know yourself and the whole world. Leaving aside all other work, it is your prime duty to recognise the great power which is residing inside you.

Today, my heart is overjoyed to see you all here, in such huge numbers. At one point of time I used to wonder if Sahaja Yoga will get inside your brain? But today I see that, you people have absorbed this and accepted this and you have benefited a lot by this. There is all kinds of benefit in Sahaja Yoga. And by the grace of Mahalakshmi, our country also will become a splendid Country.[next line not clear]. And in this social condition I will cover all kinds of aspects. And wherever people are in trouble, I will help socially. I have made 16 projects in which women are being helped, children are being helped and sick people are getting help, old people are getting help, like this there are many project in which sahaja Yogis are involved. And while doing this work they think, how did this kind of energy has come inside? we treat many diseases, we treat mental patients also. How did this power come inside us? [next line not clear].

Stop and watch as to who you are? And great you are? And what is your capacity? How you should make use of that. I have full hopes that when I come next time I will see double the quantity of seekers here, not only that they all will implement Sahaja Yoga wherever necessary. In Sahaja Yoga after getting self realisation you don’t have to become an ascetic. You don’t have to go to Himalayas. You have to be in the same society and spread Sahaja Yoga. And this way you have to build a “sahaja Samaj”, in this world. And in this Sahaja Samaj, We should do only those things which will be good for the emancipation of the human beings. And we should destroy all the shortcomings of our society. Only you people can do this work. That is why I am requesting you again and again to get your self realisation. Speculate this. By speculating you can sustain your self-realization, and all your defects will get rectified Slowly. And as a result you will become a beautiful and an excellent person. If many people of this calibre are produced in the society, then all the troublesome things, the fights and the atrocities, which are happening in the society will completely stop. Because you will become a good natured human being. When you become like this, you can enlighten others even by staying away from them and correct them.

In today’s present situation human can get perplexed in the society, not knowing what is happening, and how everything is happening. The only way out for all this is that everything gets exposed and whatever is happening from such a long time, suddenly comes to an end. But why this is not happening? The reason for this is because we all have not achieved our spirit. If you attain your spirit, then this kind of mistakes will not happen in the society.[next line not clear]. These are the things which you should try to understand. From several years, whatever evil things that happening in our society has come to light today. Now it is necessary to get enlightened.[next line not audible].

Nowadays I find that every person in India is after money. Everyone wants to become rich. The same thing is there in foreign countries also. I am always disturbed that people who come to me, also come with the intention of earning money from me. Whatever I have is not mine, it belongs to the society. Still some thieves try to steal from me. Like this, people have a wrong notion that how ever  possible we should get money. But this is not Lakshmi this is “A-Lakshmi”. Because when the Lakshmi (money) will come in your life, it will be volatile. Very volatile.

It will lead you to kind of path, where there will be “a-Lakshmi” inside you, and you will not know what mistakes you are commiting. So before going to any extremes, we should understand where we are going? Where are we being led? In what kind of web are we getting caught? Regarding money we have to be very careful with our feelings. And we should never think of how to cheat others of their money. Are we going to take money with us? All these mis-deeds will get accumulated in our brain. Because this is era of destruction, and along with this there is one more era which I call as” krut yug”.

This Param Chaitanya or vibrations is in action and when it is active, people who are wrongdoers will stumble again and again which will make them understand that they are not doing the right thing. If you want to do welfare to the society, then you have the power inside you, which can be used to do good to others. There should be no selfishness in doing welfare also. The meaning for selfish (swarth) is very beautiful in our culture. Have you known the meaning of yourself? To know ‘thyself’ is selfishness. Rest everything is unnecessary. If we understand that we have not understood “thyself”, then we will do only those things, and move towards the place which will teach us the meaning of “selfish” or “thyself”. So today, the tradition for the dilemma and fights which are prevailing in the society, is very old though we don’t know how this happened. When British were ruling this country, they used to do only this. They took kohinoor diamond from our country. They are not happy until they are given some kind of desert. But at that time it was happening in small scale now the same thing is happening in a large scale. It started from the time of British and was carried on by our politicians. But now not only the politicians but every person has become such that they keep thinking how to fight and how to loot others money.

There is only one way out for this and that is Sahaj Marg. Only this can discipline our society and only by this sahaja Marg the love and respect among each other in our society will increase, and we will not run behind money. The another thing is power. People are mad behind power also. They want to be in power, but why do they want power? You don’t have power over yourself what are you going to do by controlling the power over the whole world? We want power, we want this we want that, why do we need all this? What is the use of such Power?

What are you going to gain out of it? To be in power many role models came forward. Their Majesty, bravery and truthfulness on one side and on the other they had power.

If the power is given to a monkey, what will he do? There is a saying in Marathi that give a burning stick in a monkey’s hand, then he will burn everything possible. That is the actual position of power today. Like the monkey they use the power and earn money. And they earn money to gain power. Because of this war between money and power, our society needs sahaja Yoga. Once you come to Sahaja Yoga you will understand that this kind of a war is stupidity.

And the day when sahaja yoga spreads all over, all this stupidity will stop at once. So you have to understand that we have to correct our society, and the responsibility to bring the society to the right path also is yours. You can do this. People who are sahaja Yogis can do this, and whoever is not in Sahaja Yoga can come into it. If we want a society in which people don’t fight with one another, don’t cheat one another and always live with affection for one another then, sahaja Yoga is the only solution for that.

Sahaja Yoga looks very simple, and since sahaja Yogis have powers, people think that they are realised souls. But it is very important to establish in Sahaja Yoga, and only after that all the powers are awakened in a person. And after that you can emancipate not only India but also the whole world. Now in this some people are satans also. They have satanik desires. It is alright. I have told you many times that this is the last judgement. At this moment, if you hold on to the goodness you will ascend, or else you will be dropped out.

We should analyse what happenes when there is earthquake in different places. Now, in Gujarat very huge earthquake took place. In Gujarat we have only 18 sahaja Yogis. For some reason gujaratis don’t have much affinity towards Sahaja Yoga. Only 18 sahaja Yogis were there. In the earthquake all the  sahaja yogis, along with their families were saved. And in Turkey also there was a big earthquake. There also all the sahaja Yogis were saved and their houses also were intact, I saw that. Because you have come into the kingdom of God and no one can kill you. No one can destroy you. Like this, many places were affected by earthquake, but not even a single sahaja Yogi was harmed in anyway nor his house was affected in any way. This is about Latur. In Latur all the buildings around Our centre was destroyed but nothing happened to the centre. And not even a single sahajayogi of Latur died. How did this happen?

On the day of Chaturdashi, the Visarjan (immersing in water) of Ganapati takes place. Everyone did the Visarjan and came back. Among them some Evil minded people were drunk, And they started dancing. And while dancing, they all caved-in the earth. But not even a single Sahaja Yogi in Latur was affected in any way. There houses were intact. Their family, their children all were intact. What is this if not a miracle? Same way you also understand that the protection of the God almighty will be on you because you are in his Kingdom. You have gone beyond all other Kingdoms, so you don’t have to fear anything and nothing can destroy you. Like this, we have seen several examples happening in Sahaja Yoga, we have seen many people getting cured of many diseases. People who were taking drugs have changed overnight. People will be surprised How This can happen? This is what I told you that when Kundalini awakens inside us, all our shortcomings are destroyed. And this way sahaja Yoga Is happening in many places. And people have started realising and understanding the need for transformation. Without this transformation nothing can change, and nothing can become alright. It is the human beings who spoils everything, and it is the same human beings who have to mend themselves and spread sahaja Yoga. I have lot of trust in you that, as you people have spread this here, you will spread it even more, and many cities like this will be enlightened by Sahaja Yoga.



Whoever, have not got the self realization please raise your hands. Even now so many people have not got the realization? Okay, all of you keep your hands down. Now, all of you keep your hands towards me. Like this. And all of you have reverence towards yourself. With reverence all of you sit like people are sitting on the sacred land of Bharat Bhoomi. This land is so sacred that you don’t have to do much here. In foreign countries my hands almost breaks but here people get realization instantly. This is something very great.Only lucky people are born here.

Now, kindly keep your hands like this and close your eyes. Say in your mind that “mother, Please give me self realization”. Now keep your right hand on your crown, on top of your head. Sit comfortably and straight. Now raise your hand a little and check if you are getting cool or hot breeze from your fontennel bone area. If you have not forgiven completely then you will get hot breeze. So forgive every one. Now check again with your head bent if you are getting cool breeze from your head.

And bring down this hand, with your left hand above your head, check if you are getting cool breeze or not? This is kundalini. This Kundalini pierces the seven chakras, and makes its way out of fontennel bone and unites with the all pervading power of God’s love, which is spread all over. Bend your head.

Now once again, keep your left hand towards me and check with your right hand. Check. Bend your head and check. Check your head bent if you are getting any cool breeze from your head. This is what is “shoonya shikhar par anahad baaje”. This is that. Every one has said this. Guru nanak sahib has told, “Sahaja samadhi laage”. Now keep your both hands towards me. Now, check if from your both hands cool or hot breeze is coming out? Some people might be getting from below the hand also. Some people might be getting in other hand.

Now whoever was not getting cool breeze earlier, and getting it now, please raise your hands up. All of you got it? All of you are self realized now. Now I am getting cool breeze from you all. Have you not got the realization? In this heat also cool breeze is flowing.

My blessings to you all.

Now check in your regions and where ever you have centres, go and attend and try to become deep sahaja yogis. There you will know all kinds of intricate knowledge of Sahaja Yoga which you will not know by reading quran, by any granth or by reading bible, because you were not realised at that time. Instead, all those knowledges were to lead you to self-realization. And now you have achieved it.

Now, whatever you have to do further, Please learn from the centres, which is near to you or even if it is far from your house, find out on which day it is functioning and attend it. I hope you will respect what you have got today.

What you have got today is immeasurable and from the time of creation no one has got it but you all have got it. You will know the importance of it only when you will accept it’s power. By getting deeper and deeper into it, increase your self respect, and I bless you all that you become completely contented, Completely happy and completely peaceful. And apart from this you become powerful also.