CNN TURK TV Interview


Shri Mataji has a big following in Turkey. Healthy Life Association members are Her representatives in Turkey. Since 3 years this association is trying to spread Sahaja Yoga in Turkey.

Shri Mataji: Everyone has a hidden energy inside. This energy recides in a triangler bone. When this enegy gets awakened, it passes through the six centers in the nervous system and comes out through the seventh center in the head. Then it connects with the Cosmos and with God. Our aim is to awaken this energy.

The meaning of Sahaja Yoga is to connect with the Power of God`s Love. The main aim is to awaken the energy called Kundalini. According to Shri Mataji, Turks are very close to spirituel enligtenment.

Shri Mataji: Turks come from sufis. First of all, they have to get their realization. If they get realization, they can cope with everything.

Shri Mataji says that the only way to understand Sahaja Yoga is to enter into the state of meditation and She takes us in front. The master of meditation says that the holy air that permeates the Universe exists also around the people. According to Her teaching, to feel a breeze is a step towards realization.

Shri Mataji: You feel very peacefull with in, absolutely peacefull.

Shri Mataji, the symbol of Sahaja Yoga, is leaving Istanbul on Sunday but the Healthy Life Association keeps spreading Shri Mataji`s teaching, giving lessons in their centers in Istanbul and Ankara. Indian Yoga master Shri Mataji came to Istanbul for a seminar. There are many followers of 78 years old Shri Mataji`s system of awakening the energy in people, i.e. realization in Turkey

Shri Mataji: When you are born, you have an energy inside you. This energy resides in the triangle bone at the base of the spine. Thousands of years ago, people do know about this bone. Neither do they know that they have an energy inside this bone. When this energy awakens, it passes through the six energy centers in the parasympathetic nervous system and above our head, it connects us to all pervading power called Ruh.

Among Shri Mataji`s followers in Turkey, there are many famous people. Shri Mataji says that Turks are simple and relaxed.

Shri Mataji: Wonderful people, I would say they are maybe among the best.

Shri Mataji says that Turkey will easily come out of the economic crisis it is currently in.

Shri Mataji: First of all, by the grace of God, then thanks to realiazed souls and there are many realiazed souls in Turkey, people will find again happiness and peace within and without.

Shri Mataji says that people find purity and truth in Her, She has some warnings to the Economy Minister Kemal Dervish.

Shri Mataji: I have seen his photograph, he is very hard working but I think, he should be a little more relaxed because working too hard is harmful to the heart and makes it tired. He should pay attention to himself because he is a very precious person.

Shri Mataji also gives realization to us that is She awakens our inner energy.

Shri Mataji: You will be understand, what is all these, your hands are  speaking.