Kundalini is Your Mother

Sindhi Ceremonial Centre, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

2001-04-04 Kundalini is Your Mother, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 33' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program, Dubai, 2001-04-04

I bow to all the seekers of truth.
There are people who are seeking the truth but maybe they don’t know how to find it. And we don’t know what is the truth is. There are two problems that we don’t know how to find the truth. Now already in our Shastras, in everything, in Granth Sahib, everywhere, it is written that you have to receive your self-knowledge – Atmagnyan. You have to have knowledge about yourself. But we think we have the knowledge.
But it’s not absolutely correct to say that. What you have to see, whatever knowledge you have, is it known collectively? Among all the saints all the Great prophets, the knowledge is the same. So, we have to go to that level of awareness. We have to reach that higher state by which we know the truth, not only the truth but we know how definite that it is the truth. It is not just because I am saying, it’s not just because some others are saying, because some books are saying. But it is something that you should know yourself. And how do you verify it is the problem, whether it is the truth or not, whether it is the reality or not. Can you imagine it’s all built in within us that we have an instrument within us which can give us full idea as to what are we, what we have, what problems we have and how to solve them. For that, you get your self-knowledge, we call it Self-realisation.

Already our creator has kept a beautiful thing called Kundalini in the triangular bone that we have which is called as a sacred bone in the Greek language – sacrum. Why was it called? Nobody knows but even the medical science calls it sacrum bone. In this bone lies three and a half-coiled power which we call as Kundalini. All of us, whether you belong to this religion or that religion, makes no difference. All human beings all over the world have got this Kundalini there. And if she somehow awakens and passes through 6 centres, subtle centres, pierces through your fontanelle bone area then you get connected to Divine which is all pervading. It has to happen. It is not just I certify or you certify or anybody certify it has nothing to do with what you do about religion about God it is something inside it is something that is detached which has to happen to all of you and fortunately I have come to this country perhaps the last I have been to so many other countries I don’t know why I communicate to this country and I find there are so many seekers also not only seekers but people who come here as to distract the people from truth.

Their aim is just to make money or something else this power is nothing to do with money it is your Mother it’s your only your mother and she knows everything about you, everything is recorded in that coil. All about your past, all about your I mean what you can call the aspirations and all such things she knows what mistake you have committed she knows and that your aspirations are to rise higher also she knows and you need somebody to awaken that Kundalini that’s why in our shastras we say we should have a guru. A Guru doesn’t mean a person who goes on giving you lecture or a person who goes on Bidding money or something it’s not that. Guru is a person who can awaken your Kundalini and can give you Self-realisation. If a Guru doesn’t do that no use of having such a Guru, so that is the problem now that many people have never even heard about Kundalini, they don’t know there is any such power within us inside us that we have to have awakening of Kundalini.

Now we have problems all of us, there is a problem coming from the past, can be from the future, from your attitude. But all these problems it surpasses and passes through the six centres piercing the last centre, here on top of it what we call in the childhood they were called as ‘talu’ and but now we can say fontanelle bone area. According to medical science which was the soft bone in your childhood; it’s a very simple thing that works out I tell you. Nobody can believe but it is, you don’t have to pay anything, you don’t have to do anything but this kundalini is anxious have been anxious for years to get awaken. Takes no time and just works out.
Now I have been to I don’t know how many countries. They say 95 somebody says whatever it is but people from all over the world I have seen are seekers of truth.
They get their Realisation and they get to know the knowledge about themselves. They don’t know anything about (unclear). Supposing somebody gets a cancer they don’t know how we got cancer he gets any trouble we don’t know how you got it. All these diseases are due to our subtle centres to go out of order. If you can put these subtle centres in order you can get rid of all your troubles and all your diseases and so called horrifying experiences. It can make you so so powerful because not only that you know about yourself, but also you know about others. But in this knowledge, there is no harm on the contrary in every way you improve in every way you are master.

The other day they were telling me here we Indians are or people from other places also but they are worried about their jobs so they are little upset and insecure. But it all you overcome in no time your circumstances will be over for all these things and you will be amazed how do we achieve a kind of peaceful, joyful life. Now whatever I am saying you might think it is a false story but it is not. You can easily get your Self-realisation in no time. All your problems can be solved through your Self-realisation by which you will know on your fingertips what are the centres are in trouble. Here you see all centres are being given say first Centre is for your innocence but it does not come into the play of movement of the (unclear) The second centre is about you can see it here above the Kundalini and it crosses through the 6 centres. All the centres have a certain amount of qualities which you can know from the book we have which you want to know little bit know about yourself and about others.

But the important thing is that you must know and try to know, it’s a knowledge, it’s an education of subtle knowledge of your inner powers. Now it is easy to believe then to disbelieve. But people mostly disbelieve that, “How is it possible? Kundalini was never raised like this before. It’s not.” But it is now, the time has come that you have to get your Self-realisation. There is nothing new, nothing special. It was to be done at this time. So, it is working out. Of course, I must say that people are coming from different background and different things and it’s rather difficult for them to give up those traditional stuff they had in their heads. But with Sahaja Yoga you can easily, easily give up all that is not the truth. And you can always take to the truth itself because you are empowered to know the truth.

I can go on talking like this because it’s a very long subject and I have given thousands of lectures like this. But I would request you not to worry about what I am saying about happening but you should just see that you get your realisation and that you feel perfectly one with yourself. This is very important because any amount of lecturing any amount of telling you is of no convincing saying but only thing is that you should get your Self-realisation. For that what do we have to do, people always ask me, “What we have to do?” Do nothing. We should sit just comfortably doing nothing so you find your thoughts will become ‘nirvichara’ and you will become one with the divine and as a result you’ll get cool breeze coming out of your fingertips ‘Param Chaitanya’ and also out of your fontanelle bone area. You can feel it. Sometimes you will feel hot that may be due to some obstruction which we will try to remove but mostly you can feel very nicely cool breeze coming out of your own head so it is not an experience which is just given by some sort of miracle but it is a fact that happens. Now also I would like you people to ask me some questions Because I don’t know if there is any doubt so if you have any question please ask me.

Sahaja Yogi: Anybody wants to ask please raise your hand.
Shri Mataji: They are anxious to have their Self-realisation. So nice to meet such people without Agnyas.

Seeker: Why don’t people believe in every human being? (Hame Vishwas kyun nahi hota itni jaldi)
Shri Mataji: Because they don’t have knowledge you see, you should know yourself then only you can believe na. First of all, we don’t know ourselves how can we believe anyone and whatever we believe is a blind faith first we should know ourselves do we know? we don’t know

Seeker: I know the case who had done Kundalini yoga once and it leaded up to psychological imbalance, chemical imbalance in the brain. Basically, she tried Kundalini yoga and after that, she is in the hospital with chemical imbalance.

Sahaja Yogi: I think somebody, one of her friends had tried Kundalini yoga and she went into trouble and she is hospitalized.

Shri Mataji: (Unclear) All kinds of yoga they can make, its money making. It’s not an experience of Self-realization that you should get cool breeze on your fingertips and the cool breeze out of your own fontanelle bone area. Without that, all such talks of this yoga, that yoga becomes big money making proposition and people are so money oriented I don’t know. There was one Gentleman who was finished by one sort of a magician so his friend brought him to India, I was not there so they brought him to London and I cured him. He was all right otherwise he was trying to commit suicide, this that. After that also see the whole thing his background was so bad that he wanted to commit suicide himself, his parents were very much worried than they brought him to my house and what I found that he was completely possessed by someone. He got cured, got cured and then he met me in London very famous man and I said what had happened he said that now I am following this one another Guru, but I said why you know he is false. Yes, I know he is false but I am following him because I can make money out of it. I said sinful to do such a wrong thing, is sinful there is no need to do such a thing but they are doing all of them are doing like that We should not believe anyone unless and until you don’t get your realisation. You should not believe me this is blind faith, this is not going to help, I don’t know that they are doing Kundalini yoga also, I didn’t know all sorts of thing They have come up.

Seeker: How do we know that certain Guru is right?
Shri Mataji: First, you get your Self-realisation first you name yourself then immediately you will know who is the right Guru and who is the wrong. You can feel it on the fingertips all the diseases, all the wrong things you can feel it on your fingertips. That’s what I am saying you
should be knowledgeable which you are not.

Sahaja Yogi: He had come to the last public program. He is coming regularly. He says, “Why we feel the vibrations in front of photograph? Why do we feel vibrations in front of Shri Mataji’s photograph?
Shri Mataji: (laughs) That’s the fact Whatever is fact accept it. Supposing there is a real Guru also you will feel the vibrations there must be something about me which you will know later, all right?

Seeker: What is the connection between Sahaja Yoga and healing? Can we heal ourselves and others?
Shri Mataji: Yes, in Sahaja Yoga, in Sahaja you can because you know your chakras. And when your chakras are in your (unclear) then only you get sick So when you cure your chakras you are all right but first clear it. 99% people I have seen the cases are all right. We also have a hospital in India where the charges are very minimum just for staying and people are getting cured there so many doctors, the other day I talked to International Medical College doctors all doctors were there- Medical conference and they were all very much surprised because they don’t know the medical science is not complete, I said you should know about sahaj yoga, then your science will be complete because they can’t cure many, why from where those, how these troubles come in. How do you get these diseases they don’t know, just go on giving injections, this that nothing works out. You also become expert though you are not doctors because it is the subtle system within us if you know how to improve the subtle system you can improve the body.

Seeker: How much time it takes to get the thoughtlessness of mind?
Shri Mataji: It doesn’t take much time. It just today you might become but some people it does. I know one gentleman who is always reading too much and his mind Is always (unclear) in that I said you stop your reading and you become thoughtless .He could not he is so much fond of reading, reading this reading that nonsense I said at least read something sensible then go on reading like this and talking what is the use he told me that there’s one book in which they have written that Sri Rama was this and Sitaji was like this I said how, how does he know, is he a realised soul no, no he is a great writer, there are such great writers who have come up and he doesn’t become thoughtless. No of course last time but too much reading, too much of thinking also stops, so if you can just meditate it works out. There is no timing for Sahaja Yoga, no timing. I can’t say when will you get your Realisation? How much time? Just now, should we so quick but you have to get steadiness for that you have to meditate. Very important so I have seen many people that come to Sahaja Yoga also get lost because they do not meditate. But 10 minutes at the most in the night 10 minutes, not more but how much it helps you, you will be amazed, you will grow into it.

Seeker: If there is one god then why should we say Mahalaxmi Mahasaraswati Mahakali
Shri Mataji: There is one god, yes but that is what is the Goddess. See all these has,as we know today is the fifth day of the Goddess is the Navratri. Many people say why should we because it is there that is the fact. You try and see for yourself if it is true or not. There is one God but these are the powers of one devi and devi is part and parcel of the same god. We should know what is our trouble, supposing you are suffering say from problems of money then Mahalaxmi you must worship because the God has not made you just like one pot, no you have all these powers within you of these Goddesses and if something goes wrong with you you have to correct it. You are not made with one eye one nose are you.

Seeker: People of other religion how will they follow sahaj yoga.
Shri Mataji: That’s how they regard for me because they want to have the truth. In other religion also there is lot of truth. Like we also have Christ on this centre, on this Agnya there is Christ, There is Mohammed Saheb here, on the stomach so we have all of them within us they are not separate, but we don’t know; we have Guru Nanak here all of these (unclear) are within us. They have worked for us and they exist and we don’t know we go on fighting. There is no question of Hindus following Sahaja Yoga mostly they are experts in India, abroad all of them are Christians and Muslims, all kinds of people. So many Muslims in the place called Benin I don’t know if you have heard the name or not but we have 12 countries in the south west of Africa. In foreign Sahaja Yoga they are all Muslims, all Muslims.

Seeker: There are so many Vedas and scriptures. What is Mataji’s view about Vedas?
Shri Mataji: You see first of all you become Self-realized you yourself will know what Vedas are, are not first of all you must have eyes to see. I think you take your Self-realisation, what use of my telling you anything, you should have your own opinion about it, isn’t it. You should see for yourself, don’t believe whatever I am saying. You first see yourself we are following everything blindly without knowing anything about yourself, so first of all if you know yourself then you will be able to follow it much better and understand it much better when you don’t know if your eyes are not well how can you work with .

Seeker: First, I apologize for asking this question. Are you realised and how do you give Realisation?
Shri Mataji: You see, it is just easy whatever I say, I say don’t believe but if you get realization then you will get the answer without doubt. How can you know what I am whatever I am you can’t see. You can’t know I can deceive you all right. But see for yourself what I am trying all the time that you should get your Self-realisation. You know if you don’t get your Self-realisation it is a muddled up head. First of all you take your Self-realisation that’s all I promise .

Seeker: Can I follow Shri Mataji and other Guru also?
Shri Mataji: If the Guru is all right, I don’t mind. But you must first find out the Guru what sort of a fellow he is, all right these days most of them are model ones you know. Be careful.

Seeker: There are talks about living in our present, does that mean we should not look our past?
Shri Mataji: No use No use looking at your past what is the use it is finished Why waste energy on that.

Seeker: Future, what about future?
Shri Mataji: Future also don’t worry future will come before you. You will solve problems of your future also you will become so powerful you don’t have to worry looking at the future or the past, why?

Seeker: What is Self-realisation?
Shri Mataji: That you should feel now, but first you have to understand that you should get Self-realisation. All right, if you get it, you know what it is.

Seeker: Is it knowing consciousness?
Shri Mataji: Of course, it is awareness, highest awareness in which you are aware as to what is right what is wrong, what is truth, what is falsehood. Everything you realize your awareness because just now our awareness is not at that level, is not of that, I should say understanding but once you get your Self-realisation you know, immediately you know, It’s a knowledge expanded.

Seeker: Can we start the Self-realisation?
Shri Mataji: All right, it is the best question [Applause].
First of all, you are to know that you are very good one in the evolutionary state now you are standing on the brink Of Jumping into a new awareness And for that you must have respect for yourself. Firstly, if you have no respect for yourself, it’s very important that if you condemn yourself or you think you are no good, won’t workout it will work out if you have your self-respect. Now I would request you to put your hands like this towards me sit comfortably, firstly sit comfortably just a comfortable sitting just put your hands like this, like the Namaz, you can say if you are wearing shoes, please take off your shoes.
Those who have felt cool or hot breeze on their fingertips or out of their fontanel bone area please raise your hands.
May God bless you.
May God bless you.