Evening Program At Wedding Anniversary

New Delhi (India)


Evening Program At Wedding Anniversary, India

Sir C.P.: We have just heard divine music on the most memorable day of my life. I want to thank you all for being here. Your Mother…… We will be 54 years now and I tell you honestly I don’t know how these 54 years have gone by. Life has been so wonderful. sitting here and I was just recalling 7th of April 1947 and I am looking at Her She did seem to be very different from what She was then. I have grown old She doesn’t. Same radiance, same divine rays, same love, same kindness. I want to just tell you that She has given me first a small family that has now become merged into a global family which is here. She has been as good[UNCLEAR] as a wife, as a mother, as a grandmother, as a great-grandmother. We have two daughters Kalpana and Sadhana both are sitting here. we have wonderful children who have given love and sustained us. we have two sons in law Prabhat and Romil. Prabhat is in Bombay, Romil is here. We have four grandchildren Apoorve who is in Bombay[UNCLEAR] wonderful grandchildren and we have two grandsons [UNCLEAR one is in[UNCLEAR] and one is here] . and sweetest of them all are two great-grandchildren. the great grand son is here you have seen running up down and Anand and great grand daughter who is Ananya in Bombay. So there’s a little family created by Her. And that little family has sustained us but She has merged that family with the global family and I want to tell you that as a wife She has gone through a very difficult time. But She stood by me. What was the problem? The problem was She firmly walked ahead She said when we were married [UNCLEAR] She said no. you have the option of going to Indian administrative service IAS. Change over. Because we both wanted to serve the country and She belonged to a family which had given up everything for the sake of the national freedom Father and mother went to jail and She Herself in 1942 She was a busy active participant in the movement So that She came with a background to serve the nation. I said OK so I gave up [UNCLEAR] service and joined IAS and that has given me a great chance to serve our country. And this sacrifice of Her was tremendous. You know [UNCLEAR Government officials] not a very easy to be very determined. you have to have your wife who supports you. I will give you one instance only how She has supported me. [UNCLEAR 100% in this moment] once I was posted in Lucknow [UNCLEAR city magistrate]and She had gone to Nagpur on Her own [UNCLEAR inside the house to be transferred to Delhi]and all my stuff was in suitcases. At night from the backdoor [UNCLEAR came thieves and stole everything ] I was left with one jacket and one trouser. And all was [UNCLEAR]. Now She was so undemanding that for the next 7 years She wore only cotton sarees and just one silk saree and that is the kind of wife who held Her husband, Who maintained patriotism, rationalism, integrity. Her love is infinite. She has pure love for all of us. But I want to tell you I want to tell you honestly from my heart Her love is infinite. You know you can [UNCLEAR circum] the Pacific ocean, the Atlantic ocean, the Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctic but you cannot circle the ocean of Her love. It is totally infinite. And I want to tell you She loves each one of you in the same measure as She loves Her daughters who are sitting over here. Here everyone is Her own child and that is Her compassion, Her love. I have seen Her, admired Her and [UNCLEAR]. now to have this opportunity to belong to this country you can also imagine what it means[UNCLEAR I was recalling] 4 years ago sitting with such a family I could not imagine at that time that I will be here. [UNCLEAR ]you have [UNCLEAR come here to facilitate Her] of Sahaja yogis and Sahaja yoginis. All created by Her you know for first 20 years you know from 1970 to 1990 She began in 1970 Her movement entirely with Her [ UNCLEARsources]She carried on with one Sahaj yogi, two Sahaja yogis, 10, 20, 30, and carried on. She did not return to make success and then came a big movement [UNCLEAR something good for the world for all of us has been together to ] assist. For it has been me it [UNCLEAR ] journey. I am 81 [UNCLEAR] but I feel so fulfilled so satisfied that I lived a life with Her and I am the most lucky one to be [UNCLEAR] to such a person [UNCLEAR] to be very precious. I wanted just to tell you that She has undergone tremendous sacrifices in order to maintain certain standards in life and when recently in an event She said patriotism is the basis of integrity. we need that kind of new India[UNCLEAR what is happening is all awful] but Her message that we convey to you is a lot of integrity, a spirituality that is what India needs. So I wanted to thank Her [UNCLEAR] to thank Her and [UNCLEAR] She doesn’t know I worship Her. worship Her as a wife and [UNCLEAR worship Her as..] the most glorious experience. So my dear friends I once again express gratitude to you of being here and sharing the moment which is so precious in my life. I thank you all who are sitting here. And I want you to keep Her message always in your heart. Make India the greatest nation on earth. you can do through Sahaja yoga. Thank you.

Shri Mataji: I don’t know what to say about our married life and kind of life I had to go through. I don’t think it was anything sacrificing or anything difficult for Me. I am a different type of person you know that. And to Me, everything was quite alright. But outside people might think that way but the main thing was Sahaja yoga for Me which I have achieved by which you all have got your self-realisation. Because I was born like that it was very Sahaj for Me to do everything but you are born in [UNCLEAR]. so I know it is difficult. For you people, it may be difficult to be Sahaj. And also not only that it is difficult but also that it is the love you have to purify it. You have to become pure instruments. We had a very bad experience recently about people who have come to Sahaja yoga just to make money. Sahaja yoga is to enjoy the love of God. That is how you should have enjoyed this music how all these great Sufis everywhere in the world even in Turkey these Sufis have talked about this divine love. To enjoy that love you have to become really a real Sahaja yogi. All your other ambitions all other I should say aspirations must be kept away. What is the greatest aspiration to be a great Sahaja yogi in today’s world? As today you know how the world is suffering from every angle. Its only you people you can say who can really transform other people not only that you can transform them but you can transform the whole world. That is why [UNCLEAR] it is too much you might say but as I have I always had this vision that one day this world will become a beautiful, a very very beautiful garden of life. And for that, there is no sacrificing. Just enjoy. Enjoyment is the point. If your sense of enjoyment is where you can enjoy anything. I remember once we had gone to see some temple I think with 300 steps we had to climb. Then I went out and My son in law was with Me and My daughter was absolutely exhausted and we sat down on a small resting place and suddenly I felt what art it is. Every elephant is differently made. So I told My son in law can you see these elephants. Every elephant is very different. Mummy how can you see that we are just exhausted. So your sense of enjoyment keeps you away from all kinds of worries all kinds of trouble issues all kinds of hardships that you see. So life can be very very interesting if you learn how to enjoy and this enjoyment comes to you through your spirit. As you are awakened now you are realised souls. You are enjoying the music. Some of you might have not understood Punjabi language may be that but everybody was enjoying. What you were enjoying was the spirit which was enjoying the music [UNCLEAR] so see that you enjoy each and everything whatever is there try to enjoy. Because now you have got such a lot of energy from the divine. Sahaja yogis I can’t see them unhappy, crying, weeping [UNCLEAR] what is the need to do that? Because now you are in the realm of God. You have reached a state where you can really be the happiest person. After all other these things like money, position and all that is not for enjoyment. it can make you very depressive It can be very troublesome, anxious, ambitious. But if you can enjoy your love your affection for others which is pure then you will see there is nothing like sacrificing. You just enjoy it people who sacrificed their life for our country and in other countries. How did they do it? Think of it. Why they did it? Because they enjoyed they enjoyed themselves. Enjoyed all that love they had for their country. The same now you have to have a love for the whole world and it is one My greatest desire to see that the world should change. Let it start from India. Let us see people change here to change their attitude and their wrong aspirations. I think you can show them from your own life. You can show them from your Sahaj behaviour. you can all work out very well and it is not at all difficult for you because you will be surprised all the time there is help Sahaj community. I am thankful to you for celebrating this wedding anniversary and [UNCLEAR] we got married but all the time I was thinking that I will be able to establish Sahaja yoga in this world. That’s what you people are here to begin to give Me that satisfaction. So thank you very much.

And the little children who danced so well I am really surprised at their sense of rhythm.