Devi Puja

Burj 2000, Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)

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Devi Puja, Burj 2000, Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), April 21st, 2001, (very poor sound)

I didn’t know you were waiting here. But you are now with those great guys [unsure]. But I didn’t know about your program that you were going to be here. And I had to finish something today.
It’s all right. I have seen Sahaja Yogis when they have to wait, they are more together, they are more collective and they enjoy much more. So, it is not that they’ll feel angry or boring. I’ve seen in many cases, if the plane is late, they would all be there, nicely sitting, enjoying, laughing, even if it is late by four hours, five hours, doesn’t matter.
There is no passport in our hands. We are in the ocean of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma. So, whatever we have is all nothing but joy, out of this ocean of love.

So, we are already in the ocean of love. And we are enjoying the bliss of that. I know there are some misunderstanding sometimes, all kinds of things happen. But still, we’re progressing. Despite that, you’ll progress and progress very well in every action, in every land. I’ve seen in St Petersburg, [inaudible] I was so amazed to see Mister [inaudible] the wisdom. He said I have done it, but no. Actually, it’s something great. So, the enthusiasm that is going on, that comes through Sahaja Yoga. But you must meditate, you must go [inaudible], you must attend programs, and you must improve.

Unless and until you have done this, it doesn’t work out. Many people have become something extraordinary themselves. Not only financially, otherwise, also the position. In all walks of life, they have achieved something. But one thing is there, that you have to meditate. Meditation means you go deep into yourself. Sahaja Yoga is to know yourself. Unless and until you meditate, you will not know yourself. Unless and until you meditate, you will not know yourself. And you must have collective, collective meditations. It’s very important. Otherwise, anything happens to you, if you are away from it, then you’ll have no survivals also [unsure]. But Sahaja Yoga really protects you, really protects you. And how it has happened, now I will tell you.

Now I ‘m going to Turkey. In Turkey, there was a big, big very big earthquake, a lot of destruction, say [unsure]. And in that, in that earthquake, those people who were killed were the people who have been fundamentalistic or who have been doing bad things [unsure]. With that [inaudible], all of them are killed. And not one Sahaja Yoga has got injured.
Not even one Sahaja Yogi.

Not one Sahaja Yogi has been tortured. Not even one house of a Sahaja Yogi was destroyed. That’s it. This is the wrath of God All-mighty [inaudible], which is, you know Mahadeva Shiva.
If you neglect Sahaja Yoga, if you do not get to Sahaja Yoga, all such calamities will do.

Now in India, we had a very big earthquake. In that earthquake, so many, so many people died and so many houses also. There were only 18 Sahaja Yogis there, because these Gujaratis, they are very money oriented. They are all the time busy with what you can call- [aside] [Hindi].
Sahaja Yogini: Calculation.
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Sahaja Yogini: Calculation.
Shri Mataji: Yes. All the time. And most of them were worried only on that point. They wouldn’t come to Sahaja Yoga. With hardly 18 Sahaja Yogis, [inaudible] can you imagine?
And this has happened there and the houses of Sahaja Yogis are just the same as [inaudible].

We have one mister Magdum who is a constructor in India. He had made four, five billion there where this earthquake was. Can you imagine? The Mother Earth did not touch his house. His buildings were absolutely safe and he has got an award from the government.

So, he told me that his houses were not [inaudible] But other houses also were [inaudible]
I mean, but just imagine! Just they are saved. So, it’s a protection. Sahaja Yoga is a protection and me [unsure] for all that. In every way, it guides you, plus it gives you a proper shape, proper understanding, proper circumstances. All this works out in such a beautiful manner, that it’s a miracle, absolutely a miracle. So, we should have full faith and full surrendering. Try to go deep into yourself.

Now surrendering does not mean that you have to give me anything, you are to [inaudible], not that. It’s just that power in you. The more you go inside yourself, the power that is in you will start expressing itself. So, we have some Sahaja Yogis who have been really powerful. But some of them became very funny. They took to money making and all that so they are finished.

What is the best is to go in yourself more and more and more. And then you’ll be amazed to know that you are the source of not only joy, but peace, peace is there. Wherever you will be, there will be peace. You will see that damage will improve. People will become peaceful, loving.

So, these is one of the things that you should see what happens with your [inaudible] 7:27

And that is what we have to establish in this world. We have to establish peace in this world. We have to establish love in this world. And we have to see that everybody is saved with Sahaja Yoga. It’s very important because we have to transform the world, to [inaudible] people. So, we have to change. And we are the people, you are the people who can change this attitude and understanding of the [inaudible]

So, thank you very much for your participation.

And may God bless you.