Shri Mataji on Star TV

Swiss Hotel, Istanbul (Turkey)

2001-04-23 Shri Mataji, Star TV Interview, Turkey, 3' Download subtitles: ENView subtitles:
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TV Interview. Istanbul (Turkey), 23 April 2001.

If you discover your inner energy you will also discover yourself.

You will become a very good, peaceful person. You will not suffer. Shri Mataji is an Indian yoga master. Millions of people deem Her holy. Among those millions are Americans, English and also Turkish. Shri Mataji, staying is Swiss Otel, came to the hotel just when it had been seized by Chechen terrorists. Just at the first minutes of the siege. Two bullets hit our door. We were not worried. I new that this action would not last long because it was stupid.

All night we were listening to the music and watching TV. In any case, nothing happened. Mataji explains the siege as an ordinary event without any excitement. But a little later we understand that this is Mataji’s normal state. Mataji always speaks as if She has departed from the worldly troubles and has passed to a different dimension. Maybe this is what influences those who meet Her. With this thought in mind we ask Mataji what does yoga give to the people. Love, pure love.The secret is just love. When we told Her that the approach to yoga in Turkey is somehow like a kind of fashion, a light smile appears on Her face. The aim of yoga is to beatify your spirit, not your body.

“Fashion comes and goes but yoga beatifies your spirit and does not take any money.” According to Her love is the key to everything. Well, what is Her approach to love? Did you ever fall in love? No, I am not that kind, I am not romantic. Because, if you run just after one person you will restrict yourself. But if you love the whole world, you will never be disappointed. Mataji explains how much She loves Turkey and Turks. But, according to Her Turkey has one problem – men. If you women come forward your problems will be solved easier.

Men consider themselves too clever but one can say they are successful. According to Shri Mataji, there is one more problem in Turkey – “You don’t know how to make business, also you don’t know how to use money properly. When such a person of love speaks about money it sounds quite surprising. And we ask Mataji how does she earn money, how does She spend it? My husband has always had money, my children too. We did not have this kind of difficulty. Mataji says that She does not need money. That is why, like in all other places, She does not take money for Her seminars in Turkey. Now the turn comes to us to get our realization. That is to discover our inner energy.

Mataji is working quite long on us. The energy we take from Her is very positive. Is it because we really feel lighter or because of Mataji’s influence, we don’t know. But we depart from this interesting lady with a smile on our faces.