Talk to Sahaja Yogis from Africa

Swiss Hotel, Istanbul (Turkey)

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1002-0423 Talk to Sahaja Yogis from Africa, Istanbul,

It should not come to your people because you live with the nature and nature is not corrupted. Every leaf which is on a tree receives the sunshine; every leaf is different in the world and they are well organized in such a manner that all of them receive the sunlight. But in corruption, one wants to have all and everything. And then, he doesn’t know what the joy in giving to others is. You see, when you come into Sahaja Yoga you become extremely generous. I give you the example of my father: he was a very very generous man and he told us not to lock the house: “Keep it open, no thief will come”. But one night a thief came and he took away a big gramophone which had those big horns, an old one. And the next day my father was a little bit upset; so my mother said “Is it because of the gramophone?”. He said “No, we can buy one, but what about this man who has taken no records? So what will he use? He should have brought somebody else to take the records.” My mother said “All right, you could advertise in the newspaper that the one who has stolen the gramophone can also take away our records.” It is that kind of generosity; he was very generous, extremely generous. So, generosity is the only way we can correct corruption. When you start enjoying giving, you don’t grabber. And such a person has no reputation in the society and that one that is a grabber is of no use. And all those people who have made money like that have lost the money they put in this Swiss bank. And the Swiss bank also doesn’t [UNCLEAR], they can do so much good but they don’t; they are keeping their money, they are sitting on top. So, if there is anything you should talk about Swiss bank is to stop Swiss bank, because it’s cheating, complete cheating. I don’t know how they are legalized: they take money from the thieves and keep it there. How can they do that? If you stop the working of Swiss bank, I tell you that corruption will go away. That’s the only way you can stop this high class corruption. You should write about it. Americans are very careful. If you send any money from America to Switzerland, Switzerland informs them. I was in Brazil and I met the Minister of Law and the Chief Justice. They said “In our country, we had a Prime Minister who was impeached and that fellow has got now a very great job in Harvard University for teaching economics”. He was impeached! So all kinds of thieves will be now going to these big universities and they teach our children how to cheat. I spoke about it in my conferences in China but…I don’t know, this is a big deal going on. It is something to be seen from a Sahaja angle. If we all work on that, sure all will be sorted out because it is a global work. So, it cannot fail because it has the power of the collectivity. I wish we could have a conference one day with all of you in India or maybe in your country.