Kundalini: Desire of God Almighty

Lütfi Kirdar Congress Palace, Istanbul (Turkey)

2001-04-25 Public Program, Istanbul, Turkey, 32'
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2001-04-25 Public Program, Version 2, Istanbul, Turkey, 52'
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Public Program. Lütfi Kirdar Congress Palace, Istanbul (Turkey), 25 April 2001.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

I have been coming the Turkey in the last ten years. And how this place is filled so much with spirituality. Perhaps we have had so many sufis here, must be something in this country that there so many sufis were created. And I have read about them and I have read about Rumi and all of others. And I find they described the quality of a sufi the state of his mind, very beautiful. But they didn’t say how to become sufis. They described also very well absolutely and very truthfully whatever was the achievement but nobody could say that how they achieved it. Even in the Kuran you see how Muhammed Sahab has described that he went to seventh heaven on a white horse. He was a poet and the whole thing was so poetic. The white horse was this Kundalini. The more you know about Kundalini you will see how poetically he has described all these seven heavens…. So, unless and until you are a self realized soul… as he has said `know thy self`… unless and until you know your self you can not understand any of these scriptures. All of them say they same thing in different ways. And it is difficult for common people to understand. In no way there is difference in the explanation of all these scriptures, they are just the same. Then there is no question of fighting because there is no difference in what they are trying to tell. But the problem was one individual gets self realization and the others don’t understand and they torture them. As you know Christ was crucified and all the saints, all the sages were tortured. Even in China there was this Tao. It was the same thing as Sahaja Yoga but it was written in such a manner that people could not understand it or take it what it was written. Also I find the same in Japan, Viditama is the disciple of Buddha… he said the same thing, he tried to practice Sahaja Yoga through various methods it is the same thing . Now the thing is understanding and they go to any limit of nonsence. There was a great poet called Kabir in India and whatever he told was so much misunderstood by people that you can not imagine what interpretations they do. He said in one of his poetry ‘my beloved went away and I did not fight with him…` . Now people think beloved means a lover , So he was saying about the death while people understood it is some sort of a beloved he is talking about. Thus we have you see people fighting… They are fighting in the name of religion. To understand them first you get your self realization. You have to know yourself. Unless and until you know yourself how can you understand the subtle ideas which come forward. So whatever they have told you about the Kundalini it is a fact, resides within you in the triangular bone. You could be a Muslim you could be a Hindu you could be a Christian anything. Even people from Africa came. They were black, some were white, some were yellow, all of them have got this Kundalini within them. And God has created us the same. Everyone has noses, hands and everywhere whatever languages we speak.

Sahaja means born with you. The right to get this yoga, union with the divine, the ruh. You all have this right and now it is going to work out that you have to know yourself through the Kundalini awakening. All this may be not written in those books. Perhaps that was not the time to write or maybe these books were written long time after the death of Christ and all the prophets went away . So there are certain certain points you see. But it is a fact that, you all have, all of you have this power within you, this energy within you which we call as Kundalini. It has been proved now because where ever we are born in any country various people were there and they all got their realization. Specially in Turkey is a dear country to me because so many people were realized and so many were so spiritually equipped they might call themselves as sufis, I mean Sufism is the right. So it cleanses, means this Kundalini rising cleanses you of your problems, of your enemies. Because it connects you to the all pervading power which we call it as Ruh and all your personality absolutely get absorbed with the truth. The first thing that happens to you when she rises, you spontaneously become thougtlessly aware. The thoughts come to us because we react. We see something immediatly we react. We react according to our ego or maybe according to our conditioning. But when the Kundalini she rises and crosses this center upward then your thoughts stop. Then you become a witness. You witness without thinking. Thoughts rise then falls then another thought rises and falls. There is a space, very little space in between but we cannot see that space, we can not prepare that space . Now these thoughts are all the time there in the mind which goes here and there, doesn’t allow us to be in the present because they come from past and from the future. So we cannot be in the present. Past is finished it does not exist and the future is no more, so what we have to do is to stay in the present. And in the present is reality, is the truth. That is how we can enjoy. For example. I see a carpet and I start reacting on it and then start thinking of how much it cost, can I have it, and all kinds of thoughts come, but I can not watch it. Because I am not watching the joy which is put by the artist I can not enjoy it. So when this Kundalini rises what she does is she elongates, makes the space grow. So we can see everything without thinking and enjoying. And with this enjoyment we get peace.. We do not agress others, we enjoy others. They have many peace conferences but those who are having the conference have no peace within – then what is the use to have these conferences? We have six enemies within us at least which are all the time torturing us. They are described in the Sanskrit language very beautifully but I will tell you later. First is the anger. Is so common It comes out so much of conditioning may be so much of ego. Then the perversion, perversion of sex and all kinds of dirty things people do .Then we have false pride, now we have jealousy we have attachments. People are corrupt because they are attached to their children, they want to make money for them, they are corrupt. And we are also attracted, attracted to good dress, somebody is attracted to good clothes, attractions. We cannot explain why we do that. Why we suffer from all these enemies we do not know. Once you become the spirit, spirit drops out everything, it is so clear, clean because what is the spirit is the reflection of God in our heart. The spirit within you once he enlightens you, you become such a wonderful person and such a nice person and you develop this spirituality. But actually what happens is when the Kundalini rises your spirit start to get spiritual vibrations on your central nervous system. And you start feeling cool breeze on your hands and out of your fontanel bone area. And the fingers which represent the centers within you start speaking with us – the centers tell what is wrong with us. Also they tell you about others, what is wrong with others. This connection with the divine gives you the blessing to know what is wrong with you and what is wrong with others. Even the doctors will not tell you, nobody can tell you, so at the time of kiyam (to stand up) your hands will speak, you just know on your finger tips. So in the Kuran it says at the time of kıyam your hands will speak. So this is the kiyam time, kiyamat (the end of the world, when all the dead will rise again and gather in for last judgment) is different they go hand in hand . Now because this is the last judgement. Those who don’t accept their self realisation, and who don’t get into the heavenly bliss of divinity, they go to hell – that is the wisdom. So, for you it is important that your hands must speak and tell you about you and others. That is how you are Musalman, otherwise you are not. If your hands do not speak than you are not a Mussulman in surrendering. It`s all said, it is all written in the Quran but you have to read it after you get your realization. It is high time that you realize that we are following something so much and why we are in trouble, why we have not been able to achieve what ever is promised. It is something missing that so far we have not been able to achieve whatever that is promised .You all can have your self realization. Don’t have any fear about it and some sort of funny ideas about it. Because whatever will happen, you will feel it. It`s not something imaginary. It’s the actualization. To the Christians I say this actualization is baptism. So it is your chance now so many of you came here to have that self realization. It was prophecised that it will happen collectively. And so you all deserved it and you should have it because it is what was promised. So, ultimately what happens that you jump in the ocean of joy. You become powerful but you won’t have ego. And you know how you can help others, then yourself and others. All of you can get it. I mean those who want it can have it, it cannot be forced. Thus, you will know what you are and what others are. Many people have been cured in Sahaja Yoga no doubt, we also have a hospital in India where people are cured without medicine, with their own vibrations. Moreover, mentally there are so many people who are cured and your problems are solved because you get out of your problems. You will be amazed how miraculously you achieve such small things which took place to begin with. Every human being has a right to get self realization. All the negative forces and energies drop out and run away. Just like when the light comes in and darkness goes away. Sometimes people don’t believe because they do not think that they are capable for self realization. But I am sure tonight you will learn what you are. You will be absolutely a realized person, and the whole being will be filled with joy and divine love. It`s not because of me , it`s because of you. You are the ones who have but only I have to open the window in it. That too you do, because it is your desire to become, your pure desire. Otherwise no other desire is pure. All economics are based on one point that no human desire is satiable. Today you want to have one thing, tomorrow you want to have another thing and you are never satisfied. But this is pure desire; Kundalini is the energy of pure desire because it is the energy of the God Almighty. So, when you get your realization you feel absolutely satisfied and enjoy whatever you have. And also you enjoy others and their things without thinking that they do not belong to you. The whole panorama changes and you become a very universal personality. You really become global and everybody who is in Sahaja Yoga are such great friends. I will give an example that Palestinians were fighting Israelis for years. One of the Israeli fellow phoned me and said that Mother we have some Sahaja Yogis in the villages of Palestine .They were friends despite the fact that their parents were fighting, their countries were fighting , but they were Sahaja Yogis, and they were friends, dear friends. So this Israeli knew that they were going to drop a big bomb in one of their villages, and he told to me please pay attention mother I don’t want people to be killed there. I did pay attention and they never dropped the bomb. Love is the most powerful thing human beings have got. They have never used it. They have always used hatred to overpower humans. We have never used love. There is divine love all over the world that is why we are existing. You have to just become one with it that`s all, it is all over the world called Ruh all over but we have not yet felt. Now today you are going to feel it. For that you don’t have to concentrate, it will just work automatically. Have faith in your self. Do not condemn yourself. This will change the whole world. Once they realize that there is divine within you. So, the first state is thoughtless awareness and the second stage is what is called as the doubtless awareness. That state comes to people automatically and sometimes together and they have no doubts about it. It doesn’t give you any doubt and you are so sure that this is what it is. Today somebody came to see me he has palpitation; he had a problem with his heart. So I raised his Kundalini and he got his realization and his palpitation stopped. So I told him that you should forgive, forgive others and that worked. And this young fellow… So you get an awareness which is doubtless. So all those who want to have their self realization should stay, other can go. One thing, you should not, you cannot pay for spirituality. There are many false people who are doing all nonsense, only thing you must do is to get your realization. So that you all become Sufis. You do not have to give up anything. Or you don’t have to become an ascetic, and I am married a woman, I have got children, grandchildren. But I am what I am. That’s what should happen to you.

So again I would request those who don’t want their self realization should leave the hall.

Like this, like this, just like this. Yes.

And now close your eyes. Please close.

See If you are feeling cool breeze on your fingertips

Audience : Yes.

Interpreter: Don`t say, just check it inside of you.

Now please open your eyes, put your left hand towards me and put the right hand…bend your head and put the right hand agaisnt the fontenella bone area which was the soft bone in your childhood.

See if you feel something on the left hand, it should be above the head not on the top, bend your head and see for yourself.

Move your hand and see for yourself.

Now please put your r’ght hand towards me, not touching the head at all, on the top of your head.

All those who have felt cool or hot breeze on their fingertips or in the palm or upper to fontanel bone area, please raise both hands.

All of you got realisation, congratulations.

May God bless you,

Yogi: Everybody, go down.

Yogi: Please, go down.