Arrival Talk

Milan–Malpensa Airport, Milan (Italy)


Malpensa. Milan (Italy) , 26 Aprile 2001.

(At Mother’s arrival, She is covered by flowers. Sahaja Yogis welcome Her by singing “Vishwa Vandita” and “Aspettando Lei”)

It’s very heartening to see so many of you coming to welcome Me. I feel so joyous I can’t express it in words. Your love is like the ocean which just moves from one person to another.It’s so great to come to Italy again.

(Long clapping, followed by a “ola” of the present italian yogis. Shri Mataji shows a surprised expression and then laughs by heart)

Italians have a very large heart. I have found out that this is like My own country.

(Again a resounding clap and another “ola”. Shri Mataji bursts in laughter)

They are here to enjoy love and to enjoy spirituality. And they are very spiritual people. And that is something so much joy-giving, that the whole world can receive spirituality from you. Italians have to go everywhere, and to spread the message of love. Because you have the power of love. Of pure love. And this pure love will definitely transform many people. We have to change this world which is full of problems. All alone, what can I do?

They came to call Me to Turkey because they were having a financial crisis. And we had about 7,000 people in the hall. They are another great people. And you should be happy to know that within two days of My stay, the World Bank has given them 10 billion dollars!

(Shri Mataji laughs, loud clapping and ‘ola’)

So, all your problems, whether physical, mental, emotional, financial, are to be solved. And many were cured also, during My stay there. But you are so developed spiritually that you can cure yourself and you can cure others also.

This is something should happen, because I depend on you for this work.

I love all of you very much, very much, very much.

May God bless you all.

But you have a responsibility. You have a duty to perform. Is to save people in this world which is getting into great problems.
The main thing you should know that this is the Last Judgement. And you should take to spirituality.
Let people be bad, let them be anything, but you try to make them good.
I find lots of little children here who are born realised. And I love all of them. They’ll give you no problems, but on the contrary they’ll solve your problems. Because you Italians love children.

So May God bless you all. Thank you for coming all the way here.