Mother’s Day

Palazzo Doria, Cabella Ligure (Italy)


Mother’s Day. Cabella (Italy), 13 May 2001.

[Sahaja yogis go to Shri Mataji’s apartments to make offerings and pay their respect on Mother’s Day]

I have never enjoyed a bliss as now I am enjoying… (…) sahaja yogis could be so well… (poor quality audio)

[Tape interruption]

[“Mother” is] a very special institution (She tells a sahaja yogi aside to translate into Italian), especially in this country [Italy] – They have such respect for their mothers.

Mother is the source of love. In the Koran they asked Mohammed-sahib whom should we bow after Allah? So he said “to Mother” – “To the Mother”.

Then again they asked him, he said: “Only the Mother”. Again they asked him, he said: “Only The Mother”.

I’m sure he must have said about the Divine Mother, because worldly mothers may not be complete mothers, perhaps. They are a embodied, or, we can say, examples of Mother’s love, of the Divine Mother’s love, but they are human.

So they can be conditioned, influenced or could be egoistical, especially if they are living in a particular country for a long time and have no idea of Divine love.

In Divine love there is no expectations, it just flows, it doesn’t think how to judge a person or what to do for a person, it just flows.

And most of the people enjoy that, most. Some of them might take advantage, but makes no difference to the Mother. Because the love is like an ocean, and because this love makes the Mother very humble, everything flows to the Mother it flows.

You see Mother Earth now, you see, see how much she does for us, without any expectations, but if you try to be unkind, try to be cruel, materialistic very much, then she acts according to the wishes of Shiva – not the Mother. She destroys such people.

All the five elements are like that. All the destruction forces that we have in those five elements, can be used by Shiva principle.

Shiva watches the work of the Mother, and to a great extent He blesses also (unclear). But if He finds that people are getting away from reality, from Divinity, from goodness, from benevolence, then He gets annoyed and He punishes in His own cruel manner (of things – unclear).

It’s a very different role from that of the Mother. So He doesn’t consult even Mother about it. He gets angry and really it is something very sad sometimes, we find people get lost because of His anger.

So to remain under the love of Mother is the best safest thing, because She expects nothing and She tries to solve your problems because She loves you without any anger, whatever you may do to Her She doesn’t take a respite, revenge…

[Video ends here]