Friday and Saturday Evening Program before Guru Puja, Living Tao Play

Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

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2001-07-06 EP before Guru Puja, Cabella, Italy

Sahaj Yogi: They were making suggestions.They were giving solutions .Yes this can be done that way that yes We can change the other way .And so It was an amazing experience. Because I  mean its not the first time that i am meeting this kind of people  And I never saw this kind of attitude .[unclear] Not only  that few days later ,on the major newspaper [unclear] ,that in Geneva the administration is informing that those who want to restore there houses are very well to do it without asking any permission ,just they have to send the notification ……Now the necessary/massive  thing that this is applied only to the city of Geneva ..and nowhere else in Italy.Now this is the wonderful world where we are living.And Shri Mataji We all ,once again all grateful to you for all this ..Jai Shri Mataji !

(Sahaj yogi bows down in front of Mother.)

Now speaking about the family meeting …the condition was that The Nirmal Sangeet Sarita should be here for Guru Puja …..

Of Course our arti  is going to our heart is going to  our beloved Baba Mama which is of course always alive here  among us with his music …And talking about miracles ,I tell you something which is really  unique ….Guruji was supposed to come with all group ,and so just 2 days ago …We got the notice from them ,that he could not come because something passport was expiring so they could not And I don’t know how I mean Shri Mataji only knows ,In one hour the passport was done Now you ask Gregoire or you ask [unclear] I mean min it takes  3 months in India to get a passport …Minimum . This is minimum.With in 3 and 6 months ..I don’t  know in one hour i could get the passport ….well Shri Mataji could explain to us .

And they got the visa in next day …

So our artists ,they will give their introduction .They will introduce themselves with their music .And we are all appreciating a lot…

Shri Mataji: I was  saying that my attention was there and you see …..I wanted them to come here I think it’s the power of love ….that worked like that….

Sahaja yogi: Thank you! 

Sahaja yogi : Hello Jai Shri Mataji ! On behalf of Nirmal Sangeet Sarita…I am thankful to Shri Mataji for inviting us for the Guru Puja .We began our [unclear 06:37 ] with three mantras ….& then we will start Program ….

Maha-Mantras …

We began our program with the song written by Baba Mama ..for the Guru….15:21 

[Marathi Bhajan starts…. ]

As you know this is the first time I am comparing so you ….

Shri Mataji ..Kindly ignore the mistakes …..

2001-0706 EP before Guru Puja P1, Cabella, Italy

[After the performance ]

When your heart is full you do not have words to express it…Guido has been a great ,a great  Sahaja Yogi I know that but that you will go to the depth of the understanding is really very very remarkable …I never knew that he will reach that point ..When I said that is the Quantum Theory . The way he brought it out in a drama …shows   a very great artist …I haven’t seen  any artist like this or a writer like  this …Who has tried to bring the depth of Spirituality …Its very very convincing and I hope this tape will be made out of it.I don’t know what too say because he has discovered everything about me ….And I am amazed ..For all this you need tremendous ,amount of depth …in your being .I don’t know he has to meditate so much and at the way he has reached this point of Tao ..Its not easy to understand Tao,…Very difficult ..because they described a sage and the sage  who is beyond [unclear/humanity]…And the sage who says thing who is beyond human mind …but how to become the sage ? how to become the personality of a spiritual personality is not written there …They have not written clearly about Kundalini …They have mentioned in a way .But the way he has founded out through Tao…I am so very happy ..that it is true that they knew the truth …All of them knew the truth but , they could not get to that point or make others get to that point ..Which is to be the Guru of the people in the real sense in  the world ,When you give them realization …..Which you all can do it .All of you have got this power to develop your own spiritual power Which you have got with in yourself ..

.[name of the sahaja yogie  ] has shown by his example ….How he has discovered this is really remarkable .Is one of the greatest show i have ever seen …I congratulate him and congratulate you all .And I say i am so full of ……My heart is so much full and i don’t know what to say ….I am also very proud that My children have reached that depth of knowledge ..Its very great . All of you I hope will take to this by giving up all the six enemies that are with in us .And get a complete transformation …complete purity ,by which you can see the reality you have seen now ..Its tremendous …I don’t know how to praise it any more .Its my heart is really,absolutely  throbbing by charm .I bless you all …All you artists .Everyone who has done so well .Very well synchronized ..but you have understood the subtle.Its a very difficult subject for a normal person to understand ..Not only you are  realized souls but you are very  deep people That’s why you understand and the way it has been taken to the science is another very great work & very great jump into the new era of understanding of sahaja yoga I hope the scientist also come up to the point …& try to understand it .

May God bless you all …May God bless you