We Have To Be Transformed

Royal Albert Hall, London (England)

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Public Program in Royal Albert Hall. London (UK), 14 July 2001.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Some of you have found the truth, some of you have not found it fully, and some of you have not found it at all. But if you look around in today’s situation, you’ll have to agree there’s a big turmoil going on. Countries after countries are taking to all kinds of wrong things. Lot of cold war is on, people are killing each other, destroying beautiful places, cutting each other’s throat for nothing at all. They are all human beings created by God. God Almighty has created them and has brought them to this level of human awareness.

At this juncture one can’t see where are we going in a collective way. This is, where have we to reach – or is it our destiny? Is this the destiny of human beings, to be destroyed by each other for land or for anything else? Think of the whole world as one, and think what’s happening all over: every day we read newspaper, every day there is some sort of a horrible news about horrible things people are doing to each other, for no rhyme and reason.

We have to think, what is the destiny? Where are we going? Are we going to hell or to Heaven? What is our situation around? Can we help it? What’s wrong with human beings is they are still in the complete control of ignorance. I would call it ignorance. And in that ignorance, in that darkness, they are doing these horrible things. Nobody wants to understand that what we are doing is nothing but complete destruction. Is that our destiny, that we are going to get destroyed completely? What good are we doing? Under the name of some sort of nationality or maybe some religion – all kinds of things which are good – but we are doing all wrong things. Fighting. Fighting is not the only thing. We hate. Anybody who can excite our hatred is very much adorable, very much liked, and under his guidance we form groups.

All this is coming because this is the Last Judgment. I have told you this is the Last Judgment. And this Last Judgment will really decide who are to be saved and who are to be doomed completely. It’s a very, very serious thing. All of those who are aware should think about it. Little patchwork here and a little patchwork is not going to help. Whatever you may try, unless and until you transform human beings, they cannot be saved. This transformation is not an impossible thing – it’s not difficult. This is the time for transformation, this is a chance for transformation. And within us is placed the power, as Tao has described, is the mystical feminine Power within us. All of them have described it, I’m not the first person to say that; but nobody has been able perhaps so far to understand it or to accept it, that it should happen to you.

You are born not only to be human beings, but you have to be superhuman. You have to enjoy yourself. Your life should be enjoyable, it should be blissful. It should not be a curse: morning till evening worried about this, worried about that. That is why you are created. God had no intention of creating people who will be all the time worried how to quarrel, how to fight, how to save; but people who will live in complete harmony, peace and joy. That’s why we are created. That is our destiny – that is, not just I am telling you, but it’s a fact. So we have to be, we have to be transformed. This transformation is not difficult. But what I find, people get satisfied with anything. Hindus will go to the temple; they’ll think, “Oh, we have done a great thing.” Christians go to the church; they’ll think they have done very good. Muslims will go and pray and think that they are great. What have they achieved? Face yourself, please. Face your limitations. Face your tribulations. Face your problems and see for yourself: have you been able to solve your problems? Have you been able to save yourself from calamities? Maybe big calamities may come to destroy people who are, who are doing harm, maybe. That may be the wish of God. But what is your wish? Why don’t you think that “I have to be a person who is a store, who is a source of joy and love”?

I am not only talking, but I want you all to get your Self-realization. What is Self-realization – is to know your Self. You don’t know your Self. You don’t know. You are living in this world without knowing your Self – can you imagine? You don’t know what you are. You don’t know that you are the spirit, and that you are the source of knowledge, of pure knowledge.

I find people sitting in a meeting, listening to some babaji who is telling them some story, very happy. This is not going to give you the reality and the truth. If you want to have reality and truth, then please try to understand that something has to happen to you, some transformation has to take place. You are not yet subtle enough, you haven’t got those subtleties, till you reach that point – for which you don’t have to leave your family, you don’t have to leave your children, you don’t have to leave your household and go to the jungles. There’s no need to do all that. It’s nice to say that “All right, you all take sanyasa and give all that belongs to you to me.” It’s such a stupid idea.

These are emergencies today. We are living in a very emergent conditions – try to understand. And I want to warn you that if you don’t go deep into yourself and find out what you are, and take to your transformation, anything is possible. All kinds of diseases are coming up, all kinds of new problems of children coming up, all kinds of national problems are there, all kinds of international problems are there, that people can’t help it. So we have to get out of this and become a solid, a personality of truth. We don’t know what is the truth is. We are worse than animals whose eyes are open, while our eyes are closed. Is not to condemn yourself in any way, but to make you alert and aware that human beings have to change. Otherwise it’s just, you come to My lecture, tomorrow you come to another lecture – that’s all. It’s a everyday sort of a nice entertainment. But when I see the destiny, I don’t know how many will be ruined, how many will be finished. What will happen to them? What diseases they will get, what problems they will get? What will happen to their children, what will happen to their country, and what will happen to the whole world?

Just widen your vision. My vision is that all the people of the world should get transformation. We have enemies within ourselves, and when they talk of jihad, they talk that you fight your enemies within yourself. What are these enemies? These days, the worst is greed. There is greed. With that greed people can do anything they want to. All kinds of things are happening out of greed. They’ll have money, they’ll have all kinds of facilities, but still this greed is such a satanic will of, that you don’t even see what you have. And you want to have more and more, deceive people, deceive your government, deceive everyone and manage it.

Then, another worse thing we have is anger. Anger doesn’t allow you to see things as they are. We develop anger for small things: like you have come to this country – I’ve seen people who are angry because of different color. I can’t understand. God has made different colors; other we all would have looked same, like military, and life would have been miserable. So the color has been created by nature. So the whites or blacks – what is the difference? I just don’t understand. Because such a myth is going on. With this myth we are fighting. The whites are fighting with the blacks, and the blacks are fighting with the whites. And then they go also for burning their skin in the sun, getting skin cancers. I just don’t understand. There’s no logic, there’s no balance in us to see that what we are doing. Why are we wasting this precious time, when we have to get transformation? This anger can be with anything; anything one can develop anger. Is like a human failing, which is very common. For the smallest thing people can get angry. And they like it, because with that they can oppress others; they could be aggressive. So they want to have this anger within them, and with that anger they try to dominate others. This is the biggest problem: why do we want to dominate others, why do we want to oppress others, and why do we want to take control of others? We can’t control ourselves; why are we wanting to control others? What is the need?

Then, there are attachments: attachments to their houses, to their lands, to their children, to everything. But tomorrow you won’t be here. You’ll go with open hands. You can’t carry anything with you. So such attachment to things: they’re very particular about their cars, about their house, maintain it. But what about yourself? Are you all right? Inside, are you absolutely calm, peaceful and joyful? Why are you wasting your energy in getting angry with others? That’s the sign of life that will be also destroyed. If you look at another person he has, say, weaknesses, apart from money, for women – is very common – or women having for men. To get attractive, for what? Everybody has to get old. What have you achieved by running after women, running after other sex? You have no sense of dignity, no sense of honor. If you are – as long as you wear very good clothes you are regarded wonderful person. This is not the way. We have to introspect and see for ourselves: why are we doing this, wasting our energy into nonsensical thing?

So many people I meet are really half-mad and far gone; some of them are full-mad. And what they tell Me, that they wanted to marry a particular woman and a particular man or anything, and that’s how they got it. I mean, how fragile! That’s not being very great. You have to be very, very strong within yourself. Feel your Self. Your Self is the spirit, is the reflection of God Almighty within you. You can be very strong, you can be very healthy and you can be absolutely balanced, if you become the spirit. You have heard so much about spirit and spiritual life – but have you reached that point?

Even when you read, say, Zen system, Tao system, Bible, Koran, anything, do you know how to reach that point of the spirit? Not yet. Not yet. You have to know that; because you are very great, you are very precious, and you are so beautiful within. But you are not aware of it. You have to become that. That becoming is very important, and for that already God Almighty has organized within you which is called as kundalini, which can be awakened, and its awakening can give you Self-realization, can give you self-knowledge which we call “Atma sakshatkar.” That’s what is very, very important in your life to have it. And when it is free – you can’t pay for it, how much can you pay? – when it is absolutely free, why don’t you take your Self-realization, and why don’t you grow? Instead of fighting in the name of religion.

Every religion has said “You know thy Self.” Mohammed Sahib has said very clearly, “At the time of resurrection your hands will speak.” Are they speaking? Hindus know about it, that we have to get our Self-realization. No use just listening to these babajis and giving them money. All this kind of rituals that we have been doing, our forefathers have been doing: what have we achieved? Nothing.

So now, it’s important for us to know that we have to have our evolution, reaching to the point of Self-realization. If we were perfect there would have been no problem. If we were self-realized people there would have been no problem. All kinds of selfishness, all kinds of limits we have put upon ourselves, all kinds of conditioning and ego which has been working our life and have been ruining us, we have to get over it. And once you get over it, you get united. Nobody has to tell you that you get united. You lose all misidentifications. Your misidentifications are that, that “we belong to this country, we belong to this religion, we belong to that.” You belong to nothing. You belong to the Kingdom of God. That’s what you have to achieve, and you should be one there. But if you like story-telling, there’s no end to it. But you are wasting your time. The time is running short. I’ve been now here for the last, I don’t know, twenty years or so. I worked very hard, but what I find that people don’t realize what they are supposed to do. They like people who will just say something very simple – all right, it’s a little entertainment.

So the whole humanity has to understand that destiny of destruction is to be avoided. Complete destruction is to be avoided. And very simple is that you enter into the Kingdom of God – which is very easy: you don’t have to pay anything, don’t have to work out anything. You take your Self-realization, and then at home you spend about ten minutes meditating. Only your mind is all the time justifying your misbehavior. I call it “misbehavior” because it’s against you. It’s against God’s wish, it’s against humanity and it will destroy all the human beings. All these misidentifications have to be dropped, and you have to know that we are all one. We are all one, we are all global, we are not separated by color, race or religion, nation – no. We are all one, and that oneness should not be established by slogans or by shouting, but should be that oneness is to be felt within. It’s not artificial. It has to be real, very real oneness, and that comes to you once you realize that you are part and parcel of the whole.

Religions have brought you up to this point of awareness – not for fighting, not for killing. Why, why? Human beings have diverted themselves. Because of complete ignorance of righteousness. Because of complete greed of oneself: oneself, just yourself, or your family at the most, or your relation. Why do you want to delimit yourself? You are the spirit. Spirit is the ocean, ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of love, is the ocean of all blessings.

So we have to decide. Today I have to request you, that there’s not so much time left. We have to decide that we have to become the spirit. That’s all the religions have taught. But how to do it was not so much explained, and it didn’t work out. Some of them did get it but they were outcasted. Nobody listened to them. Even people killed them and tortured them, crucified them.

But now, please, all of you try to understand the value of your life. Why are you a human being? Why are you created? What is the purpose behind it? Are we going to be driven by nonsensical ideas? Are we going to be finished by all sorts of dividing factors? No, no, we are all going to get your Self-realization, and we are going to understand the value of our life. The problem is, you’ll get your realization in the sense the power within you will rise. It’s very well organized; actually, God is a great creator. How He has balanced and how it works out is remarkable. Every individual He has done it. With that happening, is not sufficient. You enter into, say, a palace and then you go round and see for yourself how beautiful you are, what beautiful things God has made for you. Then grow into it. Once you have grown into it, then you will realize what a great thing you are: the greatest gem, the greatest person, so loving. There have been some – they have become just statues. Nobody tries to understand what were they doing, how they were there.

So, tonight we can have the experience, the experience of the spirit. Is a very unusual, rare thing. It never used to happen like that. But it is now, so why not take advantage of it? Please, be ready for that, accept it, take it, and become. Becoming is the point. What you become is the point. And what you make out of this whole human civilization is your problem, not Mine. I can help you. I can work it out. So I would request you all to now be ready for Self-realization. It’s much better, but those who do not want to have cannot be forced. So it’s better such people leave, leave the hall if they don’t want to have. May God bless you all.

Firstly, you don’t have to do anything – meaning also, don’t think what I have said. Try to keep your thoughts very peaceful, and I’m sure all of you can get your Self-realization. But how many will grow? Because you have to come to the follow-up, then you have to practice it in the centers – and it works out. Little bit time you have to give to yourself, and to this global problem. You have to dedicate yourself to that. Is very important: you have to dedicate yourself. That doesn’t mean that you have to become sanyasi or you have to be busy with this for twenty-four hours – nothing. But this dedication will make you so much one with yourself, with the whole universe, that I don’t have to tell you that you dedicate – you’ll dedicate by yourself. So please don’t stay here if you don’t want to have Self-realization. Nothing will happen to you. Please leave the hall in case you don’t want Self-realization.

What you have to do is not to do anything; to put just your hands towards Me. Of course, if you are wearing shoes better take them out, because Mother Earth is very important. Please put both the hands towards Me. You don’t have to pray, you don’t have to say anything; just put your hands towards Me, just like this. Now please close your eyes. It is important. Please close your eyes.

This power, kundalini, is placed in the triangular bone, known as sacrum, means “sacred”, and it rises through six centers of the parasympathetic, and ultimately pierces through the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your head, on top of your head. When you were a child, it was a soft bone. It pierces through that, and enters into the subtle energy of all-pervading Power of divine love. They call it by different name. They call it “Paramachaitanya” – some call it “chaitanya.” Some call it as “ruh.” You may call it by any name – is the love, love of God. Once you get connected with you, when you start feeling on your fingers some sort of a breeze. First some people will get hot, doesn’t matter; but then it cools down and you get the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, as they call it. And it starts flowing.

You can now raise your left hand on top of your fontanel bone area. Keep your eyes shut, and see for yourself if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head. You can move your hand. Now see with your right hand if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood. See for yourself. Bend your head; better is to bend. Please bend your head. Again put your right hand towards Me and see for yourself with the left hand, see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. If it is hot it’s all right, doesn’t matter. It is coming because of the heat within you.

Now all those who have felt cool or a hot breeze in their hands or on their fingers, or out of the fontanel bone area – this is the real baptism – please raise both your hands. Just imagine: you are the soldiers who are going to save the world from its destruction. Try to understand your importance. You can put down your hand. Everyone practically has felt it. That means you are already matured to get your spiritual life. You are just on the brink of it. That’s how you got it. It’s last jump to reality.

Now, you should know what is this, what are you, what is your spirit and what you can do; what are your powers are, what are spiritual powers. For this I would request you to first to come to the follow-up program, and after that you can join any one of the centers which are closer to you and work it out. We have to work for the whole world. You should know there are eighty-five countries which are following Sahaja Yoga. And surprisingly, black country like Benin, we have twenty thousand Sahaja yogis. Only three years back I started there. And in England it’s more than sixteen years I’ve been working here, and after that also: all the time, every year. But somehow their growth is very much there, but not subtle growth, not within ourselves. The growth is within, and you’ll enjoy, very much enjoy the reality. The reality is beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

May God bless you.

They want to sing one song which was written in the twelfth century by a saint in India and is sung in all the villages, but nobody knows the meaning of that. The meaning is that “Oh Mother, give me the union, ‘Jogwa’ – give me the union. I will give up my bad habits. I’ll give up my temper. I’ll give …” You don’t have to do it. Now you’ll give up automatically. The light that you’ll have, itself, automatically you will give up, automatically. You don’t have to do anything. But you have to meditate. About ten minutes, it’s not much. (“Jogwa” you can sing?) They are so much full of joy that they go, want to go on singing all the while.