5th Day of Navaratri: Overcome hatred with love

Loutraki, Sportcamp (Greece)

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Navaratri Puja. Loutraki (Greece), 21 October 2001.

Today we have gathered here to do the Devi Puja.

This Puja was performed many a times and Devi was requested by the Devas to save them from the tyranny of devilish people. Today, I feel the same way that we are now in the grip of a funny situation, that there are people who are themselves devils I think and also mesmerized by them, who are trying to do something which they should never have done. But they don’t know that there is a climax of everything and that point has arrived where all the good people, especially the Sahaja Yogis, should put all their mind to the destruction of these horrible personalities like Mahishasura.

In those days it was very simple because devils came as devils and you could see them that they are devils and all their behaviour proved that they were devils. Why they did it? Why were they cruel? Because so-called ‘human beings’ as they are – they are not – they are by nature devilish and they want to do something by which they can destroy human beings and, good human beings. It is evident that the time has come for them to be destroyed.

In no way I could be against Islam or ever to criticise Mohammed Sahib. He was divine no doubt and tried to do divine work but out of that divine work these stupid people have come up who accept those devilish people. You will be amazed to know that in Islam there are 74 groups! They say “We follow one religion” but they do not. Out of these some of them are really evil people and they call themselves by the name as Devbandhis because this is a place in India and also they are called as Wahhabis.

I have been knowing them since long because in our household, in My father’s household, we had lots of Muslim people working as cooks, as drivers, as other servants. And these Wahhabis are very interesting people because they don’t believe even in Mohammed Sahib. So, if you tell them that Mohammed Sahib has said such-and-such a thing, they said “No, we don’t believe in Mohammed Sahib.” “So, whom do you believe?” “We believe in Allah!” “Have you met Allah? Have you seen Him that you are believing in them?” But in their whole behaviour it was cruelty which was innately built, very cruel and whenever my father saw that, he asked them to get out. Because always had a sinister practices by which they used to treat others.

I never knew that it will come up to that stage and there are, mostly they were from Afghanistan, can you imagine, mostly. Of course they tortured other Afghanis also and wherever they went, they had a speciality that they could be very cruel. Not all Afghanis, no, not at all, but some of them. And they came to India from Afghanistan and we have different types of Afghanis. Some were very loving, kind, helpful, very nice people. And some of them were very cruel. First we didn’t understand what is this? But because My father was a scholar and scholar of Islam, he told us: “These are not Islamic. They call themselves Wahhabis and they are not Islamic.” I can see that today, so clearly.

Not that in other religions or in other groups there are not bad people but these Wahhabis were secretly working out different groups. They are not many. And that’s what My father had told Me that “One day they will become very explosive and they might try to completely ruin the world.” At first I couldn’t understand because after all, they looked like human beings only. But he says, he told Me: “They are absolutely camouflaged and once they start their cruelty you will not know what to do.”

We had one invader in our country called as Ahmed Shah Abdali. He was a very, very cruel man, very cruel, and he used to even kill the Muslims because his concept was that “You should not worship Mohammed Sahib because Mohammed Sahib said that “I am not Divine.”” I also used to say the same, to save from the stupid people. For years I used to say “I am not Divine” but when they felt My vibrations and all that, they believed. 

But those who believed in Mohammed Sahib were never understood by these people. Very, very cruel and because they don’t even believe in Mohammed Sahib you cannot argue with them on any point.  You cannot argue with them what is written in the Koran because “you don’t believe in Koran, you don’t believe in Mohammed Sahib, you believe in Allah.” God knows from where do they have connections!

But gradually it was surprising that they could mesmerize – as we have horrible gurus who come as gurus and they mesmerize – you have seen them, people being mesmerized. So many are being exposed and so many are going to be exposed. But mostly they were people who were interested in money, in getting lots of money, somehow, is a, in the name of religion. But that time people didn’t see their cruel methods and their cruelties. This cruelty started growing.

And you know we have been to Nizzamuddin Auliya [Arabic word meaning Saint]. In that place only I discovered there’s a madharsa [or madrasa] – ‘madharsa’ means a ‘school’ and in that school they used to admit small children. And it was so well planned that God doesn’t know – I mean I can’t say, that there were 120 madharsas only in Delhi! Now nobody knew what they are teaching there, what they are mesmerising, how they are doing this.

It so happened once I went to this place, Nizzamuddin and there I found people singing songs and all that. And I found in them a real feeling for love. They felt My love, very much, all of them, and they started coming to Sahaja Yoga. But I didn’t know there was a madharsa in that place. I asked them “Why is it, here the vibrations, Nizzamuddin was an Auliya and how is that the place doesn’t have good vibrations?” In between I used to get very bad vibrations. So they told Me “Mother, there is a madharsa.”

Now look at the evil, how it works. Normally, evil used to work like this, that it would go and form some groups, some wars, and kill people. They were few people but they had cruelty as their religion. Whichever way they lived, they wanted to be cruel. In those madarsas only, they had people who used to tell them how to be cruel, how to hate. So ‘education in hatred’ started. And that education of hatred was very well woven through these madarsas, all over the world.

Now, as you know, Pakistan and India were always fighting. But this time Pakistanis realised that “If we fight with India in that way we will be called as terrorists.” So, they said “No, we will have no terrorism in our country.” But they are the ones stupidly, this new fellow, had sent about 65 scholars, ambassadors, to Afghanistan to study in those madarsas, how to become cruel, can you imagine! To teach hatred! Of course, there are many Muslims who are not but if you do not respect Mohammed Sahib and you are supposed to be a Muslim, what will come out of you?

So, all these wrong ideas grew up and Islam got divided into many groups. It’s alright, but to have this kind of a group that is against all humanity was the most dangerous plan. I don’t know how many Muslims also knew about it. They spread this madarsa thing all over the world and people coming out of that institution became very, very cruel people.

The first cruelty was to the women. Women were treated with such contempt and absolutely no respect of any kind was given to them. This itself shows that there was no-one to control them. It’s not written in Koran, it’s not described by Mohammed Sahib. He says “God is merciful; He is peace-giving.” Whatever He did was absolutely divine, no doubt. But some of these people, the way they took to satanic forces, people started misunderstanding Islam.

‘Islam’ means ‘to surrender’. Those who are surrendered are you people. Surrendered means those who have given up all their lust, greed and all these enemies and, are above normal people. Another thing, it was very interesting to note that Mohammed Sahib had said that “At the time of Resurrection, your hands would speak.” That He clearly said. Naturally, because it was written in a language which was all poetic, people can, want to, if they want to, they can twist it. But Mohammed Sahib never, never could have said…. [short pause]

It’s very, very shocking that in these modern times that people have taken to such crooked ideas. But for that, the reason is that people also develop resistance for them. Jews, they developed a resistance for them. This hatred is responsible, and this hatred between both the sides, I would say now, is that two different…. [short pause] It’s very evident.

Now, in Sahaja Yoga, we believe in complete innocent, simple existence together and that people believe that there is definitely different groups of people…. [short pause]

Now what is our duty? What are we supposed to do? First of all, we have to introspect.

Supposing you are a Hindu, born, you should sit down and find out if you hate anybody because he’s a Muslim. You can’t hate, because somebody is a Muslim, you can’t hate. Because you are a Muslim because you are surrendered, so how can you hate anyone? If you are surrendered, you are surrendered to the Divine and how can you then be against the Divine? So, these misleading thoughts and ideas should be given up. Supposing you are a Hindu, so you should have no business to hate anyone! That is for definite!

Now the word ‘Hindu’ also comes from the river Sindhu, because Alexander (the Great) couldn’t say ‘Sindhu’ so he said ‘Hindu’. And on that point many people have built this horrible hatred in India. But cruelty was not their theme. That was the saving point. That they didn’t want to torture people.

So, this aptitude to torture or to hate people is coming from other sources. And the source is, as you can see clearly, that they openly hate. To hate is a very bad quality. One of the most dangerous things is to hate. And so you all must know…. [short pause]

Alright. Now we are having a…. [long pause]

To Me, it is very painful to think that we human beings, we hate others, when you know that love is such an overwhelming, beautiful feeling. But why then do you take to hatred? Because people have impressed you, they have told you lies, that’s why you hate. What an achievement! First to be a human being and then to be a person full of hatred! Now what will be the next I don’t know!

It was alright in those days for the Goddess to kill. The Goddess used to kill all such people…. [long pause] It’s a very sad feeling that God has created human beings from amoeba to this stage and how can we hate someone? And this is what has happened!

Now, of course, Sahaj is different. That Sahajis know how to enjoy the Love. They like it. They enjoy it. You can see that. And if somehow, you people could manage to remove this hatred – somehow, somehow – with your own will-power – denying and defying all that is being told to human beings, I am sure…. [long pause] 

It’s a very difficult world where those people who came on this Earth, went through all kinds of education, wanted to improve the conditions, the relationships, friendships, have fallen into the depth of hatred. [long pause]

My heart just weeps. At what time I have come on this Earth, where I have to see human beings hating each other. They talk of ‘love’ and ‘hate’. It’s a very serious thing, that you who are the children [short pause] they’ll end up like this. [long pause] I mean, I have experiences that if I tell you you’ll be shocked. How people have fallen down to the depth of evil nature. 

It’s an understanding. We have to have understanding about ourselves. Do we hate somebody? Do we get ideas that we shouldn’t have? Do you have such things in you? Just find out! Do you hate other people?

The ideas are rotten, absolutely, for a human mind. The ideas which are completely like the animals’ instinct are absolutely no good for human beings at all. But that is what is happening and is coming forward.

If you are poor, alright, but by hating you don’t become rich, no. If you are in any difficulties, then your duty is to remove those difficulties, but not to prosper on them. All this has to finish.

It is very surprising that we are not bothered at all as to what we are doing. Yet, you have to have proper sense of understanding. Where are we going? If you have misunderstanding about somebody, better take it out, completely! They try to trouble you, alright, but don’t have bad understanding about that person. Very surprising that we never see those things, how ugly they are and how funny they are and, how they have ruined our personality.

You may be able to correct some people. [short pause]

All our activities as Sahaja Yogis, I never realised, were so important! We have to give so much time. Not to bother about nonsensical, frivolous things but something serious that is within us or without, that must be taken out. If I ask you “How many people you hate?” You may say “20 people” and…. [long pause]

See the thing, the whole atmosphere, nowadays, fills Me with such remorse that I just don’t know what are we going to do, the Sahaja Yogis. What are their plans? Will you please look into yourself and think what constructive work we are doing and what destructive work we have been doing. You need a big shock to understand this.

I like the way we have programmes and pujas and all that but if you ask My inner being, I know it is very, very unhappy, very sick. At this time, what you have to do as Sahaja Yogis…. [short pause]

As Sahaja Yogis, minimum of minimum, you should put full attention and then you have to tell everybody. You see the trouble with Sahaja Yoga is that you all start enjoying yourself and then you don’t see around what is happening.

Now I must tell you, I am now in the midst of war between myth.… [short pause] Is it an area, is it a – I don’t know what should I say. 

Is it, within us there is still lurking some kind of a weakness that we do not try to fight our weaknesses? I would now request you all to meditate on yourself and see for yourself what is wrong.

It’s a big shock and to reduce this shock, what can Sahaja Yogis do? What can they work it, to blast these horrible ways of human life? It’s possible with the Power of Love—you can manage! But we must develop that power in our hearts. Think of it! It’s a big lesson now for all of us, to see for ourselves, are we alright or we go on hating others? What is the function of our mind, is to hate or to love?

And this love, if it enlightens you, you will be amazed, you will be such a big force for Me. I cannot fight the whole thing alone. And, I have to have people who really develop their love and nothing else! That is one of the challenges now for all of us, for all the Sahaja Yogis all over the world. It’s not only the fight between believers and non-believers, not only the fight between Sahaja Yogis and non-Sahaja Yogis, but this is a fight where we are all one and we are going to fight it out. At every stage we have to be much more subtler.

It is very, very essential to see to the point today, are we also part and parcel of that evil thing that is working out or are we free from that and prepared to fight it? It’s a big fight and I hope it is conclusive! After this there will be no more of cruelties to human beings, no more fights, because this is a fight between the rakshasas and ourselves. It is not ordinary. 

And this has to be explained also to those who are supportive of evil forces. Only thing, you can say “Mother, how are we to know who is against and who is not?” You are knowledgeable; you are Sahaja Yogis, you know who is on the wrong side. I know Sahaja Yogis can save and can bring them to the right path of knowledge and love. But, be very careful with the propaganda of evil that is going on.

I want to touch the deepest part of your heart – we should reconcile.

I am sure you all will understand the magnitude of danger that awaits! 

Maybe, there may not be any human beings left, maybe there may not be any children left. Because if this kind of thing is working out, it’s very difficult, very difficult. [long pause]

My whole existence gets shaken, gets shaken up. You all should see in every nook and corner of life: Where is this talk going on? Where are people talking of cruelty? What’s happening? [long pause] 

Whatever I think, it’s not one, it’s not two, it’s all of us. [long pause]

The fight that I am having is of a very serious nature, no doubt. But if you all can fight collectively, how much we can work it out!

My all efforts, understandings, powers, everything is now in your hands, and that’s what you should be prepared for. Not by just reading something or talking about it. You have to build up within yourself the power of love! 

I am sure with the opening of the Sahasrara you will do. But try to read something, to understand something, with the power of love. 

It’s a very deep subject and when you talk about it – half-way I’m inside, half-way outside. But I have to tell you that you all develop this and only that will form a very strong opposition to these ‘evildoers’ as they call it. [short pause]

My complete blessings are on you and I want all of you, individually, to work it out. How many people you love, how many people? This you have to find out. [short pause]

I hope you people have understood what I want you to do. [short pause]

A new generation is coming up. [long pause]

All of you, all of you, are in My Heart and I love you very much and, I want you people to come as soldiers to fight with Me. [short pause]

I am also told that there are some people who are forming groups – extremely negative attitude! At this time what we need is a complete solidarity. So, all such people whom you see, tell them to behave themselves! No use making them Sahaja Yogis.

I am sure—it’s really heartfelt desire of Mine—that you should become really soldiers of love and peace. Because that is why you are here. You are born here for that.

So, enjoy yourselves.

[Shri Mataji makes namaste]

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi