You are to be connected to divine power

Athens, Hotel Novotel Athenes (Greece)

2001-10-23 You are to be connected to divine power, Athens, Greece, CAM 1, DP-RAW, 65' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization, Q&A
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2001-10-23 You are to be connected to divine power, Athens, Greece, CAM 2, DP-RAW, 85' Chapters: Preparations, Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization, Q&A
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Public Program 2001-10-23

It so very kin do f you to have waited for such a long time. I am sorry I don’t know your language, but I can see how you love, love the truth and you want to have it. [not audible] . …that’s the most important thing. All the religions have said. But what is happening today is that all the religions are fighting among themselves. Why should it happen? Why shouldn’t we know ourselves? Are we afraid of ourselves? Because your self is beautiful! It is glorious. It is one that gives your own personality. And how many powers you have you don’t know them. Because you don’t know yourself. This is what we have to understand that let us know ourselves; what we are. That thing is the truth. That is truth that we don’t know what we are. That we have to know that truth. We talk of love all over the world, but we have no understanding as to what ocean of love we are. And in this ignorance where have, we reached? We hate each other, we torture everyone, we torture ourselves, where are we? There is no joy in our lives. There is no peace. Why? Why among human beings we have this problem? Because this one more step we have to move in our awareness. And which is not difficult. You cannot pay for it. And you cannot be jealous about it. It is a complete misunderstanding that drives us to madness. So as between you and me, I don’t want to keep any secrecy. Within us lies the power to become the spirit. Is our own and all of us have got it. Now the time has come to awaken that power within us. The time has come!

All the people have tried before, but very few could know. On the contrary, people never understood them and misused them, abused them, troubled them. In your great country, you had a person like Socrates. We never understood what great person he was. And what he wanted. Because people who were in charge was jealous of him. We can’t explain a man, who is today accepted as a very great personality, was condemned to death at that time. Maybe that time our awareness was very low; that we could not understand a man of that level. Then, we crucified Christ. I mean what should we say. Why, why we need all that? What was the incentive behind it.

I wish I could have known your language. Could have been better. But how many languages how I to know.

So, we come to that position where we realise that how is it we do not understand those great people. What was missing in our understanding that we never realised what greatness they had? We still have such people in this world. But they will be finished one day. Not because, they will be killed or they will be some sort of an attack on them, no. But what will happen that they will know them, they will get the knowledge. We have no knowledge about ourselves. We are all global people, want to be global.

So the problem is of our correction.

So, this correction has to be put right. That’s all. I can see all of you are seekers of truth. And you have people here from all over the world. One has to just realise if the correction is established, we are one with the divine power. There is divine power all over, works in such a manner that you don’t know. Only thing that you are to be connected to divine power. And for that you don’t have to do anything. You know that there is a power within us in the sacrum bone. Perhaps yo people knew that its a sacred bone. Because you are the once gave it a name of sacrum bone, sacred. you have done it, the Greeks have done it. Just imagine how many things you had in your country? You have no idea at all. In Sanskrit language they have described the Goddess, and the Goddess live in this place. In Sanskrit they have called it “Manipure Dwipe”. Name of island is Manipur. And there lived a Goddess, the primordial Goddess that is Athena. Atha in sanskrit means primordial and that [no clear] lived in this Manipur Dwipe where can say Greeks. And nobody knows about it. Very surprising.

First time when I came to Greece I was so enamoured by the fact that I am coming to the place where the primordial mother had taken birth. But once we read about the way things have changed, we have forgotten her. Such an important personality that she is one who came first to this country. She is the one who incarnated in this country. But as it is you have lost completely connections with her mission. Thats the only thing now we have to get that Ganesha. I have seen all over Greece there are so many things which talked about these ancient realities. And that’s the reason I respect Greece and the Greece. We have had lots of connections. Alexander came to India and all that and in his life excellent things happened in India. He married and Indian lady and he was then defeated by one king called Puru. Now the, in India we have a custom, a kind of ritual where a sister ties a thread in the hands of the Brother for his safety. Now when this Puru had arrested Alexander and put him in the jail, he received this thread. So, he opened that thing and saw that thread. He said “alright who is my sister”? That is an offer from a sister to the brother. So she said, the person who had brought it said that this is the wife of Alexander who has sent this thread to you for a brother. Immediately he (Puru) got so worried because he thought “I have arrested my sister’s husband and I have put him in Jail”. So shameful, he thought. And the king went to the jail immediately and released Alexander. And brought him back and sent him with many elephants and ?? and lots of jewellery to his house. Alexander couldn’t understand why he has done it. And when he went home he found his wife was smiling. So he asked what tricks did you play, what happened? How is it they have released such a dangerous enemy. She just smiled. She says “You know he is my brother and how can he keep his brother-in-law in the jail. That’s not possible” According to Indian tradition the brother-in-law is to be respected. Then Alexander left for Greece with his wife saying that these people can release their enemies on a thread, who can fight them? So this sweet tradition, the sweet thing; you can see that has now even changed in India. Now the look forward to you that you being Greek must be carrying those traditions ?? And see what is that, what was that? That is love. Love for another human being another person. Do you know we have that love, that ocean of love within us. Once it starts exhibiting its powers then you will know that you are all, we are all really brothers and sisters. In this group I find people from all over the world. Once you realise what are you in the ocean of this love, you become so much one with each other that all this wars and problems will be finished. For that only you have to be in connection with the all-pervading power of divine love. With that connection you are completely cleansed from within. All your pitty mindedness, all your problems everything gets completely washed off. Is such a beautiful personality you develop that people know from your face that you are nothing but love. Is the whole thing is placed within us in the triangular bone, as I told you “sacrum”. And if it is awakened and you become one with he divine power, then you are one with each other. Of course all your problems, all your diseases, frustrations, they just get cleansed out. This is what should happen. This is the real baptism. And then, as a result, you can feel the cool breeze of the holy ghost as we say. But is the cool breeze of the all-pervading power from your own hand. And out of you fontanelle bone area you feel the cool breeze. Mohammad Sahab has said that when your resurrection will take place you will feel cool breeze in your hands and the hand would speak. How many are Muslims whose hands speak? Christ has said that you have to have your second birth. How many are Christians who can feel cool breeze on their hands? How many are Hindus you are supposed to get your second birth. Just by saying I am this, I am that you don’t become. It should be an actualisation of a happening that your hands must speak. It is not difficult at all because you don’t have to do anything. First, you must get your connection and then you should know how to give it to others. How to understand it. You are specially made like that. You are special spiritual people. But for that you have to become the spirit. I must tell you that I have been speaking about him for years now and I have spoken in so many ways and so many places. I am a very old woman and despite that I am travelling everywhere and doing this. But I would say still I have to work and because there are so many still don’t know the truth. You all can get your realisation in no time. I can see that clearly. But after getting realisation you have to pay attention to yourself. And once the growth is completed, it takes sometimes even one day. You are a realised soul. Just have respect for yourself. Don’t feel guilty. Is a nonsensical idea that you feel guilty. After all you are a human being. And if you have done any mistakes, so forget it. To err is human, to make mistake is a human quality. So just don’t think what you have done wrong before. You have to get your realisation immediately, instantly. Only because you want it. It cannot be forced. NO, you have to want, ask it for it. So what we can do is to have this experience of self-realisation just now. So those who want to have it should be seated. But those who don’t want it should leave the hall. I assure you it will work out in no time. But please don’t condemn yourself. You are at the epitomy of evolution; you are human beings. And try to know that it is your right to get this self-realisation to bring peace, joy in your heart. So now, again its a choice for you. If you want to have it you be seated here, I will be very happy. But if you don’t want to have it you can go. You all want to have. 🙂 That is the Greek character.

Alright. Nothing, no acrobats. It is very simple. If you have any questions tell your mind to keep quiet for a while. Later on, you can ask. But just now get your self-realization. Very good. Now please put your hands like this towards me, just like this. Then close your eyes. Now see if there is a cool or a hot breeze you are feeling on your fingertips. Now, please put left hand towards me and right hand on top of the head on the fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. You might get a little hot breeze, doesn’t matter. Forgive yourself. The hot breeze will become the cool breeze. Alright. Now put your right hand towards me and now left hand you put it on top of your fontanelle bone area. Little above. And you can move your hand and see yourself if there is any cool or hot breeze is coming. Now, if you find its hot coming then also you forgive others. Just don’t have any anger about it. Now put your left hand towards me and see with the right hand. You have to forgive others. Just say “I forgive, I forgive everyone”. , Just say in your heart. 44.43

You can move your hand and see for yourself if there is a cool or hot breeze coming. You can bend your head and see for yourself. Now, open your eyes and please see, please put both hands towards me again. Become silent. All those who have felt a cool or hot breeze on their hands or on their palm or out of their heads please raise both of your hands. All of them have got it! My God, tremendous. Now you have got realisation. You are feeling this all-pervading power. Now only thing you have to learn, how to use this power. Also from ?? you will know what’s the problem within you. It will cure your diseases. Your problems will be solved. Take it from me. This is such a simple thing has happened because you people are Greeks I think. You have a very big history behind you of spirituality. ?? as I don’t know how your could get it that fast. Thank you very much.

If you have any problems please write to me without hesitation.
Q. They did not understand the word Manipur

Is the nabhi. Delphi is here. You are the nabhi. Greeks are the nabhi. You will know everything in Sahaja yoga. Everything about yourself.

Q. Of all the great things you said, the most difficult thing is forgive.

Listen, whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. It is just a myth. If you just say “I forgive”, its done. ?? [laughs]. You better forgive madam. You just say in your heart “I forgive”. You feel very nice.

Now whatever you want to know, whatever you want to find out further, find about self, we have got centres here. Please go and ask without any hesitation about anything, and I am sure you all be helped. I am very sure. But still, if you are not satisfied you can write to me.

Q. She is asking what happened in this room, do we call it realisation.

Shri Mataji: Yes of course.

Q. Is this realisation or initiation, she is asking

Shri Mataji: Realisation that you are the spirit. Realisation. That is you are the spirit.


Shri Mataji: Did you get the connection, did you feel the cool breeze, madam?

Q. yes I got the cool breeze.

Shri Mataji: Then now you will know what it is, how it works, how it will raise your awareness. All these things you can learn, but, you must come to our centre. They know. They will tell you. And then you can tell others. Everything.

Because of this bombs here, you see, we wasted some time. But I knew there was nothing but you see ??

Now we know what’s wrong with you, they will tell you. You yourself will know on your fingertips what’s wrong with you. And you yourself, you will cure yourself not only that but also you will tell others. And you can also give them realisation. And have faith in yourself that you will get it. The whole knowledge, all secret knowledge about your being. Alright. So thank you very much.