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Hong Kong (China)

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Advice to yogis. Hong Kong, 18 December 2001.

I am so happy to hear all of you singing those… songs which are sung all over the world. Now you have become part and parcel of that whole. We have Sahaja Yogis everywhere. In America I was surprised to find that 300 Sahaja Yogis were saved in this crisis. That they had not a single Sahaja Yogi was lost. It is remarkable that how some of them were late, some of them ran down and some of them started running in the other direction. All of them are Sahaja Yogis. So many people have died in America, but none of them were Sahaja Yogis. It is remarkable how you are looked after and saved by the Divine.
…that you should come all the way here, all of you, especially the Chinese. I feel that we can do a lot. They already have a tradition of Tao. I don’t know how many of you read Tao. Have you read Tao? Anyone? Actually he is – Tao is a Sahaja Yogi and he describes his mental conditions and all of the problems they have in such a beautiful manner that if you read it you will feel that you…very well described all this.
Somehow or other Taoism was not practised and it has just become…books of controversy for all the scholars, that’s all. But now I think they are reviving. I was told that…Tao religion has been accepted now in China and they are practising Tao, so we can also. So we are Taoist. So we can work it out because (under) communism they have avoided many religions and they don’t want to have a cult so we can become Tao (again) and we can say we are Taoist. They will have no objection to that. They are also seeking.
…I was surprised that one of the…Mr. Li who was the, I think…Prime Minister of China. He had been there and there was a photograph of mine with him and the people from Austria had that photograph and then Mr. Li went for some official work and then the Sahaja Yogis went and saw him and they showed him the photograph and he said, “Yes, I remember this lady. She has a remarkable personality.” I don’t know what made him think like that. But he said, “I would like to know how you are there.” They said, “She is our Guru and She’s this and She’s done this for us.”
He was very much touched, so he told his attaché for Cultural Affairs go and meet Her because he had no time and I was not there also and you must see Her and know about Her, even though they were communist and all that. So he came to see me…Closed his eyes and then he (his Kundalini) came up. Then I told him all about it. He said there was Tao in our country. He was so respectful. He was to be there at 10.00 but he was there at 9.30. He said there is a lot of misunderstanding about religion in China. We were communist, now we have started in a democratic way gradually, so we want to do at least…You teach me. So I said all right and I gave him Realisation and he’s still there in China. What’s his name? And if you happen to go and you can meet him. He has started a little group there, working it out. I would like to meet Mr. Li also sometime outside China. I’m sure it will work out very well.
What I liked about the Chinese is that they were extremely humble, very respectful people. Then I went to their women’s conference. The three boys they had sent. They gave us a complete floor of a great hotel to stay in. I don’t know why they had arranged all these things, and they sent me two cars, one for my wheelchair and one for myself. And these boys were running about and they took me out to different places. Very, very nice.
One of them said, “Mother, tomorrow I won’t come.” I said, “Why, what’s the matter?” “Tomorrow I am getting married.” I said, “You are getting married and all the time you are with me ?!” He said, “I enjoyed very much.” You see, even when I went there they took me to the conference so fast there was no time in between…and when I came to the airport also they came. They had tears in their eyes. They were very loving, very nice people. They have suffered a lot.
But here you have been all right. I meant it’s still a democratic country and one should go about in a proper way. I am sorry some of our Sahaja Yogis were lost. They were, I think, stupid. They don’t understand many things. I mean they want to be on their own and all that. You have to be connected to the mains…If you are not connected to the main tree how will you prosper. I know who’s who, what they are doing, what is wrong with them. I know all about them. They have no business to decide about it, but they were very new and they had come first time to Sahaja Yoga. Also, they were very much tempted I think.
So we have to spread Sahaja Yoga.
Now, luckily somebody, some Sahaja Yogis met Mr. Bush and they told him about Sahaja Yoga and they gave him Self-Realisation and all that, and Mr. Bush was so impressed he used to write to me. He said that I want some…books…and I told him, when he was in two minds, what to do. (He said he was)…not spiritually equipped and the war has broken out. I wrote him a nice letter that he has to fight because if you are spiritually equipped you will have more chance…And when I went to America they were very disturbed. They arranged for our reception. He sent twenty-five people to see me. He was…all the time worried about my safety and looked after me. Whatever I wrote to him he used that in his lectures. So many words he has used that I have written.
The thing is, I have seen some people who are very (important)…They just recognise me. Like in India, one Home Minister, he has tremendous respect for me. He came to my house and he got his Realisation. And also we have, I must say, in Australia also a Prime Minister (David Lange of N. Z.) he came.
In India we have a leader called Bal Thakre. He is such a nice man, very strong. He was against all the Muslims organising things against India, which is a fact. They are there. He used to say you have to be careful with the Muslims. They were converting people but how so many problems they have created. But he was so nice, so sweet. But people used to say that he was an atheist. But he was the first man to be…apart from the Home Minister. Even he was so much attached to me. One day he came to my house in a helicopter. The helicopter was shaking like this. So I said, “Why did you come by helicopter, why didn’t you come by train, or by car?” He said, “Oh, no. I have made this special garland for you and I thought if I come by car it will take so much time that the flowers would be finished, so that’s why I came by helicopter.” He was so much humbled before me. But he speaks so well and he is very famous. People respect him very much in India.
So now a new system has started. Because of these conversions in India. They got these, especially these poor Muslims into their trap. Not only that but also they have trained them in such a way that they are not educated. They don’t know anything. All kinds of wrong things they are doing. You see the rift between the two societies. But there are some Muslims in India who are sensible. We have some Sahaja Yogis, twenty-five young boys who are Muslims in India. They say they are all lost people. “Mother you must save them.” But there’re very fanatic. Some of them are very, very fanatic. I said, “All right, I’ll try.”
You will be very happy to know that there is a country in Africa called Benin and Ivory Coast, like that. Seven countries ruled by French. They all were Muslims. But they have all become Sahaja Yogis. I said, “Why didn’t you follow the French, be Christians?” “Because the French were licentious, immoral. So we thought best is to be a Muslim.” They were all Muslims. Now they have become 20,000 Sahaja Yogis and there will be many more. Like you see, even these religious people mislead and make fool out of them. They are all very well educated. Even the President of the Ivory Coast is a Sahaja Yogi. The President himself, he’s a Sahaja Yogi. So you can imagine how things are working out in so many countries. This is the time people are seeking the Truth. They want to have the Truth. That’s how in every place, in every country Sahaja Yoga is spreading very fast now. In Nigeria I was surprised how things are working out. Anywhere you go.
People are now fed up of falsehood. In every religion I have found somehow they have created some falsehood and created groups. Because if you have the Truth you won’t be divided. So they created falsehood, some sort of a…and try to create these different, different groups and now these groups have become fanatics and they are fighting and killing. I mean killing is the only thing left in them.
They have misinterpreted the Koran completely. There’s a book, a nice book by Javed Khan, “The Koran Enlightened.” Have you read it? I told him these are all wrong ideas. Now what they are saying that this Koran is Kundalini awakening. Now all of you have got it and he said it is not possible so what you have to do is to take this kind of religion that is against God. And that is what they are doing.
But thank God I went to America and the war was over very fast and I told them the Divine…Their philosophy is that we have to become pure. Those who become Muslims can be….otherwise those who are not Muslims should be killed. That is how they go on killing people. I hope they will understand there is Kundalini going on all over the world, and that’s how they can save themselves. They are so fanatic and so power oriented that they didn’t realise. But it has shook the whole world. I must say, thank God now, the war is over. People have to suffer the after-effects of that war.
So in Sahaja Yoga also we should not become fanatics. I have seen people even in Sahaja Yoga become very fanatic. Fanaticism, we are against it. We are free people. We have Self-Realisation which is a birth by your Spirit and you are not bound by anything. You will never do wrong things. All bad things will drop out automatically. You don’t have to be told, “Don’t do this, don’t do that.” After some time I have seen all Sahaja Yogis become alright and they come to their senses. Even those people who have left, I am sure, will come back, because, you see, after all, there is Kundalini. She is sitting there, She’ll rise all the time. Correcting them. Many times, it will happen everywhere. People come to Sahaja Yoga, after some time they will disappear, again come back…But once they are there, they are there quite a lot. And that’s how Sahaja Yoga is growing.
I am very happy to see that in Hong Kong, also, Sahaja Yoga is sustained by you and I am sure it will grow, especially in China. I am very happy. You have to do a lot for China and work it out. Because this is the message of Tao. This is not something, I would say, absolutely new. Only thing what I have done is to make it a mass organisation, mass movement. That’s what it is. It is the same. All these great Sufis, all these great Saints, Incarnations, all of them have said the same thing, “Seek yourself, find yourself, know yourself.” All of them have said the same thing. It’s nothing new I am saying. Only thing, I can work it out. That’s all.
So it is something we have to work out, talk to people, tell them…I was surprised when we were coming by Cathay (airline) Avinash started talking to the air hostess and to other people. They all came to me one by one. They said you are a very powerful person, this, that. They all got their Self-Realisation. That’s how it’s going to spread. We have to tell everybody, tell everyone and not to feel shy about it. These guru people I have seen, they go on talking about their gurus – who is a devil, maybe, anything. They go on talking. We should also talk and tell people about it. This is the Truth. You have to know the Truth. Talk.
Of course there are people who have been criticising – it’s all right, it’s all falsehood, it will all go away.
I am very happy to see you all here. So thank you very much again and again.
(Presentation of flowers and thanks)
You know the flowers you have put in my room have become big, very big, automatically. They know. In our garden in Cabella such a big pumpkin has come up. It’s 13 kilos. The whole village came to see it!

Thank you very much. Enjoy yourself.