New Year’s Eve Puja: You Should Be Satisfied Within

Kalwa (India)

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New Year’s Eve Puja, Kalwa (India), 31 December 2001.

(translation from Hindi)

Today I got late and it is the power of your love which has brought Me here. Your Mother’s health is little disturbed and the desire is very strong and things are working out because of that. I want that your power of desire should get stronger, too. You should think for yourself what you have done in this regard. You should introspect and see that what hard work have you done for it. You meditate.… You should bring depth in your meditation. You should think that you are a saint and see what you should do. Mother has made you a saint and now what should you do?
You have to make yourself all right. No doubt, you should make yourself all right, but after that when it is done, then what do you do? You go in collectivity. You go into programs and it is limited to that.

What have you done further? You have got this blessing through your spirit. Spirit has given you second birth, so you should see further now what are you doing? How are you progressing or are you are using it only for yourself and for your children? It is very important because I have seen that even after getting Self Realization, people have short-comings. They are not completely cleansed. If you don’t get one together with the others and work for Sahaj Yoga, then you will never come to know that what short-comings and negative aspects you have within. Even people come and make money.… There are many people who come to Sahaj Yoga and make money. Later on they are exposed, no doubt, and can be seen, but unnecessarily it is troublesome, so what is the use?

You have not come here to make money. You have come here to awaken your dharma. You should establish dharma. I have heard that in Bombay many kind of adharmas have started, which were not at all here in the past twenty-five years — especially the films. There is very little purity in them. You should not at all see such films. If you people don’t see such movies, then they will not be shown at all, they cannot run. You can understand it that no one likes such movies. People want that such movies should be made which the whole family can go and see together.

This is one thing and there are all these filthy and stupid horrible kind of books that are read nowadays. I know that you people don’t read them. But even in the newspapers they write many obscene things. So you have to make yourself nirmal [pure]. It is seen that the eyes of the people run here and there. Those people are not Sahaj Yogis at all whose eyes flitter here and there. Your eyes have to be steady. This is the first sign of a Sahaj Yogi. If still your eyes are moving here and there, then you should say that he is not yet a Sahaj Yogi. Second thing is greed. If still you have greed, then you are still not a Sahaj Yogi and this greed will be exposed one day.

First thing is that this greed should go away. Shri Krishna has said that you must drop your anger. If you get angry, then you should think that you are not a Sahaj Yogi. Nobody has seen Me getting angry. Everyone says that, ‘Mother we have not seen you getting angry.’ There are situations in which anyone can get angry, but I say, ‘What is the use?’ There is no use. What I have to tell you today is that you should introspect and see all the weaknesses you have even now.

So I tell you the same thing, that you should cleanse yourself. You should have the nirmal tattwa in you. All your weaknesses should go away from that. What is the use of keeping these weaknesses within? Many of them have gone to jails and those that haven’t, people spit on them. I want to tell you only one thing, that don’t look at the weaknesses and faults of others. Instead, you should see the faults within yourself. Do you still get angry? Do you still have desire in your eyes and do you have attraction for everything, always thinking to buy this and buy that, to bring this and bring that? This was the most in America, but America today got pressed by a big shock.

Like a mad person buys this … but if you have to purchase, only then purchase such things which are made by hand, which has art in it and you can see the creativity in it. There are so many artists who make such nice things and no one will buy them. They will buy all unnecessary things. By these things neither you will be benefited nor those who make such beautiful things. You should get artistic. All the things in the house should get artistic. They will keep fifty kinds of utensils in the house and you find not even one proper utensil. There should be utilization of handmade, artistic things by you, if you are Sahaj Yogis. You keep on buying the things which have no use.

The women will keep buying one sari after another and not even one sari will be proper — all such saris, in which they make so weird [perhaps “strange” would be better] things like bhoots. You should keep two saris which are nice, handmade and beautiful instead of keeping fifty saris.

In our country still there is no appreciation of art and creativity. When I go to some house I see that they have painted their houses with weird [perhaps “strange” would be better], bhootish colours, bhootish decorations. You are Sahaj Yogis and you should understand what object is beautiful and understand beauty. Only then will you be able to make your life beautiful and so that any man or women who meets you will say that what a nice man or women he or she is. As beautifully you will decorate yourself … in the same way, you should decorate your environment and houses.
It is the thing to see, that if a Sahaj Yogi is roaming like a bhoot, then what is the use of such Sahaj Yogi. To wear the clothes properly, to talk properly, to behave properly with others, to decorate your house with beautiful things…. You can decorate your house with flowers also. Have a garden means you should have the vision of beauty in Sahaj Yogis. There are so many useless things stored in the house because there are markets and they go to markets and buy all useless things. You should burn the Holi [festival in India when they play colors, but one night before they burn the big fire] of all such useless things.

This plastic has become so much important now. Even if I have to search for a glass, it will be of plastic. I said it is too much. I cannot use plastic. There are saris of plastic. Use of plastic has come that there is great possibility of human beings getting sick out of it. Children die by plastic. As much as possible, you should not use plastic. But now plastic has come in everything. Especially in Bombay, even the sofa set is made of plastic. To sit on plastic, to wear plastic, to walk on plastic and after some time the cars will also be of plastic.

So you [Sahaj Yogis] have no concern with plastic. I don’t say that you should wear a gown and walk in Sahaj Yoga. You should wear proper clothes, no such thing is there that you look like a sadhu baba [Hindu saints who leave their home and family], no such artificiality, but you should be away from all such things which are not auspicious for you. You should not use it and you should save your children from it.

Second thing which I have seen in Sahaj Yoga is that everyone wants that I must visit their houses. Why don’t you understand that what have you done that I should come to your house? Or … whomever you see wants to come to My house. Wherever I go, you should leave Me peaceful. You have not done anything till now. You should leave this kind of desire in your mind and think that what is your aukat [status]? Why do you desire such a thing, which can give trouble to your Mother? Why to do such things like…. I come from somewhere and they stand in front of me. Not to do like this. If you don’t have samadhan [ultimate satisfaction] in Sahaj Yoga, then you are of no use. ‘Wherever I am, Mother is with me.’ Such kind of samadhan should be within you. You will grow with this.

Anything which grows in this world is all absorbed in samadhan. If you are not samadhani and keep running in front of everyone all the time, what is the gain from that? With samadhan, Mother is there where you are. When you think like this then you will be considered a Sahaj Yogi. Wherever you are sitting…coming in front of Me … coming on stage … it is not required for a Sahaj Yogi.

I know about everyone. Samadhan is such a thing that in the depth of it you can meet Me and now the time has come where you should achieve samadhan. You should see that whatever you are doing, you should get satisfaction. You should come forward to spread Sahaj Yoga and work for Sahaj Yoga, you will see that you will achieve the samadhan. You will not feel like coming in front of Me and telling Me everything. Most of the time, I have seen that all those who come too much forward and in front of Me are either dishonest or thieves…[short pause]. Those who are clean in heart and are enjoying the love are lost in the joy of love within.

So now I want to tell you that the time has come that you should have a little consideration for Me because you absorb all the vibrations from Me and if you people are not all right, then I get sick.
So you have to decide seriously that we should become such that Mother should be happy to see us and then the whole world should change. You had to sit for a long time today and many people have gone, but the recognition is this that you people are sitting peacefully in front of Me. Before it used to be that people used to talk and shout, make noise, but you are sitting peacefully. This is very great thing for Me.

(English speech)

I’m telling them that how a Sahaja Yogi should feel. You should be satisfied people. Firstly and foremost you have to be satisfied. You just see within yourself if you are satisfied or not. You’ve got the highest that you wanted, you have got the peace, you’ve got the joy, and all the blessings of the Divine. Despite that, if you are dissatisfied, you want to do something always that is disturbing. Always some people want to show Me off, want to come forward – or they want to escape Sahaja Yoga.

Firstly, you must spread Sahaja Yoga. How many people have you brought to Sahaja Yoga? Just think of it! We are Sahaja Yogis – Sahaja Yogis means what? You are saints! In this world all the saints who became saints, with very great difficulty, going through lots of tortures, have done so much work. One single saint has so many people whom they have attracted. Of course he couldn’t give them Realisation, because I have taught you how to do that. But you just find out what are you doing about Sahaja Yoga.

Only meditation is not the point. Meditation for what? For equipping yourself to help others; we need it very much in this Kali Yuga, people who will go all out to help. On the contrary, I find that they are very anxious just to meet Me, to see Me. I have seen all the Indians who come to Cabella must meet Me, must see Me, as if they have a special right with Me. What is the need? What is the need to meet Me? But this is the trouble of, say, our conditioning, that supposing there is some leader, some Minister coming, everybody will go and show off, like to meet him and talk to him – but not a Sahaja Yogi.

You must have self-esteem. Self-esteem by which you should know what is your dignity and how you should be. There are Sahaja Yogis who are excellent, who are very good, who are very self satisfied – I know who they are. And you have to be like that, otherwise you cannot enjoy Sahaja Yoga, you are like all other people trying to hinder into all nonsensical activities. Now this is it.

Today’s was a real test, because I just couldn’t come earlier. You know what is the traffic nowadays, I just couldn’t arrive; and still you were sitting here – this gives me great satisfaction. That they really love Me, and they are really Sahaja Yogis.

If you really love Me you must love others who are not Sahaja Yogis and try to give them Realisation. Because you know My age is quite a lot, and how far can I go? I am not going now to many countries, but Sahaja Yoga is growing fast, though I am not going there. It is growing – why? Because people of that country understand their responsibility. You should know what is your responsibility – it is not only towards yourself but it is for the rest of the world, (that) you have to work it out and do something about it. Whatever people you can approach, or whatever people you can meet, go all out!

I have also said before, I have seen people who go to some horrible gurus go on talking about their guru, describing their guru. Anybody who meets them, they go on telling them. Not Sahaja Yogis. I don’t know, maybe they want to preserve their Realisation. They think if they tell somebody their Realisation will drop out. If you don’t spread Sahaja Yoga, what is the use of getting your Realisation? All my labour is wasted on such people, who are for themselves. They want something for themselves.

Now for example, so many girls wanted to marry. There are four times more, five times more than all the boys put together. But if they are not married, they feel very unhappy about it. Doesn’t matter! You are now connected to God! Marriage is not always a very great blessing, I tell you, it’s not. On the contrary, it can be very binding, it could be very troublesome. So better not feel bad. You should feel bad when you cannot give Realisations to others.
How many people have I given Realisation? Just think about it. All the time, like all the ordinary people, thinking about marriage, and this and that. It’s not going to help you. You are something special. And what speciality do you have? What are you doing about it?

I’m sorry at the end of this, our great Ganapatipule, I have to tell you this. But sometimes one has to tell, also. I know you are all, all very good Sahaja Yogis. Also that you have achieved so much. But what is My desire is, that all of you should become like a light and start spreading Sahaja Yoga. In some countries it has happened, it is working out, and people feel so responsible. I am amazed at them, how they are spreading Sahaja Yoga.
Now the same request I have to make to you. That please look at yourself, introspect, what have you done? What have you achieved in Sahaja Yoga? Such a satisfaction lies when you really, when you really work hard to spread Sahaja Yoga.

Many people think that coming nearer Me I feel pleased – I am not. That’s no recognition. You should never do that. On the contrary, when you will grow really, I will know, Myself.
Today is not the day I should have said all this, because it is the day for New Year’s Day. But only good decisions are to be taken on the New Year’s Day – that’s the custom with human beings. So today you all have to take the decision that ‘What are we doing for Sahaja Yoga?’ ‘What are we giving Sahaja Yoga?’ ‘What is our achievement?’ ‘Are we sharing with others?’

It’s the greatest Truth you have got. Nobody got it – people worked so hard, did so much – nobody could give Realisation! It’s only you can give Realisation, it’s very surprising. Kabir could not give Realisation to anybody. Gyanadeva could not give Realisation to anybody. All of them have been great, great Saints of great value system and with great understanding. Whatever poetry they have given, people are singing – that’s all.
But, they cannot give Self Realisation which you can do. With all that power, if you are not giving Realisation, what’s the use of giving power to someone like that?

So today’s New Year’s message is that ‘Next year you must give Self Realisation to many people. (To) How many people have you given Realisation?’. That’s the main thing. Just find out. What have you done throughout the year? I don’t know how to count it. But you, yourself count. ‘What have we done all these years?’ ‘What have we achieved?’
Attending My Puja is no favour to Me. Or doing anything for the Puja is no favour to Me. My greatest Puja is that of human beings; and if you can achieve and spread Sahaja Yoga that fast, I’ll be very, very grateful to you.
I have worked very hard, I have really worked very hard. This Body, this Mind, all My Health, everything, I have done for saving people. And you please also tonight decide and take a view that what Mother is saying is very important and precious. We have to, we have to rise and give Realisation to people. But which is not so common – I am surprised why people are behaving in this manner who are Realised Souls.

All my blessings for the New Year, for all of you ‘Happy New Year’! But – next year should be full of many Sahaja Yogis who have done work and who have achieved something great.

May God bless you