Makar Sankranti Puja

Pune (India)

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Makar Sankranti Puja Talk (translated from Marathi). Pratishthan, Pune (India), 14 January 2002.

The meaning of Makar Sankranti is “Sankram” [“transition” in Sankrit], i.e. the day that brings about some change. On this day the sun starts its movement towards the northern hemisphere. In India all the festivals are according to the position of the moon. That’s why their dates are different in different years. Makar Sankranti is based on the position of the sun and that is the reason this festival is celebrated every year on 14th January.

Makar Sankranti indicates the day when the Sun becomes warmer. The heat of the sun is benevolent for the human race. It is because of this heat (of the sun) that we can walk, we can talk. The heat of the sun makes a human being angry. This is the reason why we take jaggery on this day so that we talk sweetly.
The heat of the sun is responsible for all the vegetation and wealth of the earth. On this day we offer fruits and vegetables to the Devi and receive her blessings. With the blessings of Adishakti the earth element cools down and the human race progresses.

The festival of Sankranti has a cultural significance. People all over India celebrate this festival very enthusiastically. In other countries also it is celebrated. But in India it is given special importance. In India we do not have extremes of temperatures, the climatic conditions are quite balanced.

India is blessed by the Adishakti. In other countries this balance is not there. They have either extremely hot or extremely cold weather. If a change of weather or change of nature brings about a change within us then it is not proper. If we become angry with the heat of the sun then it is not proper. It is wrong to get angry. Among the six enemies (Satru)[enemy in Marathi] of our being, the anger is the worst. We are Sahaja yogis and our Kundalini is awakened. Therefore we must learn to remain calm. Mostly sahaj yogis are good and evolved. Only one percent of them are running after alaxmi (money). It is natural to get angry at them. But it is not your job to improve them. This is the work of the Adishakti. You should evolve into a good sahaja yogi by remaining calm. Everything happens by the grace of god. This you must remember. Some people are very bad. They believe that money is everything. There is no place for such people in Sahaja Yoga. Adishakti will Herself take care of them.

President of America, George Bush also recognises Me. Recently I wrote him a letter and things started improving. General Musharraf also showed improvement and he addressed his nation and Islam based on the letter that I had written to Mr. Bush.

You can also take care of the situation like this. For this you will have to be very subtle and remain in a thoughtless state. You must have spiritual knowledge, all the rest of the desires are useless. We should not have worldly desires. Sahaj yogis have yet to evolve very much. With God Almighty’s blessings you will get to that state. Don’t worry and be calm.

Sankranti means power of the sun. Sun-power means self confidence. Sun gives us heat and light. Now it depends on us whether to get scorched from the heat of the sun or gain self-confidence from the light of the sun and become radiant.

Eternal Blessings to all of you