Love is the potential power in us

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi (India)

2002-03-24 Public Program, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi, DP Hindi, 46' Chapters: Music before Program, Talk in Hindi
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Public Program. New Delhi (India) 24 March 2002.

Translation from Hindi to English

I pay my respect to the seekers of truth who have gathered here today.

What is basically lacking everywhere is the Love. All persons take it as a mere word or expression. Love basically is the potential power within us. We do experience or feels it when we look at our Mother. What I am trying to say is that it is the Spirit enlightenment with in oneself. There is no discretion. It doesn’t distinguish or is discrete between any animals or human. I sometime feel animals better understand the love. In fact the element of hatred should completely be finished from the human. Love is an ocean within and you find their tide within us. It is basically the power within us. By speaking of power one immediately takes it as something destructive state (Pralaya) but in fact it give us the inner peace. It is latent inside. It is covered inside. It is the power of love within ourselves that cleanse us and brings happiness and joy with in. If we see…..

We have enemies residing within ourselves in the form of Rakshasa, eession and pleasure like consumption of liquor or spending on women. This money always goes into spending in sinful lifestyle. But at times by giving it to others you can get so much joy.
Next I find persons run after power and position. Why after power and position? One feels everyone should salute me! Why? It is this power that when one descends down they then repent. They feel that once people used to run after me when I was in power and now they even do not like to come near me. Once I asked a person why do you want to possess power and position? He said that he wanted to do good to the people. But you know no body cares for a person whose powers and positions are lost. For the entire life one is entangled with power and position. What does he achieve? A person who knows how to love gets the actual recognition.
He witnesses all this shortcomings and rise and falls of life style and it does not affect him.
The third is the person who is pretends to be cleaver, like thieves who steals or robs or become imposter. Why are you doing this act? Who is going to respect you? These are basically the greed in and keep you away from yourself. A person is always remembered who gives love to all. May be he has not given money but he is remembered. He may not speak verses from Koran or Bibles or any thing but knows how to give love. so why coming out for waging war? Everywhere I hear he takes money … he had taken (eaten…as in Hindi language) money. if that is the case why don’t you eat money only? Once I saw a person is going and all others have covered their face and avoiding him. So I asked one what is the matter? He said Mother that man has taken (eaten) a lot of money through wrong practice and stinks. So, if we don’t take care by covering ourselves we shall also be infected.
Next, I find passion on wearing cloth. Putting on wrong cloth with fashion. You start giving explanations too. You fashion like that and then say Hanumanji also wore no cloth! But, why you are human being why do you want to be Hanuman. Once, Shri Krishna came down to Shri Mahavira while he was meditating. He asked for his cloth and Mahavira gave his entire cloth out of generosity. But, now see people these days they are building and erecting Statues of Mahavira portraying him nude. In the beginning Adam and Eve were without cloths. Then the serpent came up from the fruit they had. The serpent was the Kundalini. When they got the awakening they got the knowledge and covered themselves up to cover their nudity. I don’t understand why there is so much of shamelessness. What is human? Why are they so much distracted? one should possess Lajja (Shame) it is basically the “Devi tattwa” within human being especially the ladies.
It is an expression from within. You have two Chakras in the two shoulders. One in the left is “Shri Lalit Chakra” and the one on the right is a Shri “Shrichakra”. For ladies especially you must cover these two chakras and should not leave it open. I do not want to tell you what horrible disease you contact. But in men however, it is not necessary while in ladies it is very sensitive and must cover the shoulders…
then Speaking up on innocence Shri Mataji said…
Once a young girl of 10 years asked after hearing from someone why someone had committed suicide? Just see what impact it really gives to the innocence of the child. It is the innocence within us that matters. Why such innocence is not within us? We are intellect of darkness! We are ignorant. How do you expect that you could give joy and bring happiness to the society? Now if you move around with garland in your neck and make people think that you are great human being…
What is going to happen to others? The prime objective of life is to…
So today you have come here. You have also got your connection. You be happy. One may say Mother, I have experience this but, still I could not find happiness or peace within or for that matter Mother I have attained this but, I am yet to gain money in home. You have to leave all these….and get the connection! …
Speaking on Ego Shri Mataji referred to a person…
Once there was a gentle man came up to Me and said please save me. I could not recognize this diseased person at all. He was horrible with ego. Why then justify your ego’s blunder .You actually go to a wrong path with ego….
Then She narrated another story …..
Once, I knew a person who was an erstwhile parliamentarian who died. After his death there were not even four persons available near him to carry his body. Even he had a dog that did not turn up at the last stage. Why this should happen? Only because he had ego problem with him. One should forsake his ego.

Talk in English

I have already spoken a lot about love. It is the loving capacity in India that I was referring to. On the whole they love you. Once you go to their house they entertain you with all hospitality. In India especially you go to a poor man’s house. They will offer you milk still. Especially, the traditional people who still hold the culture are extremely loving! That is the reason why we are still surviving even after 300 years of British rule.
On the topic of foreigner, Shri Mataji said, Indians basically love people.
If I say you foreigner. It doesn’t mean anything wrong. You are appreciated and Indians express their love. You are safe and secured. But if you are told as foreigner outside this country may be there you may be troubled or something wrong is expressed. Of course there was something in the past that happened. But as I told them. There were kids who stole cameras and other items. But when I told them they are foreigners they immediately returned the items.
You should also be kind and loving. All these should spread. We should come forward to help those who are not rich or are needy. I was extremely happy with an Austrian lady who told me Mother we are starting an orphanage. So I said, I would give you money assistance for land. But She said Mother we have already collected eighty lakhs for the same from Sahaja Yogis and also from outside. So that is the love and the understanding one should have within oneself. All the world problems can be resolved through love. That’s why you must take your self-realization. You will all fall into the ocean of love.