Kundalini is Your Mother

Public Program, Dubai, 2002-04-17 I bow to all the seekers of truth.There are people who are seeking the truth but maybe they don’t know how to find it. And we don’t know what is the truth is. There are two problems that we don’t know how to find the truth. Now already in our Shastras, in everything, in Granth Sahib, everywhere, it is written that you have to receive your self-knowledge – Atmagnyan. You have to have knowledge about yourself. But we think we have the knowledge.But it’s not absolutely correct to say that. What you have to see, whatever knowledge you have, is it known collectively? Among all the saints all the Great prophets, the knowledge is the same. So, we have to go to that level of awareness. We have to reach that higher state by which we know the truth, not only the truth but we know how definite that it is the truth. It is not just because I am saying, it’s not just because some others are saying, because some books are saying. But it is something that you should know yourself. And how do you verify it is the problem, whether it is the truth or not, whether it is the reality or not. Can you imagine it’s all built in within us that we have an instrument within us which can give us full idea as to what are we, what we have, what problems we have and how to solve them. For … Continue reading Kundalini is Your Mother