Public Program, You all have to become Sufis

Lütfi Kirdar Congress Palace, Istanbul (Turkey)

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Public Program. Lütfi Kirdar Congress Palace, Istanbul (Turkey), 23 April 2002.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. I’m very happy to see you all here to know about the Truth.
Whatever is told about your subtle being is not yet known, because in your awareness you don’t have yet that subtleness. That’s the last, your jump into your awareness of collectivity.
I must tell you in this country, that is Turkey, you had so many Sufis. They called themselves Sufis because they were cleaned and they were spiritually empowered. They talked of Ruh but nobody knew about Ruh and when they talked of Ruh, they did not know how to explain – they talked of Ruhani life, but they could not explain what is Ruhani life. Ruhani is the life when you are connected with the all-pervading power of Divine love. It’s a different area into which you enter. Because they could not explain, they wrote everything beautifully, describing it. But now the time has come for you to get to your Ruhani life. Which is a very important thing, because you are not connected to the divine power, whatever you may try, how so ever you may pray, how much you will read Qur’an, it won’t help.
Human life is governed with jealousy, with temper, with all kinds of malignant things. And we can see all over the world the problems are just spreading. Once they will get into Ruhani life, they will realize that the whole world is one, there is a global existence. What happens is that you jump into the ocean of Love, of pure Love, no lust, no greed, nothing. That’s has to happen because if we are born as human beings, we must get Ruhani life, for which you cannot pay, you cannot read it, you cannot understand it with your human awareness. So, you have to enter into a new dimension of your awareness.
Nobody understood those Sufis and they just tortured them, because they were so different, so much higher. Others could not bear it. And today, that is going on, people are fighting all over the world. So this is the life of pure Love; but not forced, not taught, is just, is within you, already existing. You do not know your worth, you do not know what you have. All the saints came here, incarnations came here, prophets came here, nobody understood them. They only killed them because majority of the people were not Ruhani. So, all such ignorant people couldn’t bear the knowledge, the divine knowledge of these great people.
Now the time has come for the whole world to become one, and to jump into the sea of Love. Which is very, very simple, it is very easy. As told to you, we have already that power, placed in the triangular bone of sacrum within us by our Creator, which is to be awakened. And once it is awakened, it passes through your centers and clears them, enlightens them, and integrates them. And ultimately, this Kundalini connects you to the divine power. This is what is Miraj as described in the Qur’an. And all of you can get this Miraj and once you get it you can experiment and get it on your finger tips the cool breeze… You can feel it on your finger tips. That is the proof. There is no false certificate about it. And ultimately, you can also get it out of your fontanel bone area. This is the last bone which was pulsating as a child, and then it closed. But when the Kundalini pierces through that, then only you can feel the connection as cool breeze coming out of your own being. You have shown so much faith in God, so much faith in Qur’an, so much faith in Islam, but you have to surrender, Islam means to surrender, and then you can achieve this awareness, this higher awareness of divinity within you. After getting these vibrations also, you can develop a power to know what is wrong with you, within, in your chakras. and also you can make out what is wrong with others. That is how your awareness expands, expands to the new dimension of Ruhani.
You all have to become Sufis. But now do not write poetry, because people do not understand poetry. They misinterpret. I can also write poetry, but I don`t want because I want you to know directly what is the Truth.
Now I must tell you one thing: you have a well-named country called France; among all the European countries, they are the most idiotic people I’ve seen. Extremely dirty, they like to have smelly food… and drink all the time. And they eat such varied cheese, I mean I don’t know how they could eat, even dogs do not. They talk of culture, and they are so immoral. There are 11 countries in the south Africa. Benin is one of them and they all have become Muslims. I asked them: “why did you become Muslims and not Christians like these?”. They said our rulers were these horrible people who were so dirty, so filthy and smelled.
So many people tried to… there is a writer called Molière who told about them, made fun of them. And there is a beautiful booklet, novel, written by another writer, who has shown how stupid they are. They have to learn from you. You are so different, you are so capable. I mean I must say you are such a sensible, lovely people; but keep to your sense, keep to your intelligence. I am telling you about French because nowadays they are trying to influence you, also your television. Be careful. They do not know what Ruh is. God knows what sort of Christianity is that, just the opposite of Christ. So please try to keep to your own culture and to your understanding. And you can get your Realization in no time.
I came to Turkey, because if you remember Christ’s Mother also came here. And I know why she came here; because the people here are extremely good and so many Sufis. It is such a joyful place. I think you all will get your Realization, no doubt. Those of course who do not want can go. This is a very simple thing.
In the meanwhile, I would like you to ask me some questions.